Expert's Look: Who Is On The Block?

Just a list of of players that have been rumored to be on the Trading Block for the Maple Leafs, and what they could bring in return…..Jonas Hoglund: Is over paid and has over stayed his welcome!

Bryan McCabe: After showing signs of a Norris type defensemen in the playoffs, McCabe has not lived up to expectations. -Would only be traded to bring in a stud type defensmen.

Karl Pilar: The Leafs have too many defensive prospects ready to come in and by the looks of it the Leafs would rather go with Belak’s toughness as a 7th defenseman, mostly because Pilar could get more value in return.

Alyn McCauley: Has not been what he was thought to be in the playoffs and has not been a force at all offensivly. But does have a terrific defensive upside. – Could be used in a package deal with another name.(i.e. McCauley, McCabe for Lapointe, McLaren).

Travis Green: He was rumored earlier this the season to be involved in a trade with Florida. Don’t know why the Leafs would trade him as he shows nothing but effort and heart every night.

Shayne Corson: The Leafs were trying to deal Corson in the offseason and early this season, but Corson replied quickly by saying he will not waive his trade clause. It was also rumorewd the Leafs would deal Tucker to get ride of Corson, but Corson has stated he is commited to the Leafs with or without Tucker(who Quinn denied was on the block anyways). Corson is one of the leagues best shot blockers and defensive checkers.

Names I didn’t mention, but probably should have, were Jyrki Lumme and Robert Reichel. Why I didn’t? Because they are weak and over paid, especially Reichel’s contract….


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  1. habsoverserver says:

    There have been only two teams who made big mid-season trades who went on to win the cup. When Roy was gifted to Colorado that sealed the cup, but that was a once in a lifetime deal. The Rangers made massive roster moves during their cup win. They gave away half the team to acquire the veterans they wanted for their playoff drive. Since those moves, the team has never been the same.

    Mid season trades do not get anyone a cup and if they do, the price you pay ruins your team for many years. The best thing the Leafs can do is to try to keep their players rested and injury free.

  2. Aetherial says:

    Despite all the usual Leaf bashers around here. (it gets nauseating) the Leafs will make a major deal before the trade deadline.

    They DO have players other teams want, maybe not a lot, but some anyway.

    They also have a number of good young prospects now and draft picks.

    They also have some character guys that winning teams traditionally pick-up for a playoff run.

    You need character in the playoffs. Ask the Flyers what it is like to play without it? Look at the Devils and the Sabres over the last few years and their playoff success. Then look at Ottawa every year.

    They also have the most important thing… MONEY!

    It is all about playoffs.

  3. leafsrule31 says:

    i was talking to you.. you half bread midget with a yeast infection. my point about you being a sissy little homosexual with to much time on your hands was the proven thing. trojanman with the super lol’s. wow.. your the coolest person i know.

  4. leafsrule31 says:

    ahh.. you assume wrong because your heads in your ass.. dickhead. i dont give a crap what other leaf fans think. thats my opinion just like you just gave your own shitty one.

    i dont know what defending mccabe hoglund and green was for .. seeing as how i basically said the same things.

    your just some naive leaf fan with serious issues. if any of those players were traded you’d be saying how shitty they were anyways and the new guys were the best blah blah. mccauley?.. how long have we been waiting for him to develop into the great player he’s supposed to be?.. he has one great playoffs with the playoff performer of the year roberts and hes a hero?.. notice how he disappeared when sundin came back?.. my god you could have put steve martins with roberts last playoffs and he would have been the best thing uve ever seen. oh ya superstar playoff performer shayne corson. just like last year huh? he didnt do shit all playoffs beside fight with himself to drag his busted over the hill ass around the rink.. get the shit kicked out of him.. and score what 2 goals? lumme doesnt help anyone. thats just you talking out of your ass. pull your shit together you naive little homer. at least be realistic

  5. guinsfan4life says:

    If I am another general manager around the league, I am looking at the list of players you have there and am not really impressed.

