Flyers set to offer Vanek an offer sheet???

The Philadelphia Inquirer is speculating that the Flyers may make a run at Thomas Vanek. Vanek scored 43 goals last season with the Buffalo Sabres and according to the article teams can make offers to group 2 restricted free agents on June 25th.

It is also reported that the Flyers may be looking to deal their first round, second overall pick as this years draft is weaker than past seasons. It will sure be interesting to see what moves the Flyers make this off-season as it is not very likely that the Fluyers will be a dismal team two years in a row.

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  1. BieksaForMVP says:

    Paul Holmgren is a genius. A Buffalo team with a bad cap situation (they'll plan on signing both Briere and Drury and then they'll be up against the cap) won't be able to afford Vanek at 4.5 million, and beside Gagne, and Carter would be a star. PLus they'll probably aquire another big player like Gomez, and Timmonen.

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

     Buffalo will match any offer that the Flyers give Vanek, even at the expense of Brierre and Drury. Vanek is not going anywhere.

  3. Veggetto19 says:

    they wont loose both drury and brierre over vanek, vanek is good but drury is your team.

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    yeah, philly's willing to give up 2 1st round picks for him. i dont think so.

  5. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    HA, you know what would be funny. If they got him, gave up the 1st, still finished last and gave Buffaleo Taveres

  6. habswinthecup-again says:

     It sounds like they might lose both of them eitherway. Drury is heading south and they haven't even talked to Brierre yet(which doesn't meant they won't), but Vanek is not going anywhere.

  7. Warriorhockey55 says:

    tavares isn't eligible for draft until 2009… two seasons from now. they won't finish last next year let alone two years from now.

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    oh really? i thought he could be drafted on 08

  9. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    I know that you said that the flyers are SET to make an offer, but why aren't the other 28 teams making an offer too?  At 4.5 million, Vanek could be the best free agent to get, no?
    Are the Flyers smart, or every other team dumb?

  10. mtl_prince says:

    its the fact that you have to give up 1st round draft choices if he signs with you, thats why you dont here all the teams might go after him.

  11. flamingsenator says:

    whoa im completely new to this fact….i was wondering why the other gms wouldn't do the offer sheet as well……some one explain ro poor lil old me

  12. kamullia says:

    I frankly hate these kind of moves, just like most of the GMs and NHL brass.

    I love Vanek, and the jury is still out whether Fleury was a better pick than taking Vanek without a trade for the Pens (they could have kept Samuelsson who’s turned out to be pretty helpful in Detroit). But I would hate to see the Pens or any other team add Vanek to their roster by using these tactics.

    Having said all that, if there is a time that a team might not match is now with Buffalo, so whoever tried this move might have a pretty good chance of pulling it off. The other team could wait for Buffalo to sign a couple of free-agents so that they spend most of their cap space, and then give a sheet to Vanek. Would Buffalo match and then have to trade off a lot of their not-so-prominent players (i.e. cap fire-sale)? It would be interesting to see how Buffalo would deal with it.

  13. 27roenick97 says:

    aren't these GM's supposed to do whatever it takes to get his team all the pieces to win a cup?  forget if you irritate other GM's in the league, as a GM you should be concerned with getting the best players possible for your team, no matter how it gets done

    i like making the offer for vanek (it makes waaaaaaay more sense than Clarkie's offer for Kesler).  whatever the asking price is for him (1st rounder, or even more), what is the probability that those players that would've comprised the flyer's draft would ever become half the player vanek is now?  in addition, the flyers address a need in a left winger to play with upshall and carter. 

    with what he's already done, if homer manages to land vanek and gomez, all i can say is "holy crap, he's good"…

    the only thing that worries me is the impending free agency of guys like richards and carter.  if homer does this, this could come at the sacrifice of one of our other youngins.  hopefully, he has the foresight to get this done and quickly work towards extensions for richards and carter. 

  14. mikster says:

    And they still won’t make the playoffs.

    I think the Sabres won’t plan on signing both Briere and Drury. Vanek’s not going anywhere.

  15. mikster says:

    Vanek is not going anywhere. They rather lose Drury and keep Vanek, but the Sabres can trade Kalinin, Kotalik, let Nummenin walk, maybe trade Hecht too, and they can still re-sign Briere, Drury, and Vanek without going over the cap.

    Pominville, Paille, and Stafford are ready for the next step too, so if they lose Kotalik and Hecht, i doubt it would be such a big difference as they have a lot of depth.

