Ftorek Fired

After starting a good streak, Robbie Ftorek was fired today by the Boston Bruins. GM Mike O’Connel will take over behind the bench.

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  1. sumthingbruin says:

    I liked Ftorek…. but he was big on being a “nice guy”. Always got the impression he really wanted his players to like him.

    That doesn’t work too well when you’re trying to win in the nhl…there needs to be an element of fear in your players, just for motivation’s sake.

    If you ever saw an interview with him, all he did was refer to his players wiith cute little nicknames. It’s hard to publicly call out a player when you’re calling him “Axy”, “Rollie”, Muzz”, “Stocker” or “Kinoobs”.

    Bottom Line: The players had tuned him out. Long overdue move.

  2. acebailey says:

    Cheevers? Cashman? Bourque?… We heard all of these rumors a few weeks ago. I don’t know if O’Connell will want to have the head coaching job for long. Sullivan from Providence?… maybe as an assistant.

  3. Heinzee57 says:

    Last night I was SCREAMING at the television…. Berard as a forward, great idea?!?!?!

    The Stumpel line had scored in the last few games and appeared to be heating up. Nothing like throwing a defenseman in the mix to screw things up.

    Not to mention, give Shields the start will ya?? The Rayzor made some nice stops but why do you do that??

    Hopefully O’Connell will keep PJ Stock off the ice more. I wonder if those naked pictures of Ftorek will surface now that he’s been fired. PJ can’t hold them forever.

    The players liked Robbie cuz he never got down on them.

    The playoffs are here, time to put on your game faces boys.

    I don’t think we’ll see Ray Bourque behind the bench anytime soon.


  4. gmg316 says:

    I expect to see someone big move into the coaching role after this season is done. O’Connell will bring the Bruins into the playoffs, but everyone knows he will not coach the team forever. i don’t expect to see Cashman, Cheevers, or any other assistant or AHL coach take over. Ray Bourque would be a great addition not only to the Bruins, but to the city of Boston as well. I beleive that the Bruins would be making a smart move in hiring Bourque as a coach. I hope it will happen.

  5. bigdog says:

    Berard as a temporary forward makes more sense than Sean Brown as a forward. Both have roots in defense but Bryan has a better eye (no pun intended) for the puck. Don’t forget, in juniors he scored over 160 points in 110 games over 2 seasons, and was an offensive threat no matter what.

    In fact, he played great hockey at the beginning of this season, taking only a handful of games to better his statistics from last year, and looking like a smart player by watching for openings and going down low when necessary.

    The Bruins shot themselves in the foot by pretending Grahame could be a number one goalie when he came back from early-season injury. It’s no coincidence that when he got the bulk of the starts that the Bs started to go downhill. When your goalie suffers and your team starts to lose, it’s hard to rebuild confidence, no matter who you put in net. It was nice at the beginning of the season to see the three goalies (Shields, Grahame, and Taylor) share starts in a rotating basis, occasionally playing back to back games, but it showed that Boston could attack as needed but play a good defense with a solid goalie. Sure, none of the three goalies was ready to be a full-time starter, but when you rotate them it gives them a chance to shine when they do play… and it gave those three a chance to “fight” for a starting position. Look at the Wild, they will likely ride their goaltending duo into the playoffs since both Roloson and Fernandez play excellent hockey but know they aren’t guaranteed starters.

    It’s nice to see Lapointe finally contributing. I saw a quote in the press the other day where (Zamuner, I think) someone said Lapointe offers so much more behind the scenes than he does offensively, but is worth the money paid to him. While I don’t know what happens in the locker room I certainly agree that he’s a bust on the ice as far as salaries go.

    PJ Stock is sometimes needed as an emotional boost for some games. However, as proved by the need to dress Berard or Brown as a forward and defenseman, the Bs could have done well to secure a 3rd or 4th line forward to go along with the two defensemen acquired at the trading deadline.