    If you want an impact player, i.e. Kovalev, you are going to have to pony up with more than third line role player guys and 6th and 7th defensemen, and players who salary is not matching their production.

    So if you want an impact player, you are going to have to offer up more than the names in this post.

  6. guinsfan4life says:

    Alright, I admit, I have bashed leaf fans around here.

    Here is why: Prior to each and every deadline(I have been around for 3 now on this site) leaf fans say their team will “make a major deal before the trade deadline.”

    And every year they do nothing.

  7. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    Hey Rojoke!!

    Listen to Rojoke he knows the baby leafs better than anyone on here.

    Yup and it was Racine that I heard so much about. All I knew is he had 3 names. And he’s suppose to be pretty damn good!

  8. Leaf_Expert says:

    “They gave away half the team to acquire the veterans they wanted for their playoff drive. Since those moves, the team has never been the same.”

    That stands for about almost every team in modern day that has won the Cup….

    I’m not proud to say this but: Leaf management doesn’t seem commited to making a *real* run at the Cup because they WILL be paying the price in the future…They would rather be able to just contend every year and make a solid run at the Cup for now and the future….

    But still, you gotta take risks….

  9. habsoverserver says:

    New Jersey and Dallas didn’t give up much to win cups. Each made some clever off season free agent signings and had some minor trades but other than the Devils adding Lemieux for their second run, neither fiddled mid season.

    Colorado gave up Sundin, Nolan and Lindros, to turn them seves into contenders but that was well in advance of winning the cup. In terms of cup run mid-season deals: They got Roy almost for free. Blake was a big acq but was he the diffrence? Fleury, Kasparitus and Andrechuk didn’t bring them a cup. Bourque made a difference the next year, but not a huge one.

    Detriot mortgaged their future once at the deadline to sign Chelios, Wendell Clark and several other veterans but lost in the playoffs that year. The off season free-agent moves were more important in their last run – Hull, Robitaille and Hasek. I think they didn’t even use some of their late season minor editions in 2001-02.

    As far as the Rangers, they gave up Amonte, Gartner and I forget how many prospects to win the cup. A lot of the players they got in return like Andersen, Matteau and Kurri left soon after and the team fell apart worse than any Cup winner since.

    Before that, the Oilers, Islanders, Flames, Habs, FLyers and Bruins (taking us all the way back to 68) didn’t make any meaningful deadline deals. I think the only significant mid season Cup winning deal from 1968-1994 was was the Islanders getting Butch Goring 12 games before their first Cup win.

  10. habsoverserver says:

    That’s a fair trade. But why does Corson want to go there and why does San Jose need him?

  11. TrojanMan says:

    least i havent reverted to name calling, all im doing is stating my disrespect for the Leafs and their fans. I seem to be making some of you a little upset, awww, Im SO sorry. Thank you for letting me know how you feel. I enjoy making you people cry and whine and attempt to bash me. Calling a person you dont even know names doesnt exactly hurt them…actually makes me laff for the above reasons. And no, I dont consider leaf fans people. People, for the most part, are granted common sense so trying to use my “calling people names….” statement against me wont work.

  12. mikster says:

    No no, UFA.

    Corson is not worth Graves. But, both are UFA’s. I can see Quinn doing his Ontario native signings like he did with Roberts and Corson.

  13. hockey says:

    I like how you sidestepped the Tucker & McCabe trades. The two most significant trades Pat Quinn has made as GM of the Leafs.

    The Svehla/Yushkevich trade was not a step backwards nor forwards, it was a step to the side. Svehla lead the league in hits last year, friend… that shows he plays a physical game.

    And, perhaps the reason Reichel is getting ice time is because he’s finally PERFORMING. Wasn’t the Domi-Reichel-Hoglund line the Leafs number one line a few games ago?

    I’m sure Quinn was chosen to coach team Canada in the Olympics simply because he was the biggest guy, right? No one had any insight into whether or not he was a good coach, and they just chose him at random. I see. Makes lots of sense.

