Ferguson continuing to make mistakes…

Maple Leafs GM John Ferugson continues to make terribly obvious mistakes, and it’s obvious to me that Leaf fans just aren’t seeing it.Lets look at what he’s done so far.

Kaberle and McCabe contracts: Ten million dollars for two defenseman, one never hits and never shoots, the other can’t do anything but hit and shoot. His shot is terribly inaccurate and easy to block/steal, and anyone can skate by his pathetic ass check. I can understand maybe that kind of contract for Kaberle, but McCabe is an over rated 4th defenseman.

Domi buyout: It was time for him to go, blah, blah, blah, the cap space is the same as having kept him, and now they’re having problems just filling out their roster, why not just keep him? At least for someone to have around in the locker room if you don’t want to keep him.

Rask for Raycroft: The Leafs traded their top prospect for a goalie who is a huge risk. That’s right, instead of signing Martin Gerber, or Manny Legace, or Dominik Hasek, who have more then one good season in the NHL. If they’re all free agents then I’d take Raycroft last among them, but to pay your best prospect for Andrew Raycroft is just ridiculous.

Pavel Kubina: That’s right, five goals, minus sixteen, five million dollars, what a ridiculous contract for someone who is just a less physical Bryan McCabe, and as I’ve stated before, Bryan McCabe is an over rated 4th defenseman with a shot.

Hal Gill: Um… what? 2.1 for Hal Gill? A big soft pylon for 2.1 million dollars? If he cost the same as say Jeff O’neill, I’d consider this contract, but damn, that was stupid. Another dumb move by JFJ.

The re-signings: He signed John Pohl one way, and wants Wellwood to have a two way contract? He re-signed Antropov? To a million dollar deal? I’d say right now, the only other teams willing to take Antropov at that kind of money are teams like Pittsburgh and Washington, who are just trying to reach the cap floor.

Now, he’s about to take back Jason Allison over Eric Lindros… Jason Allison who’ll cost more then Eric Lindros, over a big dominant physical centre, a guy who’d play great on a line with Sundin and O’neill, and they decide to sign Allison, who NEVER played well for Toronto, took up cap space, and constantly gave up the puck. Don’t forget, we have only 2 regulation losses in all the games he didn’t play, every other loss came in a shootout, why hasn’t he noticed that?

And now he’s looking at signing Peca and Carter at $3 000 000 each? Carter should be told right here and now that he is just another Glenn Murray, or Johnathon Cheechoo, who is only good if he’s got a good centre to leech off of, and a nine goal player isn’t worth 3 million plus. If he gets them, that’s two bad signings.

If the Leafs can get Carter and Peca for 2-2.5, I’d consider it, if signing Allison raises your cap by ten million, I’d consider it, but right now, he’s going to lose out on Carter, Peca, and Lindros, because he doesn’t know what he’s doing, and he’d like Allison back.

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  1. 92-93 says:

    how can you criticize the deal made with Kaberle – at 27 years old, and 4.25 milion … that is just dumb.

    McCabe and his no-trade clause can be criticized but not Kaberle.

    it WAS time for Domi to go – a contract that should never have been signed in the first playoff.

    the jury is out on the Raycroft-Rask trade, i dont feel good about it but the season hasnt started yet.

    Gill – agreed (sure the season hasnt started yet, but its hal gill people).

    Kubina – too much.

    the other ‘minor’ moves are bang on and JFJ should get credit for getting rid of the right guys.

  2. blarneylad says:

    yes your very right, while all of you leaf fans went at us hab fans for not signing anybody u guys just overpaid

  3. FlyersfanKyle says:

    it looks increasingly like the leafs are going to have a very simmilar offence to last year, the same offence that had a very tough time scoring 5on5. I honestly have no clue as to what the Leafs are trying to pull of one min. their rebuilding another they sign Hal Gill. Right now watching this organization is like watching one person in a canoe paddleing on only one side they keep going round and round but never try anything new

  4. DeathCab says:

    Wow, yet another random T.O. bashing article. What does that make, 10?

    Could we please at least TRY to discuse something else for a little while, ’cause the whole Toronto thing has been done to death!

  5. 92-93 says:

    ‘all of you leaf fans’?

    not true.

