Fernandez to Boston, Tkachuk Inks in Blue

According to TSN, the Boston Bruins have acquired Manny Fernandez from the Minnesota Wild in exchangefor a fourth round pick and Petr Kalus, a well touted prospect.

In other news, Keith Tkachuk has re-signed with the St. Louis Blues.

8 Responses to Fernandez to Boston, Tkachuk Inks in Blue

  1. Uncleben says:

    what a steal for Boston

  2. Uncleben says:

    Yes! First post!

  3. mojo19 says:

    If Emery sticks around, the goaltending in the North East division will be pretty solid this year. Huet, Toskala, Emery, Fernandez, Miller.

  4. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    Nooo! I love Petr Kalus. I had really high hopes for him since he's such a great prospect. I'd rather have seen the Bruins trade Krecji who people say is even better than Kalus. Mainly because the Bruins have no depth on the wings and Kalus was a good prospect that was a winger!! Oh well, at least I believe Fernandez and Thomas would make a good duo to split the year for a team. I just hope we trade Murray!!!

  5. shaynexbruin says:

    not a bad trade by any means,

    i just hope we didnt trade away the rookie of the year
  6. Neely_8 says:

    NHLPA already has Manny as part of the B's.


    Good move for the B's to get a "real" starting goalie.  Looks like Murray's days are numbered as the B's will want to clear some space in order to pick up a couple tier 2 players….they dont have enough money in the kitty to pick up any marquee players this year…

    Oh well…the bruins are better off today then they were  yesterday…

    Go B's Go!!

  7. kamullia says:

    In the East, the Atlantic division looks pretty darn scary when you are talking goaltenders: Brodeur, DiPietro, Fleury, Tellqvist, and Biron. For any team in that division that could mean 8 games against 4 each of those goaltenders, or 39% of their games (32 games out of 82).

  8. Uncleben says:

    you mean lundqvist right?

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