Forsberg out again, Clarke Forced to make a move?

Peter Forsberg is out….again. With a tear in his left groin muscle, he expects to be out at least 10 days. The flyers might not be able to wait that long. Does this latest injury force Clarke to make a deal?The Philadelphia Inquirer reports today that Peter Forsberg will be sidelined for up to 10 days minimum with a tear in his left groin. This is the third groin problem this year for him, and will most likely be the longest one to date. The flyers have recently aquired Petr Nedved to take some pressure off of the first line, but now there is a major problem.

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“Forsberg tore his left groin in Wednesday’s 5-3 loss to Montreal. It’s a similar tear to the one he incurred in late November on his right side. His left groin, right groin and abdomen are the three areas that have bothered Forsberg this season.

“We’re going to bring Peter to a specialist and try to figure it all out,” said trainer Jim McCrossin. “Peter has had some injuries in his time. Do they all relate? I would think they relate somehow.”

If anyone watched the game last night, the Flyers looked outright confused. Hitch went on the record to state when Peter left the game, the entire team deflated. To me, that is a major issue. The club has no leader. Yes they are waiting for Keith Primeau to return to the lineup, but everyday further without any word shows me he is farther from returining any time soon. They need a leader, as well as another playmaker. Does this latest injury force Clarke to make the move for possibly Doug Weight?

In my honest opinion, I think Clarke has no choice. Now he is without his top two centermen, one of which is the Captain of the team. Not only do I see Clarke making a move for a player like Weight, I also see him bringing in a leader for the team. It is nice to see the team showing respect for Primeau and not assigning a captain, but without a leader this team looks lost.

My choice? Dave Anderychuck could be a leader they could use for the checking line or even 4th line. They could get him cheap and finally sit a stiff of a player like Brashear.

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  1. Genejoke says:

    Neely4life, I’m just joking about that.

  2. Neely4Life says:

    yaya, im fine, i never said n e thign about being for or against, lol, its just a stupid ad.

  3. flyersfan10897 says:

    He’s not even good for that anymore. The only time he can actually throw his weight around is when he trips over his own stick and lands on a player from the other team.

    Brashear and Therien: can’t shoot, can’t pass, can’t hit, can’t fight, can’t skate….am i missing something, because i sure can’t find a reason that they should be in the NHL.

  4. flyersfan10897 says:

    But Lundqvist is automatically better than any of them because hes played well in 34 games in the NHL? if thats the case, Manny Fernandez should be starting for Canada, hes got the best numbers in the league, and is playing for a mediocre team.

  5. shuffleonin says:

    Good point!

    Why change the subject? Why not talk about the Canadian school system in your comment.

    We Canadians are progressive and like to think outside of the box.

    Why not get on a soap box and attack the original comment poster. What did his hatred of Sens and Leaf fans have to do with anything.

    You missed my irony….you missed my sarcasm…you missed the point and made a hypocritical comment in return.

    Get it right DAMNIT!!! It’s EH! Not AYE, we’re not friggin pirates! Eh?

  6. deadheadjim says:

    I think naming Hatcher the new captain is a good move,however he needs some good character players to help stir things up when they’re dull as last week’s coffee (as they are right now). Primeau should retire,although he has now announced that he will be off for the rest of the season,(personally I think he is sicker than just having post-concussion syndrome…he has lost a bunch of weight,and looks pale and gaunt…..I hope he isn’t sick,but I’m not sure).

    Clarke needs to get an agitator on this team,(no,Brashear is a heavyweight fighter,not a rat……and that’s what this team needs).The perfect rat,who has said in the past that he’d love to be a Flyer,is Matthew Barnaby.Barnaby is lost in hopeless Chicago,playing for a team that isn’t going anywhere and in an empty building. Bring that little punk to the orange & black,and you’d see a bit more intensity in these spells of boredom that this team always drifts into.

    Here’s another item that I’d like to suggest. Hatcher said after the Montreal game on 2/5/06,that there are players in the “room” that are not on the same page as the coach,and that they don’t play with intensity when they need to.The player that I think of instantly is none other than everyones favorite,Simon Gagne. Gagne is completely useless without Forsberg in the line-up. Sort of like how LeClair used to look without Lindros.Trade Gagne right now,he will probably get more for the Flyers through a trade than what he brings by himself without Forsberg. Forsberg is so darn good that he can make a goal-scorer out of practically every player who joins his line. Gagne is fortunate to be on Forsberg’s line,with out Peter I doubt that Simon would’ve scored half of his goals.

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