Flames Might Need to Trade Some of their Players to Free Up Cap Room

The Calgary Flames are an ice hockey team from Alberta. They are in the Pacific Division of the National Hockey League (NHL). Flames is the third professional team that has ever represented Calgary. In this years Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Flames earned many punters a Ladbrokes promo code since they were a favorite to most hockey fans. Here are three players the Flames might need to trade to free their salary cap room.

1. Michael Stone

The Flames have a strong defense. Nevertheless, they have many expensive defensemen. It is not wise for the team to trade Mark Giordano since he is their captain. Besides, he might win the Norris Trophy. The team spent a fortune to sign in Noah Hannifin from Carolina Hurricanes. Therefore, Michael Stone is among the players the team can trade. He recorded a dismal performance in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Michael has a $3.5 million salary cap hit. Although his cap hit might seem expensive for Calgary Flames, other hockey teams can easily afford it. His contract will expire in 2020. The Flames could trade him at a negotiable price to rebuild his value in the new team. However, Michael isn't interested in joining 15
hockey teams.

2. James Neal

The Flames might not sign new players in July. They recently bought out Troy Brouwer. Last summer, the team signed James Neal in a five-year contract worth over $5 million annually.
However, he hasn’t had an impressive performance. The last season was his least productive in his career. He earned 19 points and seven goals, unlike other seasons where he scored
more than 20 goals per season.

James might improve his performance after a while. He has an impressive resume. Nevertheless, Calgary might trade him since they need to sign Bennett and Tkachuk. They didnt include James in their fifth game.

3. Travis Hamonic

T.J. Brodie and Travis Harmonic’s contracts will expire next summer. However, it is tricky for the Flames to retain both players for long. Brodie is a skilled defense player who
collaborates with Giordano. Hamonic had a dismal performance this season. Rasmus Andersson can replace him in the defense line. He is an ideal partner for Giordano. The Flames are keen on leading the National Hockey League. They are trying to maximize their performance to improve their rank after they exited the Stanley Cup Playoffs. However, the team is almost reaching its salary cap. They need to trade some players such as Mike
Smith, Travis Hamonic, James Neal, and Michael Stone.

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