Feb 3, 2012 – Mega Hockey Trade Rumors Update

If Chris Stewart is really back on the trading block, the Avs should try and get him back

Desperate to Deal

Jeff Carter and the Maple Leafs trade rumour of the day

Bolts notes: Yzerman flexible regarding trades

It’s turned ice cold here (in Boston) – Perhaps a couple of new warm bodies would help

If Chris Stewart is really back on the tradling block, the Avs should try and get him back

That said, let me put on my GM hat here and advocate for a trade: the Avs should try and get Chris Stewart back. This is ESPECIALLY true if the RUMORS out of St. Louis are true – that Stewart may be available via trade right now.

Here’s one thing I know about Chris Stewart: he never wanted to leave the Avalanche. He was really sad to go to St. Louis right after the trade. Yes, he performed very well for the Blues the remainder of last season (and, in doing so, played a big role in the Avs getting the 11th pick in last year’s draft, as St. Louis leapfrogged the Avs in the standings).

Here’s my theory on why Stewart played so well after the trade: he was angry at the Avs and wanted to show them up. At least, that was a part of it. He’s a guy who plays well when he’s mad, and he was very mad at getting dealt. Mad, and hurt.

Now, I’m not saying Stewart is pining to come back to Denver. I don’t know that for a fact. But I do know he’s still friends with a bunch guys remaining on the team, and that he even hung out with a couple of them during the all-star break – TJ Galiardi and David Jones.


Desperate to Deal

TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger was on the NHL on TSN panel last night to discuss the Maple Leafs trade situation leading up to the deadline. Dreger said that Leafs GM Brian Burke is desperate to make a move and will take a run at Philadelphia Flyers forward James Van Riemsdyk.


Jeff Carter and the Maple Leafs trade rumour of the day

An unhappy Jeff Carter could fit nicely as the No. 1 centre that Brian Burke needs to make snipers Phil Kessel and Joffrey Lupul even more effective as the team pushes for a playoff spot for the first time in four seasons.

The Internet has been abuzz with rumours about Carter, 27, being targeted by the Leafs. In fact, his name seems to be linked to the Leafs every season.

Then again, Carter also seems to be linked to just about every team looking for a top-line centre.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Carter’s on the trade block just seven months after being acquired from the Flyers to fill their No. 1 centre hole. The Blue Jackets gave up plenty to get Carter, including young forward Jakub Voracek and a first-round pick that turned into promising rookie Sean Couturier and would presumably ask a lot in return.

Carter almost became a Leaf two years ago when it was believed that then GM Cliff Fletcher had the groundwork in place to send defenceman Tomas Kaberle to Philadelphia for him and a first-round pick. But the Leafs blueliner reportedly refused to waive his no-trade clause.

The Star will look at Leafs trade rumours every weekday leading up to the NHL trade deadline on Feb. 27, and analyze their, ahem, chances of becoming reality. Here’s the book on the Carter proposition.


Bolts notes: Yzerman flexible regarding trades

With the trade deadline coming on Feb. 27, Yzerman is prepared to go whichever way is warranted — buyer or seller.

“The plan changes,” Yzerman said. “We lose seven in a row and things are looking bleak, then we win five in a row. And now we have three more here at home (including Thursday against Winnipeg). If we can get through that, see how many points we get out of it and see what else happens around the league, you get a better indication” of which way to lean.

The Lightning entered Thursday’s game nine points out of a playoff spot, trailing eighth-seeded New Jersey and Southeast Division-leading Florida by the same amount of points. And when it becomes more clear which way Tampa Bay is leaning — as well as many other teams — then casual conversations could turn into deals.

“I think everyone is kind of feeling everyone out right now as far as getting ready for the trade deadline,” Yzerman said, “and teams are trying to decided if they are buyers or sellers and what their needs are.”


