Goalie Bonanza?

Over the past few weeks, there have been many talks about goalies packing their bags and going somewhere else but so far only one trade has gone down (Sean Burke for Mike Comrie). From my perspective the Flyers aren’t that much better between the pipes than they were before, it is an improvement, but we’ll have to see how deep they can go into the playoffs.
Some goalies who have also been mentioned are: Olaf Kolzig (Ollie the Goalie), Nikolai Khabibulin (The Bulin Wall) and to a minor extent Martin Biron and an even lesser extent Trevor Kidd.

There has been speculation that Martin Biron is heading to New York Rangers, but I think this would be a waste of talent, because New York Rangers aren’t going anywhere (wait a minute before the barrage of comments). I think they should start from the ground up. If by the end of the season Alexei Kovalev, Brian Leetch, and maybe Jamie Lundmark are traded, and The Moose retires, then they are almost set for building. They also need to get these oxheads to work together so that they don’t miss the playoffs AGAIN. There’s too much ego in that locker room.

Trevor Kidd has let in to my knowledge, correct me if I’m wrong, 16 goals in the last 4 games he has played while Eddie the Eagle was injured with back pain, he is a real waste of space. Come ON! He let in 5 goals unanswered against Buffalo on Saturday! The Leafs didn’t play great either but that’s horrendous! Quoted from league executive Colin Campbell off the website waymoresports.com, “Trevor Kidd should be working on his game”. Enough said.

I don’t think Nikolai Khabibulin is going anywhere because the Bolts are probably going to win the Southeast division and need him for the playoffs.

I want to see both sides of the spectrum, so say what you want.