Flyers Have A New Goalie…..

The Flyers have announced that Goalie Propect Antero Niittymaki will make his 1st NHL start tonight against Washington. If he performs well he will start at Atlanta tomorrow.Bob Clarke has stated that he will not shop for a replacement of Robert Esche, out 3-4 weeks with a 2nd degree MCL sprain. He will wait to see how Nittymaki performs and also see if Jeff Hackett is able to return from his battle with Vertigo.

Niittymaki was named AHL player of the month in January with 7-1-1 record and a 1.67 GAA. He will be backed up by Neil Little, his partner with the Phantoms.

As a fan of the Flyers I am excited to see what this kid can do. I hope he plays well enough to become the backup to Robert Esche.

I don’t believe that we need to go out and over pay for a more experienced goalie. Burke was here before and what did he do then. Nothing, he lost his job to Boucher. Kolzig would be nice but cost way too much (money & players). Biron and Fernandez have the same experience in the playoffs as Esche.

I applaude Bob Clarke and Hitchcock for sticking with Esche and I hope they will continue too.

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  1. nocuphere says:

    Didn’t he play and win last night?

  2. UsedandAbused says:

    The kid looked pretty good against the Caps…. Though that doesn’t say to much, especially when he only faced 15 or so shots. I can’t wait to see him tonight… Hopefully he can put up a good game. I’ll be switching between the Flyers game and the Toronto/Ottawa game… That should be a good one.

  3. UsedandAbused says:

    The kid looked pretty good against the Caps…. Though that doesn’t say to much, especially when he only faced 15 or so shots. I can’t wait to see him tonight… Hopefully he can put up a good game. I’ll be switching between the Flyers game and the Toronto/Ottawa game… That should be a good one.

  4. matteo says:

    Not exactly breaking news the day after it happened……

    After this, I am thinking of doing an article about why I think Tom Brady will lead the patriots to the 2003 Super Bowl and win the MVP award.

    Just call me Nostradamus, but I have a feeling that might come true

  5. cgolding says:

    lil bit late.

    nevermind the bullox,


  6. nocuphere says:

    You prick Matteo. Lmfao.

  7. chillyv says:

    Niittymaki did play well but he is not the solution to the Flyers problem. He is merely a Band-Aide to hold them over. I still expect the Flyers to pick up a Goalie between now and the deadline. And after the Flyers lit up Kolzig with 5 goals I think his name might have been crossed off the list.

  8. cgolding says:

    clarke said(however much you want to believe that) that unless hackett cannot return they aren’t going to be trading for a goalie. also, esche is the man. see how it goes right?

    nevermind the bullox,


  9. BroadStBully says:

    Wow last night was just a dream after all!!! I had this silly dream Niittymaki was starting for the Flyers against the Caps and he won!!! Somebody pinch me!!!

  10. MantaRay says:

    Uh-oh! Could we be seeing the new Hextall/Boucher/Cechmanek/Esche regular season goalie sensation in Philly?

    I understand the Burke sweepstakes are heating up now.

  11. flyersfan10897 says:

    well if he isnt the solution, who is? everyone can point out a problem, but no one can back anything up with a good reason. Right now, only Chris Osgood, Dominik Hasek, Martin Brodeur, and Ed Belfour have won a cup, no other active goalies. Unless one of them is coming to Philly, they will never solve the problem. Everyone suggests Burke, or Kolzig, or whoever. None of these goalies has had any real playoff success. And by any chance does anyone know why players are considered good playoff goalies? i would have to say because they might have actually PLAYED in the playoffs. everyone is just assuming Esche wont be able to compete. as far as im concerned, no one here is Miss Cleo. Im not saying he will be amazingly great, but who would ever know if he never plays a game? No one expected Hextall, Roy, or Giguere to be any good either. And dont forget, Colorado, Detroit(if they use Legace), vancouver, dallas, calgary, nashville, the islanders, boston, buffalo, the rangers, atlanta, and phoenix would all be using inexperienced playoff goalies just like the Flyers.

  12. Furlong19 says:

    could be another Hedberg here. Remember him? Called up from the AHL towards the season’s end and lead the penguins to the conference finals. I still think the flyers need a solid experienced #1 for the playoffs. Sure Esche has played well but he doesn’t have experience. I’m not saying he won’t do well in the playoffs. He very well could but if they want to win now (and with their offence/defence the time is now) they need to could another goalie. I could be wrong though. Look at Giguerre last year. But for the most part the teams that go far in the playoffs always have experienced tenders.

