Goalie Bonanza?

Over the past few weeks, there have been many talks about goalies packing their bags and going somewhere else but so far only one trade has gone down (Sean Burke for Mike Comrie). From my perspective the Flyers aren’t that much better between the pipes than they were before, it is an improvement, but we’ll have to see how deep they can go into the playoffs.
Some goalies who have also been mentioned are: Olaf Kolzig (Ollie the Goalie), Nikolai Khabibulin (The Bulin Wall) and to a minor extent Martin Biron and an even lesser extent Trevor Kidd.

There has been speculation that Martin Biron is heading to New York Rangers, but I think this would be a waste of talent, because New York Rangers aren’t going anywhere (wait a minute before the barrage of comments). I think they should start from the ground up. If by the end of the season Alexei Kovalev, Brian Leetch, and maybe Jamie Lundmark are traded, and The Moose retires, then they are almost set for building. They also need to get these oxheads to work together so that they don’t miss the playoffs AGAIN. There’s too much ego in that locker room.

Trevor Kidd has let in to my knowledge, correct me if I’m wrong, 16 goals in the last 4 games he has played while Eddie the Eagle was injured with back pain, he is a real waste of space. Come ON! He let in 5 goals unanswered against Buffalo on Saturday! The Leafs didn’t play great either but that’s horrendous! Quoted from league executive Colin Campbell off the website waymoresports.com, “Trevor Kidd should be working on his game”. Enough said.

I don’t think Nikolai Khabibulin is going anywhere because the Bolts are probably going to win the Southeast division and need him for the playoffs.

I want to see both sides of the spectrum, so say what you want.

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  1. mattf says:

    i watched that buffalo game, worst display of goaltending i’ve seen in a loooong time. you’d think that 6’3 figure could stop a few pucks..he has probably the worst lateral movement in a goalie i’ve ever seen – the guy is garbage

  2. Mailman says:

    you people shouldnt rag on kidd so much. yes, hes not exactly vezina material, but he gets the job done when the rest of the team is on task. 2 of those 5 goals if you guys remember were on penaltys, STUPID penaltys. the leafs, knowing kidd was in net, perhaps should be a little more careful on taking calls, and play a little bit harder defensively.

  3. Lint07 says:

    worst lateral movement:

    I am sorry but Roman Cechmaneck is alone in his league.

    no one is even close.

  4. Mailman says:

    i’m starting to think Cechmanek has vertigo as well, because he’s always out of position and he always seems to be flopping around as if he has absolutely no core of balance.

  5. Mailman says:

    i’m starting to think Cechmanek has vertigo as well, because he’s always out of position and he always seems to be flopping around as if he has absolutely no core of balance.

  6. Lint07 says:

    My favorite quote of 2003:

    “Roman Cechmanek is so often out of position, he looks like a drunk guy on roller skates.”

    -Some Philadelphia journalist

  7. Mailman says:

    “i thought Cechy was a better goaltender……oh yeah, hes not “

    and when trevor kidd gave up the puck the other day:

    “and for a brief moment, the sabres thinking they were playing roman cechmanek again”

  8. eagle29 says:

    Khabibulin won’t go anywhere, hes to valuble to the bolts.As for Trevor Kidd,I think he is still a good goalie but not like he was. The Leafs should hang to this guy till after the playoffs then get rid of and bring up Mikeal Tellqvist.

  9. Aetherial says:

    I first mentioned this a couple weeks ago.

    I would like the Leafs to go out and get an insurance goaltender.

    Belfour’s injury is not serious but it is nagging and it is constant it seems at this point. I think maybe there is also a little bit of the Leafs giving him a *rest*. Expect to see him take a few more breaks before the playoffs. Last year, he looked as tired as the rest of the Leaf team.

    I can’t see them putting Tellqvist into the playoffs unless it was an emergency. I doubt they want to throw the guy in like that.

    So that leaves Kidd. Good lord has he looked bad. Worse, the Leafs look shakey and bad in front of him. Poor goaltending is often a two-way street with the team losing faith in the goalie and the goalie sucking.

    I would like to see the Leafs pick up a decent veteran goaltender. Not a huge move, just someone fairly solid who can come in a spell Belfour if he goes down in the playoffs. I have no idea who may be out there who could be had cheap… Dafoe maybe?

  10. Flyers_01 says:

    I would think that Belfours back problems are really worrying the Leafs Brass. He has missed and continues to miss significant time because of them. Even if his back get’s better for the short term there’s no guarantee it won’t return at the worst time.

    Kidd sucks and Tellquist is the rumored starter for the Leafs next game. My prediction is a Gonchar/Kolzig trade for prospects/draft picks and cash.

  11. Kashin says:

    The bolts #1 goalie is Grahme. Unlike the bulin wall he doesnt choak. Khabibulin is still a good goalie he is still a good starter but Grahme is also. They can get some value for Khabibulin. The leafs i think are too afraid to start telqvist.

  12. flyersfan10897 says:

    i highly doubt kolzig will be thrown in to be an insurance backup. washington isnt just going to throw him away for the prospects and draft picks that the leafs dont have. on the other hand, that trade would probably require colaiacovo and stajan and i wouldnt mind seeing the leafs get older.

