Gillis Talks Canucks

Bill asked him about Sundin, Gillis said they have had discussions with him over the summer and after his wedding this week, he will let them know if he is coming back. Says Mats was happy playing in Vancouver and liked the city. Said Sundin was a force in the room and would be happy to have him back. Mike did say he would have to be in Vancouver from day 1 and Mats realizes that too.

Gillis feels the Canucks need to work on their discipline and felt they should have won the Chicago series. PP struggled and more offense should have been generated from their defense.

With Luongo they know they will not be drafting high and feels 20 goals+ from six players this season is expected from the current roster.

Gillis feels the Canucks need to work on their discipline and felt they should have won the Chicago series. PP struggled and more offense should have been generated from their defense.

With Luongo they know they will not be drafting high and feels 20 goals+ from six players this season is expected from the current roster.

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  1. reinjosh says:

    I think Gillis and Vancouver are really setting themselves up for a great year and are showing Luongo they will give him the team he deserves in front of them.
    I'm willing to bet Luongo follows this up with an extension
    and then Gillis pulls the trigger on a trade using a combination of Schneider (the goalie), O'Brien, Salo, Raymond, Hansen, Bernier, Demitra to get them a top 6 player to play on the second line and give them 2 serious scoring lines.

  2. reinjosh says:

    hey pezzz and alberteams (i think your a flames fan) and other flames fans as well as leaf fans
    what would you think about a Phaneuf for Kaberle deal
    before you respond on how the leafs would need to add Kadri and 3 first rounders let me explain
    lets pretend that Phanuef has an equally crappy season, following up last seasons performance
    its trade deadline
    now in the coming offseason you are going to have cap problems
    this deal solves a few things
    first of all you get a straight forward offensive defenseman, a player who can quarterback the number one powerplay unit and provide some of the best offense from a dman in the league
    he would be surrounded by a great d unit so he would be made even better
    that put together with his cheap 4.25 million dollar a year contract makes it even better
    this gives your team a 2.25 million dollar savings on the cap (2.75 in cash) without losing a lot of talent. The flames still get to keep that amazing defense, keeping it one of the top 3 in the league yet they give themselves a little more cap flexibility without the need for a pure dump trade that San Jose witnessed this season and Calgary would have to face next season.
    With this trade the team now has 43.745 million committed to 14 players leaving room for 9 players needed to be signed with 13 million to be used. Plus Kaberle comes off in 2 seasons leaving the Flames with the option of letting him go and letting one of their up and  coming dman to fill his spot, cause God knows they are deep their.
    Say Sarich comes to us for Frogren or Finger (Frogren is a UFA at the end of this season, Finger  is 100 grand cheaper than Sarich and you can send him down/call him up whenever and him and Sarich are very similar players but Finger has more offensive upside)
    So Kaberle and Finger for Sarich and Phaneuf
    what do you think?
    I could be totally off base but let me know

  3. VCRMillionaires says:

    i know i'm not 'pezzz and alberteams' but it's hard for me to see Calgary trading Phaneuf even if it's for Kab. I don't think Calgary is getting enough out of the deal. I wouldn't want Fingers contract. I think Regehr will be gone before any other d-man.

  4. cam7777 says:

    The thing is, I really don't see Phaneuf having two bad seasons like that in a row.  It was the EA curse that did it to him last year.  Insulated by Bouwmeester this year, and with a great new coach, I foresee Phaneuf having a career year.  Sutther is confident in his ability to find players who will perform at a high standard for very little money (see Bourque, Glencross, Moss, Nystrom, Conroy, etc…).  If anyone is on the move, it will be Langkow.  And if any one of the major components of the team is on the move, it will be Kipprusoff.

    Mikka seems to be on the decline, is highly expensive, and judging by what Sutter (the coach) was able to do with Clemmenson in New Jersey, they won't be needing a world class goaltender anyways.