  6. Rufusy says:

    you say kubina 5 goals, minus 16, five million ok whatever, but then you say that antropov was a bad signing at 12 goals, plus 13 a million. by your logic of why kubina sucks, antropov’s signing should pretty damn good, just trying to get rid of some of the bias

  7. woodsco85 says:

    Who the F*U*C*K are you to say that JFJ is making mistakes. Are you an NHL GM. Sure not everything he does is perfect, but name one other GM whos made 100% perfect moves for their team.

    Firstly you talk about the defense being over paid, but you have to take into consideration that their price was drove up by the fact that top names like Chara, Redden And Jovo were also unrestricted and demanding 6 million plus. Also everyteam in the league was looking to boost their defese after seeing how the new NHL was played and they could have easily got payed more on another team desperate to bolster their blue line.

    Secondly the Domi and Belfour buy-outs were inevitable, both are too old and too slow to make an impact in the NHL today, Toronto would rather call up Ondrus than pay another 1.25 for Domi.

    Thirdly you say that Rask was their top goalie prospect and trading him away was foolish. Well actually he is one of many quality goalie prospects, when you look at the Leafs system they have Telly, Aubin, Pogge, Racine and Ford, and also took James Reimer in this years draft. One unproven goalie for a proven Calder Cup winning goalie looked pretty damn smart. Raycroft is a gamble yes, but you have to understand that he was playing behind crap last year. And if he returns to form JFJ is gonna look like a genius for signing him so cheap for three years.

    Fourthy the Re-Signing were fine, yeah he might have been able to lock Pohl into a two way contract but the kid looked great in the 20 or so games he played last year. And Antropov, as much as I hate the guy, hes only locked into a million of the 42 million the Leafs are spending on contracts, you say you would have kept domi for 1.25 but not antropov for 1 million, Domis a plug, at least Antropov has some speed and can score once in a while?

    And finally you say hes about to take Lindros and Allison back, and are looking at Peca and Carter, well why dont you at least wait and see rahter than speculate, your calling JFJ out before you even know what moves hes made.

    The season hasnt even started and the constant Leaf bashers are already out. For a guy whos name is LeafyMcLeaf you sure show no pride or faith in your team or GM. Why dont we wait till we see what team the Leafs put on the ice in October. OK. If your so smart and no exactly what the LEafs SHOULD have done, why dont you go drop your resume off at MLSE and watch them laugh in your face. Cause dude you might post on here daily, but that doesnt mean you know Jack S*H*I*T about hockey or how the front office is run on any team.

    Sit down and shut up.

  8. Sephiroth says:

    This guy is a joke, Ive been saying this since the begining of last season and still say it to this day. hes a dumbass, he knows hockey about as much as he plays right this year. which is NONE, the only bonus about him, he got rid of belfour and domi (which could have been done 2 3 seasons ago). He is the one and only reason the leafs didnt make the play offs. Sundin I think its time for him to go somewhere else, get a better captain in, if he cant get his team to do wat they did the last 8 – 10 games of last season ALL season, he needs to pack up n leave. I WOULD MAKE A BETTER GM then FERGUSON, i state that RIGHT NOW.

  9. quick_stick says:

    I’m not sure about your logic on Raycroft. Pick up a young goalie with 1 VERY GOOD NHL year to his credit, for Raske, someone who has Potential to have a good career.

    Raske could be a career minor league guy, you just can’t tell at this stage of the game, so Raycroft is a much safer bet.

    The goalies you mention:

    Martin Gerber, or Manny Legace have not had exceptional careers, nor playoff success.

    Dominik Hasek… what can I say? This is just looking for problems.

    I’m not sure what your problem is with McCabe either. Sure, he’s obviously not Pronger and his contract is a big one, but look at what ALL UFA d-men were getting. Chara is getting 7 mil or more a season. Anyone decent got a rediculous contract, and the fact is the Leafs are better WITH McCabe in the line up, then out. McCabe may not be a top 10 d-man, but he’s probably top 20. He plays physical, scores and is decent defencively.

    Look at any offensive defenceman. Anyone who takes a chance gets burned from time to time. They ALL do.

    Hal Gill is overpaid, but then ALL UFA’s get overpaid. That’s what supply and demand does. If you don’t believe me, take an economics course.

    Domi… is contract can be split between this season and next. Also, he has totally outstayed his welcome. He is a liability on the ice, so regardless of the cap space, he shouldn’t be on the ice.

