Game 2, Updated

Open Thread; updated 4/24 11:00 pm.Rangers vs. Devils: This all comes down to playing with simplicity. The Rangers coaching staff has to go back on the drawing board and get the message across to the players to play the game simple. This is how the Rangers won throughout the whole season, playing simple hockey and paying attention to small details. The Devils have not been very impressive, except for Martin Brodeur who saved what could have been two goals (one goal disallowed because the ref blew the whistle too quickly). Rangers have an injury plagued team, they are young and inexperienced, but they put up a tough battle 5 on 5 against the Devils. Keep the play simple. Get the puck down, work the boards, play behind the net. No stupid penalties, not careless passing in the neutral zone. The Devils have had it really easy, and if the Rangers can get things right, well….the Devils will be running around.

The Devils have to take advantage of the Rangers low confidence and inexperience. Pressure and frustrate. Don’t put Jensen on the ice too much, the guy doesn’t really play hockey. But, check the Rangers defensemen….keep the traffic in front of the net, and don’t get lazy! The moment the Devils start to get lazy, the Rangers will catch up and all it takes is one Rangers win to regain confidence. The Devils MUST NOT allow the Rangers to build their confidence.

Flyers vs. Sabres:Wow, an 8-2 finish. Some people on here mentioned the Flyers defensemen being too slow, and I agree. The Sabres are the speediest team in the NHL and they are not beating the Flyers with talent and skill. They are doing the right things that Coach Ruff tought them. They are skating, moving their legs, checking…keeping a constant beat. The Flyers? They got no rythm to their game. They are not playing their game. Sloppy, skating in circles and chasing the Sabres. Just like the Rangers, go back to the drawing board! Simplicity brings “easiness”. Flyers can’t match Buffalo’s speed and it does not mean that they have to play the trap. You don’t play the trap when you have more talent and skill than the opponent. Flyers should play a slow pace game, and be very patient. They have the skills to bring the puck up, the skills to make great passes. Patience with puck possession should be the Flyers’ gameplan. The Sabres on the other hand, keep it up! Get on their nerves….check them hard, frustrate them! Force Hitch to put Brashear on the ice to take away time from another skilled player and most likely to draw a penalty.

Hurricanes vs. Canadiens: The Canadiens came away with a well deseved win, but nothing is over! Big mistake by Montreal to let the Canes make a comeback. Yes, Carolina lost a game and are now down 2-0 in the series, but they mnaged to score 5 goals and started to draw penalties. I’d expect the Canes to come out strong in Montreal and most likely win. They got their game going, and Montreal must slow it down from the first to the 60th minute of the game.

Stars vs. Avalanche: The Stars received a lot of lucky bounces, which allowed them to take control of the game and get their game rolling. Still, they let the Avalanche start a game with a 3-0 lead on Dallas ice. Not acceptable. The Stars are a Stanley Cup built team, they should be taking advantage of the Avs being an inferior team. They can’t rely on lucky bounces, they won’t always come. Colorado is going to play the same way, and Stars have to be ready for it in the 3rd period.

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  1. Tweek says:

    Yes, I dont watch hockey? Markov is the habs best d man with rivet falling in at #2 so that puts souray #3 and if you cant admit he is important to your team then you need a reality check, I also did not say souray was the ‘biggest part” of the habs defense so actually READ what I post. Anytime a top 4 d man for ANY team leaves a playoff game it will be tough for that team to keep up with the other given that 5 guys are logging more minutes then they might be used to, especially when the game goes into OT. Ill give the habs credit, they have simply outplayed the canes in the first two games and deserve to be up 2-0, they just need to continue this effort and they will most likely be in sweepsville.

  2. Tweek says:

    Everybody get on the habs bandwagon! OH! Im so very excited….

  3. Wakka says:

    New Rules??

    Late first period, BUF-PHI.

    Delayed offside call, you can hear the linesman yell. Rathje holds a Buffalo player in the corner, looks like his tryin to tag up, ignoring the puck. Deleyed call against Rathje, no question. Buffalo takes the puck and get a scoring chance and an offensive draw and later capitalized on the PP. Where did the offside go??? Doesn’t matter now, but if it was a OT-gamewinner?

    Latest rumor: Hatcher suspended for the rest of the playoffs for eating too much chips….

  4. simplyhabby says:

    LOL , you were always first to complain about the lack of offence (rightfully so).

    I an anticipating huge adjustments by the Cane’s D. Despite Gerber’s falleys, the habs are penetrating down low which should be rare for a small team in the playoffs.

    Hopefull we can keep up the resilliancy and win 2 more games.