    Drury would get $3M raise, Briere $1.5M raise, Vanek around $3.5M raise (all approximate numbers). That’s $7M to be added.

    Kalinin out = $2M

    Nummenin out = $2.6M

    Kotalik out = $2.3M

    Zubrus out = $1.8M

    Maybe even Afinogenov? They can trade him too as he was not favored by Ruff, that’s $3.3M a season.

    So we’re looking at around $8M subtracted, not counting Afinogenov.

    They’re fine. They definitely won’t lose Vanek anyway. They’ll match Philly’s offer, but the Flyers doing so will get on everyone’s bad side and may have other GMs be tough on them in trade negotiations when they’ll need to acquire someone.

  16. flamingsenator says:

    trade negotiations would suck for the flyers

    as mentioned by the fellow below

  17. habs_punk says:

    09 eligible, but there have been talks of the NHL maybe trying to fast-track him into the NHL, just like he was fast-tracked into the OHL. Of course these are just talks and very likely will amount to nothing at all.

  18. habs_punk says:

    This is my understanding at least.
    Teams can send offer sheets to RFA's, and if the player signs the offer sheet, the team currently with his rights has the right to match the offer. If the team does not match the offer, however, they are compensated with a certain number of draft picks based on the price of the offer sheet. I'll look and see if I can find a list showing this compensation.

  19. habs_punk says:

    This is what I found, it looks right to me, but it isn't from an official site so I'm not sure of the accuracy.

    • $660,000 or below None
    • Over $660,000 to $1 million Third Round
    • Over $1 million to $2.0 million Second Round
    • Over $2.0 million to $3.0 million First Round and Third Round
    • Over $3.0 million to $4.0 million First Round, Second Round, and Third Round
    • Over $4.0 million to $5.0 million Two First Rounds, Second Round, and Third Round
    • Over $5 million Four First Rounds

  20. BieksaForMVP says:

    The problem isn't that they can't afford those Vanek if an offer sheet was offered, it's just that you would have to let go of some key player's. If you don't resign those 4, then you lose 2 #4 defender's (well i guess one would be the 5th defender on the Sabre's), and 2 quality 2nd line player's. I don't think that that keeping what is only a 30 goal scorer on an weak team like Phoenix in Vanek will make up for those lose's.

    Also to replace those player's with player's who are actually NHL player's it might cost you 750k per player, so that would cost 2.5 mil. in total, giving you little money.

  21. mikster says:

    They won’t let a young player like Vanek who can score over a point a game go, simple as that. They rather lose Kotalik and Drury then just to keep Vanek, and i would too.

    They got Pominville, Paille, and Stafford who will start scoring, they’ll be fine.

  22. Penssuck says:

    I'll wager they make the playoffs.

    Flyers season was a fluke, you don't drop 40 pts in a signle season and expect it to last years to come.  Maybe missed the playoffs in 10 of the past 40 years.  Don't think so.

    Went to the bar, sorry if it doesn't make sense.

  23. BruMagnus says:

    Are you insane??

    I'd give 3 1st round picks for him.
    Philly won't be drafting top 5 the next 3 years.

  24. BruMagnus says:

    This is precisely correct. Thank you for finding it, I didn't wanna have to do it myself.

    I'd offer $4.99 million over 6-7 years for Vanek. He'd be PERFECT on Sidney's line.

  25. BruMagnus says:

    The NHL would turn into a kind of Survivor. Would definetely make things interesting.

  26. BruMagnus says:

    I totally agree with what you say about the GM's job.

    And even though I agree, and would like to see more of it, the reason it doesn't happen is because GMs know it'll likely backfire for themselves in the future.

    Think of the Flyers with Pitkanen, Carter and Richards…. lots of offer sheets possible there.

  27. Connolly4mvp says:

    I would love 2 see Max go. Now if only we can find some sucker 2 take Spacek's 3.3 million.

  28. Lord says:

    That should be a good move from the Penguins. Maybe one of the best they can do. They will not suffer from giving the 2 first round picks, a second and a third because they already have all the propects they need and there next picks will be low because they just get better. And if youngs don't put there game up, trade Malkin or Staal for good picks or other young hight valuable propects.

    Imagine what Vanek can do with Crosby at the center. 60 goals per year can be expected !!!

  29. Lord says:

    You're right. But I don't put to much value to this rumor. The only way why this rumor have started is because of the sheet offer made for Kesler last year, and Vanek is the best RFA unsigned at that time.

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