Former Glory No Longer Former?

Just a few years ago the Habs were beginning to look like a Jerry Springer/Oprah cross over, trying to paint a good picture on a horrible mess. But the Habs are back. And could very well get the division title. Which would be a huge acomplishment in the best division in hockey.Over the past few years the Habs have had problems with the Leafs. Last year going 2-4 against the Leafs, but they won their only game since they got Kovey. If Kovey stays, which he wants too, that is a huge boost to the Habs. Though it should be noted according to the Habs website Kovalev had no points in that game, they believe that Jackman scored a goal, Jackman who was already traded to the Penguins. Kovey still had a great game.

Alot of people have been talking, though the Leafs ussually go a little further then the Sens and Bruins in the playoffs, one of them always beats the Leafs in the regular season. Second in the north east division seems to be their home. If this pattern stays, we could see a fourth seeded Leafs face the fifth seeded Habs in the playoffs. I’m not sure who would win, but the Habs have made the second round all their last few playoffs. I would love to see the rivalry re-kindle.

Any ways. The Habs captain has more heart then any other European captain, and more then alot of Canadian/American ones. I’m a huge Koivu fan, and as a Koivu fan was devistated when he got cancer, as a Leafs fan though, I was rather relieved that they’d be without their top player. Koivu is gonna be a hall of famer. Believe me.

A few years ago the Habs were the miracle comeback team. Koivu came back from cancer, Zednik came back from that bad face injury given to him by Kyle McClaren, and some other guy came back from some other thing. The Habs are really gutsy, and have alot of heart, and by the way, you won’t hear me say (or read me type.) a compliment like that to a European/French slanted team again.

Another great thing about the Habs, is that the Habs are keeping their heritage, drafting players like Jose Theodore and Mike Ribeiro. Quebecers. Which Montreal had lacked recently. Don’t be shocked if they pick up a few more.

So where do I see the Habs? Well, I think the Habs at this point could place any where. They could be first round knockouts, like for some reason expected, or they could have a great cup run, who knows.

So there it is, I’m sure I’ll get plenty of feed back. And I hope Habs fans realize that though Leafs fans hate you, we also respect you. Unlike Sens fans who should all burn in hell. (Sorry just had to say that.)

-M C Leaf

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  1. simplyhabby says:

    The Habs still have a few more years and they are a few more players away from accompishing a division win.

    The habs finally have depth down the middle (their strength in the days of old) with Koivu, Riberio and Bonk. If Kovalev does come back then they would have one of the most dangerous first lines in the league with Zednik.

    Providing Ryder and Riberio continue with postive development, scoring will not be an issue. With guys like Begin, Ward and Sundstron, the penalty kill looks great. AHLers in Locke, Pleackenec, Perezhogin, Kostitsyn Higgins and an upcoming Kyle Chipchura gives Montreal a tonne of depth for potential quaility NHLers.

    With Theo, no explanation is needed. He is a franchise number 1 goalie. Huet is a great back up and Denis in the minors looks very promising.

    Montreal lacks on D. Other then the studs in Souray and Komisarek (yet to prove consistency), the depth starts to get really thin. I like Markov when he is on his game. I like Boullions grit but his defense needs to improve. Rivet is hot and cold. you never know who will come out and play. With Hainsey (a head case getting better) being the only real prospect, Montreal needs definate improvement. This is where Montreal lacks the most.

  2. hockeyhead says:

    leafy, that was one tough read. did you write it in 10 minutes?

    i would take forsberg….

  3. nordiques100 says:

    The Habs biggest need is a strong puck moving defenceman. The habs had Doug Harvey in the 50s and 60s. Lapointe, Savard and Robinson in the 70s, Chelios and Robinson in the 80s and Desjardins and Schneider in the early 90s. Now they have nothing. Sorry Brisebois and Markov dont cut it. a defenceman who can get the team out of trouble and start the break is what the habs truly need, especially how their team is built around speed which they have plenty of.

    Zednik and Ryder are good scorers but not snipers and their depth at centre is very strong but they need more guys who simply put the puck in the net often. Kovalev would be very nice to keep but he is such a wildcard you dont know where he will choose to play. Perhaps the Habs will take a run at getting Bertuzzi. They have never really had a big man who could score since Bobby Smith.

