Going, Going, Gustavsson?

Rumors are swirling once again about the Toronto Maple Leafs, and their struggles as of late: the penalty kill is where it’s been for a good part of the season, in last, and the goaltending has been troublesome. Let’s think about Jonas Gustavsson for a second: he’s signed until the end of this season, and one would think he has no intention of resigning with his current team for many reasons: primarily the fans have not been kind to him, and perhaps he believs he has what it takes to be a starting goaltender. So, who’s in the market for a backup-with-potential? The Devils, Lightening, Blue Jackets, and of course the Islanders (lol) are all possible contenders. Let’s jump in and look:

To NJ:
Jonas Gustavsson
Nikolai Kulemin
Jussi Rynas

To Toronto:
Zach Parise
Dainius Zubrus

Why this trade works (for both teams!): The devils now have their goaltending problem solved, or at least have 2 goalies to play with. Kulemin+Kovalchuk=great chemistry by the way! Toronto Gets Parise. Enough said. Also Zubrus will provide veteranship, and the Latvian leader will help out, as New Jersey has the top penalty kill in the league.

To Tampa:
Jonas Gustavsson
Matthew Lombardi

To Toronto:
Adam Hall
Ryan Malone

To Columbus:
Jonas Gustavsson

To Toronto:
RJ Umberger


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  1. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    You're on all kinds of crack bro.

  2. Steven_Leafs says:

    Toronto definitely not giving up enough in all 3 deals. Also any trade that will send Gustavsson will require Toronto taking on a veteran goalie back (unless they plan to sign Turco which I hear no one is at the moment).

    So the deals would be somthing like:

    To NJ:
    Jonas Gustavsson
    Nikolai Kulemin
    Jussi Rynnas (I wouldn't move him if we are moving Gustavsson personally but whatever)
    (something else)

    To Toronto:
    Zach Parise
    Johan Hedberg

    To Tampa:
    Jonas Gustavsson
    Matthew Lombardi
    (something else)

    To Toronto:
    Ryan Malone
    Dwayne Roloson

    To Columbus:
    Jonas Gustavsson
    (something else)

    To Toronto:
    RJ Umberger
    Curtis Sandford

    then maybe Toronto signs Turco to a 1 year $0.550M contract to see if he can fight Reimer/Veteran for the top slot. I wouldn't mind that at all.

  3. Steven_Leafs says:

    Anyone else here giggle like a little girl to see the U.S. eliminated by the Czechs?

    It was a really good game though, despite being short handed for almost half the game, the Czechs really had an excellent defensive game, and the goalie was really fun to watch.


  4. Sharxfan20 says:

    The fact that you say Marty Turco is a solution is totally off the wall….If u really believe that the Leafs should go after a veteran goalie, Evgeni Nabokov is the obvious choice.  Not that it would even get to that, but the Leafs would w/o a doubt trade before they sign. Think about Gustavsson's situation. Is he happy in Toronto? Probably not as happy as he should be. think about his cir*****stances, and how the fans have treated him in such conditions. Signing Marty Turco @this point is totally a silly idea. ALSO….Curtis Sanford?!?! Dude, hes the saving grace in Columbus. Mason has been disastrous, Dekanich and York both havent done anything to help the team, so they go with sanford. It doesn't make any sense, as Id consider Sanford a downgrade to Gustavsson. :/

  5. Steven_Leafs says:

    I'm not saying that Turco is a solution, I just meant that if we are trading Gustavsson, in addition to the veteran we would have to get back I wouldn't mind seeing Turco signed as a no.3 goalie. I've always been a Turco fan and even though his chances of making the Leafs squad are slim to none I still would like to see him in the NHL. Plus you never know, quite a few goalies are shocking us this year, picking up Turco at minimum salary seems like a no risk move to me. That being said I can care less if we do it, I just thought it would be cool.

    Also Columbus is not making the playoffs, so Sanford (no matter how well he is doing), is not Columbus' saving grace. And unless the Blue Jackets get a big goalie like Rask or Schneider they wont trade away Mason which makes Sanford expendable if they are trading for a goalie. Which brings up an interesting point: why did you make a trade offer that sends a goalie like Gustavsson to Columbus if you think Sanford is their man?