    Sarich is in his prime, and actually started to put up points last year, adding to his already extensive skill set.  I wouldn't trade him for Finger, and I wouldn't trade Phaneuf for Kaberle – although I hear what you're saying there.  Phaneuf is very over-rated because of his hits (which just as often take him out of position as change the momentum of the game), and as we saw just the other day, cap space comes at a premium.  Still, I don't foresee anything like this going down.

    As for Blockbuster trades going down sometime in the next year, what do you think of this one.  I was just looking over the roster of my other favorite team, the Ducks, and started thinking about what that team is going to do 'post-niedermayer.'  Sure they have Whitney, and a couple good up and comers in Sbisa and Wisniewsi, but that is still a big decline from Pronger/Niedermayer/Beauchemin/Whitney.  So how about something like this:

    To the Nashville Predators:
    Luca Sbisa, Erik Christensen, Peter Holland, 1st round pick 2010 (ANA), 1st round pick 2010 (PHI)
    To the Anaheim Ducks:
    Shea Weber

    followed by my fantasy Leafs trade:

    To the Toronto Maple Leafs:
    Bobby Ryan
    To the Anaheim Ducks:
    Mikhail Grabovski, Ian White, 1st round pick 2010 (10th overall approx.)
    (plus more if necessary – Stefanovich, DiDomenico, 2nd round picks)

    The post Niedermayer Ducks D-line:

    Weber – Wisniewski
    Whitney – White
    Brookbank – Boynton

    I think that's pretty scary, especially with four pretty solid scorers up front (before adding more in FA, or moving Giguere for help in that area) – Getzlaf, Perry, Grabovski, Lupul.

  5. reinjosh says:

    right now i would totally agree with you
    im just saying if Phaneuf has another bad year
    and when (not if because its inevitable that calgary will) calgary runs into cap trouble
    it does make sense for them
    they trade for another, albeit lesser, all star dman
    and they get cap room
    as evidenced by the recent vancouver and san jose trade and heatley not being traded (yes its also because of his attitude but in large part to his contract), teams with cap trouble and large contracts rarely get moved and when they do, it isnt for market value
    obviously that trade doesnt make sense right now but it very well could at the end of the season or trade deadline
    and yes i know kaberle isnt worth phanuef
    but if you think in the long term (again i reiterate this would be dependent on phaneuf playing like last season, which i think i unlikely, but as you previously said this site is for this type of idea) it makes a lot of sense for calgary
    and regehr isnt going anywhere
    hes the league's best shutdown defenseman and he is signed cheaper than komisarek was

  6. reinjosh says:

    you like this idea of getting Ryan lol
    unlike other people on this site i think this trade would make sense for the Ducks but i just dont see it happening
    and yah i doubt Phaneuf will be having another bad season but if you think about it, it makes more sense than any other move
    sure they could trade Langkow but that doesnt help their scoring problem and they would spend an equal amount on a replacement
    yes trading Kipprusoff makes sense but the man is still very solid and by trading him you run the risk of not finding a true number one for a while (something many teams have had a problem with recently)
    with the deal i proposed (even if Phaneuf has a good season, then we add in something else, like a prospect like Hayes or a pick, whatever) they not only save money but they get salary cap flexibility when Kaberle is done his contract and it allows them to have someone challenge for a top 4 position that at the moment won't challenged until one of Bouwmeester, Regehr, Sarich, or Phaneuf is moved anyways. I can almost bet you that this is something along the lines of what Sutter is planning. With all the depth moves he made on d this season something has to give and if you look at how this team is only getting older, its potential future cap problems, and its need for another top 6 forward, it actually makes a lot of sense. With Pardy, Giordano, Pelech, Negrin, Stralman, Kronwall all ready to play in the NHL or already playing and Aulie and Brodie being one to two years away from playing, it makes even more sense.
    And your point about the premium being paid for cap space goes to make my point even more. With Calgary going to be pushed into a spot they wont get as good a deal when clearing room. So that makes up for the loss they take in Kaberle. Even if we added some pieces its still a good deal for both teams IMO.
    Im not saying Sutter is looking to do this but it could be better (in terms of benefits for both teams) than you think if it ever happened.