  6. acebailey says:

    Ray Bourque never liked the way managment treated certain coaches durring his time in Boston, and their treatment of Pat Burns was the straw that broke the camels back and sent him packing to Denver.

    I think the best move for Boston is either to get Bourque, if they can, or get an in you face total bastard coach, to contrast who they just fired.

  7. acebailey says:

    TSN is saying that Sullivan has been called up from Providence to be the other Assistant Coach, and Cheevers will remain Goaltending coach (I didn’t think he was officially the goaltending coach anymore).

  8. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    this is why the NHL is not even the fourth sport, in the top major sports, it’s like 6th, how can you fire a coach who is in 7th place in the east, who has won 5 out of 8 games, after an offseason where his GM let their goalie and their top two forward go, in Dafoe and Guerin? stupid! not to mention the fact that one of their other top forwards is hurt (Samsonov) the Bruins are a mickey mouse club, who will never win a cup again!

  9. Bruins4771 says:

    I think this is a disgrace. Its a disgrace to the Bruins organization, and just goes to show one of hockeys biggest problems, lack of loyalty. For man in the position of General Manager to state that the mans job is safe for the rest of the year, and then turn around and pull this crap. It really is disheartening to see as a huge Bruins fan, and makes me wonder about the future of the organization. Whats next Ice Girls? Oh wait……..

  10. BosBrn says:

    This just shows how pathetic O’Connel really is! He is not a coach, so why is he taking over? Trying to be like Sather? He reminds me more of a Steve Kasper…. NEITHER CAN COACH!!!

    This has to be the worst decision I’ve seen by a Bruins GM since Sinden traded McEachern for Trent McLeary!!

    O’Connel sits with his thumb up his ass in the off season and lets Guerin go. Granted, Guerin is not worth 9 million a season, but he should have been offered something before the year ended. As for Dafoe… NO BIG LOSS! Granted, he got us to the playoffs, but then he became a human piece of swiss cheese! They should have brought in a Dunham(obviously he was available), Burke, or even Osgood.

    Ftorek had to deal with injuries (Samsonov, Lapointe, Axelsson, etc), poor goaltending, and obviously bullshit from upper management!

    Looks like the Bruins will make another early exit, if they even make the damn playoffs. This move has me totally disgusted. I hope Sinden fires O’Connell for being a putz, a liar, and a poor example of Black and Gold pride!

    There is no coach available that could have done a better job then Ftorek, considering what he had to work with.

    Way to go O’Connell!! How many more fans do you want jumping off the Tobin Bridge???

  11. jon95616 says:

    what sports are #4 and #5 if football,basketball,baseball are 1,2,3???

  12. BosBrn says:

    What was long overdue was the aquisition of a “real” goaltender.

    Bottom Line: Scotty Bowman couldn’t have done better with Shields and Grahame!!

  13. Kroeter says:

    Sorry Boston It’s not going to work this time. ( New Jersey a couple years ago )

  14. Hockey_Fan says:

    I remember everyone saying how great Boston was at the beginning of the year, and how they were gonna win the cup this year. News flash….Boston sucks.

  15. titans says:

    This is crap…management should be held accountable for it’s incompetence, not Ftorek.

  16. -Swizz- says:

    for him probably gymnastics and figure skating…

  17. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    my order is football1 hockey2 basketball3 baseball4, but the order for most americans is football1 basketball2 baseball3 nascar4 golf5 hockey6, the fact is that bowling gets a higher rating then hockey does, that’s just sad!

  18. LEON says:

    Thank the Bruin gods! This was definitely the right thing to do and was long overdue . Everything Ftorek did with the team was the wrong thing and usually blew up in his face.

    From the begining he screwed with the goaltenders. Shields was brought in to be the #1 guy but he started Graham, when Shields got hot, he played Graham again, when Graham got hot he played Thomas, when Thomas played well he sent him down. By this time he had fizzled out Shields and Graham couldn’t handle the job. The B’s acquire Hackett and when he gets hurt he starts Raycroft rather then letting Shields try to avenge a bad game against Chicago.