    The talks about Peca & Carter mostly surround the 2.5 for 2 or 3 years. Not sure where you got 3 mil at…

  10. Rufusy says:

    every gm is competing with other gms in the league you cant just expect the leafs to get frist crack at players. then they got to deal with the player agents who know how to squeeze every cent from you like domis deal last year. Its easy to win a race if you are the only runner, not so much when you got 50 others trying as hard as they can to beat you any way possible

  11. FlyersfanKyle says:

    I should post an Article call “open Fourm for insulting Quebecois that would be good fun”

  12. ranford4life says:

    “…but name one other GM whos made 100% perfect moves for their team.”

    Brian Burke.

  13. Les-Habitants says:

    hey! it wasn’t a hab fan that opened this, plus that was a low blow…

  14. GoalJudge says:

    That’s quite a laundry list of disdain, but then againg its an article by Leafy.

    While I will not disagree that we paid to much NOW for Kubina, it could be a good deal in two to three years if the cap was raised to say 50 Million, then it doesn’t look so bad. Especially if he was publicly getting at least 4.25 offers. Signing at 5 million is steep, but in the end T.O. got the guy and has a very solid top three, even at 16 million.

    domi, I’m iffy about, as much as I think his time was passed, if you were gonna lose the money anyways then I’d say keep him. He is a decent PK and fourth liner if used and can score in the 15 goal range if he plays. And He is realtively fast, for those that say he can’t skate. The Domi ditching was a gamble because there are other teams out there that are interested in him, and they are gambling that he gets picked up and some one will pay his tab. But it does free up roster space for development, it may be expensive but might be a necessary BUSINESS move.

    As for RASK, I don’t revel in the fact that we traded a highly touted G prospect, but on the other hand we got a recent Calder winner, comng of a bad year on a bad team. Would you have complained that much if we got Khabibulin or Theodore for 2 million over three years?

    And BTW, POGGE is currently rated Higher, and considered a better asset than RASK, which is why they kept him and dealt RASK.

    Gill is a big boy, and well he may not be much more that a Pylon facing fast teams I’ve got news for you, so was CHARA. Look a the BUF-OTT series and you’ll see them just flying by him like a bird past a tree. GILL is a big boy that can clear the front of the net and battle corners, just like CHARA, maybe not as good, but effective all the same, and at a quarter of the price. This was a Maurice Idea from what I have seen and heard, so don’t Rip JFJ.

    I’d take Lindros at the speculated 1.25 his is seeking over PECA, ALLISON, and CARTER anyday. Hell, I’d take Brett Lindros over them.

    Allison is not bad, but I can’t argue the fact that while he produced numbers, they were better without him. He would be a distant 2nd out of this group of four.

    Antropov was a TEAM decision as Maurice reported he asked 4 players on the team who they’d prefer to play with and all 4 listed Antropov. Maurice wanted him back as well, as he has a plan for him.

    As for the Re-signings and others, Pohl was good, and deserves a shot to get some experience in a 2 way role they want him in, a la ALyn McCauley(who was wasted asset by the leafs, Quinn, the playoffs haved proved that). And the new WESTRUM deal is a very savy move.

    With the past draft the leafs shored up two more high quality wingers which increased there depth in that position, and now they have quite the depth in a lot of positions.

    They are almost too deep, as they have more players that spots now. And they still lack that HIGH quality winger for SUNDIN, which leads me to believe a trade is coming. Too may up and coming prospects and not enough spots means a trade is inevitable. Don’t forget we also have three goalies which is possible two too many if POGGE sees any time in the bigs this year, as some people are crying for, now that experienced goaltending isn’t the highest factor after the WARD, MILLER, THOMAS ANd LUNDY show.

    So MR. Armchair GM, don’t rip so hard when the GM you blast has done everything the club has needed him to do. Save that TOP winger, which will come, trust me. And it won’t be Carter.

  15. leafs4cup says:

    well said, bout time somebody told this guy.doesnt matter who they sign theirs the regulars who will just bash the leafs for it.jfj cant win.

  16. Francis10 says:

    Rask was not their highest rank prospect, Pogge is. Rask for Raycroft wasn’t that bad, we traded a non NHL goalie for another goalie that has played in the NHL, just hasn’t played a lot. We didn’t lose anything there.