  7. cam7777 says:

    Yea, but I sincerely doubt Sutter is actually planning on getting his host of young d-men into the lineup.  You don't just trade away franchise defensemen because you have excesses in the minors.  This is what has made Detroit great for so long – the ability to trade away accrued prospects for immediate help.  Not one of those guys listed is going to oust Bouwmeester, Phaneuf, Regehr or Sarich in the next few years.  The idea of trading Dion Phaneuf for roster flexibility is pretty far-reaching.  The only way they do this is if Kaberle signs an extension that sees him finish his career in Calgary at an extremely affordable rate, and we, as you said, throw in Hayes and an additional pick.

    I do really love Ryan, but I also consistently mention him as someone the Leafs should target because I'm sure that he would top Burke's list.  He's big, and strong, and physical, and American, and Burke drafted him himself.  One of the first things Burke said as Toronto's GM is how sorry he was that he could not say he was the one that drafted Luke Schenn.  Just like the Sedin's, Burke will spare no expense to acquire Ryan.  If he is put on the market in any way, shape or form, Burke will do everything he can to land him.  And with two franchise forwards, and an expensive (4.25 million) 2nd line right winger (virtually an unmoveable contract after this year too), combined with the loss of a franchise defensemen and a handfull of retiring veterans, the Ducks might have to consider moving Ryan.  On top of that, the Ducks are actually a strapped for cash team right now – so spending 20 million on just 4 forwards (and no ultra-cheap Selanne/Koivu combo to fall back on for secondary support), might be ill-advised.  

    If it comes down to moving one of their stars, the team will, in my opinion, stay loyal to Perry and Getzlaf.   

  8. mojo19 says:

    Who is Bill? Who is "him"? This article is written as if the first paragraph was deleted and we just started in the 2nd one.

    The Jason Allison – Leafs training camp story is much more interesting.

  9. hockey_lover says:

    What a toss up .. a story about Sundin and a story about Allison.

    I just painted a wall in the dining room. I think I'll watch that dry.

  10. cam7777 says:

    He's worth a look, but a lot of people think that he's only coming to training camp as a way to market himself to other teams that might be interested, as the Leafs are clearly going in a different direction.  I'm not so sure.  I tend to think that Allison would help out, but in my opinion, someone else has to go to make room for him, because I would not want this sacrificing the playing time of Jiri Tlusty, or putting up road blocks for Bozak and Hanson.

    Allison playing the PP would help someone like Kaberle out tremendously.  Rather than just watching the unskilled Leafs forwards dig the puck out of the corner, and then shovel it towards the net for a goal, Kaberle could actually pass it to Allison and see it occasionally turn into a goal.  For that reason, I could see Burke bringing him in, to prove that he was right about keeping Kaberle around. 

    Really though, we should just wait to see what he actually brings to training camp.  Maybe he's in great shape and has improved his skating.  Or maybe he's in terrible shape and is slower than ever.  It's a little premature to be sizing up Allison.

    I liked your bit about the Wings in your blog mojo.  Williams is a very under-rated asset, and one that I can't understand why the Jackets let go of.  They said they loved him during the season, and were intent on keeping him.  THey couldnt afford 1.5 million dollars?  How bad of shape is that club in?

  11. reinjosh says:

    you make a lot of good points in regards with Phaneuf and Ryan
    i would love to get Ryan
    and these cap constraints that seem to be coming in to play next year could make things very good for the leafs
    who knows, maybe we will have a few very good young players to play with Schenn and be considered as good an asset and a future for the leafs as his is know.