It’s turned ice cold here (in Boston) – Perhaps a couple of new warm bodies would help

What these next three-plus weeks could decide is whether Chiarelli wants to pare any of the current roster. And though that’s always possible, it’s not all that likely. He could wheel guys such as Joe Corvo (0-4-4 in his last 18 games) or Benoit Pouliot (last goal Jan. 10), but those are precisely the kind of depth guys that nonplayoff teams yield before the trade deadline.

Maybe one or both would fit better with a different club, benefit from a change of scenery, but that’s not much more than a dart-to-dartboard calculation.

It’s more likely that Chiarelli keeps the group together and tries to add a guy like, say, Jaro Spacek, who had the second assist on Staal’s goal last night. Or maybe he could make a play for ex-Bruin Hal Gill, currently employed by the Good Ship Hab to Nowhere.

As one NHL scout noted last night, “Chara and Gill paired on the same PK unit? Now that’s a scary thought.’’

Pal Hal will be an unrestricted free agent July 1, and given his long run here on Causeway Street, his time to adjust to the city would be the length of time it takes to walk from the Garden to Pizzeria Regina.

All that is clear at the moment is the fact that, unless something changes soon, Chiarelli will have to make a move. Last year, just prior to the deadline, he pulled off deals for Chris Kelly, Rich Peverley (now the top-line right wing with Nathan Horton sidelined), and Tomas Kaberle.


33 Responses to Feb 3, 2012 – Mega Hockey Trade Rumors Update

  1. JoelLeafs says:


    Rangers ship out Christensen for a minor leaguer. Frees up about 1mil cap space (I think around 400K for the remainder of the year or so). Seems like a pretty small move, but could they be prepping for a big addition. With this move they should be able to add about 4 mil at the deadline. 
  2. dumbassdoorman says:

    They are really only a good vet away from making some noise….but do you bring in a rental or do you wager a little more of the future for more then 30-40 games? Sather is still pretty savy but his deals recently haven't been the best, IMO

  3. thisgamewelose says:

    Perhaps they're going after Ryan Smith like the last article suggested.   Casey Wellman had 7 points in 14 games with the wild.  He's only 24, so there's still a chance of some upside there.  Christensen was great in shootouts, but he was going nowhere with them.

  4. dumbassdoorman says:

    Could very well be, you would have to think they wanna make some noise in the playoffs, not just show up and watch a great season so far walk away.

  5. reinjosh says:

    Smyth would bring some nice playoff experience and grit to the Rangers. It would be a nice add for them. Would he fit on one of the top two lines? Or on the third line?

    What are the Rangers biggest needs going forward? They are in a pretty sweet spot moving forward. They have arguably the best goalie in the league right now, they have a pretty decent forward crew and they have teh assets to make moves to make a run (picks, prospects). 
    WOuld you go for it now? Or play it safe and make some minor pickups?
  6. JoelLeafs says:

    Though it likely won't happen for a myriad of reasons, they should do a talent swap with PHI. Rangers need some sandpaper and scoring. They've only scored more than 2 in a game something like 20 times this season, that needs to improve. Philly plays a pretty loose game and could certainly use some stability, especially on the back end. 

  7. reinjosh says:

    I don't think they really need sandpaper. With Callahan and Dubinsky, they have a need for scoring more than sandpaper. I suppose getting a guy like JvR wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. He could break out offensively and that would be huge for them.

  8. reinjosh says:

    Montreal fans and anyone else who cares to comment, I saw this trade on HFboards and it really sparked my interest. 

    Plekanec for Carter
    Cap hit is about equal, Montreal injects a little more offense into their system and some nice size and scoring.  Columbus gets a top 6 center who can insulate Johansen for a little why he develops. He adds some nice PK skills as well (now that they are worst in the league, YAY TORONTO!). He adds a nice playmaking ability as well, and could potentially be a part time band aid option for Nash. Montreal gets younger as well. Columbus gets a nice guy signed for three years after this.
  9. reinjosh says:

    Stewart is an interesting guy. He's shown some nice scoring ability in the past with 28 goals two years in a row, and he has some nice size. He has the potential to be a top 6 power forward. The biggest issue is he is having a terrible season.