    Name a 4th defenseman that has more then 65 points

    Domi, well, if we had have kept him his salary would have went against the cap this year AND next years cap. Thats because of where his birthday falls, it was good to get rid of him now.

    Carter scored 30 plus goals last year with the Sudin’s, no chance he isn’t going to sign for anything less then 3

    Looking at our defense, we have one of the top defense in the league. Name a team with a better defense. We have 4 proven NHL defense men, two of which can fill the net every night.

    Really, If we win the stanley cup, JFJ would be a god in Toronto, if not it doesn’t matter what his name is or what he does, we will all consider him making mistakes

  17. SoBaZzZz says:

    aren’t you a genious

  18. Sanjoseforever19 says:

    Oh my… are you calling Jonathan Cheechoo bad.. ha he is amazing ok you may say since joe came to san jose that he flourished well yes he did.. but honestly he must of had some skill in the first place to do what hes done.. let me see here also mccabe and kaberle are very excellent deffensemen better then most and kubina is going to be a key player for the leafs next year

  19. jody200411 says:

    Oh Hal Gill, please Hal Gill, bring me to the promise land. hahahah

  20. quick_stick says:

    Domi is quite fast…in a straight line, but if he has to turn, how many times did you see him sliding into the oposing boards on a forecheck? 🙂

    I loved Domi as a Leaf, but his time had come. He shouldn’t have been resigned last year, and probably wouldn’t have been were it not for Upper-management interference.

  21. Wisey says:

    LeafyMcLeaf, I very much look forward to saying “I told you so” at the end of a successful season. I agree with almost every move JFJ’s made (though he overpaid Gill). Kubina’s minus sixteen is because of bad goal-tending, not bad defensive play. Well, I’m not going to go on writing down all the flaws in this report of yours, but as I said, I look forward to saying I told you so six months from now.

  22. bozzoal685 says:

    uve made my life so much happier with that confidence about getting a top winger

  23. bruins121212 says:

    in conclusion the leafs suck alright and they have no clue what their doing and i mean furguson doesent know what hes doing with those players like hal gill whos big but is afraid of being hit by someone like martin st.louis

  24. jarcpitre says:

    I almost have to disagree with you on just about everything. Every GM in the league is stating that D men are the hardest to land and now Toronto finally has 4 good D-man and lots of youngsters fighting for the final 2 spots. They improved on their speed by adding youth and are a lot younger than previous years. How can you say that McCabe doesn’t have an accurate shot, he had 19 goals playing on a team that didnt make the playoffs. He finished 3rd in goals and 3rd in points and Kabarle was 4th in points. Its true that they are taking chances on signing youngsters, but I would much rather them take chances on youngsters than on Old Timers. Raycroff had one bad year on a team that almost finished last in the League, he is 26 and was a rookie of the year and had great stats in the AHL as well, man get your story straight.

  25. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I said Kubina was a bad signing, and Antropov is a forward, of course he’s got more goals.

  26. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Johnahtan Cheechoo is over rated, he’s a 25 goal scorer without a good centre.

  27. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Rask is better then Pogge.

    McCabe has those stats because of Kaberle.

    Domi had one year left on his contract, shoulda just not re-signed him at the end of the year.

    You mis spelled Sedin, and exactly, 30 plus goals WITH THE SEDINS.

    Name a team with better defense? Anaheim, Atlanta, Boston, Buffalo, Calgary, Carolina, Chicago, Colorado, Colubmus, Dallas, Detroit, Edmonton, Florida, Long Island, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Montreal, Nashville, New Jersey, New York, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Jose, St Louis, Tampa Bay, Vancouver, and Washington.

  28. bansebe says:

    thats the most one-sided, insanely critical post I’ve ever read. Why are random haters like this allowed to post on this site? It really lowers the credibility of it tremendously.

    Here’s my view on your comments:

    – Kaberle/McCabe are proven 1st line defencemen, to call McCabe an over-rated 4th defenseman is just ludicrus.

    – you’d actually keep tie domi who does nothing whatsoever when ben ondrus could do the same if not better for half the price?

