TSN is now reporting that Gonchar has been traded to the bruins. This is their story: Staff

After shipping out Jaromir Jagr, Peter Bondra and Robert Lang, the Washington Capitals have dumped some more salary – this time off their own blueline – sending defenceman Sergei Gonchar to the Boston Bruins in exchange for either two players and a draft pick or two draft picks and one player, TSN has learned.All that is required to make the transaction official is the trade conference call that registers the trade with the league.

Sources told TSN the deal is likely to be defenceman Shaone Morrisonn and two draft picks.

Gonchar is in the final year of a four-year, $13.95 million US contract that pays him $3,650,000 this season.

The 29-year old veteran has seven goals and 49 points this season, leading all NHL defenceman in scoring.

The 10-year veteran was taken 14th overall in the 1992 NHL Entry Draft by the Capitals. He made his NHL debut in the 1994-95 season and scored seven points as a rookie. He led all Capitals’ defencemen in scoring over the next two seasons and led the team’s blueline with 11 playoff points as the Capitals went the Stanley Cup Final in 1998.

In 1998-99, Gonchar played just 53 games, and led team defencemen with 21 goals and 31 points. He also led the Capitals with 13 power play goals and was the first Russian defenceman to score 20 goals in an NHL season.

In 1999-2000, Gonchar finished the season with a team best +26 rating and became the second defenceman in team history to score a hat trick.


  1. Killa_Bs says:

    How old are you really? It is okay to cry, I know you want to.

  2. nocuphere says:

    Whatever jerk off. The only time i see you here is when you’re leaf bashing. I’m sick and tired of seeing your babyish comments on here. You talk tough on your little comp.

  3. Killa_Bs says:

    Hmm.. In a psychology book I once read that one way of handling disappointment is denial. That is what many fans of the TML are going through now. I just hope that you all will be able to come to grips with this and let it all out. It is okay to cry. You can’t always get what you want. Even though it seems lately as if TML never get what they want.


  4. nocuphere says:

    blah blah blah. Go bruins. This is hockey big boy not the ice capades. Whats the matter no tough ness in bean town?

  5. Heinzee57 says:

    What game were you watching?

    The hit on Thornton was a penalty. He is allowed to face the boards as much as he’d like, McCabe has to take and angle on him.

    2nd McCabe had his hands up causing Thorntons head to contact the glass. Not exactly the way to mask a questionable hit. The only thing he forgot to do is yell “I’m hitting Joe Thornton from behind!!”

    Thornton, smart that player that he is, goes down in a heap and covers his face. You know this is going to draw a penalty and give the B’s a 5 on 3.

    Boynton’s biggest mistake was selecting the wrong dance partner, leading to a bad penalty and 10 stitches.

    I suspect you saw the game but weren’t watching it.

    (What is a crock check?)


    And another thing, don’t make foolish statements like “Nick Boynton went at Ed Belfour and tried injuring him AGAIN!” You have no idea what you are talking about.

  6. Heinzee57 says:

    Bruins – Need a veteran shooting winger (Bondra or Kovalev would have been nice) for the 2nd line to play with Sammy and Bergeron.

    Then they’d be scary.


  7. nocuphere says:

    Yeah with 11 UFA’s next year. Dude i’m not upset that you guys got Gonchar. Thats great for you. You needed him more than we did. You really do have only one scoring line though bro. I’ll take Belfour over Raycroft anyday of the week, but we’re all entitled to an opinion. I said nothing about the bruins hitting a panic button. I don’t mind the B’s. I grew up in a house of bruins fans. I think they should add another scoring forward this year if they want to take a long run.

  8. Stuv_Dogg says:

    So much insight.

  9. nocuphere says:

    agreed. definately agree with that.

  10. Wills says:

    I don’t Leaf bash, I call it like it is, and the truth must hurt because it really makes you mad. All you do is cry and whine if someone says something bad about your Leafs. You really should wear a diaper. If you don’t like my comments then don’t read them.

  11. Heinzee57 says:

    Whoa Whoa, hold on a second…

    There are three men in your ass?


  12. Stuv_Dogg says:

    My eyes are still wet from so much laughing because the Leafs bounced the Flyers the prior years. Last year was a fluke. Won’t happen again.