  12. mojo19 says:

    Ya weird about Colombus and Williams production really picked up there compared to Atlanta. My dad dropped him in the pool at midseason and no one picked him up at the redraft but someone should have!

    As for Allison, I would love to see him in and Stempniak out. Both are right handed shots and I think neither should play top 6 type minutes with the team we have. So I'd rather have Allison as a 3rd line centre type guy who works the PP.

    I have a confession, I've been a huge Allison fan for years and years. I bought a big framed picture of him when he signed with the Leafs. I am bias. I play favourites and I know it.

  13. albertateams says:

    I'm not sure where to start with this one but here it goes.

    Kaberle for Phaneuf isn't going to happen. Why would Calgary trade one of the best young d men in the league for a veteran of lesser value. (yes I know Phaneuf has a higher cap hit) But is Kaberle going to be signed for 6.5 until 2013-14. Probably not by much and Phaneuf is 7 years younger. Phanuef brings defense and offense and is only 24. Yes he had a bad year but he will bounce back under Brent (his jr coach). Unless TO includes another major asset which they don`t have many D. Sutter won`t make the deal.

    Reinjosh, Finger has zero value to calgary so Kaberle for Sarich and Phaneuf is nuts even with the cap issue. Calgary this year has plenty of depth that they can bring up to fill an injury void. I don`t see this scoring problem that you keeps bringing up with Calgary if you look last year they were 8th in the NHL. They lost Mike C. but will have Olli for a full year and Bertuzzi is not a loss at all, bring in Backlund and the improved offense from the D and the Flames will be top 10 again in the league.

    If calgary moves a roster dman it will be Sarich, he is the oldest and most disposable, but still a solid d man. If they do move Sarich it will be for a forward. Calgary's d is so young and talented, but NHL proven,  why would you move a major piece like Phaneuf for an ageing d man when you have the following 6 signed for at least 2 years and the big 3 signed for 4.

    Phaneuf 24
    Jay-bo 25
    Reghr 29
    Giordano 25
    Pardy 25
    Sarich 31

    VCRmillionaires, I wouldn`t trade Regehr. He is rock solid and does not get enough credit from those who follow hockey casually, there is a very good reason he is invited to play for team Canada all the time. If the leafs are lucky this is what Luke Schenn will become. 

    As far as Phaneuf being overated I disagree he`s 24, and has a solid allround game. 

    Is Calgary at the Cap. yes.  Are they in need of major cap relief no. I do not get why people throw them in with Chicago, Boston, NY, and Detroit as teams that are in trouble with a declining cap (potentially) next year. They do not have any signifiicant players that are going to require raises (bourque but not huge) and Olli will sign for less or won`t be signed and can be replaced through free agency.

    Okinen comes off the books at the end of the year freeing up 5.25, Conroy is done after this yr 1.05. Backlund will make the club either this year or next year and is underrated on this site as a solid prospect.

    I`ve heard on several ocasions that Calgary is an old team but if you look at the roster it is not the case. The D core is very young (see above) and outside of Langkow 32, Okinen, 30, Conroy 37, and Iginla 32 there forwards are all under 30. This team still has its best years in front of them.

    Cam7777 your man crush on Bobby Ryan is noted. He is a very good player but the Ducks aren`t going to be tradeing him any time soon, it makes nosense regardless of how you try to justify it, your arguement for any trade regardless of weather it is with the leafs or not is full of contradictions. The bottom line is every team in the NHL would love to get Ryan but its not going to happen.

    In regards to Kipper, I`m not a big fan and if he can`t have a great year with this defense then Calgary needs to explore other options.

    Canucks and Flames should be a great battle for 1st in the North west and are probably Canada`s best hope for a cup run.

