Flyers make a statement

Bobby Clarke sign Mike Richards and Jeff Carter today, the Flyers 2003 first round draft picks. This comes as no surprise as every Flyers fan has been waiting for this since the signing period opened. What makes these signings really stand out is the contracts they signed. The contracts Richards and Carter signed contain NO PERFORMANCE BONUSES .

This is quite a shock and a blow to every leafs fan who thought that all things equal the 2 players would rather play in Toronto. Clarke took a hard line stand based on the new economical climate and the players took less to play in Philly. The next sound you hear is going to be a collective “OH SH-T!” from agents who are expecting their rookie clients to sign lucrative “A” and excessive “B” bonuses in the million as GMs can point to the Philly deals and say “if it’s good enough for them, it should be good enough for you”.

NHL GMs everywhere have to be smiling, and with good reason. Clarke, Richards, and Carter made a heck of a statement to ring in the new CBA.

Go Flyers!!