Flyers to shop Lupul, Upshall or Knuble for a veteran defenseman?

The Courier Post on-line is reporting that Flyers could make some moves to bolster their defense before the trade deadline to make a playoff run this upcoming post season.

It is indicated in the article that many belive that the Flyers are a veteran defender away from making a serious push toward the cup. As a result, the defenseman that are noted as possibilities who could make their way to the Flyers include Niclas Havelid, Brett Clark, Derek Morris, Dan Hamhuis and Brendan Witt. All of the players mentioned will become unrestricted at the conclusion of this season.

As possible trade bait it is rumored that Scottie Upshall, Lupul and Knuble could be dangled to make a trade happen.

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  1. shutout339 says:

    It should be Knuble that goes! He just isnt getting his job done anymore. Lupul should be a second option.. The only defender they should try and get is boumeester

    and briere should be thrown iin that deal

  2. shutout339 says:

    It should be Knuble that goes! He just isnt getting his job done anymore. Lupul should be a second option.. The only defender they should try and get is boumeester

    and briere should be thrown iin that deal

  3. neilios says:

    The Flyers still after Salo from the Canucks???Well I heard Lupul straight up for Salo something like that.

  4. Kramer says:

    Briere hasn't been the same since he was abducted by aliens last year.

  5. pezzz says:

    This article is so lame.

    *All of the players mentioned will become unrestricted at the conclusion of this season. *

    Clark and Hamhuis are under contract for another year. Witt is under contract for 2 more years.

    Hamhuis (#1) or Havelid (#2) are the best options for the Flyers. They need a strong top 4 shutdown-shotblocking d-man. They have even puck-movers with Timonen, Coburn, Carle, Jones and Sbisa. Their only shutdowns are Alberts, Vaananen and Kukkonen, but they are 3rd pairing d-men at best.

    Hamhuis at 2 millions per year is perhaps the best bargain in the NHL. He'll get a good raise in 2 years (around 4 per), but then Hatcher, Rathje, Knuble and Jones will be off the books. And if they trade Lupul for Hamhuis, it frees up to 4 millions. So they could afford him.

    To Nashville : Lupul, Jones, 2nd rounder

    To Philly : Hamhuis, Sullivan

  6. mozzy says:

    Flyers should not lose Lupul. he still is to young with too much skill to give up on. Especially for a UFA. I do like Hamhuis, but not for Lupul. I'd rather trade Jones. Bouwmeester is out. He will require to much at the deadline and ask for a huge salary.

    And Briere should NOT be moved, even though that is commented on quite a bit. He skill, pp scoring, and playoff scoring is much needed, especially now as they flyers have been in a bit of a scoring slump.

    What they should be looking at more than anything is goaltending!! I don't believe biron is going to be the guy to take them all the way, not to mention both he and Nitty are UFA's at year end. Guys like Backstrom and Vokoun are UFA's at season end and the flyers need to focus their attention there.

  7. cam7777 says:

    that's a good trade, I like it. i think they could use another puck mover though. coburn is still pretty young, and carle is not doing so well right now. sbisa sorta tapered off too, and will likely be a dud in the playoffs after his first, very long nhl season. if i'm the flyers, im thinking about what happened when timmonen went down last year. the solution to this is getting a top tier d-man to accompany timmonen. i think they should make that hamhuis trade, but still put their hat in the ring for Kaberle or Bouwmeester. of the two, i obviously believe kaberle is the better option, but philly certainly has the assets to acquire either one of them.

    i don't believe the leafs or the panthers would have any interest in knuble, or upshall in a major trade like that.  upshall could be had for practically nothing by waiting till the off season when philly simply cannot afford to resign him.  he's not a gamechanger, so there's no need to acquire him at the deadline.  lupul could draw interest from the two, but i doubt it.  burke liked him in anaheim, but ultimately traded him for pronger.  i cant' imagine burke is too impressed with lupul's ridiculously expensive contract extension either (4 years, 17 million).  the panthers might be interested in knuble, but only if their nearly certain of a playoff run.  otherwise, he's just a pointless ufa to acquire.  in other words, to acquire one of these top two guys, they'd have to be willing to part with briere, giroux, vanriemsdyk, and 1st rounders…

    just a note too, rathje and hatcher technically are off the books, since they are on LTIR.  they do not effect philly's cap, unless they are able to return.