    And just because I used some examples from Vancouver in my argument does not make them any less valid… Wayne Gretzky wasn’t a Hart trophy winner when he played with the Rangers for the last couple of years of his career… I guess he shouldn’t have made the hall of fame.


  14. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Well from reading some of your posts you have just added the pile as well.They way I see there must be some serious mental problems going on here to insult someone.Grow up!

  15. sportside24 says:

    Its time to dump the bagage like Hoglund, Riechel,Lumme,Berg,Fitzgerald, and anyone else that sucks really bad…. and start playing rookies like Boyes,Coliacavo, Kyle Wellwood,Ian White, Matt Sturgis, Brenden Bell, Alexander Steen and etc… Instead of trading them for old crappy players..

  16. Leaf_Expert says:


    You proved to me you have a brain…

  17. platinumx15 says:

    youre crazy

  18. rojoke says:

    Jamie Hodson isn’t in St. John’s either. He’s in the East Coast League. He had a cup of coffee a early last season, but Centomo passed him on the depth chart. With Racine in the organization too, I’d guess he’s probably no better than 5th on the depth chart.

  19. rojoke says:

    Outside of Boyes, they aren’t rookies. They’re juniors. There’s a reason they’re still in junior. They couldn’t handle the NHL game at this point. Hell, Colaiacovo only managed two games before they returned him to Erie. I think his stay was more about showing him the NHL game up close because they think he’ll be ready, really ready, next season. Boyes is having a good season on the farm, but he may be a year or more away still.

  20. Tradedude says:

    i am crying cause leafs are doing really well, have a 12 game home streak going, and is tied with Boston for 6th in their conference.

    i am also crying and whining cause i am so jealous of your nashville predators and their great team and kick ass fans.

    And those flyers. Wow! what a team they have, only 18 crappy players on their team, oh, and just 1 stupid Gm that puts practically all their young guys on the trade block (i.e. Gagne, Williams) and wanting to trade for a hackett, 35 years old.

    I wish, o i wish.

    And since you just love me telling you how i feel, i will say that “leaf fans and leaf fans only stink.

    ofcourse we leaf fans aren’t better than the leafs theirselves.

    One Question. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE TO US? jerk, lol.

  21. Tradedude says:

    how good, i’ve heard him before, but i thought was going to be a (ro)joke.

    he should be traded, not saying he sucks, just saying he isn’t going to surpass our tellqvist or centomo.

  22. Tradedude says:

    haha man ur good.

  23. Tradedude says:

    we also have mogilny, roberts, and kaberle, not to mention RENBERG

  24. Tradedude says:

    i hate that name, brad boyes, girls would like it, but UCK! not true hockey fans.

  25. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    All I know is when the leafs acquired him he was rated as one of the top tending prospects in the minors. That was last year I believe.

    But having 3 solid tending prospects helps alot!

  26. Hennie says:

    I watched the bruins and leafs play on tuesday…..hmmm….lets see…McCauley scored…..Green too… Hoglund also….hmmm…oh my!!!!…Lumme played great. His patience with the puck is a talent that only a few posess….and you couldn’t carry Corsons stick you weak-kneed loser…sure you have the right to your opinion, as do I….so try and and pay attention you name calling basher….I will try and arrange a celebrity boxing match between you and Shayne….then we shall see a much different opinion…ya think….lmaro

  27. leafsrule31 says:

