Experts Look: What Do These Teams Still Need?..

With the Off-Season just about almost over, I will be doing my Look on what my “Top 3” favourite and “Top 3” least favourite teams still need to patch up….Least Favorite’s:

#3. New Jersey Devils

Experts Look: The Devils are the 2003 Stanley Cup Champs. So there isn’t much for me to criticize here. Although the defense did take a somewhat blow losing Danekyo, Tverdovsky, and Smehlik. They did add depth by adding players such a Sean Brown and Eric Rasmussen. The Devils appear to be ready to give a full time defensive job to one of the prospects(which in New Jersey’s case, shouldn’t be the wrong choice). Expect prospects Krisjanis Redlihs and Victor Uchevatov to see some NHL action.

#2. Detroit RedWings

Experts Look: The Red Wings are accustomed to success for the past decade. Although they did receive a first round sweep from the Quakers, the Wings made a big splash to fix that with the acquisition of Derian Hatcher and return of “Dominator Hasek”. They did lose however Igor Larionov, Luc”waisting”Robitaille and Sergei Federov who both will be missed. But with Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetteberg a healthy Jiri Fisher and the acquisition of Ray Whitney should all but make practically thought for their losses. Though another top#6 forward could still be used to make the Wings a dominant offensive force to compete with the Avs. We should see who Joseph will be able to get them. Either case, it will be good enough.

#1-Team I Despise: Ottawa Senators*

Experts Look: The Sens are just a young strong team that just keeps learning and getting better every year. Sure hey lost defensive catalyst Magnus Arvedson and depth player Joey Tetarenko. But the Sens just keep, and keep coming up with younger and talented players every year. So Magnus and his salary will not be missed. The analysis on the Sens is simple…. “THEY HAVE NO WEAKNESS!”. Except for the fact they lack experience(which thanks to the Devils and R.Nielson-R.I.P. they should have gained in that department. Another possible weakness to note is the extreme conservative play coach Jacques Martins’ forces the team to play. One has to say if the Sens don’t take the high risks, they may not even get the chance to go to the next limit….

Favorite Teams:

#3. Vancouver Canucks

Experts Look: Sure the Nucks lost role players such as Trent Klatt, Trevor Letowski and possibly Murray Baron. But they don’t really lose anything as a team stands point. With Brandon Reid, Jarkko Ruttu and a handful of promising defensemen. The Nucks shouldn’t lose anything going into next year but gain with young star players. The only needs possible for this team is a scoring top 6 player. The Nucks play a fast in your face style and Cliff Ronning or Sergei Berezin could be nice fits for the club. I vote for Berezin who shows if in the right situation he could be a possible 3ogoals scorer at a cheap price. Some will say he is a hog, but if you watched his game last year, it was all working on his passive game especially once working with Bruce Cassidy. Also if FINALLY the Sedin twins can break out, we should see an all round high scoring/ solid and big defense for the Canucks next year and for years to come.

#2. The Anaheim Mighty Ducks

Experts Look: This team is my pick to make it to the West Con. finals once again. They have a solid strong defense that is only better when you add the fact the whole team plays defense first. This team was also the best in the league at face-offs. Not to mention they get two strong ones in Federov and Prospal. Federov of whom I would take anyday over Paul Kariya and Prospal over timing Oates. The Ducks are an improved offensive team from last year, who also have high scoring #1 prospect Alexei Smirnov hoping to challenge for the Calder AAND Stanislav Chistov who has a year of NHL experience under his belt. The Ducks will be a challenging team next year and for ALOT of years to come.

#1 Favorite Team: Toronto Maple Leafs*

Experts Look: I’ll start with offense for the Leafs. Offense couldn’t be better for the Leafs. Though a second line center who can also do the job on the 3rd line incase Antropov breaks out should be nice. No on fits that bill better than Joe Nieuwendyk but I guess the Leafs are hoping Reichel(a given to get 40+pts) is the one to do that role. NOW, hmmm, What do the Leafs still need? Very simple, defense. The Leafs one of, if not the brightest team in the league with defensive prospect. This years challengers for a spot will be Carlo Colaiacovo and Brendan Bell who will be making the trip to Sweden with the team this year. Both might get a job if the recent reports of several sources are wrong with the fact the Leafs are close to signing UFA defensemen Ken Klee who would fit the bill terrifically . Possible lines with/without Klee are: Kaberle-Klee, McCabe-Youngster, Berg-Marchement OR McCabe-Kaberle, Berg-Marchment, Jackman- Youngster. The Leafs problems are very simple to figure out, and very simple to fix. I do believe management knows what they are doing and that there isn’t much to waste worrying about…..


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  1. great_one98 says:

    Leafs still suck. They have the worst defense in the league and one of the most paid first lines. Nolan isn’t high calibre any more. Adding 25 pounds won’t help him as he’ll slow down and injury problems will hurt him.

  2. cwthrash says:

    At the bottom of the page (for now), this whole situation was covered. Why start something up again?

