How? Simple the fans got to their heart and it made them want to win.

Right now the team needs the fans behind them. Forget the Malik giveaway goal that ruined the game last night for them. Don’t boo him yet.
Cause they need Ranger fans to breathe life into the team.

When the Rangers came home, up 2-0 and the MSG cameras captured on camera the faces of each player on the Rangers bench as the fans where going crazy and the garden was alive before the end of the National Anthem. You could tell. They were going to pore their heart out on the ice….

RESULT: Rangers play what in baseball would have been a perfect game…. 7-0

Now by no means am I saying the Rangers will win Game 3 7-0. I mean after all this is a sick Buffalo team. But…. given the right lift in the Garden. The Rangers could get 2 wins here and make it a series worth watching.

1 small change that needs to happen. Nylander needs to go back onto the Shanahan Avery line. Before Hossa went down with a knee injury for a month. It was Hossa-Straka-Jagr, the second line was Avery-Nylander-Shanahan. The team was at it’s best of then when they where making their run. Hossa went down and things changed. This is the move that needs to be made. Oh.. and bring Pock back to the D. I don’t know who needs to sit. But he needs to play.

As for Malik. DO NOT BOOOO HIMM. If we are down 0-1… 0-2 leave him alone… If we lose game 3. Then Booo him in Game 4… But for now… GET BEHIND YOUR TEAM! THEY NEED US.

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  1. GlenSather says:

    I think if the Rangers can pull out a win tommorow they will have the momentum coming into game 4.  That is a huge if though, as we saw the Rangers play good and still lose.  It seems as good as the Rangers play Buffalo seems to bury every mistake they make. Not a good sign. But still the Garden will be crazy because Rangers fans never abandon their team.  Lets Go Rangers!!!!

  2. Connolly4mvp says:

    The fans cant help you enough to beat us. We have a better record on the road. So you guys sweapt Atlanta. Big deal. Atlanta is garbage. The only area the Rangers were supposed to be better than us in is the physical play and as of last night you dont even have that anymore. Zubrus has been more physical than your whole team and has turned Jagar into his *****. Avery is getting tossed around by everyone on the Sabres and prolly has more penalties than hits. And as for Lunquist your star goalie I think we have figured him out, his 15 of 18 saves is less than impressive. Your "stars" have yet to figure out Miller who completely stole your game last night. So henrik Lunquist was good against Atlanta, its funny to see how much his game depleated once he had to play a real team.

  3. Connolly4mvp says:


  4. pratt25 says:

    I didn't know a Shithole Sabre could spell……anyway for your comment..Karma will come back and bite you in the ass.

  5. NHLman says:

    Obviously you've never been to the Garden during the playoffs.

  6. NHLman says:

    Rangers fans should be savoring every moment of this series, because really the team was not a playoff team for most of the season. This second round is gravy. Don't take that the wrong way, I'm into this 100% and want them to go all the way, but  if they don't I like our chances next year. With that said I think the key to winning this series is the Cullen, Prucha, Callahan line. Give them more time on the ice. Also I don't want Ryan Hollweg to be dressed. Fourth line should be Betts, Isbister, and Ortmeyer. If Ortmeyer played yesterday there's no chance Buffalo scores that powerplay goal. Hossa blew his coverage, something Ortmeyer wouldn't have done. I bet you he would have got a shorthanded chance on that play. Shanahan was great yesterday, but needs to stop hitting the post and missing the net.

    Here's something to think about: the Rangers hit two posts on Friday. Maybe their luck will change and on Sunday instead of a loud ping we'll hear the back of the net. Also I'd like to see the Rangers play playoff dirty, because they're letting Buffalo take liberties. You can't let opposing players stick out their knees like the Sabres have been doing. I'd have Isbister/Hollweg/Orr put Vanek on the ice.

    I think the pressure is really on Buffalo- they're supposed to go to the finals and win before they lose a bunch of free agents. The Rangers aren't supposed to be here.