    uhh.. i watched em play to. mccauley scored his first goal in 27 GAMES. is that supposed to make him really valuable to us all of a sudden?.. dont trade mccauley he just score his first goal in 27 GAMES… retard. i dont when your gonna figure it out.. but IVE BEEN DEFENDING GREEN AND HOGLUND.. theres no reason to constantly say how good their playing when IVE BEEN FREAKING DEFENDING EM (moron). lumme did not play great. he played his constantly get caught pinching style of hockey while still managing to throw the puck away every freaking time he has it. for someone who doesnt know a thing about hockey.. lumme played great. for someone who does know something about hockey lumme gave the puck away 3 times.. fell on his ass twice.. pinched creating 2 2 on 1’s. and just plain sucked with the ice skating. (moron). hmmm ya ok. because that would prove your point you dumbass. lets get a celebrity boxing match on the go (because im a celebrity and all) and let that prove what a good hockey player he is and how valuable he is to the leafs. when was the last time he won a fight anyways?.. i’ll take him. being the great idea it was and all. (moron). hes got 2 goals in 21 games and is the usual minus that he always is. he hasnt won a fight in years. even pat quinn is tired of watching corson get his ass beat. but noooo corson wont let himself get traded even though no one likes him… because he knows all hes good for is to be some 4th line goon on the ducks. pull your head out of your ass.. try being an honest leaf fan that can fairly evaluate his players. not some second rate ass clown 13 year old kid that thinks every hockey player in the world that passes through the toronto maple leafs is a great great player and is worth 2 paul kariyas. (moron)

    oh ya.. the whole you ‘weak-kneed loser’ and the ‘you name calling basher’ comments. dreadfully painful.. actually brought tears to my eyes. if your gonna try to play the insult game that you criticize me for.. dont be such a little dickhead.. holy crap you sound like a church choir singer. ( your a loser )

  28. Hennie says:

    Ok assclown moron, lowering my standards the past few days allowed me the opportunity to see how you live….your ability to create such assinine remarks towards me and the “buds” makes me realize that you are not too well liked….your lonely and desperate….does your mommy log in for you every day? Thank-you for this chance to see what sewer hole you were raised in. Opinions are great but I for one have no great opinion of you yet….If your such a celebrity you may be able to attend “Betty Ford’s Clinic” for Mental trauma that our “leafs” have caused you….Hope you get a life soon….or maybe a blow-up friend….thats a start….

  29. leafsrule31 says:

    allright there hennie… why dont you throw a little temper tantrum you little punk assed piece of urinated on mongolian wax paper?.. you just proved my point your nothing but a 36 year old loser with the mentality of a 13 year old little spaz thats gonna freak every time someone doesnt like a player on the leafs. you were a cory cross fan werent you?.. if alexander daigle were a leaf would you think he was as great as you do the rest of our shitty players? every team has its butthole players, and your to immature to realize it… or awknowledge it. you think because a player plays for the leafs he’s instantly great.

    and because i point this out it allowed you to see how i live??.. because im realistic in my comments for the leafs im not liked?.. lonely and desperate?.. my mommy logs in for me?.. dude.. your a FUCKING IDIOT. you make no sense at all. and because i can love a team and still be realistic in judgement of it that gives you the right to judge me?.. man.. SHUT THE FUCK UP. your nothing but some goofy old fat man that couldnt play the game so he sits on his computer all day throwing his opinions around.. with the mentality of a 14 year old teenager who hasnt hit puberty yet. and spaz? your a fucking dickhead. you make yourself look like you know absoloutly NOTHING.. because you cant fairly judge your team for its not so worthy qualitys. if the leafs were so stacked with the great players you think they are.. how many freaking cups have we won in the last 35 years?.. DUMBASS?.

    and my little celebrity comment.. was for your celebrity boxing comment. because in case you havent figured it out. for there to be a celebrity boxing match there must be 2 FREAKING CELEBRITIES. im not a celebrity .. which was where the SARCASTICNESS came in.. you slow little douchebag. trauma our leafs have caused me?.. whoooo the fuck said that? HOW OLD ARE YOU??.. your about as mature as steven fucking baldwin. BLOW UP FRIEND?!?!?.. whaaaat the fuck?. get a life you little immature shit eater. your not worth my time which i still donate to pointing out what a useless dipshit you are.

    for the record.. assclown moron.. is not an insult. your still struggling because your worthless and OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE.. loser

  30. Hennie says:

    Well geez whiz mister…your lunacy and repetition are annoying and your no leafs fan…..your an angry little man with no morals or friends….seems I struck a nerve with you….your name calling is hilarious mind you…..I get it… are really a hab fan in disguise…that explains alot…..36 years old is not correct but thank-you… your insight on some matters i will acknowledge….but that would be big of me to say….and since I am not worthy of your astute ability to look at the most negative aspects of everything….you’re beneath me, I am sorry to say….get a life….maybe a wife….and be careful with that butcher knife….Go Leafs Go

