Forget all rumor trades about Brisebois

For the last three years, we have been witnessing booing sessions on Brisebois’ behalf.Some fans explain their boos with a simple remark of ”He sucks” !

Others, more intellectual, mention that he is a non-emtional, selfish player, too scared to get tossed around by the enemy.

People tend to forget that he has been the best scoring defenseman on the team for the last couple of years, and that he is the only defenseman with the Habs capable of controling the puck out the his own zone, without dumping it in enemy zone. (We have Markov now that does as good… but he’s still lacking experience).

Saturday night the fans that bood Brisebois got a little message from the Habs administration. Gainey came down to the lockerroom espacially to talk to the media and sent a message … a message that will most probably shut up booing fans, unhappy journalists, and other anti-Brisebois fans.

Also, by giving his total support to Brisebois, Gainey sent out a message to the whole team … This message shows that the Habs adm. is going to give its full support to players that deserve it. And Brisebois has been the best defenseman for the Habs this pre-season, nobody else deserves-it more than him.

Now, somebody might seem to think that Gainey is doing this as a strategy to bring up Brisebois’s value on the market and get rid of him, but the way he reacted Saturday night infront of the camera’s would be hard to believe this strategy.

Gainey is an honest and proud GM and his actions just showed that on saturday. With his actions, he’ saying that nobody will desrespect the organisation anymore. Even if the team has been a desaster since their last conquest of the Stanley cup in 1993, this is not the way to bring back glory to a legendary team.

Brisebois will not get traded, neither will Theo … These two players are the only players including Koivu that are helping this team win a couple of games.