TSN is now reporting that Gonchar has been traded to the bruins. This is their story: Staff

After shipping out Jaromir Jagr, Peter Bondra and Robert Lang, the Washington Capitals have dumped some more salary – this time off their own blueline – sending defenceman Sergei Gonchar to the Boston Bruins in exchange for either two players and a draft pick or two draft picks and one player, TSN has learned.All that is required to make the transaction official is the trade conference call that registers the trade with the league.

Sources told TSN the deal is likely to be defenceman Shaone Morrisonn and two draft picks.

Gonchar is in the final year of a four-year, $13.95 million US contract that pays him $3,650,000 this season.

The 29-year old veteran has seven goals and 49 points this season, leading all NHL defenceman in scoring.

The 10-year veteran was taken 14th overall in the 1992 NHL Entry Draft by the Capitals. He made his NHL debut in the 1994-95 season and scored seven points as a rookie. He led all Capitals’ defencemen in scoring over the next two seasons and led the team’s blueline with 11 playoff points as the Capitals went the Stanley Cup Final in 1998.

In 1998-99, Gonchar played just 53 games, and led team defencemen with 21 goals and 31 points. He also led the Capitals with 13 power play goals and was the first Russian defenceman to score 20 goals in an NHL season.

In 1999-2000, Gonchar finished the season with a team best +26 rating and became the second defenceman in team history to score a hat trick.


  1. gobruins08 says:

    Interferance on belfour and goalie interferance are the same thing….i hope u arn’t older then 10, cause if u r, thats really scary…u think mcabe had a clean hit hey…and boynton was an instigator…is that pat quinn that wrote that comment?

  2. spazmainia13 says:

    So let me get this straight…..

    When Gonchar was going to the Leafs it was just what they needed to put them over the top.

    NOW that he isn’t available the Leafs don’t need him anyway?


  3. tr8der_info says:

    SHIITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! *****KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK The Fricken Leafs! JFJ is a gay *****ed up ask wipe that doesn’t know how to run a *****en hockey team!!!!!!!

  4. tr8der_info says:

    SHIITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! *****KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK The Fricken Leafs! JFJ is a gay *****ed up ask wipe that doesn’t know how to run a *****en hockey team!!!!!!!

  5. SwiftLEAF says:

    The Leafs are probably going to make sure they get leetch so Philly doesn’t end up with him.

  6. SwiftLEAF says:

    Yes, that’s right, this is all a hoax…. .

  7. nocuphere says:

    Junior???? Right on fella. Do you have any idea what its like to be a leaf fan on this site. Your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t. The leafs could go get Rob Blake, Chris Pronger, Todd Bertuzzi, and Martin Brodeur, and there would be still morons here saying they don’t have a chance. Anyway. As far as you being here longer than me, thats horseshit, i’ve been here forever fighting an endless war defending the leafs.

    I never ever ever come on here and say the leafs are getting this guy or that guy, but I will come on and defend against any comments saying the leafs have no shot at the cup. 16 teams make the playoffs every year and i’m a firm believer that anyone that makes it to the dance has a chance to get laid at the end of the night, even the leafs.

  8. nocuphere says:

    Yeah your right the pens will win the cup again. the Calder Cup. Go pens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess that makes Joe Thornton, Naslund, Pronger, Leclair, Roenick, and so on and so on overrated as well, seeing they haven’t won jack either eh smart guy.

  9. commonwealth says:

    This is no shock….

    I mean with the exception of the few leafs fans who didn’t want this guy in Toronto, we all knew that every Leaf fan out there was so confident that Gonchar would be wearing the white and blue, they were betting getting him would be that final piece of some Stanley Cup puzzle. Now that Boston has gone and overpaid for him (a 1st AND 2nd rounder? Baaad)

    They all act like he is a worthless defensmen who couldn’t help the Leafs one bit!

    I guess now I’ll sit and wait to see if Leetch goes to Colorado or Philly so the Leafs fans can bash him and say how bad he is… How about if Witt goes to COL and Leetch goes to PHI? Do the Leafs throw in the towel? I’m betting yes……

    p.s. can we stop the Pronger rumors? PLEASE……….


  10. spazmainia13 says:

    Thx dude

  11. gobruins08 says:

    As a Bruins fan, I am stunned. The Bruins picking up him….wow. This is great. O’Connell is acting so O’Connell like. This is great! I hope they can get those picks back –trade away O’Donnell and a third rounder…I am glad the Leafs did not get him! I just hope they sign im, Murray and Rolston…Leafs suck…go bruins go

  12. wallet_inspector says:

    This is the last time I subdue to another leaf trade rumor. I have fallen victom on countless accusations and this is final. I will not even think a trade is possible until it has ‘officially’ gone through. To the members that say that Toronto Fans get way to excited about a simple rumor it is true, and even more true, the leafs are allways too frightened to give away anything. This is their year if any at all. With the lockout a possible outcome, the leafs are pretty much done with one of the oldest teams in the league. They simply have to trade their ‘future’ to do any damage, because even if the team where to keep the prospects they have, their future is a disgrace. Take the chance toronto, Gonchar was a great oppertunity and you let it slip…

  13. BosBrn77 says:

    Honestly, I’d be happy to get Oates from Edmonton. Then we could play Bergeron-Oates-Samsonov on the second line!!