    P.s Lumme scored….Green too again….coincedence…i think not… suck goof

  31. leafsrule31 says:

    man.. shuuuut the fuuuuck up. you think you know me so well? you dont have a clue you little naive immature shit. i dont give a fuck who you think i am.. what you think i do.. or what you think of my personal life. it means shit to me. your just some goof with his own shitty opinion that feels important because of it. i’ve been a leaf fan since i was 4 years old.. i dont need to defend myself to you. the most negative aspects of everything?.. we’ve talked about a few hockey players and thats everything? well it might be to you.. but once again i dont give a shit. your a waste of my time.. be gone with yourself. yet you still seem to think you know so much about me. you dont know shit hennie.. you little anal raping mongoloid. yet you can bash my name calling and still throw out the “your just this and that” speeches. pull your head….. out of your asssshole. dickhead. your constantly contradicting yourself, and you’ve managed to take your oh so valuable free time and waste it starting a pitiful little fight with me on the internet about 2 shitty leafs.. and with 2 others WHO I KEEP DEFENDING.. you MORON. hoooly crap were you born in a bathtub or what? get it through your god damned head. i dont care what geen does, IVE BEEN DEFENDING HIM. lumme?.. defend him all you want he’s garbage.. your the only leaf fan alive who thinks different and its because your some stupid little kid who thinks because he plays for the leafs hes good. i love my team.. and i can be realistically critical of it. if it was as good as you think it is wouldnt we have won a freaking cup by now? grow the fuck up and be realistic. you jerkoff.. lumme would be nothing but a 6th dman on atlanta if he wasnt making so much god damned money. mccauley?.. really now. the guy was a top prospect that has done NOTHING for how long? cooome on its impossible for someone to be that dillusionally supportive of its own team. you yourself cant be considered a leaf fan because your just like what everyone on heres been bashing for 3 years. think our garbage is so freaking valuable. get a life. and pull your head out of your ass for your own freaking sake.


    and i think it is a coincidence.. why dont you tell me how many goals lummes had as a leaf for the last year and a half before that? dickhead.

  32. Hennie says:

    Well leafsrule, you repeat yourself often and your personality comes shinning through the words you type. So, please grow up and try and see things as they are….not as you project them to be…. I remember watching the leafs win in ’67…all the Keon years and so on…so if you think I am some punk kid trying to piss you off, you are sadly mistaken. I don’t think every player on the leafs is a great player…and never said they were….so don’t put your words in my mouth….this is my first time on the HTR…and after reading your comments I can surely say that you have a very low self esteem, as well as a potty mouth….I hope you don’t kiss your mother with that mouth! I have an enate ability to read people and their attitudes. You sir have a very poor attitude and that is why i made the comment about friends. Critical analysis of the leafs is fine, but use some couth and show some class.

  33. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    leafsrule. you’ve got no idea what your saying do you. I just read the last post over and it’s all over the place. are you just spouting the diarhea from your hands and you don’t have a clue what your talking about.

    question one…WHAT DO YOU THINK IS A COINCIDENCE?????

    question two…DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT NAIVE MEANS????

    question three…DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT A MONGOLOID IS???

  34. leafsrule31 says:

    buddy.. who the fuck asked you? go back to playing chess with your self you little wannabe interrupter.