    Thankfully for Habs fans no longer will they have to put up with Dackell and Juneau. They need bigger, faster, tougher players to be checkers. Can you say Marty Lapointe?

    I am not sold on julien as coach. after seeing therrien and vigneault get tuned out after a short while i can see the same thing for julien if things dont go well for a stretch.

    With the deep farm system they have, i think they can afford to move out some of those young assets to help the parent club get better.

  4. hockeyhead says:

    marty better not go to the habs……i don’t know how to feel.

  5. habsoverserver says:

    So Leafy, have some guts, take a stand. Do you think the Habs will win a playoff round or not?

  6. hockeyhead says:

    only if they play boston and give a 1 to 3 lead in games.

  7. habsoverserver says:


    Look at it this way – Boston won a 1-3 series and lost a 3-1 series last year. It all evened out.

  8. 19Yzerman says:

    You can find Guy Lapointe’s name etched on Lord Stanley’s Cup 6 times! This Montreal native clearly was one of the most heralded defensemen in hockey during his 16 year career.

    Check him out. What a Dandy he was!!!

    The Dman I would like to have as the puck moving defenceman your looking for would be Pronger. If I had Chris Pronger on my beer league team I would be in one on one with the goalie 10 times a game.

  9. simplyhabby says:

    I was talking to hockeyhead earlier this year about Marty being an excellent fit in Montreal. Montreal needs a some size, strength and grit upfront and Marty fits the mold well. Bert would be a dream to play with Ribs and Ryder but it may be just a dream.

    I could not believe I forgot about Breezy on my comment. LOL.

  10. hockeyhead says:

    boston will win a playoff series or two…..if they don’t play the habs.

  11. nordiques100 says:

    clearly overshadowed by savard and robinson and completely goes unnoticed when you start listing other stars from the 70s on the Habs (lafleur, lemaire, cornoyner, dryden, and so on and so on and so on….)

  12. nordiques100 says:

    they beat them the one year…….when Roy had that appendectomy and they had some beer league goalie between teh pipes LOL

  13. simplyhabby says:

    That was also the year they went to the finals and got swept by the Moose and his Oil.

    It was also the Cam Neely show!

  14. nordiques100 says:

    i think Bert could be on Gainey’s radar screen. i mean it may cost them Zednik for sure as the nucks would want a proven scorer in return, plus probably 2 of Hainsey, Hossa, Perezhogin, Higgins among other prospects. But i think with Bert being 29 years old, he has many good years left and he sure would fit nicely with ribby and ryder.

    but first things first. theo is going to die if he has to take on 40-50 point blank chances a night. they need to get a top guy to go to the next level.

  15. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    If they face the Bruins… lol… ya they can prolly win a series over more then half the Eastern conference.

  16. Habfanforever says:

    Well the Habs are definately starting to improve though I don’t see them anywhere near contention. However, we all know anything could happen in the NHL nowadays since teams like Calgary, Anaheim and Carolina can make a run for it. Although not as talented as Tampa Bay, I can easily see a lot of similarities between both clubs if they were to be coached in the same manner, that is, offensive minded play. I say this because it is obvious that Houle’s past mistakes were appropriately corrected as we saw Darby, Lind, Poulin, Savage and Rucinsky replaced by much better players such as Kovalev, Ryder, Ribeiro, Sundstrom and Begin. This team has the tools to score a good number of goals, problem is, as many would agree, the blueline. Markov can emerge as a solid 2nd pairing two-way d-man or complement a 1st line pairing (with someone more skilled than Rivet) yet he is terribly inconsistent. Souray’s hard shot is welcome to the powerplay and his size helps in his own end but his injuries seem to be piling up and we can always wonder how many games he is expected to play in a season. Bouillon is arguably the best 3rd pair d-man in the league and I say this for a number of reasons. He’s fast, fiesty, strong and brings his 100% EVERY night. Problem is, skill-wise, he’s nothing better than a 3rd pair d-man. Rivet is consistent but not extraordinary. Brisebois is good at moving the puck but has the knack to make fatal mistakes a la Steve Smith (Oilers? pass through the crease? into his own net? does it ring a bell?) So he’s always a potential liability. That leaves Komisarek who I think will develop into another version of Jason Smith. Leader, hard hitting and can put up some numbers.

