Fluery Ready to Play

Chicago coach Brian Sutter says winger Theo Fluey is ready to play. The decision now lies in the hands of two doctors who seem to be taking there time making up their minds. After being suspended for the first quarter of the season, it seems as if he’ll be back in the next few weeks. This is definitely good news for the Hawks.

After a good start to the season, Chicago is one and seven in there last eight games. Mironov requesting a trade doesn’t help much either. Adding Fluery to the lineup would add another scoring threat to this struggling team.

But even with Fluery back, this team is still a solid defenceman and a proven goaltender away from making the playoffs

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  1. Sands says:

    With Fleury coming back the Hawks have to many top LWers.






    With These top LW’s and a Defense-men that wants to be dealt look for a package deal with the Rangers who are in need of a LW.

    5 LW 3 top lines…..

    Rangers are going to make a deal and bring in a LW and a Defense-men… The deal will involve Chicago.

  2. NYRrule says:

    I don’t think Fleury coming back will make that much of a difference. He’s too much of a head case and will distract the team from playing hockey.

  3. NewYorkRangers says:

    I would like to see Calder come to NY, but I’m sure that Smith would ask for, what every Gm has asked for….Lundmark, Tutin or Kloucek.

  4. lee says:

    does anyone here know the new url or the spectors hockey website so i can check out the trade rumors section. it got moved and i can’t find it now.

  5. mikster says:

    Fleury can play RW too.

  6. mikster says:

    Yeah, i think it’s time to look for a talented LW for Lindros.

    Lindros and Sandman play well together, but if only McCarthy had skilled hands.

  7. mikster says:

    Well, after Neil Smith traded all his youngsters…Rangers have a bed rep. If a deal involves the Rangers, the Rangers MUST give more value in return now. It’s pathetic, but true. Good thing is that Slats hasn’t done that yet.

    Gave up too much for Lindros? Meh, Kim Johnsson for Lindros looks good eh? The other two, not that good now.

    If it was Neil Smith, forget it….

  8. Sunnyg says:

    I actually read an article in the globe and mail yesterday which made a couple of good points. The writer basically questioned why Sutter was telling the media that Fleury is ready to play. He is not a doctor and he shouldn’t be adding any more fuel to the fire by saying things like that to make it look like the doctors are “taking their time” to clear him. The reality is that the doctors SHOULD take their time and make sure they don’t rush Fleury back until he is 100% ready. Sutter is a great coach and he should stick to that and let the experts make the decision.

    Also, with Chicago playing 2 games in New York next week, it proabably isn’t a bad idea to delay his clearance until after those games. Fleury has enough people watching him already and he probably doesn’t need the additional media hype of a return to NY.

  9. Lint07 says:

    To all the HTR admins….

    What about AT LEAST re-typing the name of the player correctly when it isn’t done by the writer? Especially when the name in question is in the first word of the headline… Is it because you CAN’T change the article and you have to post it like it is or not?

    I’m not trying to be an a$$ but 1 post out of 2 is full of bad grammar (which is not that big of a deal) but also full of ”Fluery”, ”Ottowa”, and other NHL player names (easy to look for their name anywhere over the internet) typed incorrectly, it amazes me.

    I really think that to get a solid recognition/reputation in the hockey world, you got to at least look like you know what you talk about…

    that was my 2 cents anyways.

  10. Sands says:

    hand skills and a better skating ability

  11. CaptainCanuck says:

    Well soooooory for typing a name wrong. I havn’t seen any stories from you. And by the way, you are an a$$!

  12. titans says:

    Whoo Hooo! Break out the Jack Daniels and Coke, hide the mascots! Fleury’s backand so is the fun!!

  13. Lint07 says:


    1- this wasn’t intended to you, ”to all HTR admins” doesen’t mean you.

    2- Lint07= 22 posts sent.

    and how you wrote ”Fleury” 4 times and STILL MANAGE TO GET IT WRONG EACH AND EVERY FREAKIN TIME amazes me really much. It’s not like it was ”Mariusz Czerkawski” for christ’s sakes, it’s Theo F-L-E-U-R-Y !! 6 letters.