    Now that’s funny!

  13. GretzNYR99 says:

    Watch the Leetch to Toronto rumors heat up. With Dallas, Toronto, and Colorado in the war for him, possibly Detroit also. This could be one hell of a bidding war.

  14. Stuv_Dogg says:

    More like stupid Flyers fans.

  15. matteo says:

    Gonchar was a minus 20 because he played on a team full of “star forwards” who aren’t responsible in the defensive end. He is what he is….an offensive defenseman, and on an already defensively sound team he will be the BEST offensive defenseman in the league….not the best defenseman….but the best at putting up the points.

    Every team could use a guy like that at the price that the B’s paid for him. Anyone who denies that is just fooling themselves.

  16. Killa_Bs says:

    Good post. Great to see someone be objective. I would never say that Gonchar is a great defenseman. As a fan of the B’s we have something to compare with. However, we already have good defensemen who can get the job done in front of Raycroft or Potvin. What Gonchar can do is add some scoring from that position. So I’d say that Gonchar strengthens the Bruins offense more than the defense.

  17. Killa_Bs says:

    It’s what most of the Maple Leafs out there have to say right now.

  18. Cortland says:

    I am actually happy that the leafs did not get Gonchar. Seeing how they were pushed around last year by Phili, they need big strong individuals to clear in front of eddie. Gonchar is not and was not the solution the leafs needed.

    I also don’t think that JFJ will make a big deal unless he can get a Pronger type player.

  19. Bishop7979 says:

    Does anyone know exactly how many extra draft pick the Caps have this year. With Bostons 1st and 2nd rounders being aquired today what do they have?

  20. Heinzee57 says:

    I’m speaking to both replies to my post:

    You guys are B’s fans just like me.

    Having a puck carrying Dman is nice, I agree.

    The biggest fear going into the post season is having the 700lb line shutdown and nobody else can score.

    The B’s PP hasn’t exactly lit it up this season. This is obvious by Thornton’s numbers being off.




    Would have looked better against the the top 3 of Philly, Toronto or NJ.

    I’m glad we have Gonchar, I just think a shooting winger is needed for the 2nd line.

    Who else is out there?


  21. bpanther83 says:

    Are u joking? How about…young, unexperienced vs Old, and PROVEN. Thats sounds more right. Plus, when it comes down to it, Mccabe is almost as offensively good as Gonchar, and is better in his own end. U do remember that Gonchar played with Jagr, Bondra, and Lang. That alone gives any defencmen more assists.

  22. bpanther83 says:

    Are u joking? How about…young, unexperienced vs Old, and PROVEN. Thats sounds more right. Plus, when it comes down to it, Mccabe is almost as offensively good as Gonchar, and is better in his own end. U do remember that Gonchar played with Jagr, Bondra, and Lang. That alone gives any defencmen more assists. BUt down and out, I would take Mccabe over him any day. So all in all, Boston made a good move, but Gonchar doesn’t win cups.

  23. The_Coach says:

    You have to wonder if any one player is going to put any team over the edge. Although as a Leaf supporter I would have done any one of these trades, (Lang, Gonchar, Kovalev, Zhamnov, Bondra) in a heartbeat, I would say that this is not the year to give up assets for a run at the cup.

    Why do I say this?

    Well for starters, I don’t think that I can recall a time, ever, when this many teams were so good and all had a legit shot at the cup. In the East, even with all the movement, you have in order of strength, Philly-Toronto-Ottawa-New Jersey-Boston-TB-Montreal -Islanders. Of these teams, the top 6 are all on equal ground and depending on who plays who, anyone could be left standing.

    In the West you have, Detroit-Colorado-Vancouver-San Jose-Dallas and I believe that again depending on who plays who, each stands an equal shot of representing that conference in the final.

    I believe that there is only one player out there who has been rumored to maybe be available that could actually put a team over the top and that player is Chris Pronger. I personally believe that the chances of the Blues ever getting rid of this guy are slim to none but if so, he is worth risking the future for. So while all of these trades have improved the clubs that have made them, they still haven’t been enough to seperate the pack. Lets face it, even Gretzky couldn’t win the Kings the cup.