    For everyone else’s sake, please move on.

  3. titans says:

    Hmmm…I have no reply to that.

  4. ranger_fan says:

    Can you count any Cup wins by the Leafs in your lifetime? The way I see it if you are the Rangers, you win the Cup, or you suck to get good draft picks and help build the future that has been traded away. The fact is the only advantage to go into the playoffs, besides winning the cup, is revenue, which we have plenty of. Sure there is dignity, but I’d rather see a cup win and a few years of early golf than always seeing a diappointing April, early May exit.

    Now I know some of you are now saying WTF. And this is the dumbest thing I have heard in all my time at HTR, behind the one saying he was getting NHL 2004, instead of ESPN NHL Hockey, and my response is, that is the only thing that I can think of other than the Ranger team is training for the PGA Tour. But I think it was do in part to the coaching choices.

    Are the Rangers really that bad of a team?

    If the Rangers wouldn’t have lost to Pittsburgh 2x, Atlanta 3x, and the rest of the gimme games it seems that we’d have damn close to the Leafs record. Plus this offseason has been the best in years. We’ve added a solid defenseman, and 2 LWs that had chemistry in Rucinsky with Mr Concussion and Hlavac with Nedved. We also added some toughness in Simon, and fiinally got a back up goalie so Blackburn can play in Hartford.

    And during the regular season we played the Flyers 4x and got 5 points which is over .500. How did you do in the playoffs? 6 points in 7 games?

    But that is the past, and we will see this year.

  5. defenestrate says:

    Don’t be so “nagive”..

  6. defenestrate says:

    I do too start on topic – just not the topic anyone else is on.

  7. defenestrate says:

    Then I’m writing it down – it may come in handy again.

  8. titans says:

    And all this time I thought you were making all this up as you went along.

  9. defenestrate says:

    That’s still too nagive… don’t try, just do…

  10. defenestrate says:

    Nope – the voices tell me what to do.

  11. orlandomac says:

    To people like you the Leafs will always suck, so why bother commenting.

    You are just a jealous person… the Leafs have a great following, always have, even during the Ballard years, they will continue to do so even through the current management.

    As a fan I will protect at team I love dearly, I won’t always agree with their actions or their decisions but as a fan I will support them.

    For future reference when we win and we will…

    You’re not invited to the celebration….

    you can jealously watch from your home (the Peanut Gallery).

  12. orlandomac says:

    You’re probably correct with your assumption, but the Couve might take a shot anyways.

  13. Aetherial says:

    Titans, certainly you must remember the feelings every young boy had when looking at Bernadette Peters 😉

  14. swedishvoice says:

    Amen to that…

    Lets go Martin and Hale… +Superstar Brown *s*

  15. Malurous says:

    You probably haven’t been in this place for long. There definitely are people that know even less about hockey than Leaf_Expert does. Others, however, don’t act like they’re the best in the world, know everything about everything and have long talks with Pat Quinn or whatever. Leaf_Expert tops this off by copy-pasting most of his articles from Spector or other major sites. He’s right about Reichel, though, but the Devils part, for example, is crap and both Red Wings and Canucks parts have severe mistakes too. If you go around with a name like that and act like he does, you should know your stuff better than your average guy. And Expert, stick to the Leafs, don’t write stuff about teams you don’t know anything about!

  16. Malurous says:

    Vancouver has the so-called Boston Bruins syndrome. They are cheap in goaltending year after year, and because they never go for the sure thing, they are going to have to make changes more often than others.

  17. Zig_Zag_33 says:

    Yea uhhh the ducks SUCK! they make it to the cup once and they are all of a sudden a hit & favourite to make the west finals, anybody wanna answer this, where are the Hurricanes??, and also what happened to the Panthers after their cup appearance, the Ducks are just another one of those flukes. People dont realize that their neighbors (kings) are the real contenders in so cal. And will somebody learn to spell FEDOROV!!!! WHY IS IT THAT EVERYONE ON THIS SITE BUTCHERS PLAYERS NAMES!! I/E IN THIS ARTICLE FEDEROV!! learn to spell the players names.

  18. TheYzerman19 says:

    I totally agree with you on the fact that the wings could still use another good forward, and the sens definitely could build a possible dynasty if they can hold on to all of the young talent they keep on producing. The only thing I strongly disagree with is the ducks making it to the western final again, IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!

  19. defenestrate says:

    Are you O.K.?

    I can spell Federov…



  20. G_Money says:

    HA! Yeah, going down as the first ever to stump Titans. Challenging thing to come up with! Hey, D-Strate, you happen to be interested in joining a new hockey alliance that is up?

  21. G_Money says:

    umm buddy, how about the rangers 54 YEAR dry spell?

  22. G_Money says:

    sorry Leaf_Expert, but what do you think, your poop dont stink? This article wasnt the greatest. Dont worry about it. Youve done some great ones, this one, is just a little weaker than the others. Keep it up though. Just let this one go.

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