  14. BosBrn77 says:

    For a Leafs fan, you make sense. And I mean that sincerely.

    I would take Belfour over Raycroft right now as well. But for the long run…. Eddie the Eagle can fly away.

    As for all the UFA’s… that was a plan so that the B’s are not screwed if the CBA includes a cap. Teams with high payrolls like Colorado, NYR, Detroit, Toronto and Phillie could all be in trouble if the cap is included. So as for the UFAs… that was done for a reason. Obviously, Bruins’ management has a plan. I just hope it is a good one.

  15. BosBrn77 says:

    REEK BAGS? Come on nocuphere, you can do better then that? With all the childish posters on this site, you’d think you could have learned a better name then reek bags!

    As for one scoring line? That was last year. I don’t think Boston is finished yet, but even if they are… I think Bergeron and Samsonov will be a more then adequate scoring duo to compliment Murray-Thornton-Knuble!

    And as for Raycroft…. at the beginning of the year he was a nobody goalie. Now… everyone knows him! Just might be rookie of the year! And remember that many goalies with little or no playoff experience have done well in the playoffs. Giguere last year. Brodueur his first year. Casey his first year. Roy his first year. So please…. do better then that… I know you have it in you!

    And even with all the so-called scoring Toronto has… I noticed they made it real far last year! Heck, even Detroit with all the future HOFs could not even win a game! So… the playoffs can turn out so many different ways!

  16. BosBrn77 says:

    No toughenss in Beantown? I noticed it took two to take on Boynton. Thornton handle himself well. And Domi ran like a ***** from Doull! Sounds like the tu-tus are on your Leafs… tough guy!

  17. BosBrn77 says:

    Either a winger… like McEachern or Kozlov from Atlanta, Prospal from the Ducks, O’Neill from the ‘Canes, Dvorak from the Oilers, Bure from Florida, Rucinsky from the Rags, or Carter or Grier from the Caps.

    Out of all of them I think I would try for either Prospal or Kozlov.

    But another option would be getting Oates from Edmonton to play center between Sammy and Bergeron!

  18. BosBrn77 says:


  19. guinsfan4life says:

    The Leafs signed Sundin to that contract because he was going to be the man who brought the cup back to TO. You don’t pay someone 9 mil per season if they aren’t the centerpiece of your team to win a cup. I ain’t talking about the rest of the players you mentioned. If you want to debate a topic, stick with the topic at hand, and address the issues your team has.

    I realize the penguins situation is very bleak right now and to an outsider looking in it does appear that the franchise is doomed and more than likely won’t win a cup. That all will change when a new CBA is put into effect and the penguins have a new arena and money to spend on mid-level free agents to mix with some of the good young talent they have. YOur Leafs?? Well, they are gonna be forced to trim away at the roster they currently have (to get under a salary cap), and when they attempt to plug holes with younger players, they are going to find out that they can’t because they traded them all away for over the hill veterans–and worse yet, they still won’t have a cup to justify it.

  20. guinsfan4life says:

    This ain’t gonna be a pity party for Leaf fans on this site, and I don’t care what it is like to be a Leaf fan. Do you have any idea what it is like to be pens fan right now? Do you have any idea what it is like to see your team trade away good player after good player for the Rico Fatas of the world?? No, you don’t and I don’t expect you to, and I don’t expect you to care. You are a Leaf fan, and you feel like you are entitled to win the Cup every year–no matter how unrealistic it seems. I know that because living in pittsburgh, it is the same way with the steelers. Every year, fans ignore the real possiblitly that their team is not as good as they think. It is one of the byproducts of having a passionate city about a particular sport, is that they put blinders on.

    It wouldn’t matter to me who the leafs acquired in a trade. I disagree with their philosophy for building their team. A team should be built through the draft and then holes should be plugged with Free Agency. The leafs have totally debunked the theory of having young players, in my opinion so that their coach, Pat Quinn doesn’t have to coach/teach the game. Why else would you trade Ric Jackman to the penguins for Drake Berehowsky?? He wants players who are established and know the game so that makes his job easier.

    What is going to happen when the leafs are forced to rebuild??

  21. Heinzee57 says:

    Hey…. you’re not the regular wallet inspector….


  22. Heinzee57 says:

    Ivan Huml is too soft for the NHL.

    I’ve watched him in Providence and in Boston.

    If he was traded, they wouldn’t have missed him.


  23. wallet_inspector says:


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