    Ftorek screwed with the progress of the B’s young guys, by giving Huml, Goren and Hilbert chances, but sending them down and not bringing them back in favour of the idea of converting Brown and Berard into forwards and playing Stock and Oliwa when it was skill they needed most. Skill that any one of Goren, Hilbert, Huml or Samuelsson could of provided given the same amount of ice time the likes of Knuble or McInnis recieve on a regular basis.

    Ftorek was uninspiring and could not motivate the team enough to get them to play well on a consistant basis. He couldn’t manage a game properly and the team lacked a hockey knowledge which was revealed with each “too many men on the ice penalty”. Ftorek was just never in tune with the pulse of the team, he could not guide them and they would not listen.

    I do not understand how any fan of the Bruins, would or could stand to see this mess which Ftorek had a huge part in creating, continue.

    The comedy is over.

  19. LEON says:

    If Boston sucked they wouldn’t be in the playoff race.

    If Boston sucked they wouldn’t have 2 top 10 players in the scoring race with one being an MVP candidate.

    It’s fairly evident that, for a hockey fan, you know little if anything about the game, otherwise you would of backed up your stupid comment with some facts.

    Besides, at the beginning of the season the Bruins were playing great and in doing so proved they were capable of winning.

    Do youself a favour, next time you make a comment, for the sake of not sounding like an idiot, do some research and say something, that gives the impression you are a hockey fan and not a simpleton.

  20. BlueJacketshockey says:

    Golf,&Soccer are ahead of hockey in the states.Look how ESPN drools over Tiger Woods.

  21. jon95616 says:

    I agree with Golf being ranked higher, although I was thinking of team sports…I dont know about Soccer being very popular here, it’s in a worse situation really than hockey.

  22. Heinzee57 says:

    Big Dog…

    I don’t disagree with your points.

    Brian Berard is a puck carrying defenseman. He is not and never will be a winger. His own comments in the newspaper “I have NEVER played up front.”

    Making him a healthy scratch sends a message. +1 for Ftorek. Bringing Berard back on the wing, AWFUL!!! You fail Robbie.

    To think you can move a guy from D to a forward position (which Ftorek likes to do) at the NHL level is crazy. Ftorek had Moran on the wing in his first practice with the Bruins. He’s skated Girard up on the wing on the PP several times this season. It appears Sean Brown can’t play D or Forward.

    It’s a dumb move, and everyone knows it.

    2ndly – PJ Stock brought old time hockey back to Boston. He can get the team a lift when needed. He has the heart of a lion.

    But he may be the worst player in the NHL. He should never get a regular shift.

    Sean Brown should be in the minors or released. There is no room for him. He can throw a big hit occasionally but he’s weak in his own end and has virtually no offensive skills.

    One other issue I’ve had with Ftorek is he loves to juggle lines, but never changes scheme…. ever. He isn’t an adjustment guy. When the Bruins had injuries, he sent them out with the same game plan week after week.

    To end my rant, I don’t believe for a second O’Connell is the answer. He’s going to demand accountibility but that is tough to do when your not respected by those in your charge.


  23. Heinzee57 says:

    They still don’t have a real goaltender.

    Scotty Bowman would have them skating on melted ice.

    Please don’t make comparisons of Bowman to Ftorek or anyone for that matter.


  24. Heinzee57 says:


    Cmon, you know better than that.

    Bruins Management is the one thing that hasn’t changed in 30 years. (even if it does suck)

    Ftorek should have been gassed a long time ago.

    He doesn’t make adjustments. This team should not be that difficult to coach.

    Are they going to win the cup? NOPE. But we knew that before the season started.


  25. Heinzee57 says:



  26. bigdog says:

    …and I agree with you.