  5. Freeze says:

    I love it when you talk dirty to me.

  6. skandelousHABSfan says:

    montreal wouldnt play tampa till the third round. in hockey the lowest seed plays the highest seed, so if the sens lose we are either waying NJ, or Bufalo….Yikes those are tough teams! but then again, the canes were suposed to be too.


  7. skandelousHABSfan says:

    This comeback win might have crushed the Canes spirits more than a Blowout would have. Now they see that even when they manage to take the lead the habs will beat them

    I cant wait to see Ward buckle under the pressure of starting against Montreal in the playoffs with everyoen screaming and all the energy the Habs fans will be giving the team.


  8. skandelousHABSfan says:

    I completely agree with you. losing after that big comeback has gotta be disheartening. they’re emotions were way up for a little bit, then way back down. that is gonna kill any of the momentum that the canes might have started to get had they won. Now they are coming into montreal and the fans will make sure that MTL gives er’ and plays hard like they did in the first period of that game!


  9. skandelousHABSfan says:

    I hope Souray is not seriously injured, because the Habs powerplay looked pretty bad without him. They scored while he was still in the game, then went i think 0 for 5 after that.

    A big reason the playerplay is so good, is that they cycle the put to set up sourrays big shot, or if he is covered they can then work it down low.

    The montreal gazette said its a lower body contusion, os hopefully a few stichtes and hell be good to go!

    any comments>???

  10. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    10 years ago my dad said the same thing about roy.

  11. morrissey says:

    oops yes of course you are correct…my excitement (and tiredness) was getting the better of me… well go Ottawa lol, we don’t want NJ or BUF! I’d take PHilly tho if somehow they can get thru BUF (ya not gonna happen, I know, tooooo slow and no goalie)

  12. Kraut182 says:

    Just thought I’d ask UsedandAbused if he still thinks, and I quote, “Gauthier isn’t a dirty player”. Gauthier comes up with another dirtball hit from behind last night on Vanek. And yet not a single post on here (that I’ve seen) about it.

    If he were a Leaf, and even moreso if he were Darcy Tucker, there would be outrage across the boards. Get him out of the league, he’s the dirties player in the game, etc., etc. But instead … nothing.

  13. habsfortheglory says:

    When we saw souray leave the ice it didnt look so terrible not like when markov was out. i hope he will come back because Rivet or Markov can’t get a good bullet like him.

    Even if koivu made a good play in 2nd OT for the winning goal i think he did not play as good as in the first game. And when there was 90Sec to do 5-4 mtl why Gainey did put only 1 center koivu was chassed and murray lost the face off.

    I think having a 2-0 lead and going home to mtlis pretty good. the crowd will be CRAZY. And wow Kovalev what a crazy wrist shot.

  14. EasternHockey says:

    Alright, I apologize for my comment.

  15. muckies says:

    Montreal won last night because fater carolina got the lead, Montreal went to the face-off circle, won the draw, got the next 3 shots, full pressure for 2 minutes, and then tied it.

    They can turn it on when they need to. They take carolina’s momentum away as soon as they get any and make them play cautious because carolina’s knows Montreal’s shooters can at any point just blas a puck by whoever is in nets.

    Huet is in Carolina’s heads.

    But if anybody thinks a goalie from France is winning the stnaley Cup – YOU’RE OUTTA YOUR GOD-DAMNED MINDS.


  16. almelo95 says:

    I’m glad someone else brought this up. This is the same thing he did late in the season and got suspended for it. The suspension obviously did not deter him.

    That kind of play could end someone’s career. The league needs to make an example out of someone for dirty, dangerous plays like that. This would be a great time to do just that.

  17. dcz28 says:

    You can call it what you want and the Oilers coach can deny it all he wants but they are playing the 1-2-2 trap plain and simple. I think we might see the same system from the Wings for game 3 which will likely make it one of the most boring games in the playoffs so far although Bowman might have some other ideas or tricks to throw at Edmonton since he is still a consultant with the Wings and Mike.B always talks to him to get his opinion on things.

    Some have said that the Wings play a trap too but the left wing lock is not a trap just a defensive system since the left winger stays high in the offensive zone to eliminate 3 on 2’s but still have the centre and right winger going in to forecheck hard.

    Look for the Wings powerplay to do some damage tonight in a penalty filled game since Bettman will be at the game and every game he has been at so far in the playoffs is filled with like 19 penalties in the game. This game will be decided by special teams.

  18. mush124 says:

    How about the biggest sports prize in the world? The Fifa world cup? 😀

  19. mush124 says:

    tryin to compare roy with theodore is like comparing honey and and soya sauce..