  35. leafsrule31 says:

    well look at that.. now i can go to bed at night feeling safer knowing that theres someone in the world who has an ‘enate ability to read people and their attitudes’. man.. shuuut the fuuuuck up. i dont give a crap what some goof on the internet .. whos been sitting there thinking that the leafs are the best team in the world seeing as how he watched them win their last cup.. 35 years ago, probably thousands of miles away, thinks about me. im happy with my life and i feel no need to impress some jerked off monkey with a breast on his forehead because he thinks he knows EVERYTHING.

    why dont you take your freaking time and sit back through this and see who threw the first comment out there.. my only defence was i was defending those 2 or 3 or whatever ALL ALONG.. and you were to numbnutted to see that.

    obviously critical analysis of the leafs is not fine.. seeing as how you threw a little temper tantrum as soon as you found out i wasnt in love with every single leaf out there?. i’ll do things the way i want to do things.. i have my life and im not out to impress some douchebag on the internet who thinks hes god. it doesnt make a difference to me what you think.. or your what your great mystical urge like powers are telling you. so go fly into some power lines or something. good god.

  36. Hennie says:

    Ah…poor little man….finally someone sets you straight and you can’t handle it!…Go Leafs Go

    P.s I am not your buddy. I have you on the ropes. Knockout coming!!!

  37. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    you little wanna be interrupter….HaHaHaHaha…picking myself up off the floor…..Whew…that was a good one…Ha!!!

    Come on you can do better than that!!!

    And playing chess with myself…..Holy christ i think i just bust a nut….Woohoo…you’s a funny boy…LMFAO!!!

  38. Hennie says:

    Oh I see you two know each other…lmaro…..upon reading past comments going into last years quotes, made me realize how accurate my assessment of leafsrule was… no competetion….makes me laugh…. and no I was born and raised here you bigot.

    Go Leafs Go

    P.s say uncle…

  39. leafsrule31 says:

    oh my god. look at you, what claims to be a grown man.. has taken a little spat on the internet and turned it into a full blown pissing match. i need a life?.. i need friends?.. holy crap buddy you’ve hit my every message within half a day like your waiting for it. then because i didnt get to the last one quick enough you left another one?. do you have a bit of an internet problem or what? yet.. this is a grown man, and you really have tried to turn this into a pathetic little immature spat. i mean you’ve turned a hockey discussion into a oh your going down, quit, say uncle, knockout coming type discussion? how fucking old are you????.. and now your reading my past comments? honestly how much time do you have on your hands? man.. this is not the freaking wwf, your supposed to be the big grown up mature person here, and you blasted me for my opinion earlier, then threw a little temper tantrum when you didnt like what i had to say, and now your claiming this as a victory?.. really now? dont you have anything better to do with your time? something better then starting a little pissing match on the internet with someone you dont know and then talking like your fucking mike tyson when you think you’ve won? pfff.. i dont have to waste my time looking for past comments of your to prove how accurate my assessment of you was, you may claim to be a grown man, and you probably are, but deep down inside your nothing but a pathetic little pre pubescent teenager who has waaay to much time on his hands and has made himself feel like a big man for taking his time, starting a fight with someone on the internet that most likely lives thousands of miles away, and being naive enough to actually claim it as a victory. well buddy, if thats what you have to do in life to make yourself feel important, and make yourself feel like you have a place in the world i implore you to knock yourself out. you disgust me, i hope you dont have children that have to look up to some pathetic attempt at a man like you as a role model, because you are nothing but a waste of skin. go find something better to do with your time. you sad sad little man.

  40. leafsrule31 says:

    and you?.. how big of a loser are you?. really now.. you had obviously been through every single comment on the site before you got to this one because no one reads the articles on the side until there done the first ones.. so thats already about an hour on this freaking site. then you read aaaall these comments on this one, just to say hey, since i have so much time on my hands i may as well leave a little jerkedoff comment here and see if i can amuse myself with a little fight. so you get your little comment back, and you say hey, i am that big of a loser, so i may as well keep it going. so now you challenge me to do better then that. my question.. ARE YOU HONESTLY THAT DESPERATE FOR ENTERTAINMENT????? i mean how big of a loser do you have to be to go through all that for a little spat, just to get a little blood flowing, ya know?.. since your such a gutless little hack whos addicted to a computer in real life you need to start fights on the internet to get that adrenaline flowing every now and then?.. just so you dont fall into a coma in your sleep?