    O’Connell will not accomplish much of anything aside from riding the Bruins early-season accomplishments into the playoffs, likely at 8th place at this rate.

    I don’t feel that O’Connell has what it takes to make a successful and deep Bruins team, especially with Sinden watching over him (let alone his background as Sinden’s assistant for a while).

    It’s not that Boston doesn’t have depth or young talent, it’s just that as soon as said talent blossoms the player ends up signing somewhere else when the contract demands aren’t met. It’s a sad state of affairs and at the rate Boston is going now I almost expect to see Thornton, Samsonov and Murray pack it up in the next year or two.

  27. BosBrn says:

    My point was simple….. Ftorek has his hands tied!

    And if they still don’t have a real goalie, why did Ftorek lose his job.

    Then again, at least Bowman’s GM got him a full team!!!

  28. BosBrn says:

    I could not have said that any better!!

  29. BosBrn says:

    What adjustments do you make when you have Samsonov ( to name just one) on the IR? He had Murray, Thornton, and Rolston. How far was he going to go with Knuble on the 1st line?

    Management blew this one…. that is plain to see!!

  30. BosBrn says:

    Neither Grahame, nor Shields could get THAT hot! They are both back up goalies! He had no real goaltending.

    As for the young guys, I agree with what you said. The line of Huml, Hilbert and Goren played very well. I would not have sat Knuble or McInnis over Stock and Oliwa, but your point was well taken.

    Needless to say….. O’Connell will be more like Steve Kasper…. another coaching failure!! Ftorek was a scapegoat for Sinden Jr!!!

  31. Hockey_Fan says:

    Yea….they are so good, they are in seventh place in the East. The team sucks so they fire Ftorek. Ftorek was just a scapegoat for his team sucking.

  32. acebailey says:

    From Boston Globe:

    “Whenever the season ends, he’ll then have to pick a new head coach, and no doubt Mike Sullivan, summoned from Providence, already is the leader in the clubhouse. It also wouldn’t be a shock if O’Connell took another run at Boston University’s Jack Parker.”

  33. sumthingbruin says:

    So you think they should have kept him around?!

    He obviously has a good team…you don’t go 19-4-3 out of the gate if you have a hopeless hockey club.

    He’s done nothing but sh*t the bed for the last three months. The phoenix game was the last straw. Scratching Boynton, playing Axellsson on the first line, and playing Berard at forward were all bizarre moves…desperate and ineffective. Today in the globe(maybe it was the herald) Rolston was quoted as saying that at least half the team had tuned him out and that many of the guys “don’t respect him”.

    It was time for him to go…this team is better than it has shown under Ftorek. That’s reason enough to fire him. I wish it had happened earlier. There’s enough talent to do some damage in the playoffs. They won’t win the cup, but if they can jell on D they could get out of the first round.

    His hands weren’t tied….his time had come and gone. To suggest Bowman couldn’t have done better with this team is ridiculous and just ignorant.

  34. 99greatone says:

    The B’s always seem to disapoint their fans.Early in the season they had the best record in the league and still had a hard time filling the fleet center. They get guys like Alison,Guerin,Mcklaren, and Defoe.Then let them serve a small contract and sign with another team as a free agent Instead of signing them to what they deserve.Most of the time a player who has agent restrictions has to go to arbitration to get it.Its a buisness and Jeremy Jacob is the one who owns the team.He is getting players for below market value for the time that he can.Then its BYE BYE thank for your 40 goal season that cost 2 million.When the rest of the 40 goal scorers are getting 4-6 million.You watch Murry or Knuble is next.All it takes is great season followed by free agency and you will no long be a B.This team has gone through acomplete core change twice in the last 6 years.Yet the situation is the same.If you are a bruins fan look at it this way.You have an origina six team that is trying to keep from ending up like the top of the league SEN’s who couldn’t make payroll or the Sabre’s about to be sold.

  35. DG says:


    I’ll miss his bench-tossing actions.


