Flyers goalie woes continue as more trade rumors circulate.

The hits just keep on coming for the Flyers. Since last nights embarrassing 6-2 loss to the Sabres and the obvious frustration of forwards including the young tandem of Gagne & Williams and that of prominent team leader Jeremy Roenick. One has to wonder what needs to be don’t to correct all of this. Last night the Flyers Generated offence and did play defence the main problem was the play of Jeff Hackett. Hack had a terrible showing letting by some of the weakest goals I have seen in a long time. Blame it on defence all you want but the only way the d can save Hack is to not allow any shots at all.

Obviously goaltending is a problem and although I have faith in Eshe the Flyers can not succeed with Hack as a number one, two or, three goalie. reported today that the Flyers are now interested in a few more Goaltenders including Olaf Kolzig, Curtis Joseph, Tommy Salo and Sean Burke.

I myself wouldn’t mind seeing any of these goalies in Philly and my first choices for trade bait are Gagne and Therein. Gagne is proving that 30 goal season was a fluke at least as far as the Flyers are concerned. And getting rid of Therein would give a nice open spot for the flyers to bring up a young defenceman i.e. Seidenburg to help him developer. Plus the addition of any of these goalies would undoubtedly cure many of Philadelphia’s ailments.

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