GM Burke, Hlavac, Bertuzzi, Brashear, Dvorak, and GM Sather; Behind the Scenes

Many of you heard of Bertuzzi rumors to the Rangers, and they all sounded false. Many of you are still confused about the Hlavac deal for Brashear. Many of you wonder why Dvorak is having a slumpy 1st half of the season. Many of you are now wondering, where am I going with this.After reading some sources and thinking carefully and hard about all those names mentioned in the title of the article, I must admitt, GM Burke must have had the best plan set up, probably the best by any GM so far. First of all, why did Bruke want Hlavac? Everyone just simply says “Well, he is talented” and so on. Sure, very true, but GM Burke had something else up his sleeve. The trade rumors about Bertuzzi to the Rangers were the right and correct idea. Surprised? Yes, I was too. Why would the Canucks trade Bertuzzi?

If you noticed carefully, the week that Burke landed Hlavac, the rumors for Bertuzzi to the Rangers were circulating around. This is when Radek Dvorak comes along. Starting to get the picture here? Notice that the rumors of Hlavac to Vancouver were very rare, if any were rumored. GM Burke had a plan. His plan was to trade for both Hlavac and Dvorak. Now, to me that is an awesome idea. Remember this, Dvorak and Hlavac were the best of friends, and they still are. Nedved looked at them as brothers, both were very close. Hlavac misses Dvorak and Nedved as does Dvorak miss Hlavac. Nedved is the veteran who knew how to handle these situations as he is having one great season both offensively and defensively.

GM Burke would have traded Bertuzzi, and something more, to the Rangers for Dvorak. GM Sather though, is not stupid. It was true that Sather had interest in Bertuzzi, but if i were Sather and Burke called me up negotiating trades on Bertuzzi, out of the blue, and knowing that Bertuzzi is one of the best Canucks’ players, I would be very suspicious, wouldn’t you? I bet that Burke made an offer for Dvorak before trading for Hlavac, but Sather probably rejected the offers knowing that Dvorak is a keeper, but not only that, it would have sounded too weird to hear an offer from Vancouver for Bertuzzi.

GM Burke had a great plan, to trade for Hlavac and Dvorak, and reunite the two. He would have fooled GM Clarke and GM Sather, but because of Sather’s rejection’s, Burke’s plan failed.

BUT, who knows…maybe Sather and Burke will still negotiate this deal. It is rumored that the Canucks will have a tough time giving Jovanovski a good contract to offer. Will both teams maybe make a deal involving Dvorak, Bertuzzi, Jovanovski, and other Rangers players involved? Or, if Hlavac is a bust in Vancouver, will Sather still make pitch for Hlavac? Personally, I am starting to get a feel as if Dvorak is not as good without Hlavac. Make note though, the Czech Line, last season, did have a poor first half of the season, including Dvorak. Wait until mid-January for trades to happen. Sather will have two options if Dvorak still struggles in the 2nd half. A) Use Dvorak as trade bait for players like Guerin or Amonte. B) Try to get Hlavac back.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Micki Peroni

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