    This defence could be considered slightly above average but that isin’t enough in the NHL these days as defence obviously wins games and championships. What the Habs need is a smooth skating, puck moving defenceman who can carry it into the offensive zone and set up plays. Can this guy be Ron Hainsey? Who knows because his maturity issues make it hard to predict whether or not he’ll make it as an NHL regular. (or whether he wants to)

    So all in all, until the Habs prospects mature and until they address their defence issues, they will continue to improve while remaining in the middle of the pack, behind the Sens and Leafs. One thing is for sure though, I will continue to pray to the god of hockey to send me the gift of seeing the Habs square off against the Leafs in the playoffs, oh how fun that would be 🙂

    P.S. in response to something that was said earlier about Ryder not being a sniper. Give the guy a bit of time. He was in the ECHL, AKA the league of players that were given up on. If you watch this guy play, you’ll know he has a good eye for the net, constantly dashing out of the corners with the puck and taking hard, high shots.

  17. 19Yzerman says:

    Sorry about that I some how missed that you did in fact ask “can you say Marty Lapointe. I was thinking about that Dman who can make that first out let pass clean and always to a forward that is open and some how took it as though you were looking for another Guy Lapointe.

    I do have a very acceptable reason for such a mind block. However unless you are in a correctional facility. Then you won’t want to know the story. LOL

  18. Rico420 says:

    The future certainly does look bright in Montreal, with the fact that Theodore is coming around and appears to have the makings of a Playoff goalie (well 2 first round victories agains the Bruins anyway), and the development of some amazing talent in Hamilton this team could very well in the next 5 years win a Stanley Cup, pretty encouraging when a team like Tampa Bay who is built in the same mold has such a fantastic season.

    Hopefully though the Habs manage to keep Koivu in the fold, proclaiming him a Hall of Fame player might be a little bit pre-mature or overboard as he’s not even the best Euro to ever play in Montreal but he is probably the best Captain they’ve had since they traded Muller and is the only person on this team right now worthy of wearing the captains C.

    Even in the scouting, front office and coaches office the team looks a lot better, I was really disappointed when Therrien kept his job for as long as he did (we all know Carbonneau should have been given the job), but Julien might be the best head coach Montreal has had since Vigneault and maybe even since Jacques Demers.

    Things look good as long as Ribeiro can produce again next season (whenever that maybe) and manage to remember that he’s 5’7 not 6’11 and act like he’s going for best supporting actor roles each time his skates touch the ice.

  19. simplyhabby says:

    Even the mind block works! Both Lapointes (A Guy type player now) would be a big addtion to the habs. In fact, they both would be great additions to any team.

  20. SabresAreCool says:

    Koivu is a second line center at best on most other teams….hall-of-famer i think not, but i do admire his comeback from cancer. after ottawa, I think montreal will have a good chance at the northeast this year. Toronto will have to slash payroll, boston has to find new players, and the sabres are still growing up and need defenseman desperately. I likke ryder alot but i think ribiero is a fu**in homo acting *****….

  21. SabresFan220 says:

    While this is definitely off topic it does need to be said. I still believe that Alexander Perezhogin should have been more severely punished for his actions during the last NHL season while he was in the AHL.

    Those of you who don’t know or have forgotten what incident I am referring to, Perezhogin slashed Garrett Stafford in the face after he had fallen to the ice. The motion was clearly intentional, I remember watching the replay in horror, seeing Stafford go into convulsions on the ice.

    Perezhogin was suspended for the remainder of the AHL season, however the NHL does not honor an AHL suspension unless it had to do with abuse of officials. Maybe I’m beating a dead horse here, but something much more should have been done. If I were a Montreal fan I would feel sickened to see such a player wear my team’s uniform.

    Violence like the Bertuzzi-Moore incident and this one involving Perezhogin and Stafford should not be a part of the game. They are a black eye on the sport, worse than even a lockout season. Why do I say that these incidents are worse for hockey than a lockout? Despite how obvious the answer may be I’ll offer one. Casual hockey fans with a limited understanding of the game or those just becoming familiar with the game don’t understand the “acts of passion” we’ll call them that arise from in-game tension. They look at these intensely violent incidents and decide that hockey is a much too dangerous sport for their children to watch or play.

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