  14. reinjosh says:

    im saying next year if Phaneuf has problems this season and when Calgary will have problems with the cap
    they dont now
    they will unless they get creative
    and yah i agree calgary would be nuts to move him now
    im just saying in the future if these unlikely conditions are met
    and in regards to finger
    he has more value than you think
    i have a feeling people will be begin to see him in better light
    considering he scored more than Sarich did (playing in 4 less games), plays the same physical game as him and is courrently younger, and 100 grand cheaper, i think people will see that he is better than they think
    but yes now that i think about it this trade would never happen but not for the reasons you say

  15. cam7777 says:

    Well, we agree on most counts, and I commend you for putting all that in such a way that it wasn't disrespectful of Kaberle or Leaf fans in general.  I will say that I would rather Kaberle in the defensive zone that Phaneuf (as of now).  Phaneuf was terrible defensively last year.  I watched a lot of Flames, and saw them live a few times, and he is constantly out of position, and constantly taking himself out of position.  Like you said though, he will get back to the way he was under Sutter, so no worries there.  He will eventually exceed Kaberle in these areas, but as of now, I'll take Kaberle's solid positional play, and lack of hitting over Phaneuf's monster collisions and subsequently being lost on the ice.

    Regehr is awesome, and I've heard Darryl Sutter talk on a few occassions about how Robyn is the real deal on Calgary's back-end.  Without him, Phaneuf cannot be nearly as effective as he is.  He is the defensive backbone that allows for so much of what that team is about.  I'm actually surprized most TSN analysts left him off their fantasy team canada rosters.

    Phaneuf is over-rated.  You saw it first hand last year.  As soon as he was actually making money and eating a large chunk of salary, suddenly his game doesn't look so well-rounded.  Money changes people's perspective on the game.  That being said, I will re-iterate that I think Phaneuf has a few more strides to take, and he has the ability to reach all the potential that people say he has. Could have just been an off year though.  We shall see….

    As far as Calgary's scoring goes, don't you think it's safe to say that guys like Bourque, Glencross, and Moss all played above their paygrades last year?  And even if you don't think they did, then don't you think they will certainly be asking for sizeable raises next year?  Sure you have space freed up with Jokinen leaving, and Conroy likely retiring, but these guys are not replacements for Jokinen. 

    That said, I have a lot of faith in Darryl Sutter's ability to make things run smoothly.  It's impossible to predict what will happen next summer, because I suspect he has a few moves left in store for the regular season that will shape what happens next summer.

    I'm glad we agree on Kipper.  He hasn't been special lately.  Better to trade him now while he is still perceived as elite netminder, than later when he is seen as a cap concern.

    As far as Bobby Ryan goes, never say never.  Like I said, the Ducks have numerous concerns to deal with over the next year.  Their focus now is on winning a Cup in Niedermayer's final year, but after this year they will lose Niedermayer, Selanne, Koivu, and be forced to trade Giguere or lose Hiller.  They also have only once certified checking forward in Todd Marchant.  After this season, there is work to be done all over the roster.  My point is simply that Ryan will cost them at least 5 million dollars to retain, and they will have to entertain the idea of shaping up the entire roster, or running with just four expensive forwards, and a weak, young defense.  Couple all this with the lack of funds the franchise has, and Ryan could become available.

    It's not unheard of for talented prospects to be sitting on the market.  Look at Phil Kessel

  16. cam7777 says:

    I think we should give Allison the same deal Detroit gave McCarty last year, except possibly for more money, so that he's enticed to stay here rather than test his luck with another franchise.  That is to say, if we like him in camp, we should give him a million bucks to start the season with the Marlies.

    Why the Marlies you say?  Well because our roster is currently full at the NHL level, if you ask me.  Is it possible that Allison is better than some of our current forwards? Absolutely.  But, giving him the ice time over someone like Stempniak, or guys we clearly want to get rid of, is taking away any chance of trading them for a return.

    So I say, we start the season with Allison in the minors, and hope for good starts from the likes of Stempniak, As the season rolls around, and Stempniak's cap hit shrinks, we explore moving him.  My ideal scenario would see the Lightning shying away from using Downie, and in need of a right winger to compliment their top six.  Enter Burke.  Stempniak and a 5th, for that guy Tampa has given up on (Downie) and a 2nd.