  13. Flyers_01 says:

    I don’t know that Kolzig has alot of trade value. Gonchar sure, he’ll cost alot. Kolzig on the other hand is a veteren Goalie making way to much money. Look at the Jagr trade, the Caps had to eat half his contract and still only got back Anson Carter. (On the plus side though, it’s great to see the Rangers be even worse after acquiring Jagr than before the trade).

    I think the closer to the trade deadline Kolzig’s trade value becomes questionable. High longterm contract for only an aging above average goalie.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on waivers if he’s not traded as the caps are in an all-out cost cutting mode and really should let Ouellet play the rest of the season for experience.

  14. Kevo13 says:

    “I have no idea who may be out there who could be had cheap…”

    What about Brent Johnson… I have no idea where The Blues stand with him.. But he proved that he could get the job done in the 2001/02 playoffs posting 3 straigth shutouts in the first round of the playoffs against Chicago that year.

  15. Mailman says:

    tellqvist is starting today…lol

  16. Mailman says:


  17. greatlife15 says:

    The rest of the team is on task most of the time. There is no excuse whatsoever to let in 15 or so goals in 4 games! Someone wrote that if a team is having to score 4 goals to get a point or get nothing then you know something is wrong. You know what is wrong? Kidd is wrong. I say trade him for a roll of hockey tape and a puck.

  18. greatlife15 says:

    Someone wrote above something about Cechmanek? Where did he go, haven’t heard about him all year long.

  19. greatlife15 says:

    In my last paragraph in the article, I wrote that Khabibulin wasn’t going anywhere.

  20. Lint07 says:

    he’s giving soft goals in L.A. now 😉

  21. stoptya says:

    I agree with most of the stuff you said, however, I think darn near every team has a goalie they are willing to part with. Lots of big name talent with high salaries to go along with them. The only place Kidd should be is the unemployment agency to get a job selling insurance or something ( he’s brutal ) Another name reportedly on the move may be Salo, but he hasn’t played well since the infamous goal from center ice against Belarus in the ’02 olympics. Turek from Calgary has been relying on his past from his days in St. Louis to get him by these days. Cechmanek has given up, he shows no desire to succeed with the Kings, he has to go ( maybe see Kidd above ) I really don’t think that Burke is the answer in Philly, but seeing the flyers skidding looks good on Clarke. Dunham has showed signs of potential in N.Y. but the team sucks, he gets no help…ever and everything gets magnified there. Too bad for him, looks good on Sather and the rangers boo hoo. So there is a few names said to be on the block but if I were a gm, I wouldn’t be selling out the future to have them in my line up. Other names I’ve heard include Khabibulin but with the lightning dangerously close to having a franchise best year, I dont think he will be leaving. If Tampa lets him go, they will be richly rewarded I’m sure. Auld from Van has been rumored to go somewhere, but that would be foolish as he could easily be Van’s starter right now. Unfortunately for some reason Burke has a boner for Cloutier still. How many times does this guy need to shit the bed before they deal him ? Biron has been rumored, but I think Buffalo is still willing to see how their season goes before a deal for him happens. Kolzig may get moved out of Wash. to complete their salary cutting season and he may be an impact player to pick up going into the playoffs. Still he makes alot of money, he can’t be a backup, has to be your #1 guy. I think any team with serious stanley cup contention already has their goaltending shored up for the stretch. One player I would love to see moved is Manny Legace, although he is never rumored, he must be getting fed up with always being the odd man out in Detroit. Any other team he would be a starter for sure. He would be a great catch for any team

  22. wheresthesoda says:

    i think the rangers should start there rebuilding with a trade with the sabres, rangers should try and aqcuire afinegenov and biron.

    for the rangers i think biron would be a step in the right direction, talented goalie, doesnt steal games but its a start.

    or the rangers should try 2 aqcuire manny fernandez, he has lost his job to all star roloson. manny has no future in minnesota as a backup, i wouldnt mind seeing him play for the rangers in the near future, he showed talent in dallas and i think he could show talent in NY.

    hopefully sather wont bring in any big names thinking the rangers could make a playoff run. its to late. the injury bug hit the rangers at the wrong time, every team deals with injuries, you gotta play through em. look at the islanders..missing there top 2 scorers. doing great

  23. AxisofEvil says:

    The Sabres are two games back of Montreal and the Islanders for the 8th and final playoff spot, I don’t think Biron will be going anywhere unless the Sabres completely implode and fall out of playoff contention. I also would be very upset to see the Sabres let go of Afinogenov, because we’ve been developing him very slowly and it looks as if he’s finally becoming the player he’s capable of. He draws many comparisons to two other Russians: Pavel Bure and Sergei Samsonov; I think his maximum potential would be similar to Samsonov rather than Bure but we can always hope. Derek Roy might be a player the Sabres would be interested in dealing, he is also a small, speedy guy who is a capable playmaking (rookie) center. The Sabres are well stocked for the future in net with Noronen and Ryan Miller for next year; so Biron could definately be moved but not until after the season.

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