Former Glory No Longer Former?

Just a few years ago the Habs were beginning to look like a Jerry Springer/Oprah cross over, trying to paint a good picture on a horrible mess. But the Habs are back. And could very well get the division title. Which would be a huge acomplishment in the best division in hockey.Over the past few years the Habs have had problems with the Leafs. Last year going 2-4 against the Leafs, but they won their only game since they got Kovey. If Kovey stays, which he wants too, that is a huge boost to the Habs. Though it should be noted according to the Habs website Kovalev had no points in that game, they believe that Jackman scored a goal, Jackman who was already traded to the Penguins. Kovey still had a great game.

Alot of people have been talking, though the Leafs ussually go a little further then the Sens and Bruins in the playoffs, one of them always beats the Leafs in the regular season. Second in the north east division seems to be their home. If this pattern stays, we could see a fourth seeded Leafs face the fifth seeded Habs in the playoffs. I’m not sure who would win, but the Habs have made the second round all their last few playoffs. I would love to see the rivalry re-kindle.

Any ways. The Habs captain has more heart then any other European captain, and more then alot of Canadian/American ones. I’m a huge Koivu fan, and as a Koivu fan was devistated when he got cancer, as a Leafs fan though, I was rather relieved that they’d be without their top player. Koivu is gonna be a hall of famer. Believe me.

A few years ago the Habs were the miracle comeback team. Koivu came back from cancer, Zednik came back from that bad face injury given to him by Kyle McClaren, and some other guy came back from some other thing. The Habs are really gutsy, and have alot of heart, and by the way, you won’t hear me say (or read me type.) a compliment like that to a European/French slanted team again.

Another great thing about the Habs, is that the Habs are keeping their heritage, drafting players like Jose Theodore and Mike Ribeiro. Quebecers. Which Montreal had lacked recently. Don’t be shocked if they pick up a few more.

So where do I see the Habs? Well, I think the Habs at this point could place any where. They could be first round knockouts, like for some reason expected, or they could have a great cup run, who knows.

So there it is, I’m sure I’ll get plenty of feed back. And I hope Habs fans realize that though Leafs fans hate you, we also respect you. Unlike Sens fans who should all burn in hell. (Sorry just had to say that.)

-M C Leaf