  36. Heinzee57 says:

    Ftorek getting fired had little to do with goaltending.

    Read some if my other posts as to why Robbie got the axe.


  37. Heinzee57 says:


    Take a deep breath.

    Do you remember when Pat Burns was criticized by Sinden for playing a “too defensive style”??

    Pat’s reply: ” When he gets me some offensive players, I’ll change our game.”

    The Bruins have been in the SAME scheme since day one. Ftorek never made an adjustment based on the talent he had on a nightly basis.

    He juggles lines, but never did he fall back to the trap for a couple of games to stop the bleeding.

    The Bruins are in the top 6 or 7 teams in GF… So they’ve scored without Sergei.

    If you go into a season, knowing your goaltending is weak, you must create a defensive package that works.

    And I have more news for you…. When Sammy comes back he’ll be skating on the 2nd line with Stumpel.

    Why would you pull Knuble off of your most successful line of the season???


  38. FMIR says:

    theres no way any of the players could have respected him every time they played bad he made excuses for them i think this firing may have come too late to inspire the bruins to a strong playoff appearance

  39. Gaby says:

    It is sad on one front because Robbie appears to be a very nice and genuine man. However I am not surea mild mannered man like him was a good fit for guiding such an immature team. I totally agree with Leon that Ftorek has made some very suspiscious decisions all season long. And the frosting on the cake came when I realized that Boynton was a healthy scratch the other night against Phoenix. Nick has been the most constant Bruin “D” all season and arguably one of their emotional leaders.

    And another problem is that Ftorek was so impatient with all the young prospects…I swear on some nights that powerhouse of talent in Providence could probably handle the Bruins. Huml, Hilbert, Goren, Vernarsky, Samuelsson and Herr are all forwards which were “toyed” around with this season. Each time these guys made a mistake they were criticized and sent packing to the minors. It’s funny that Stock-Oliwa-Brown line has survived all year and yet they don’t produce and they are too slow as a line to even give the club the much needed energy 4th lines usually provide.

    Hopefully O’Connell will realize that and possibly adjust the starting roster before the playoffs. Here is what the Bruins should be dressing right now to assure a playoff drive:








    (If Sammy is back on time he replaces Stock on the roster…plays with Stumpy and Lapointe…and Zamuner or Mcinnis become the so desperatly needed 4th line defensive centermen.)

    Sweeney is the odd-man out and he can play if guys are hurting here and there….or remove Stock and dress seven D and have Thornton double shift…Joe tired as hell with Grozek and Moran on the 4th line is better than Stock-Oliwa and Brown.

    Finally, since people have talked about scapegoats…I hate seeing Berard and Boynton be scapegoats for the bad TEAM defense in the past few months. EVERYONE WAS PLAYING LIKE SHIT! But remember that at the beginning of the year it was the amazing contributions of Berard, Boynton and Girard who made the Bruins so good…they were not good defensively but they allow the Bruins to play most of the game with the puck…a good Offense is a great defense….that is about the only hope the Bruins have!

  40. Heinzee57 says:

    You make some good observations.

    The D has been weak for a loooooong time. Sitting Berard and Boynton for a game probably would have done some good in January.

    Do you recall when Don Sweeney was scratched for 3 games or so?? He came back and played like a mad man.

    The play off run is ALL DEFENSE. If that’s the case.. You scratch Girard or send him back to RI (I think their rosters are frozen) Put Brown on waivers.

    Please don’t suggest Moran on the wing, that’s what got Robbie fired. Let the defensemen play D.

    As for the young guys: I don’t think Huml is strong enough for the NHL. Samuelsson and Goren were the only two I’ve seen who didn’t appear intimidated. Even Hilly was looking over his shoulder too much.