    – Fluery

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    You are an idiot.

  14. Lint07 says:

    I wish he could come back soon enough andplay against NYR and NYI.

    That’ll be so much fun!

  15. NYIchooch75 says:

    I heard he got suspended again. He freaked out in practice and tried to snort the ice shavings in the crease…really disrupted the practice…total choas.

  16. NYIchooch75 says:

    Please explain to me why Kloucek is a big deal. I’m really curious. No one wants him. Sather would have dealth him in a heartbeat if he could. There is a reason he is in the minors, and not in the NHL. He just isn’t that good. They brought up Dave Karpa for fuck’s sake, to replace Leetch (and if I hear Karpa’s name in another trade rumor here, I’ll freak). I’m not being a dick, I’m being realistic. I’ve accepted that Kvasha sucks, accept Kloucek does too.

  17. CaptainCanuck says:

    Maybe you should check your spelling. In your atempt to teach me proper grammer, you mis-spelled the very word you you were trying to teach me! So as you can see, even the best of us ( or in your case the worst of us ) are bound to make the odd mistake. So maybe you can find something a little more interesting to pass the time rather than giving poeple a hard time about their spelling.

  18. oil_drop says:

    Well to start things off you typed Fleury wrong. Well Fleury can be a huge plus for a team or a set back. Fleury was looking like he was having fun in practise and I think he could bring some positives to the hawks. Last year Fleury was still amazing. The look down at Brodeur- A classic, the deflection between the legs- amazing, the beating up of Sharkie- priceless and the arm thing vs NYI- funny. Fleury did cost the Rangers some games but he was fun to watch. I would love to have fleury on my team. Fleury works hard, has skill and is intense. Hey and one more thing if Gretzky likes the guy he has to be good, right?

  19. Lint07 says:

    ”FLUERY Ready to Play”

    ”Brian Sutter says winger Theo FLUEY is ready to play.”

    ”Adding FLUERY to the lineup”

    ”But even with FLUERY back”

    – Fluery

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    Those are the 4 times you spelled F-L-E-U-R-Y.

    Read your stupid posts before posting it, you retard.

    Do me (yourself) a favor, do not embarass yourself anymore by replying. Just don’t…

  20. jammer21 says:

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  21. rangerjoe182 says:

    its grammar not grammer

  22. Robert says:

    calm down child.

  23. CaptainCanuck says:

    Is everyone correcting my spelling now?

  24. CaptainCanuck says:

    O.k, this has just gone to far. How this argument started just amazes me. We all know what a contraversal topic spelling is. It’s not like we’re all profesionals here. We’re just poeple writing about stuff we like or sharing some news about the sport we love. And it’s not like no one could understand what I was trying to say. Obviosly it couldn’t be that bad if they decided to post it.

    P.S. Don’t bother coming back with more things I spelt wrong. I could care less.

  25. Lint07 says:

    In your case, I wouldn’t say ”Correcting”.

    ”Teaching” would be a better fit…

  26. Lint07 says:


    Hi Robert! How’s your mom doin’?

  27. Lint07 says:

    You started the argument, little buddy.

    No need to be a pro to spell a 6-letter name the way it should.

    You would’ve spell it wrong 1 time I wouldn’t have said anything, because everybody does typing errors sometimes on the internet.

    But HOLY F*CK! We’re talking about 4 times in a 50 word article.

    This WASN’T intended to you at first, it was for the admins. But you clearly did not re-read your article before submitting it. And that, I agree is REALLY unprofessionnal.

    What about doing some researches on NHL players’ names before posting again? I’m not the only A$$ that pointed it out after all.

    I don’t care what you think. It’s you that look like the 12 year-old boy when you write like that…

  28. NYIchooch75 says:


  29. oil_drop says:

    Why are you guys hating/making fun of Fleury? Fleury said “You people were happy when Lance Armstrong Beat cancer and you boo me cause I beat my problem. People now think less of Fleury cause his drinking and drug problem was in the news, but b4 most ppl thought Fleury was a good guy. I think that everyone should goto how they felt about Fluery b4 this problem came into the news.

  30. CaptainCanuck says:

    Actually I’m 14

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