Goalie Debate

Over the past few months a lot of writers have been saying that the Rangers don’t have what it takes to get to the next step because they don’t have a true number one Goalie. Mikster strongly disagrees with this? Who is right?

According to the “Waymoresports” annual forcaster Richter is rated as the 14 goalie in the league. Still in the upper half of goaltenders in the league but is this being to harsh on a goalie that took his team to the gold medal match at the olympics, who clearly stole some games for the Rangers last year?

My thoughts on this are, reporters get boared in the summer, they try to read scandel into everything. The fact that Richter was signed for less, and actually was allowed to become a UFA made reporters feel he was less valuble, over the hill, a lost cause even. But is that so? I don’t think that is what Glen Sather was trying to say. I think he was making a smart move as a GM. If you can keep a goalie of his calabre on your team and pay him much less then the Josephs and Belfours of the league you are very smart. Back to the forcaster, they rated the goalies in the following order.

1) Theodore

2) Roy

3) Brodeur

4) Burke

5) Khabibulin

6) Salo

7) Joseph

8) Nabakov

9) Turek

10) Luongo

11) Johnson

12) Lalime

13) Irbe

14) Richter

15) Belfour

Now I don’t like the Rangers, never have, but I have to side with Mikster on this point, I think Richter is still an elite goalie, he just does not have the defence around him. As for the forcaster, I could easily see Richter in the top ten, I would take Richter for this up coming season over the likes of Turek, Johnson, Salo Irbe, and Lalime at least. So let the great debate begin, does this list surprise you? Who is notibly missing, who should be missing but isnt? And finally, do you truly think Richter is a 14th rank goalie or higher?