Garrioch's List of Available Players

Bruce Garrioch of the Toronto Sun breaks down the needs of all of the NHL teams and provides possibilities of who may be moved and for what before the rapidly approaching trade deadline.

There are many players who Garrioch lists as being available who could help any NHL team down the stretch and into the playoffs.

Some of the players who are on this list include

Tom Preissing

Alexander Frolov

Maxim Afinogenov

Tim Connolly

Jere Lehtinen

Brendan Morrison

Chris Pronger

Marian Gaborik

Matthew Lombardi

Michael Ryder

Erik Cole

Dustin Penner

Keith Tkachuk

John Madden

Joffrey Lupul

Scottie Upshall

Randy Jones

Wade Redden

Read the full article to find out who the reset of the players on this list are and who may be on the move for what

64 Responses to Garrioch's List of Available Players

  1. dumbassdoorman says:

    You did call him a dumbass, I am sure thats why he is upset.

  2. KingCanada says:

    Sorry, it just seemed that way.

    When it comes to Eklund or Garrioch…I judge the book by its cover, its not worth reading cose its all shit…

    Havlat (second leading scorer on team despite missing time) and Khabibulin top 5 in save% and top 10 in GAA both available??  His scenarios dont seem to make sense to me…

    And lastly I wont chill out if u call me a dumbass…lol

  3. reinjosh says:

    if u don't want to read it then don't
    i could care less
    just dont be a douche bad and comment on something you didnt read
    havlat could be traded if they get the right price

  4. KingCanada says:

    I know what you mean as a rental but I still dont think that we wouldnt get fair value for him now.  Gill was traded for 2 draft picks last year and he wasnt a rental.  Someone on defence has to go, Schenn needs a bigger role on the team for next year.

    Its not like he cost us anything when we signed him besides cap space…not like Toskala or Raycroft did lol.  Id be happier with picking up a couple 2nd round picks in a deep draft then possible hinder Luke's development!

  5. reinjosh says:

    if you didnt read it why are you commenting
    and i could care less if you call me a dumbass
    at least i dont act like a complete retard and make myself look like a dumbass

  6. reinjosh says:

    thanks for at least understanding me
    and as for how he still has his job
    either he's brainwashed his boss
    or he;s banging her

  7. habs79 says:

    Of course not, but didn't you feel the article somehow was pulling your IQ down just by skimming it. That's why I read the Sun as little as possible (only at work if someone esle bought one). Anyone who writes for the Sun seems like an idiot. Not just sports, try reading the movie reviews sometime.

    Not really easy to be a sports writer, just to be a sports writer for Sun media. Which if you stop and think about like I just did isn't really that stupid. What is one thing hockey fans love? RUMOURS. I mean Sun media takes it to a ridiculous level when you clearly are just pulling names out of your ass. However do other sports have sites like this where people come on nearly everyday, and by that I mean at least 5-6 days a week, to read a post about possible trades, that aren't even actually rumours but just trades people want to see happen. Us hockey fans just love our rumours, and unfortunately sometimes a MORON gets to keep his job cause of it.
  8. KingCanada says:

    No to Havlat…I just want to clear this..

    Hes a UFA at the end of the year…Chicago for the first time of YEARS of rebuilding are actually holding a playoff spot let alone home ice in the 1st round.  So u really think they would trade one of their top players for MORE future assets? 

    You find me a similar trade where that actually happenned since the salary cap was put in place and maybe ill believe u..

  9. habs79 says:

    Yes, but a smart poker player doesn't play his hand till all the cards are on the table. Now teams might go elsewhere first cause they know what Burke wants. I agree he is dealing from a position of strength, but still going public like that is not a smart move. 

  10. KingCanada says:

    No I definatly agree with the power of the media and how people are sheep in general.  I studied advertising and marketing alot in school and it just makes me furious that people buy into that stuff even tho it does get people talking. 

    Secretly im just jealous that he is coming up with ridiculous trade rumors that make NO sense and that Im stuck selling insurance.

  11. habs79 says:

    Gill also wasn't a $5 million cap hit the next season. I agree Schenn needs a bigger role, but that shouldn't be as a top pair D-man yet. What Schenn needs to really develop is a good stay at home d-man with experience to partner with. Someone like Bredan Witt, I'm not suggesting the Leafs trade for Witt, but I'm sure you get my point. Someone that can help him become that rugged force in his own end that other teams will fear. 

  12. habs79 says:

    You are assuming it's a her…….lol.

  13. habs79 says:

    I agree, but hey in this day and age it's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know.

  14. KingCanada says:

    Which neigther Kaberle or Kubina are the rugged type lol.  Finger maybe and Frogren…but there not top end guys IMO.

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