  20. FlamingHomer says:

    What did the defending Western Conference Champions do to deserve Don Whittman and Andy Murray calling their playoff games. A curling announcer and Henry Fonda. Granted, the Flames aren’t the most exciting team to watch but these guys sure don’t help the cause. Let’s take out the Orange County Quakers fast and move up to some on-air talent that has a pulse.

  21. CSakicGAP says:

    Although I am in no way a Habs fans…(Dont cruicfy me yet)…I have to say they have been impressive as hell. I definately did not see it coming. I would count your eggs before they hatch though as I bet Carolina will come out flying in Montreal. Then again two losses in the Bell would be a damn near impossible feat. I wouldn’t be surprised if the fire alarms were going off a few times during the night at the Hurricanes hotel….maybe a few calls to Staal and Ward at 2am.

    They are playing a hell of a series so far…can’t wait for game 3

  22. CSakicGAP says:

    I’m sure I’ll get the blunt end on this one…especially reading every post in this thread…but that wasn’t the only hit from behind last night. And watching the replays….There was a certain hab that could have stopped a lot sooner than he did.

    I’m not defending Gauthier though, dont get me wrong. The guy has douche written all over him.

  23. NinjasOnly says:


    I hope you check your car before you start it.

    It was pretty interesting though. Two minutes for driving one persons face into the boards from behind and a game and who know what else for smoking a guy well rushing to the puck behind the net. Both were pretty brutal and both are lucky they didn’t hurt anyone.

    Also, what in the heel was Eager thinking there going after Vanek later on. One attempt to kill the kid wasn’t enough?

  24. Kraut182 says:

    And while we’re complaining about announcers, who decided to break up Bob Cole and Harry Neale? I know its hard with so many teams to cover, but these 2 belong together on the air.

  25. muckies says:


  26. Freeze says:

    It’s a trap.

  27. BunchOfLies says:

    Well I dunno about french goaltender… but right now it sure doesnt look like it will be one from Switzerland…

  28. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    why 2 similar situations. roys best years were on colorado.

  29. goalieman32 says:

    it isnt a strict trap in the normal sence. it is a combination of a trap and a left wing lock. the trap has two at the point, two high, and one chasing the puck low. this system has the pressure of the two men doen low and has the third man high. the two in the zone force the play and if they loose possession, they make the play go behind the net with the positioning, this allows them time to move out and in the trap-style defence that forces the wings toward the board and essentially cuts the ice in half, limiting the space the forewards have to work with and forcing them to dump the puck. it is a trap, but it is also a two man forecheck system. and it got them a win and a double ot loss against what is arguably the best team in the league.

  30. FlamingHomer says:

    Agree. They must be drawing names out of a hat.

  31. goalieman32 says:

    just like a guy from south africa cant lead his team to the cup. or a player that is 5-9 cant be an all-star. simply because he is from france doesnt mean that he isnt good. he finished first in sv%, 4th in gaa, and was tied for second in shutouts. but wait, he french. those must be false, because the french cant play, right.

    *****ing moron

  32. Air33 says:

    what a racist comment.

  33. kicksave856 says:

    Whatever. I’m still wondering who his team is.

  34. muckies says:

    get real, he started 35 games, he’s not a real starting goaltender like a Kipper or Brodeuar.

    He’s a back-up that is hot, that’s all.

  35. muckies says:

    The Ottawa Game tonite was the worst reffed game I’ve seen in years.

    As soon as i heard Kerry Frasier, i started to worry.

    He calls penalties that aren’t penalties, and things that should be called like hitting a guy from behind when he doesn’t have the puck. That game had no reason to get out of hand tonite. Fraser is the worst Ref in the league and doen’t protect the players. He should be kicked outof the playoffs for the way he calls these gaames.

    Big guys don’t ever get calls, floaters get extra protection. It’s pathetic.

  36. BunchOfLies says:

    You can add another 50 games, Huet did really good in LA replacing Cechmanek.

  37. goalieman32 says:

    way to throw kipper in there dumbass. almost the exact situation happened to him last season, when he was tied for first in sv% and was first in gaa and had 4 shutouts. huet has has 7 in fewer games. and kipper was a backup getting hot too and thats all, right? its so obvious that he is a fluke, for christs sake, he’s from finland, he must blow.

    like i said before, you are a *****ing moron

  38. skandelousHABSfan says:

    Did you notice how kovalev scores like 90% of his wristers from the same spot…lol

    I cant believe other teams even let him stand there, let alone take a shot from there….

  39. goalieman32 says:

    it might be a swiss and a french goalie winning the cup?

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