  8. cam7777 says:

    the flyers look poised to go deep in the playoffs this year. that alone is reason to keep briere around at least until summer. he is a playoff performer, and was excellent for them last year in the post season. if i were holmgren, i would look to move him in summer though, as philly's cap management is extremely poor.

    lupul is a talented guy, and a really solid winger, but if i were a flyers fan, i would be happy to see him go in exchange for hamhuis. yea, hamhuis is nothing special, but you're going to be paying lupul 4.25 million dollars for 4 or 5 years after this. that's a very expensive right winger. especially when you have claude giroux coming up the ranks. he could easily replace lupul next year by the looks of things. just needs to bulk up a little more and get used to the faster game.  that saves philly some 3.4 million dollars.

    if i had to move briere, and i felt inclined to acquire a d-man at the deadline, i would make these moves.

    to ott:
    pavel kubina, ryan hamilton
    to tor:
    daniel briere
    to phi:
    mike fisher, SJS's 1st, and a 2nd

    (ottawa gets the defensemen they are sorely lacking since redden's departure and a decent prospect to go alongside him, philly gets to dump briere's enormous salary while replacing him with a guy that is so perfect for their style of game.  fisher could play a 3rd line role in philly, like his meant to.  philly get's 2 solid picks to makeup for briere's loss)

    to tor:
    jamesvanriemsdyk, randy jones, SJS's 1st
    to phi:
    tomas kaberle, jiri tlusty

    (i've explained this a hundred times, but added randy jones to the mix as a another salary dump for philly.  this allows them to keep lupul, which i think they will.  that was a big deal last summer, that he wanted to sign with a team that wanted him, and so i think they're going to keep him around a while longer)

    gagne – richards – knuble
    hartnell – carter – lupul
    giroux – fisher – upshall
    asham – metropolit – powe

    timmonen – carle
    kaberle – coburn
    sbisa – alberts

    biron – nittymaki

  9. Sharxfan20 says:

    I've heard some possible rumours about Tomas Kaberle to Philadelphia….Maybe:

    To Toronto: Antero Niittymaki, Braydon Coburn, Scott Hartnell
    To Philadelphia: Tomas Kaberle, Jiri Tlusty, 2nd in 2010

    And then:
    To Los Angeles: Vesa Toskala, Nik Antropov, Niklas Hagman
    To Toronto: Anze Kopitar, Wayne Simmonds, Matt Greene

  10. goose says:

    to toronto: lupul, upshall, and 1st round draft pick


    to philadelphia: kaberle, and ponikarovsky< please get rid of him.

  11. NHLSlayer says:

    Why the hell would the Leafs get involved?  The Leafs have no interest in bettering two of their conference opponents at the same time, especially for a gamble like Briere, who, even at best, is a highly overrated player.

    The Flyers have to learn, much like the Rangers did, that you can't overpay in hopes that one guy will be your savior.  They threw the bank at Briere, and he cashed it, now he has no motivation nor NEED to play well again for a long time.

  12. NHLSlayer says:


    Seriously, let's get back to the Flyers, stop having every damn article on this site flooded with wannabe Leaf GM's making their NHL 09 trades.

    Nittymaki + Coburn + Hartnell would be a tough sell to get Kabby alone, let alone Tlusty and a 2nd rounder.  Positively stupid trade for them to make.

    Philly nearly landed Kabby last season, and the price THEN was Jeff Carter and a 1st.  SO, obviously, Carter won't be on the market anymore, but Burke will command AT LEAST THAT, or he won't even consider trading Kaberle.


    Tomas Kaberle does not need to be traded, nor does he WANT to be traded.  Therefore, the deal can't just be something done on a whim, it has to be a calculated move that DRASTICALLY improves the Leafs in order for him to go ANYWHERE.

    While Kaberle has been linked, very publically, to the Flyers, Philly isn't nearly ready to offer what Burke wants.  As we stated, Carter is off the market, but Burke feels that much like last year, and top level young scorer and a first round pick is what it would take.

  13. cam7777 says:

    that's why vanriemsdyk and a 1st could be a possibility.  i only mention the leafs in relation to the flyers because i think the leafs are a strong candidate for a trading partner there.  the flyers have so much salary, and they've stupidly stock piled to the point that they can't manage their cap.  the leafs have one of the lowest salary totals in the league, and could really help the flyers.  it just so happens that the flyers have a lot of what the leafs want : young scoring talent.

    oh, and thank god someone on here recognizes kaberle's worth.  i, like you, want either a top prospect and a 1st in return for kabby, or i want him not traded at all.  burke will want the same.

  14. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    Come on man Poni is playing pretty good this season. I never liked him before but he's showing that he has more skill than he showed in previous seasons. Even when the team is struggling and most players aren't scoring players like Poni and Blake are still producing.

  15. cam7777 says:

    im not too worried about the sens getting kubina for one season while we're still rebuilding.  see my comment below for why the leafs would get involved with the flyers.  maybe the 3-way trade is unnecessary, but im just anxious to have a top line that score the occassional goal again.  at least briere will give us a legit top line.  This wouldn't be a bad top 2 lines two years from now:

    nash – briere – antropov
    vanriemsdyk – tavares – hagman  

  16. pezzz says:

    lol. both your trades are crap. Toskala, Antropov and Hagman wouldn't land a stick or a skate of Kopitar alone.

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