    ok douchebag… let me do my part ‘.. uhhh your a dick’. now i’ve manage to keep you entertained for another comment. so come back and do your part ‘ uhhh.. your a loser. you can do better than that, come on im bored and need a life’. and i’ll come back with another half assed insult because to be honest, your not worth the brain power it takes to dig deep for that extra special insult. your only worth the ‘your a dick.. or your a dickhead’ lines.

    and i think you enjoyed the fact that i actually wasted a good minute of my life replying to your dipshit comment juuuust a little to much. either you have a severe sarcasm problem and blow the whole sarcasm thing waaay out of proportion, or you are that big of a numbnuts and really did enjoy the comment that much. either way your a waste of skin… not to mention oxygen. disappear!.. your both out of your leagues.. maybe you’d have a better time bickering in the minor leagues against yourselves!.. since you both seem to enjoy this so much.. and need it so desperately. but at least you guys are getting some very much needed entertainment out of it. which makes me feel mildly better.

    and im impressed simply by you having a nut to bust, i mean the way you start meaningless fights with someone you dont know nor will ever know gives me the impression that your nothing but a totally gutless computer nerd with no testicles at all. but again with the suprises. so entertaining! .. losers

  41. leafsrule31 says:

    hmmm.. ya it is pretty easy to just totally ignore my whole last comment and go ‘duuuuh.. knockout coming’… ‘this really does mean that much to me, i have the need to actually consider this an important fight and win it’..

    p.s… your damn right. your nothing but a sad little man with to much time on your hands and possibly a pretty heavy computer addiction.… and since this is so important im just quivering at the fact of you actually winning this oh so important battle! arent you supposed to be a grown man..huh hennie? you dont have shit.. you dumbass. i can totally ignore everything you say to and go…. im winning!!!. retard.

    p.sss. your name makes you sound like a fucking crossdresser.

    p.ssss. its supposed to be pps.. and pps.. and so on. you fucking handicap. didnt you ever go to school at some point in your life?. my guess is your a god damn garbage man.

  42. p8ntballer says:

    The only prblem with playing th kids is that theyre kids! Wellwood, White and Coliacavo, etc. have just come out of the juniors tourney. Give them a couple more years, not now.

  43. Hennie says:

    Well if you must know leafsrule, I am recovering from a car wreck in late ’99, so I do spend alot of time at home with my loving wife of many years and with two children, both with better manners than you. Like usual, your foul mind or just fingers perhaps, allow you to spill vulgarities all over the place once again…not one clean shot at truism though, although if rambling counts you may be gaining on the scorecards… peace out loser

  44. leafsrule31 says:

    you’ve been recovering from a car wreck for 3 years?. yaaaa.. some of us would call that being a dick and taking tax payers (my) money to stay at home on the internet on your lazy freaking can. get out and get a job buddy. dont give me speaches on life until you can do it yourself.

    you seem to have such a problem with my profanity yet your the big mature adult who’s been bickering with a 22 year old on the internet for a good 4 days now and is actually claiming it as a fight he’s won. and simply put… i dont give a fuck what you think about me or my language. i have my own life and knowing that some pathetic attempt at a father figure on the internet doesnt like my langauge or what i have to say doesnt really hurt me as much as it might you. the only thing i have to say to you about that is take a walk because your the one that started the childish little arguement. ya putz.

    call it rambling, call it whatever. point is your a grown man with a family and your spending your time on the internet having a pissing match with someone most likely half your age…. all because that person didnt like some of the leafs you did. grow up. act your freaking age.. and spend some time getting a job or something instead of starting fights. or if your so desperate for some action go slap the fuck out of someone.. then you can actually feel important about something.

    i guarantee you, if your kids go to school, if they go out on friday nights, if they hang out with a group of people in town.. they not only swear like me, they drink and smoke dope to. i dont know any teenager in my days or in theirs that hasnt tried it once. and how i love actually bursting some old mans bubble about it to, its gold.

  45. Hennie says:

    I hope you never get hurt, really leafsrule !

    you are a hatefull person. I worked my ass off. Averaging 70 hours per week…So go preach somewhere else, you are a poor excuse for a human being.

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