  41. Gaby says:

    Most of what you said is true. Huml and Hilbert are not Physically ready for the big show! However, please take the time to look at things for Girard! Being from NEw Brunswick, I’ve watched this kid play his last years of Major Junior in the QMJHL here in Moncton and Bathurst. And I always though he would be a good NHL Defensemen. Although the knock on him was always his lack of aggressiveness and sometimes lack luster defensive play, I feel he has improved on both fronts. I loved watching him drop the gloves with Langkow the other night…and the fact is, although he is unstable back there sometimes, he is arguably the closest thing the B”s have had to Ray Bourque for that first pass out of the zone. I think he should play. And the resason I suggested Moran on RW, is because he played there half his carreer. When in Pittsburgh, he spent a few years as a checking line forward. So my suggestion was that if we have to put a D up there (aka Brown), we might as well have one who’s played there before. But I agree it’s not the best way to go…but something drastic has to be done to improve the fourth line. As much as I like PJ Stocks determination, that line will get eaten alive in the playoffs if they stay intact. There is no fighting in the playoffs…so having a line with a couple of Providence kids and Mcinnis or Grozek would be more beneficial than the current goon squad. Teams tribe on the efforts of their 4th line (Draper, Maltby, Mccarty)! I know we are not as deep as Detroit but we have to try at least limiting the line to one guy who can’t skate,shoot or pass…not three!

  42. BosBrn says:

    There is nothing ridiculous or ignorant in saying Bowman could have not done better with Grahame and Shields, moron!

    O’Connell did not give this team enough talent. To even suggest that the “luck” the goalies had at the beginning of the season, was actually their talent is crazy. This team had two back-up goalies (at best) trying to win daily. These are the types of guys that should be playing every 10-12 games…. not 5 in a row, or even back to back.

    O’Connell sat on his thumbs all year, and now blames the coach for it all. Maybe the team no longer respected him, but who is going to respect a back stabbing, low life, piece of shit GM who lies about someone’s job being safe until the end of the year, and then fires him less then a week later?

    I agree Berard should not have been a forward. But as for Boynton, maybe he needed a rest. We did just acquire two d-men last week. Should we just sit both of them? Sweeney sat many games this year and nobody said anything. Maybe Boynton wanted a break… nobody knows.

    So to suggest that Bowman could have done better with Shields and Grahame…. well that IS ignorant!!

  43. BosBrn says:

    I agree that some of his tactics were strange. Brown as a 4th liner actually made sense. If you lose a D-man he could jump back….. plain to see.

    And as for talent on a nightly basis…… he didn’t have enough talent ever. This has always been the case. Injuries plagued this team from the outset. Lapointe never got going. And we had the turmoil of McLaren. I honestly think most of the team was waiting on a McLaren trade when the team started falling apart.

    As for where Samsonov will play when he gets back…. with Stumpel… YOU THINK??!!!! That is obvious. Granted Knuble has done well on the 1st line. He is a guy that will dig in the corners and risk his neck in the crease. But he also has a superb center feeding him the puck. And wasn’t that Ftorek’s idea to put him there?

    Before it is said, yes he took him off and swapped lines too. But that is what you do to try and shake the team up when only 3 guys are giving it their all!

    Bottom line…. I don’t think Ftorek should be to blame for this. Fine… if the team no longer respects him, then it is time to change. But don’t announce last week that his job is safe, and then fire him a week later. Hell…. Keenan and Burns didn’t do this well, and Burns had Bourque, and Keenan had Guerin and Dafoe! I think I am mostly pissed about the comments by O’Connell last week. He sounds too much like Sinden… which scares me!

  44. sumthingbruin says:

    I’m a moron? You’re an idiot. The best coach of all time would have done a hell of a lot better with this club. This is a good team, not a great one, but still good. Ftorek is a terrible motivator, Bowman a motivational genius. The problem with this team is it’s inconsistent motivation. Put 2 and 2 together.

    Furthermore, goaltending has little to do with it. You keep whining about Grahame and Shields….they’ve had Hackett since January.

    Live in the present.