  24. CaptainModano says:

    Dude that makes no sense. His point is that Pittsburgh at least has RECENT cup success….well, a LOT more recent than 1967, anyways!! It’s true, too. Sure, Sundin’s a great player, but once Toronto’s veteran core is gone who do they have? Coliacovo and Steen? One or both of those two will be traded, just watch.

  25. nocuphere says:

    Right on tough guy!!!

  26. nocuphere says:

    Makes no sense? It makes all the sense in the world. Yesterday or 50 *****ing years ago makes not a damn difference in the world. Are there any players left on the leafs roster from 67 or the pens from the early 90’s? No. So what do I care if the pens won back to back cups. My point is loud and clear this joke comes on here bashing the leafs and he’s a pens fan. It’s like a win win situation for this guy apparently. If my team doesn’t make the playoffs I can spout off about all the other teams that do? Thats great then. Can’t wait for that.

  27. cgolding says:

    Can I get an amen that this is over and done with? That we won’t have every other article posted be, “Where is Gonchar going?”, “Who has the best Shot?”, “Why Gonchar ONLY wants to play for the Leafs”…. I’m not bitter, really i’m not, but it just got old after a while and bordered on ridiculous overkill.

    Of course we are about to begin the sequence of…. “Where will Leetch Go”… with a definite blue and white theme attached to it.

    someone got the stats on the latest that this many teams were tied for a conference lead? sux to be as injured as the flyers are when this is going on.

    nevermind the bullox,


  28. cgolding says:

    I’m getting stoked for a possible Toronto/Ottawa or Toronto/Boston series. Ottawa/Boston just doesn’t seem so cool.

    Flyers v. Devils first round… get ready.

  29. Killa_Bs says:

    Wouldn’t Satan look nice in a jersey with a “B” on it?? Not sure why the Sabres should trade him though but it would be nice.

    Among other players that are rumoured to be on the tradingblock I would like the following:

    Shawn McEachern: Don’t know why they got rid of him anyway. Speedy winger who can score. Don’t think he’d be that expensive to get.

    Slava Kozlov: I’ve been wanting him to play on the Bruins for as long as I can remember. How about getting him and McEachern in a deal. That would add some serious depth and lots of experiense.

    Take those two and throw in veteran center Ron Francis if he wants to. These three shouldn’t be too expensive in comparison to what it would look like.

    Murray – Thornton – Knuble

    Kozlov – Bergeron – Samsonov

    Axelsson – Rolston – Lapointe

    McEachern – Francis – Green

    O’Donnell – Gonchar

    McGillis – Gill

    Slegr – Boynton



  30. BayStBully says:

    Why? Did the Avs need an Official Team Homo?

  31. montrealbruinsfan says:

    I see your point and I agree to a certain extent. We needed Gonchar much more than a 2nd line winger. Who knows OC might not be done yet, I’d love to get Barnaby next! The guy is great for the postseason and will goat the oppostion into stupid penalties, and then our new and improved PP can do some damage. I think Razor is going to fine in the playoffs and could be another Giguere. Can’t wait to see!


  32. montrealbruinsfan says:

    Ok, I know we’re all excited here but this is becoming very leafish. We are not going to acquire Kozlov, Francis, and McEachern. Maybe we’ll get Francis or Barnaby but I think that would be it. We don’t need or want Satan he is soft and will vanish in the Playoffs.

    Also, I noticed in your line combos we didn’t give anyone up. We have to give something to get something. I also think Donato should be in lineup he’s been a solid 4th line winger with some offensive punch (not much but some) he’s a quality character guy who is an asset in the playoffs.


  33. Kraut182 says:

    Hey guys, its another Leafs fan who didn’t want Gonchar, especially not at the price that was being rumoured. Now if I’d have known it was 1 prospect and 2 picks I might have been more for it, but even so I really don’t think Gonchar was needed in TO. Their defensive scoring is already solid. The only thing the Leafs need to do on D is to kick Aki Berg up to the press box and bring down Marchment.