    Then we call up Allison.

    To me, it's just more important to try and get something out of the guys we have before they are gone.  Stempniak isn't useless.  He put up 44 points in 70 games in an awful year.  He's going to be very much like Jason Williams, where is always just forgotten despite having decent numbers…

  17. albertateams says:

    I didn't say finger has no value I said to Calgary he has no value. There are teams out there that would benefit from having finger and his 3.5 m cap hit but Calgary isn't one of them. Finger does not have the same physical game as Sarich, plus Sarich has a stanley cup, hes not on Calgary to put up points from the back end they have others to do that. Sarich is a top 4 defenseman finger is not.

  18. albertateams says:

    I don't take Kaberle in the defensive zone over Phaneuf, but it could be subjective.

    I agree that Bourque, Moss and Glencross produced more than was expected last year and this year will show if that was an aberation or not. I think that it was not and its realistic to think that the 3 combined will produce about the same if not more this year with more ice time. Moss is signed for another 2 years after next year and Glencross for 1 more so they won't be getting raises. Bourque will but not huge money just speculating but  I think 2-2.5 million depending on if he can replicate last year.

    Last year Phaneuf was overatted but I still think that he's poised for a monster year this year and his defenseive coverage will improve greatly under Brent. I don't think the money has gone to his head but we will see this year.

    I don't nessacrily think that Olli is leaving it will depend how he plays and weather he will play for less money to stay with the Flames. If he does not then Calgary will need to try and get someone from the freeagent pool for roughly the same money. I never said those 3 woould replace Olli they are merely additional pieces and provide secoundary scoring.

    The flames cap hit as of now for 2010-2011 year is 44 Million and they have all 7 d and both goalies signed. They have 6 forwards under contract so they will still have room to manuver next offseason. I do agree that Sutter will pull something off before then though. The wild card for the Flames is Backlund and how he will fit this year or next year.

    I don't think you trade Kipper he is still a decent goalie but not at the elite level he was at. It would have to be a good return for Sutter to move him this year will be very telling for him.

    If your the ducks you sign Ryan and build around perry getzlaf and ryan. Anything is possible but to think he will be available is very optimistic. I'm just not a big Kessel fan and there is a reason he is available, he doesn't have the same skill set as Ryan (size, defense) I take Ryan ahead of Kessel any day if I'm building a team.

  19. cam7777 says:

    I wasn't saying the money got to Phaneuf's head; he seems like a really level headed guy, and I like him personally.  I was saying that having him go from entry-level money, to a monster 6.5 million dollar contract, changes the perception of fans and media.  Yes, he had a bad year, but for that kind of money, people were expecting a young Pronger to bring the Cup to Calgary. 

    For some reason I was under the impression that Bourque, Glencross and Moss were all up for renewals after this season; my bad.  If that were the case, it would certainly be problematic for Darryl Sutter. 

    I personally don't like Jokinen, and I hope he gets traded this year for a play-making left winger to play on the top line – preferably one who is cheaper than Jokinen's current 5.25 million, and signed for at least an extra year.  Backlund should be able to man the second line by next season for sure, from what I've seen of him. 

    The problem with building around those three, is that there are no good defensmen hitting the market any time in the next few years.  Certainly no one that is going to fill the void left by Niedermayer, Pronger and Beauchemin.  So sure you have a massive top line, but much like the Senators, what good does that do you when you can't find quality secondary scoring, and your defense is made of 2nd and 3rd rate guys? 

    And again, money could be an issue.  Despite having room right now, they can't financially afford to resign Rob Niedermayer.  When Heatley first requested his trade, several people suggested Heatley for Perry straight up, but the Anaheim GM told the media that even if he thought that was a fair trade, the franchise simply couldn't afford the extra two million.  Are they going to be able to afford to give Ryan a 3-5 million dollar raise next summer, and still flesh out the rest of the roster?  You have to think there's an oppurtunity there.