    – rask is not our top prospect, pogge is, rask was expendible and it was no big secret when we drafter him that he’d be used purely as trade bait in the future

    – kubina lead the tampa bay blue line to a stanley cup victory 3 years ago and is a proven all-star, well worth what we paid for him in today’s market

    – as far as Hal Gill goes, I’d agree he was not the best decision based on the new up-tempo NHL, but to call him “a big soft pylon” is a bit of an overstatement

    – as far as the rest of your speculation involving lindros/peca/allison/carter, why don’t you wait until he actually makes the moves before you criticize what he’s doing… just because sportsnet says allison is going back to toronto does not mean he is, it means he’s had discussions… as slow as he is, at the right price it might be worth it with the leafs current cap situation

    again, stop hating, look at both sides of the coin buddy… go leafs go

  29. Eh-Oh says:

    i’d say he is

  30. 100_years_of_glory09 says:

    If you stop filling ACC every damn night,they might get the msgs and hire a competant staff.

  31. Eh-Oh says:

    I’m not even gonna bother with this stupid article, grow a pair and stop bashing. JFJ hes wrong when he doesn’t do something and hes wrong when he does do something, the guy just can’t win with you people. Some of you so-called fans are way way way to hard to please. Get off it already!

  32. Francis10 says:

    you are right, Domi did have 1 year left on his contract. As described by tsn and every other sports reporting network, because of where Tie Domi’s birthday lands, half of this years salary would have been on this years cap and the other half on next years cap. Buying him out helps the team next year, its the future that JFJ is concerned about.

    As for the teams with better defense, you listed them all. I am very confident that any hockey expert would tell you the leafs defense right now, is not 30th in the league.

    By the way, if you want to get picky with my spelling, make sure yours is correct, I am sure anyone from the Blue Jackets wouldn’t appreciate you spelling Columbus wrong.

    Ask Ovechkin how great his defense is. Even Kolzig on the other hand.

  33. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Domi adds nothing. His act got old a long time ago, he wasn’t needed last season, he sure isn’t needed this year.

    I do think the Leafs have too much money invested in their defence right now though. They’re much better on the blue line now than they were last year, but they’re paying between $4 and $5 million to three guys, and neither of them are exactly Pronger, Blake or Neidermyer. Their defence is better than last year, but I don’t think it’s worth the money they’ve sunk into it. Still, they had to do something to improve it, and over-spending seems to be the name of the game this summer throughout the NHL.

    I’d take Peca, for no more than $2. If they sign him, they don’t need Allison. At this point, I think they’re basically the same player, although Peca really came through in the playoffs.

    Carter, much like McCabe, is trying to turn his strong season into a big pay day. Maybe he was at the right place at the right time, but still, he has the numbers to ask for good money, who can blame him for wanting to get the most he can? The Leafs should look into him seriously, they need wingers and he’s shown he can be a threat with a good center…like Sundin?

    Raycroft is a gamble. He was great his first year in Boston, but it’s hard to judge him on last season. Boston was a mess last season. He could bounce back this year.

    I’m not a Leaf fan. Closer to a Leaf hater. That’s just my objective views on their offseason moves.

  34. Francis10 says:

    So? your point? This isn’t a single player game, this is a team game. If all i have to do is give Cheechoo a good center and he’ll get me the Richard trophy, then I’m doing it.

  35. habs_forever says:

    Good post Leafy. I agree with most of what you said. Kaberle was a pretty good signing for the money…he is young and has potential to get better. McCabe is overpaid but I think the real problem with his contract is the no trade clause.

    Domi is a character guy that might have still been able to contribute something off the ice…although I don’t see the buy-out as being that big of a mistake.

    The Rask trade is a real crapshoot…it really depends on a lot of things. Will Raycroft rebound? Will Rask really become as good as he is expected to be? Will Pogge be as good as he is expected to be? Basically, it’s a wait and see proposition although I do agree that a free agent signing would have been the best option.

    Kubina IMO is overpaid although I haven’t seen him all that much. Going from his stats, I would agree that he is a little overpaid but then again…most free agents were. My main issue with this signing is could he have gotten a better player for that kind of money.

    Hal Gill is a huge Pilon…nothing more. Having seen this guy in two series against Montreal, I really don’t know what possessed JFJ to sign this guy especially for that kind of money.

  36. Francis10 says:

    your email address doesn’tmake sense considering the 40th aniversary of the leafs winning the cup last isn’t until May 2nd 2007… thanks for coming out, next week we will work on shapes and colours…

  37. Rufusy says:

    but played less games and higher plus minus

  38. DJTOKid says:

    Everyone is going to eat there words about JFJ in a year or two. I think he is putting together a solid team for now and the future. Brian Burke said JFJ is a very intelligent guy and I trust anything that Brian Burke stands behind.

