Gainey Could Move… NOW!

According to Bertrand Raymond, a very well known journalist covering the Canadiens in Montreal, Bob Gainey is in Colorado this week along with Julien Brisebois, the team’s legal advisor. Bertrand Raymond told the host of “Au-dessus de la mêlée” that Julien Brisebois’ is usually the one who looks at contracts when a trade is about to take place, and he doesn’t travel a lot. Usually, he stays in Montreal, but Gainey asked him to be on the trip…

Yep… another week of speculations around the Canadiens.

Also, forward Pierre Dagenais has been sent to Hamilton after he cleared waivers and Claude Julien confirmed that goaltender Cristobal Huet would be in the net against the Avs…

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  1. suppaman says:

    edit to above: Colorado is NOT going to trade for a goalie.

  2. McLarenchamp says:

    Finally, someone with some sense. Dude, what you just wrote, should be read by all the yahoo’s who get all excited when a rumour such as this one comes up. People should stop and think about it for a while.

    All I can say is, if Gainey wants to trade Theo, and get the most out of him. He’s going to have to hold on to him until the trade deadline draws near. Wait till a team desperate to have a goalie for the playoffs steps up to him, and coughs up something good. It’s just like you said, supply and demand. If a team wants to get the better end of a deal, they always have to be the ones asked to trade, and not the ones asking to trade. It’s always been like that, and always will be like that.

  3. Scruffy05 says:

    See, even if it i Biron and something for Jovo or Ohlund, it is much smaller than some of the amazing outlandish deals I have heard recently…

    However I personally belive that both Jovo and Ohlund are very high considering Biron and it would take another decent player to make it work.

  4. my_sphincter says:

    Whatever moves the Canadians make they will still suck they have nobodys on the team and they will never win a Cup again.“???

    When was the last time Vancouver was even a contender for the cup?

    The Habs have won at least 1 cup every decade since the NHL began! I am sure they’ll have another before 2010.

  5. Scruffy05 says:

    I think we should make it a sticky…. Scruffy’s 11 steps to verifying if a trade is plausible…

    Some of the stuff I have heard is nuts…

  6. McLarenchamp says:

    People quickly forget how big players move. Either free agency, salary dumping, or political discomfort(basically bad karma in the locker room, or with management) Since I’m From Montreal, and I follow the Habs I’ll go ahead with a list of habs trades, and the reasons for it.

    Chris Chelios to Chicago, for Denis Savard. Considered a retarded then, and still considered retarded today Chicago got the better end of that deal by far. Reason, Chelios was having a affair with the Montreal GM’s wife

    Infamous Roy trade, Considered the dumbest trade by far throughout the NHL’s History. Colorado definitely got the better end of that deal. Reason, Bad Karma between the coach, player said he had enough, and hit the road.

    Kovalev to Montreal for Balej, and a draft pick. Montreal got the better end of that deal Reason, N.Y. had to dump some salaries. Don’t you just love fire sales

  7. Scruffy05 says:

    Bingo… moving A star is hard… moving 3,4 or 5??? good luck.

  8. Willey101 says:

    Nice Post, although if this team is going to contend they are going to have to fion ally consider some size and grit. With Saku, Ribeiro, Bonk, Bulis, Higgins down the middle, the team is soft.

    They need to get themselves a #1 D-man and some grit up front.

  9. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:


  10. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    That’s WAY too steep a price for the Habs, especially considering Jovocop is a UFA in the summer.

  11. habs_punk says:

    First of all, Tanguay is definately not Colorado’s franchise player. He is possibly a future franchise player, but you’re forgetting a player by the name of Sakic. He is the guy they’ve built the team around.

    Secondly, you’re trade is far worse than the one mentioned before. The Canucks need a starting goalie, they likely won’t find one at a bargain price. This need could drive the price up. You’re trade has Montreal giving away their starting goalie (not getting any in return), their number 2 defenseman, but getting a number 1 in return, one of their top offensive threats and a fairly solid defenseman for Park, Baumgartner and a second.

    A little breakdown:

    Goal: Vancouver wins big time!

    Defense: Montreal gets the best player, so they win with a slight edge.

    Forwards: Vancouver gets the best player so they win with a slight edge.

    If you were to take Theo out of there, the trade becomes a lot more even, but still incredibly unlikely.

    Thirdly, are you mentally handicapped?