  7. chanman says:

    Nice Theory…

    Don't boo him, because…well, because…Because he is on our team. ( Which by the way has a head full of air and one hell of an ego for your coach to call the presidents trophy winner " not the cream of the crop".)
    Avery…wow. Good job buddy. I like the comment made by him "We don't expect to beat them in 4 straight" at the start of the series.
    So you beat Atlanta handily. Shut down the only decent 2 lines of a very green, chemistry-empty expansion club, and I guess you are the cats meow. Atlanta was the most desired club to play against, IMO. The Isles at least had some grit and composure.
    I can't wait for game 3. Well, really it's game 4 I want to watch.
    Do your thing and breath some life. They sure need you. Keep rewatching the 7-0 and maybe you will feel better. Sorry to gloat…It just good to be a Sabres fan.

  8. ranger_fan says:

    First off I would like to drop a quick comment on how there seem to be Sabres fans just springing up. Seems to happen with the Bills too. Cheer when they win, don't care the other 8 years of the decade.

    Second how sweet it would be to get a top pairing defenseman this offseason. Malik is a good character guy, good third pairing guy. But he is too slow, takes too many penalties and made two crucial erros last game… 100 on the year. Keep him, but jesus he does not deserve 20-25 minutes.

    As far as the team, play 60 minutes. A small let down can kill you. And Tom Renney… shut your mouth

  9. tacitus says:

    To me, well i don't think Buffalo played to there ability yet in the playoffs. Everybody is saying the Rangers gotta play better and blah blah but what about when Buffalo finally shows up. Buffalo didnt even show up hardly to beat the NYI, they are capable of so much more, they are almost letting me down. The fact Buffalo isnt dominating the rangers slow defence is odd. Oh i heard an annoucer today say Malik is +144 over the last 4 seasons, i think hes entitled to an error, even at a bad time. If the rest of the team had the same plus minus over that time, they would prolly be the best team in the league.

  10. azzkikr2100 says:

    Rangers need a better team to win…

    Not to mention a captain that doesnt get hurt every time he hits the ice or makes contact he isnt ready for…

    Maybe even a defensemen that can keep up with the speed of the sabres…

    But the rangers are pretty much done if they dont win today… so get ready to get out the golf clubs my friends!

  11. bethin2998 says:

    jagr has played 82 games every season he has been with the Rangers

    and you sabres fans suck watch this comeback then go shitting in your winter jackets

  12. mikster says:

    Considering Buffalo got pretty much outplayed in Game 2, the Rangers have a chance to play like that on home ice and win.

    Still, Buffalo’s a great team and no one should have ever expected the Rangers to win this series, or even come close to it. I predicted a five game vic for the Sabres. Yeah, they are that much better…..but not like they are outplaying the Rangers overall.

  13. chanman says:

    buffalo was outplayed for 2 of the 3 periods, and if not for Miller, it would be 1-1 now IMO. They did have a different game with the heavy hitting, but were outshot and outworked for the most part.
    Buffalo did outplay them badly in game one. They are drastically a a better team and if the split the next 2 games in NY, it will be buffalo in no more than 6.

  14. hero11 says:

    Everyone is down on Naslund this year because of his lack of point production, but does anyone see how much his defensive game has improved from last year?   I realize that when a scorer isn't scoring, he has to pick up his game elsewhere to stay in the line-up, but I don't think thats really the case with Naslund.
    We are used to the Crow's high offense hockey and now we have AV's defensive game.  I applaud Naslund for being a leader and buying in to the system.  AV preaches defense and hard work, then wait for your chance.  Naslund does that!
    He doesn't have the number of chances he did in previous years, and he doesn't always bury the puck when he should, but he does play more physical.
    His point production went down, but his +/- is up.
    Naslund won't be traded by next season!

  15. Connolly4mvp says:

    Did you just insult me for being able to spell?

  16. Connolly4mvp says:

    At least he didnt emarass himself as bad as Nolan.

  17. mcpeach2 says:

    are the calls to Toronto for reviews being intercepted in Buffalo???

    What the f?????  rachunek didnt kick that in

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