    I don’t want the Leafs to go after Leetch either (way overrated). What they need is a Jason Smith/Brendan Witt type player if anything at all. The team that made the most of their trades last year wasn’t the one with the blockbuster moves. It was Anaheim picking up Thomas and Neidermyer. If the Leafs can’t find a deal for a tough defensive D, then JFJ’s best GM move of the season will be to do absolutely nothing.

  34. guinsfan4life says:

    Your damn right he is overrated!!! And I’ll tell you another thing, his 9mil. per season salary is about 3-4 mil more than what he is actually worth too!!!

    He’s really done alot for you in Toronto, eh? Won alot of cups with him, eh?

    The leafs ain’t gonna win the cup this year and aren’t anytime soon. The penguins will win a cup before the Leafs do again.

  35. goleafsgo7 says:

    I think I speak for all leafs fans (although they won’t admit it) when i say FUUUUUUUUUUCCCK!

    The blue and white better acquire a pronger leetch smith witt or even a hill unless JFJ likes pain….

    …no but seriously if they don’t acquire someone they arent going anywhere in the playoffs.

  36. Lint07 says:

    The Leafs doesen’t have the ”D” to get anywhere near the cup.

    yeah you are right, someone is bias but it seems to be you about your team.

    everybody know the Leafs are going to pick up a solid d-men, only problem is there are not much left and those left will have higher price tags every days until the deadline.

    Teams will see JFJ coming from miles away when he’ll try to make a deal.

  37. guinsfan4life says:

    Don’t get your panties in an uproar, junior. I’ve been posting on this site far much longer than you have and I have suffered through far much more leaf propaganda from “leafexpert” and tons of other leaf fans who are absolutely insane with all of the trade rumors.

    I know my team stinks, I am willing to admit that. I realize we ain’t going to make the playoffs. However, that has no significance over the fact that I can and will critizcize your team and its’ fans. And if you don’t like it, don’t come back. There is no written rule that because my team stinks, I can’t post about any other team.

    Whether or not the penguins won a cup 15 years ago and you haven’t won one in over 40 makes a huge difference, it means the penguins have won two championships when you could watch the games on television–you can’t say that about the Leafs. TV’s weren’t invented the last time they won a cup.

    And by the way, there is one player still left from the pens in the early 90’s–Lemieux, oh yeah and our GM is still here too, Patrick.

  38. The_Coach says:

    I hear ya. The series that take place in the Eastern conference this year will be killer.

  39. the_expert_44 says:

    lemieux is still technically on the current roster. he hasnt retired…

  40. Killa_Bs says:

    You are right in what you are writing. There isn’t one player who can win it all. Not even Chris Pronger..

    Still for the people who frequent this site trades like this gets us going. Right now without having seen Gonchar playing for the Bruins yet I feel this trade will make a difference for the Bruins. On the negative side: the B’s might actually get a little more vulnerable defensively. That won’t matter much if Gonchar does what he’s supposed to. Get the puck towards and inside the other teams goal.

    It is great that the Bruins are actually getting prepared for the playoffs this year. Other years we have seen minor trades that hasn’t made a big difference.

    So I am not saying that getting Gonchar means that we will win the Cup but it doesn’t mean we won’t – we actually have a shot.

  41. TC_4 says:

    Wow, Boston gave a lot. Morrison is going to be a BEAUTY!!! That’s the best deal McPhee has made yet. How many first rounders do they now have? 3 for sure. Can Kolzig get Colorado’s 1st? We’ll see. But this defintley makes Boston a better team RIGHT NOW. Gonchar will be with them for 10 more years if they want. Orr, Bourque, now Gonchar. Obviously Gonchar is not in that same class, but who knows when his career is finished.

  42. TheDuk says:

    Could only find these for 2004…

    1st from Det for Lang

    1st & 2nd from Bos for Gonchar

  43. TheDuk says:


    Of course we are about to begin the sequence of…. “Where will Leetch Go”… with a definite blue and white theme attached to it.

    Oh… and don’t forget the “When will the Leafs get Pronger?” articles.

  44. gobruins08 says:


  45. hendextall says:

    First off you are ignorant, why don’t take a look at a rule book, before you make any comments about a penalty you don’t understand. Thornton was hit from behind. NOw i have been reffing for 8 years now, and the difference between a cross check and a hit from behind is if the players feet are moving when the hit is made. If a player is standing still and hits another player from behind, it is a cross checking penalty. It doesn’t even matter if his stick is up or not. Any ref would make the same call, it has to be made when that victimized player can’t protect themselves.