    It's not as though they would be hurting for offensive superstars with Getzlaf and Perry manning the top line, and Ryan gone elsewhere.  All I'm saying is, if there is any kind of hiccup there, Burke will be all over it.  He drafted the kid, and he will do whatever it takes to land him if he becomes even partially available (ie. the ducks are willing to entertain offers).

  20. reinjosh says:

    good points

  21. reinjosh says:

    and let me say that i hope Phaneuf bounces back
    i am a huge flames fan and wasnt trying to put forth a trade that screws the flames just trying to work out problems they will have next season

  22. albertateams says:

    I agree there is big expectations with that kind of money and this year will be important for Phaneuf to continue progressing.

    I really don't have strong feelings for Olli one way or the other the biggest concern that I have is I'm not sure he compliments JI very well, we will see if they can develope some chemistry in the first half of the year. If not im sure Sutter will make a move. Backlund is a question mark but all indications are he will be a top 6 forward. I could even see him playing with JI a little if he makes the big club this year.

    Getzlaf and Perry are signed for just under 11 million for the next 4 years witch is very affordable. If they can get Ryan signed long term for 4-5 It really is very affordable for a great top line. They are much better contracts than the senators.

    I wouldn't be too worried about secoundary scoring for the Ducks if they maintain there cap flexibilty next offseaon to fill in a couple of players should be realitivly easy.I know there is a limited amount of quality d available right now but they have other assets that could be moved for a dman and right now there d is alright.

    Moving JS Gigure, Niedermayer and teemu retire and Koivu UFa at the end of the year frees up a ton of money so with that coming off the books (18 million) they will be able to give Ryan his raise and allow them to chase a dman through trade or free agency. Moving JS will be a priority at the deadline or the offseason depending on wherer the Ducks are at and how Hiller preforms. Regardless after this season JS will not be a Duck.I just don't see how Ryan will be a financial move it doesn't make sense.

    Burke wouldn't be th only GM all over it.

  23. reinjosh says:

    ive heard it put forth that a Nabokov for Kipprusoff trade would be good.
    It wasn't a rumor, but it was posed in a recent issue of The Hockey News.
    I think that Kipprusoff get back into a good year, especially with Phaneuf, Bouwmeester, Regehr, Sarich, Pardy, Giordano is front of him and im hesitant to trade him but i can see where it would benefit.
    The only way I would trade him would be if we get someone like Harding or Schneider as part of the package for him. Say a three way trade between the Flames, LA and Minnesota with Kipper going to LA, Harding to the Flames, Frolov to Minny, and other pieces obviously added.
    Or maybe Sutter thinks Quick/Bernier could benefit from the great d he set up and the Flames get someone like Schenn, Frolov and Bernier/Quick.

  24. albertateams says:

    I just think that the flames cap is fine next offseason. They will have to be careful but Sutter can easily make moves without moving a major piece to free up cap space.

  25. albertateams says:

    It would be very difficult to work out a divsional trade for Harding or Schnieder but if a third team was used its possible. A deal like that may be more likely next offseason. Depending on the parts LA could be an option but I think Sutter will stay with Kipper this season.

  26. cam7777 says:

    Yea, but you're not going to replace a point-per-game player like Selanne with 2.625 million.  You're not going to get a defensemen in free agency that is anywhere near even being in the same league as Niedermayer.  You're going to pay twice what they got for Pronger to land a young top-notch defensemen (again, not realistic given the teams financial concerns), and anyone who takes Giguere is sending nearly the same salary back.

    It sounds nice to say they will clear that much money off the cap, but all of those players need to be replaced.  Getzlaf and Perry are signed to affordable deals, but given Ryan's production, his extension will merit him something closer to the deals landed by Paul Stasnty and Anze Kopitar – possibly as much as 7 million.  18 million on 3 forwards is a lot for any team, and really only slightly better than the Sens situation.