  39. Oley says:

    leafy ur just another whiney leaf fan…. why dont u stop crying. find a new team to cry about because every1 knows and no 1 cares anymore because leafs arnt going to win the cup so whats the point in crying why dont you just wait and see what happenes. not 2 mention rask had to be resigned within a year or so or he would be put back on the draft. if im correct, and plus who needs him when we have raycroft WHO PLAYED FOR A SHIT TEAM! and pogge. the leafs have signed alot of young players. 1st u want the leafs to get young, then u want domi to stay. who cares if his salary goes against the cap. hes useless. we might as well let a younger call up or something take his place like Ondrus. anyways quit crying. i swear u seem 2 be 1 of the *****est leaf fans.

  40. habswinthecup-again says:

    I think Burke must have said that after his 12th wobbly pop.

  41. FlyersfanKyle says:

    mabey not a genious but somthing along those lines

  42. quick_stick says:

    Check Carter’s career stats. He played well in Boston and Edmonton, before having a messed up year where he played for 3 different teams. I don’t think any of those other years he played with the Sedins.

    Domi getting ice time hurts the leafs. The cap hit on his buyout is a necessity.

    As to whether Rask or Pogge WILL be better goalies (which is the issue with the Leafs), who knows? The NHL is a different game. Realistically, Rask was further away from the NHL since Pogge will likely be in the AHL this year, and Rask was staying in Europe.

  43. oldtimehockey says:

    As a non Leaf Fan I have a few points. JFJ has done a remarkable job in scouting and drafting. His trades remain to be seen.

    Kaberle is underrated as a D man. I think he is just going to get better. I watched his game over the years and he has gotten better. I think locking him up at his 4.25 i think it is .. not a bad deal for a D Man who is a young guy and coming in to his prime

    McCabe could be a one year wonder and i agree that it was risky to sign him to that money. If any flaw this would be the major one. I dont think anyone would have paid this amount for him, although if McCabe puts up the point like he has he is a cheaper variety of a Ed Jovanovski type defenseman

    Buying out Domi WAS BRILLIANT. I just hate looking at him. You would rather spent 1.5 -2.5 on Domi than a little extra on Kubina…?? Granted Kubina was overpaid.

    So he took a gamble on Raycroft for Rask…. Raycroft could bounce back and be amazing for TO. Rask may never play we never know and they have Pogge in the wings.

    Not too bad with Gill as the leafs needed some D and they got some help. Gill is capable and nothing spectacular. He isnt getting norris trophy money either.

  44. FlyersfanKyle says:

    Hear Hear

  45. leafs4cup says:

    doesnt matter what jfj or any other leaf gm does you will still have people *****in.if ferguson signed elias and no UFA defencemen people like leafymcleaf would be writing pointless articles on how jfj screwed up by not upgrading the defence.he cant win.and for allison he is far better than all you guys think most of the leafs were a minus last season and everyone had a bad season it wasnt till aubin stepped in for the washed up belfour and all the pressure was of to make the playoffs that the leafs started winning .and when allison was in the line up we had the 3rd best powerplay in the league.everybody keeps sayin allisons to slow for the “new”NHL and everyone ignores the fact that the new NHL is all about special teams and to be successful you must have a good powerplay and that is reason enough to sign allison just ask tucker and mccabe.

  46. gg_idiot says:

    Continually keeping Cloutier as that #1 goalie year after year was reaping the cups in for Vancouver wasn’t it?

  47. FlyersfanKyle says:

    k how bout this for an article

    “who would win in a fight a guy from quebec or a Guy from France??”

  48. Rufusy says:

    when people say that mccabe was only good cause he was with kaberle, keep them togerther and thats what jfj did. McCabe only good cuase of kaberle pft

  49. monley89 says:

    are youd kidding me right now leafy, like i didnt even read the article cuz its pointless, ur not the gm theres nothing u can do, u dont know whats going on behind the scenes of the team and management, and to top it off if the leafs sign allison that’ll be a jk, head for the mountains leafs fans this could be a bumpy road ahead

  50. Rufusy says:

    he is a pretty good thris line d man id put him with carlo think that would work well

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