    Ftorek got fired for how his team did over the last week. If they had played well against Phoenix he’d still be coaching that team.

    Therefore, he wasn’t fired solely for how he did when Grahame and Shields were the only netminders. Even with a new goaltender Ftorek has not been able to right the ship. Why? BECAUSE THE TEAM DOESN”T LISTEN TO HIM ANYMORE.

    I liked Ftorek as much as the next guy. Well maybe not as much as you obviously, but still, he’s a fine coach. But he’s not a good motivator. And the players will respect O’Connell….he’s the guy that signs their checks. As Tony Soprano said “You don’t have to like me, but you will respect me.” Ftorek would have said the opposite. At the very least O’Connell will bring accountability to this hockey club, something sorely missing in the Robbie Ftorek era.

    I hate management too, but I think they made the right call this time.

    By the way, Boynton was livid at being scratched. He would not comment because he was afraid he might say something he would regret.

  45. BosBrn says:

    You don’t even deserve a response!

  46. sumthingbruin says:

    All you’ve said so far is that it’s not Ftorek’s fault.

    That’s not true. Plenty of people would have done better with this team.

  47. BosBrn says:

    It is not ALL Ftorek’s fault.

    The goaltending this season HAS and STILL IS horrible! Shields and Grahame are not starting goaltenders. And Hackett has played like SHIT!!! Hopefully it is just the change in pads… otherwise… NO PLAYOFFS!!

    And to that extent… NOBODY could have done better…. period! If you can’t keep the puck out of the net…. you lose!!

    I think I am more pissed that O’Connell stated last week that Ftorek was safe. And then he pulls a pathetic Sinden type move! It is just plain wrong. Fine, if the players do not respect him, then a move needed to be made. But the statement last week should not have been said by O’Connell!

    As for the injuries, goaltending, and other missed games, I do not think ANYONE could have done better.

    People talk how well Knuble is playing… and I agree, he is doing well…. but look at who he is playing with. We could score if Thornton was our center too.

    All in all…. this team does need to pull their heads out of their asses. Ftorek, early in the year, was making this team play a lot better then how they looked on paper. They obviously won’t sit the veterans for any length of time over the young guys from Providence for one reason…. two way contracts. So that could be a big reason why different guys have sat.

    Does Robbie keep sitting Sweeney? Should he not play Moran or McGillis? Maybe he thought Boynton needed a break, but pride clouded Boynton’s thinking. Ftorek made a decision…… live with it. Unfortunately, Professional Sports is one of the few places where you make more money than your boss! So why have a coach, if he can’t make decisions?

    As for playing Berard at forward…. THAT WAS STUPID!! But Brown up there gives him flexiblity in case another d-man goes down with injury or gets a game misconduct.

    And finally….. How will anyone respect O’Connell after he just commited a blatant lie? O’Connell has never coached and he is just asking for trouble. He might as well bring back Steve Kasper… because Mike is no better.

    And on a side note… please accept my apology for the name calling. It was in the heat of the moment… in which I should be used to with this pathetic management.

    Let us hope that they at least make the playoffs. Because right now they are just clinging to the 7th spot due to record over the Isles.

  48. Blade2 says:

    As long as Jeremy Jacobs owns and runs the team the Bruins will never win the Cup.He had his chance when we still had Bourque,Neely,Oates,and Moog in their primes and now it’s beyond too late.When he and SInden gave up after the 1994 playoffs all hope was lost.

    It’s one thing to overspend in the wrong areas like the Rangers,but to squeze the dollar they way he does here is another.There’s no excuse for Boston to be so cheap,the FleetCenter makes more than enough revenue,added with the NESN/ABC/ESPN package.

    Jacobs or Sinden for that matter need to understand one thing:more and more Bruins fans leave ship every day and every year.If they don’t make an effort to win back our respect,pretty soon what you saw at the beginning of the year in terms of empty seats will pale in terms of what’s to come.

    Heed my words,ignorant owner……

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