  12. habs_punk says:

    Gainey definately made the smart move by keeping Theo and trading Garon. Currently it may look like it was a dumb move, but that’s hindsight. You don’t trade away a former Vesina and Hart winner because you think some kid who has played 43 games in the NHL over 5 years will do better than him. It’s just not logical. Sure there’s a chance he will do better, but look at how many games he had played. If they had have traded Theo and Garon didn’t cope well with being the starter in Montreal, the fans would have been calling for Gainey’s head. Still this is Garon’s first year as starter, who knows how he’s going to play the rest of the year, and even over the course of the rest of his career.

  13. habs_punk says:

    How far is Alex Auld going to carry this team? You think they had questions with playing Cloutier in the playoffs, just wait until you have to watch Auld starting. First round exit for sure.

  14. habs_punk says:

    Enough with the anti-Habs. Are you just posting here to cause conflict? There are very few teams in the NHL that really have no trade bait, Montreal is not one of them. Teams have needs, other teams can fill those needs. Montreal’s “soft” players are incredibly skilled. Doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with me, it’s a fact that some teams do want these skilled players. Montreal will deal from a position of strength to fill holes. We have tons of skilled forwards, we can trade a couple, teams will be interested. And I don’t know where you’re coming up with this “team problems” thing. You really don’t know anything about the Habs, do you?

  15. intah says:

    Has anyone thought about the possibility that the deal is already done and finalized with Colorado and Montreal, but that neither team would want to officially complete it prior to this game between the two teams? Wouldn’t it make sense to sit the big name in the trade, perhaps due to risk of injury? If the terms are already set, there is no need to ‘showcase’ Theo’s talent!

    Now I don’t think this is really why Theo isn’t playing, since I do believe it was Julien’s decision not to play him due to Huet’s success against the Sens (though I am not a big fan of his either). I am a BIG Habs fan, but I am also a realistic person and someone said it best when they pointed out that throwing around the salaries mentioned in these rumors is just not that easy.

    However, to see that Julien Brisebois accompanied Gainey definitely makes me think something is up. However, this won’t be a THEO-HEDJUK/TANGUAY type of deal. I see something small happening to shake up the teams, though notihng in Montreal is ever really considered ‘small’.

    Realistically, if any changes are going to be made in the immediate future, I invision Ribeiro leaving.

    One way or another, I can’t wait for the Habs to pull the trigger on a deal to shake-up the team!

  16. Tyson_Nash_Rules says:

    I’d see something like :

    To Van : Théodore, Souray, Ryder, Perezhogin

    To Mtl : Bertuzzi, Jovo, Cloutier

    Ryder could fill Bertu skates on the top line, Théo brings the Nucks to 2nd round and Montreal finally have big guys !

  17. BigCanuck says:

    Montreal has Van by the balls??? You guys are out of the playoff race and struggling pretty bad. Van is no where near playing their best, however are in 2nd in the division, and have won 3 in a row after a little slump. I rellt think Montreal is the team that needs a shake up more.

  18. PastParticiple says:

    They say that Habs and Avs are close to a deal to be announced…


    Watch out from scratched players tonight 😛

    Oh forgot Theo is lol

  19. neilios says:

    LOL yeah right Ryder cant fit big Bert shoes Ryder is a little punk compred to Bertuzzi and Bert aint going anywhere maybe Jovo.

  20. gohabs73 says:

    where on RDS did you get that?? i looked around and didn’t see anything about it…

    anyways… there are three notable Habs not playing tonight: Theo, Plekanec and Komisarek.

    Plekanec apparently has a knee injury, but I don’t know what’s up with Komi… he also missed last game against Ottawa! anyone knows his status?

  21. neilios says:

    your a racist piece of crap just like the rest of your country I wish you guys wernt part of Canada you french frogs/gay loards are embarrasment to Canadians.

  22. Neely4Life says:

    They are also the face of the franchise, and the MVP (up until this point) of the team.

  23. Komic-J says:

    Well, that’s one way to see it…

    I always prefered Garon. He’s taller, a little younger, and eventhough Theodore won the Vezina and the Hart, I think it would have made more sense to trade him rather than Garon. Back then, Theodore’s value was way higher than Garon. You’re saying that the fans would have been calling for Gainey’s head ? Depends on who you get in return.

    Garon was very popular in Montreal, and a lot of fans were saying that he could get the job done. True, he didn’t have the experience Theodore had…but if you give me the choice between;

    a) Keep Theodore as my starter, trade Garon for a “decent” forward…

    b) Keep Garon as my starter, trade Theodore for an all-star forward…

    I chose the second option…

    A couple of years ago, the Canadiens had Jeff Hackett and Jose Theodore, Hackett being the starter. I was so ****** that the Canadiens wouldn’t let Theodore his chance to be the number 1. Same thing after when Garon was the backup…

  24. habs_punk says:

    Well I guess that answers my third question.

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