Expert's Look: Who Is On The Block?

Just a list of of players that have been rumored to be on the Trading Block for the Maple Leafs, and what they could bring in return…..Jonas Hoglund: Is over paid and has over stayed his welcome!

Bryan McCabe: After showing signs of a Norris type defensemen in the playoffs, McCabe has not lived up to expectations. -Would only be traded to bring in a stud type defensmen.

Karl Pilar: The Leafs have too many defensive prospects ready to come in and by the looks of it the Leafs would rather go with Belak’s toughness as a 7th defenseman, mostly because Pilar could get more value in return.

Alyn McCauley: Has not been what he was thought to be in the playoffs and has not been a force at all offensivly. But does have a terrific defensive upside. – Could be used in a package deal with another name.(i.e. McCauley, McCabe for Lapointe, McLaren).

Travis Green: He was rumored earlier this the season to be involved in a trade with Florida. Don’t know why the Leafs would trade him as he shows nothing but effort and heart every night.

Shayne Corson: The Leafs were trying to deal Corson in the offseason and early this season, but Corson replied quickly by saying he will not waive his trade clause. It was also rumorewd the Leafs would deal Tucker to get ride of Corson, but Corson has stated he is commited to the Leafs with or without Tucker(who Quinn denied was on the block anyways). Corson is one of the leagues best shot blockers and defensive checkers.

Names I didn’t mention, but probably should have, were Jyrki Lumme and Robert Reichel. Why I didn’t? Because they are weak and over paid, especially Reichel’s contract….