Experts Look: WoW Needs Some Help

Don’t worry, this isn’t a “come-back” for me here at HTR.

But more of a request of HTR’s “member” to give input on what can be done to help improve HTR’s “sister-site”

So please give your thoughts…..At Wowhockey, with the lock-out. Things aren’t just slow. They’re going no-where.

But a “lock-out” shouldn’t be used as an excuse. Because look here at HTR.

Members and admins are trying to put together as many ideas, thoughts and contributions as they can to save the site.

Here is how things currently stand:

-The admins post once ever mondays. Articles need a miracle for over 10 comments.

-Not enough variety input from members. Its usually the same 12.

-The site doesnt have much advertisments or other site links.

-The forums are fairly active, but only in some of the threads. A lot of threads havent been commented on for months.

-The site is more of a fantasy league site. Members just go straight there. But we believe this feature can be used as an advantage for the site…..

-And our “buttons” are UGLY!

So please HTR members, check out the site(join if you want).

Take a look at things, and let your thoughts be known. It wasn’t long ago when HTR was in WoW position. Except with no NHL hockey. The site could be finished….

    Help save wowhockey!