    And you need to keep a better eye on the replays. Sure when I first saw it, it did look like boynton was coming in after belfour. But when they showed the replay from the other angle, you could clearly see boynton skating for the puck and when the whistle blew he just tried to get out of the way. Belfour did what any goalie would do in the situation and put his glove up to protect himself, and then boynton did the same thing to protect himself. Berehowsky came in to protect his goalie afterwards, which he should have done. But it was a bad call by the refs to give Boynton a penalty, for just protecting himself. He should have gotten no more then the fighting major. I’m sure any other intelligent hockey fans will agree with me on this one. Of course, most leafs fans will believe that boynton tried to injure belfour, but that is just a bias to your own team. But to call Boynton stupid and immature, why don’t you try and get rid of your bias and look at it from other angles before you come up with anymore stupid comments.

  46. sixteenstone says:

    I think its funny how people make fun of Toronto that they didn’t land Goncher. Well you know what Goncher is an offensive D-man and he would obviously helped To PP out but he not the man to clear the net out his soft hands make not a good d-man. Sure Boston now will be a “Contender” but if the leafs land someone like Carney, Hill, Leetch all that Goncher crap will be out the window. As a leaf fan i wanted goncher come to Toronto badly, but after I think about it i rather have a d-man like a McCabe type. And if we cant land a “big deal” before March 9th, the leafs will still be a big contender. Boston Fans Goncher isnt winning you a cup. Fear Toronto!

  47. gobruins08 says:

    i hate the leafs…worst team!

  48. gobruins08 says:

    i hate the leafs…worst team!

  49. Bishop7979 says:

    I though, and I could easily be wrong, but dont they still have something left over from teh oates trade.

    either way, thjats at least 3 first rounders, and two second rounders,

    thanks for the reply

  50. MAniac29 says:

    My oh my, isn’t it amazing how many leafers are changing their tune about Gonchar not really being that good after all. But hey, I’m not going to get critical, there’s enough of that on here, this and the kovalev deal just show that none of us have been making very good calls this year.

    Great trade for Mchphee. Marvelous trade! I cannot believe what he got out of this one! This trade to me proves that there is a different climate surrounding trades this year. The penguins firesale netted them an extra 4th rounder (Ian Moran). Look at all the picks that the Caps are picking up, teams are definitely making their pitch for a big run here and now. Either that or Craig Patrick didn’t get this kind of draft pick return, but despite popular belief, Craig is a pretty knowledgable GM, and I’d imagine teams just weren’t willing to pony up the picks.

    You’ve gotta be thinking that this deal is making Tarnstrom very expendable to CP. Surely he could real in a first rounder if a team really wanted him. IMO Tarnstrom is a better defensive player than Gonchar, and his PP skills are arguable close to as sharp. Will toronto try for him? The Pens really won out on the Jackman deal, as he has been player of the month worthy since he has arrived in Pittsburgh. Maybe they will try to draw something else up. So I guess it becomes, was Ferguson really in the Gonchar sweeps and just lost out? Or did he never really wanted the offensive minded dman after all. I would have to say that he was in on this and the Bruins just offered up more, because they offered up quite a bit! Depending on how good the leafs think Tarnstrom is, would he get a Colaiacovo and a 3rd maybe. Or just a first rounder? I don’t really think any other teams are terribly interested in an offensive minded guy, but we’ll have to wait and see thats for sure.

    Boston better be pretty confident in their future with what they gave up. Bergeron has been such a pleasant surprise that you’ve gotta think that helped in this decision. Ivan Huml should be a full time NHL’er next year as well, and expect them to definitely take a Dman with that 3rd pick they are left with. What about Samsonov to Florida for Huselius and Krajicek. Krajicek basically replaces Morrisoon in the system, except maybe not quite the bit of phsyical edge. I know the samsonov rumors have faded, but with Florida wanting to slide up ahead of buffalo, and their willingness to part with Huselius they might do it…..

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