    Burke wouldn't be the only GM all over it, but he would certainly have the inside track, having obviously maintained a connection to his old team, and being fully aware of how the entire staff there operates and assesses players.  He knows for instance, that Murray really likes Grabovski and White.  Burke admitted that his organization in Anaheim had really liked Grabovski before the Leafs picked him up, and were looking to pluck him.  Then, just one year ago, it was rumored, and never denied, that White and 1st round pick were on their way to Anaheim for Bobby Ryan – partially on the strength of Murray's feelings towards White.

    Burke wouldn't be the only GM all over it, but the options would be pretty slim.  There will be very few teams next season who will be able to afford to doll out a 6+ million dollar contract either financially, or cap-wise.

    I think you're really overlooking the difficulty that team is going to have when all these veterans leave, and 3 guys on one line are coutned on to hold all the pieces together. 

  27. cam7777 says:

    Did you just suggest that Kipprusoff would merit a return that includes Frolov, Schenn and a good young goalie?  That is preposterous.  Two mediocre-bad years in a row have not improved Kipprusoff's value, and most teams would rather take a shot on someone affordable than give up all that for Kipper.

  28. reinjosh says:

    your completely right
    after i posted that i saw how high that return was and how unlikely it was

  29. reinjosh says:

    i highly doubt that but i guess thats a matter of opinion and we won't really know who's right until next season

  30. albertateams says:

    I don't see how tradeing Ryan will stop Niedermayer and Selanne from retireing. Yes they will have to be replaced but geting rid of a top flight talent like Ryan would leave a void as well. Im just saying that void is going to be there and can be filled with the space they will have financially without tradeing Ryan. Is there another Niedermayer out there no but 6 million will get you a couple of pretty solid d men. If they wanted a top flight d man they never would have traded Pronger, so to think they are going after some one like that isn't realistic.

    I don't think the ducks would have to take back the same salary to move JS. They won't get much back for him but for a team to take on 6 million for one more year after the season is not unrealistic.

    When you lose those veterans of course it is going to be difficult to replace. I see where your coming from but I would rather have Ryan and fill in the d and secound line scoring through the draft and or free agents than trading Ryan.

  31. cam7777 says:

    I would sacrifice Kadri, Grabovski and White to land Ryan.  Do you think the Ducks would consider?  That is the most I would possibly consider, and I would be hard pressed to include Kadri (as oppose to a 1st), but I would do it.  What do you think?

  32. albertateams says:

    They would consider it. The trade is fair but I personally wouldn't I just really like the idea of a top line that has Ryan Perry and Getzlaf. It is a matter of opinion though. I love the way Getzlaf plays the guy is awesome to watch and him and ryan are very tough to handle with that skill and size.

    I just find it interesting that the Ducks are moving away from there solid defense to emphasis on forwards. They're kind of moving from the model that won them a cup and moving more towards a Pitsburg group where you have 3 or 4 key forwards and fill out the forwards with veterans and prospects with a very average D. Its a mjor philosphical change for them and it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  33. albertateams says:

    I was thinking you had Frolov or Schenn not both and one of the young goalies. That would be more realalistic. A change of teams might bring Kipper back to form but as is he is still a top 15 goalie in the league, and this year he might bounce back with a new coach and great D. So Calgary should keep him and see how the season goes.

  34. mojo19 says:

    You're a *****ing genius. I hope something like this happens.

    As for Stempniak, 13 pts in 14 games with the Blues, and 31 points in 61 games with the Leafs. So he put up about 1/3 of his points with the Blues in about 1/5 of his games.

    His production with the Leafs was underwealming, and his play was soft. But you're right, his numbers have never been terrible, and I think we should keep him up and hope he can keep producing at a decent rate, then deal him. I don't see him as a part of this team in the long run.

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