    But he could really be a high upside grab. How many teams would take a chance on a potential 30 goal power forward?
  10. dumbassdoorman says:

    I would take a gamble on that much skill and toughness combined. He would look real good in blue and white.

  11. dumbassdoorman says:

    Would Habs fans want to see the team married to another super long term deal? Though the cap hit is ok I think they will be gun shy, and the return is not enough fort Clb straight up.

  12. thisgamewelose says:

    Haha. I've been calling him "Ryan Smith" all day, knowing that is not how you spell it. Why didn't one of you call me out on that!  I hate slow fridays at work. My brain dies from surfing the web all day.

  13. reinjosh says:

    Haha I didn't even notice. Must be that thing where you can read a word that isn't spelt correctly and still understand what it is. 

  14. reinjosh says:

    So the clock lag? It's happened before in LA…

    Something tells me this isn't a coincidence…
  15. blaze says:

    I'm extremly interested in acquiring Stewart. Even if his production doesn't completely come back he would still be a fantastic addition. He adds fantastic size, that can play a top 6/9 role and would be our only guy who could play in front of the net on the PP.

    He's a Toronto native who I'm sure would be motivated to play, maybe another change of scenery would do him wonders. For all the posters out there looking to add toughness, or a guy to fight with Lucic, Stewart is you're man. He can play a mean power forward game and can go toe to toe with nearly anyone in the league.

    So long as the price isn't completely outrageous I would absolutely pursue Stewart.

  16. TmLeafan says:

    I agree 100 percent I think he would be a great addition.  I think the Blues will want to do a hockey type deal as they are looking to improve for the playoffs.  Not sure what would get it done maybe:

    TO: Gunnarson, Macarthur, Holzer, 2nd rd pick
    SL: Stewart, 5th rd pick
  17. thisgamewelose says:

    That would've been crazy if the PP kept counting down when it stopped. 

  18. MystifoLeafs says:

    If were targeting Stewart I would rather try to pull off a bombshell of a trade. Say…

    2nd 2012
    4th 2012
    With an emergence of Elliot they could look to do away with Halak's contract. I personally like Halak and think he has the potential to be great but with Elliot now playing great he wont get that chance. While the Gus/Reim team has been solid I would like to bring in a playoff performer in Halak who has shown down the stretch he can play those critical games and steal a few for you. 
    That being said I also like Stewart and would love for him to be in blue and white. He gives our team a great deal of size and grit and has the ability to score those 25 goals in a season. He would make a nice addition to our lineup for the playoff push and would look nice if we could swing MacA for him and have a second line of….
    Kuelmin – Grabovski – Stewart
    As for St.Louis I am not sure were giving up enough and may have to add in another prospect but I felt like the players were right on. St. Louis has been great defensively they just need a bit of scoring punch and they can get that from MacArthur and Lombardi. Both have shown in the past they can put up solid numbers for second line scoring and who knows Mac A may develop some chemistry with Backes and really light it up.
    As for Gustavsson he can offer solid backup status and from what we have seen so far when the starter does go down he can offset and steal some games for you. He is known to let in the bad goal or two but in STL he would be the backup and would have far less pressure then in Toronto. Not to mention his cap hit is nice for a backup making him manageable for a team like St.Louis. 
  19. palindrom says:

    i would do it anytime!! i can add a first (maybe not 2012) or equivalent prospect if needed

  20. reinjosh says:

    A Montreal fan! 

    Yeah I didn't think it was a terrible swap. Some pieces need to be added but you get the big center you guys need. Plus with Eller growing almost every game, he could reasonably be asked to step into the second line spot sometime soon to replace Pleks. 
  21. reinjosh says:

    I would love if we could grab Stewart somehow, resign Grabo and then draft Galchenyuk. 

