Getting close to the draft… Let's do an activity!

Alright, this is considered to be one of the more “dead” times on HTR and seeing how mid-late June is right around the corner, let’s see just how much you know about your team when it comes to the entry draft.

You are making a dream line of your team

You pick a goalie, two defensemen, and 3 forwards.

Alright here are the guidelines:

1- These have to be drafted players.

2- You would want this to be modern era. They don’t have to be in the current NHL but for example your favorite team is Boston. You could pick Bobby Orr, BUT only if you think the current 50+ year old, one knee Bobby Orr is better than the 40 year old Raymond Bourque.

3- These have to be the teams original draft choices, except if you pick a player from the first round. If the player you picked from the first round was a pick that you did not own from the lottery, you traded to get it, you can’t use the pick. So for example when Vancouver traded up to get the #2 and #3 picks for the Sedins, Vancouver fans can NOT list Dan Sedin because it was Atlanta’s original pick.

The player does not need to be currently playing for that team. So Pens fans can pick Naslund if they wish to.

5- You CAN pick someone who was drafted due to a compensary pick.

6- Look up at google or another search engine when that player was taken.

7- Colorado can use Quebec drafted players, such as Lindros. ‘Canes can use Whaler picks, ie. Giguere, Clagary can use Atlanta Flame picks (idk why you would want to), Dallas can use Minnesota North Star picks…

Now I will go first and make mine.

My team is the New York Rangers.

G- Dan Cloutier (Taken 1st round/26th overall in 1994)

[other considerations, Richter’85, Vanbiesbrouck’81]

D- Brian Leetch (Taken 1st round/9th overall in 1986)

D- Sergei Zubov (Taken 5th round/85th overall in 1990)

[other considerations, Mattius Norstrom’92, Aaron Miller’89]

F- Tony Amonte (Taken 4th round/68th overall in 1988 F- Doug Weight (Taken 2th round/34th overall in 1990 F- Alex Kovalev (Taken 1st round/15th overall in 1991)

[other consideration Mike York 6th round 136th overall in ’97]

Anyway not a lot of good recent picks by the Rangers, and I am not going to get into it, but if you take a few minutes to browse through the rounds, you will be amazed at what your team could have had, like Ottawa took Demitra in the 9TH ROUND in 1993, and Alex Daigle 1st overall that same year.

I used but their are many of them out there, if you wish to take the time.

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