  13. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Yes, Niittymaki is just a holdover, nothing to get too crazy over. They’re still depending on Esche.

    And Esche has the same playoff experience as Fernandez? HA! I do recall a certain Minnesota Wild making it to the WesternConference finals last year, splitting time between Roloson and Fernandez.

  14. Lint07 says:

    people should stop being pricks and realize that this article was clearly written yesterday but when posted on the site ”DG” didn’t realize the game was already played so he didn’t bothered changing the text.

    big deal.

  15. matteo says:

    Just a little good natured ribbing…….besides if I stop being a prick I will be useless….just ask D-strate

  16. matteo says:

    It’s not Bullox…..that is improper and I will not stand for it…blah blah vernacular blah blah blah…

    blah blah American blah blah dictionary….blah blah blah!!!!

  17. EmptyNetter says:

    (He who must not be named) will not be joining us tonight. While cleaning his gun he accidentally shot himself in the foot. Attending nurses have banned his use of the internet in an attempt to bring is blood pressure under control.

    Mama, take this badge offa meeeeeeee. . .

  18. Athens2 says:

    First off, I wrote an article stating the same stuff 2 days ago and they didn’t post. So this guy prolly did too and they just decided to post it today for some reason, after it’s old news. So it’s not his fault. Second, Burke didn’t lose his job to Boucher, Vanbiesbrouck did. You were thinking of the wrong year. I also hope that he plays well enough to backup Esche, I can’t wait to unload Hackett.

  19. Athens2 says:

    I just want say one more thing to all the Flyers fans who want Sean Burke for some reason. Does he have playoff experiance? YES. Burke has experiance at losing in the playoffs. In 1987-88 Burke went 9-8 with the Devils. Since then he has a record of 2-10 in the playoffs. Experiance doesn’t count for much unless you win. Winning is the bottom line. Just look at Brodeur, he doesn’t always have the best stats in the playoffs. But he wins, that’s all that matters. And when he has to, he stands on his head and wins games by himself.

  20. Athens2 says:

    Correction, Burke is 3-14 in the playoffs since 88. I forgot the 1-4 record with the Flyers.

  21. jbird says:

    I wrote this the day before. They just posted late.

  22. FlyHigh says:

    Jeremy Roenick is just a moron sometimes. A rookie gaffe leads to ATL’s first goal. NEVER go point to point without checking.

  23. Primis says:

    I hear the Over/Under on Niitymaki being blamed for the Flyers’ playoff woes and being drummed out of town is 5 games.

    — Primis.

  24. matteo says:

    I can’t use it anymoooooore…..It’s gettin dark, too dark to see….

    Badges…..we dont need no stinking badges

  25. CechmanekForVezina says:

    He’s not going to play in the playoffs. Do you even know what you’re talkling about?

  26. Primis says:

    He’s not going to play in the playoffs. Do you even know what you’re talkling about?

    That depends, do you know what sarcasm and a sense of humor is?….

    — Primis.

  27. Lint07 says:

    yeah, I know don’t worry.

    It was mainly because if I’d hate to be the writer of the story and see people bash it instead of commenting on it when it’s not the writer’s fault…

    You can resume doing what you do best now!

  28. hoser24 says:

    I didn’t read the above comments, but I think he might have been talking about Boucher unseating Burke out in Phoenix…

  29. matteo says:

    Timing is everything in this business…….

  30. matteo says:

    I do………….I do……….Isn’t it funny that a guy with a screen name cechamanek is the one that got touchy on that on…….I am kidding Mr Bean…..I was a Chokemaniac supporter…..but I have to admit I am relieved he is gone now.

  31. cgolding says:

    2-0 baby! Nittymaki for Vezina!

    nevermind the bullox,


  32. big_booty says:

    You forgot Roussel and Soderstrom.

  33. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Hey, Vezinas don’t award post season success, so there’s still a chance.

  34. Athens2 says:

    Yeah, I think you’re right. I thought he was talking about Boucher in Philly, which was two years after Burke was a Flyer. He was probably talking about Phoenix.

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