Flyers send Devils to early Tee Times on the Golf Course

The Flyers closed out their playoff series with the Devils in game 5 with a 3-1 win. This is great for the Flyers for multiple reasons…First and foremost they make the second round of the playoffs. Second, they don’t have to deal with round the clock questioning by the ESPN staff (who apparantly don’t have anything better to do) about NJ’s comeback from 3-1 in the 2000 playoffs. Recchi said it best when he basically said who care’s about the 2000 playoffs, we only have 4 guys left from that team. Of course, ESPN took the path of least resistance and focused on that instead of any meaningful storyline from this year’s playoffs.

Watching today’s broadcast, I counted at least 3 times the 2000 playoffs were mentioned before the puck even dropped. Plus, once the game started Darren Pang buried his nose so far up the Devils (and specifically Brodeur’s) collective rear ends that I’m surprised he could breathe. Yea I know the Devils had a great run the last 9 years and you have all the Devils accomplishments memorized but I don’t think the guy could say something nice about the Flyers without saying something better about the Devils. When the Flyers scored the series winning goal in the third Pang blamed it on an injury to Brodeur. When Brodeur made a great save later in the game Pang went on about Brodeur being an All-World goalie. I guess anything Brodeur let’s in isn’t his fault and all his saves are magical. Well at least he said Esche had a solid game .. oof.

That said, I’m looking forward to the second round. The only team that scares me is Senators, but the Leaf’s look like they’ll take care of the sens for us. It could be another Rock’em Sock’em series between the Leafs and Flyers like last year. As long as the ref’s don’t fall for Belfour’s play acting , it should be a good series.

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