    I feel like that may be asking for too much but a guy can dream 😛
    Lupul – Galchenyuk – Kessel
    Kadri/MacA – Grabovski   – Kulemin
    Stewart – Connolly – Armstrong/Kadri
    Nice size, nice scoring and three balanced scoring lines. Yeah, I'm completely irrationally assuming Galchenyuk falls and he steps into the NHL right away.
    A guy can dream though right 😛
  22. reinjosh says:

    Haha Olli Jokinen is awesome.

    Scores his first goal in 16 games and says the reason why is because he had a Big Mac from MACdonalds (he pronounced the Mc as Mac lol). He said Gretzky told him to do it years ago when he was being coached by him in Phoenix.  
  23. JoelLeafs says:

    If there's one thing Montreal needs, it's more huge long term contracts. 

  24. Boston_Bruins says:

    I love how he kind of slurred big and mac together too, "Bigmac from Macdonald's" lol. It would have been a good advertisement for Mcdonald's until he said it wasn't good and he was sick after.

  25. Boston_Bruins says:

    I actually think it supports the Kings that it might have been a coincidence. Still though, something clearly needs to be fixed in LA.

    Can't help but feel for Columbus. Absolutely nothing is going right for them.
  26. palindrom says:

    its all about the risk and reward ratio, and in carter case, in my opinion, the reward far outweigh the risk.

  27. Steven_Leafs says:

    definitely not enough going to Columbus, they wont accept anything less than what they gave up. I doubt Montreal gives up a potential top 10 pick but cannot see Columbus accepting anything less (Plekanec, 2012 2nd, and a prospect wont get it done IMO, and I highly doubt a 2013 1st would get it done either).

  28. reinjosh says:

    I don't agree with you. There is no way Plekanec is worth less than Voracek. He's easily the better player and has shown a higher top end in every side of the game. The first is a first so you can probably downgrade that to a 2nd and another meh prospect to even what they got out.  

  29. reinjosh says:

    Two shutouts in a row for Reimer, another game in 2012 where we allow no PK goals (still perfect in 2012), 2 powerplay goals.

    Fantastic game overall. I think Reimer is just going to take this chance and run with it. Gustavsson has been good but Reimer is just better. At the very least its nice to know we have two competent goalies for a change. 
  30. leafmeister says:

    I know this isnt popular sentiment on this website, but I think we need to give credit where credit is due. Wilson has really managed to instill discipline into the team. They just don't take very many penalties any more. 

    If the Leafs could go on a post-all star break tear, as they often do, they will be in great position for the playoffs. A hot streak might be able to see them finish as high as 5th. 
  31. Steven_Leafs says:

    I don't think Plekanec is worth that much of a difference between the deals.

    Comparing the values:

    meh prospect <<< 3rd round pick
    Plekanec + 2nd round pick < Voracek + 8th overall pick (IMO)

    and I say that last part ignoring the fact that the 8th overall turned out to be Couturier who I believe will be better than Plekanec once he develops.

    I think the only way Montreal gets Carter from Columbus is if they are willing to trade their 1st in 2012 and a player equal to or greater than Voracek which would be either Plekanec or Pacioretty (I wouldn't pay it if I were Montreal but that is the only way it gets done IMO).

    I think the key to making this deal for Columbus is to get back almost exactly what they gave up value-wise, give or take the 3rd round pick. And since Couturier is looking unbelievable Columbus will not have people comparing Voracek + Couturier to the new player they get and say "damn, they got ripped off".

    Anyway that is why I think Plekanec + 2nd + meh prospect would not get it done, it is fair value for Carter right now but Carter's value is at a all time low and having people compare Plekanec to Couturier and Voracek will make the CLB GM look like he failed his team, which will put him out of a job.

  32. MystifoLeafs says:

    I don't know if it is Wilson said something or just the players realized what they needed to do I mean from day one Steckel has been saying your not going to survive in this league if your taking stupid penalties so I am not sure I would credit it to Wilson but more of the PK specialists who said enough is enough and just raised their voices. Also it is not Wilson who controls the PK I think that falls to the assistants. 

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