    Besides I didn't say Toronto or the other teams should do any of these deals, I was just pointing out that the Leafs would have to give up more and that Toronto needs to get a goalie back to replace Gustavsson as backup.

  6. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    hahha yeah, Czech goalie is the man.

    and Phaneuf, Kessel, Liles and Lupul too, 
    but REIMER was 1st the whole time and is now 10,000 votes behind Thomas….
    Obviously Thomas deserves the first place finish a lot more, but come on, Reimer at the All-Star game would be jokes.
  7. habs79 says:

    There is no way in hell New Jersey trades one of their top forwards for "2 goalies to play with" and a 3rd liner (4 goals in 37 games enough said). On top of that you want Zubrus as well which makes this suggestion even more hilarious. On a side note Zubrus is Lithuanian not Latvian two different countries.

    As for your Tampa trade:
    Mathieu Garon 10 W 2.76 GAA .906 S%
    Gustavsson      9 W 3.28 GAA .898 S%
    Why would Tampa make a trade for a goalie that is clearly NOT an improvement over what they have, and a center they DON'T need, especially one with concussion problems.
    Columbus is last in the NHL, if they trade Umberger it's going to be for a prospect and/or draft pick. NOT a goalie that is (a) not an improvement over what they have and (b) an UFA at the end of the season.
  8. habs79 says:

    Gustavsson      9 W 3.28 GAA .898 S%

    Hedberg         10 W 2.45 GAA .913 S%
    Not only do you want one of New Jersey's top forwards, you want the better goalie. Seriously you think that would work. Really?
    Gustavsson has better numbers than Roloson, but not Garon (Tampa's current starter). Also Tampa doesn't need another center, especially one with concussion problems.
    Let's forget the fact that Stanford has the better numbers. Columbus is LAST in the NHL. If they trade Umberger and/or Sanford, it will be for prospect(s) and/or pick(s)
  9. lafleur10 says:

    if the leafs are trading for parise it'll be reimer not gustavsson going the other way! the devils aren't taking a career below average backup ,and trading a superstar in parise for that! any deal will involve reimer, schenn,+ other stuff burke can't and won't rip off lou lamoriello it would be the other way with lamoiello getting the better end of a trade.

  10. lafleur10 says:

    yeah i'm glad the americans are out! way to go czechs!

  11. dumbassdoorman says:

    Your return of reimer, Schenn + other stuff would only happen if Parise was signed to an extention first. I know you are going to disagree but seriously that+ for a UFA rental…….not happening

  12. GO_LEAFS_GO_Noni says:

    Make it a conditional with a first round pick going to New Jersey Devils if Parise gets resigned. 

  13. MystifoLeafs says:

    Kovi/Hossa never got a Schenn + Reimer return why would Parise? 

  14. Sharxfan20 says:

    Yes  my bad on the Zubrus error. That being said, I just cannot see Gustavsson remaining with the team past the trade deadline. As I'm sure you can see, Gustavsson has potential, albeit less then he originally had. Would he not be an attractive piece to add for a team like the Devils?

  15. habs79 says:

    Actually no I don't see the Devils having any interest in him at all. His numbers this season are considerably below Hedberg. He is a free agent at the end of the season, and the fact that you think Parise and Zubrus would have to go the other way is an absolute joke.

  16. lafleur10 says:

    because don wadell isn't doing the deal that's why!

  17. lafleur10 says:

    you won't get parise if that stuff isn't going the other way period!

  18. GO_LEAFS_GO_Noni says:

    also by doing this the leafs are fixing 1 hole but messing up 2+ spots on the rosters which would be VERY hard to replace. Reimer could be a franchise goaltender for the leafs and the same goes for schenn, a franchise defenseman. 

  19. toronto77 says:

    For the first time this season the leafs do not hold a playoff spot, which should put more pressure on them.

    There is something about the leafs and second period debacles. No matter how good or bad we play in the first period we always seem to lose the game in the second period also by taking too many penalties.

    Phaneuf and Schenn are the two worst defencemen. to me, phaneuf is not doing enough to be a captain, when this team is playing like shit, what is this guy doing to motivate his team? he has to start throwing a lot more of those big hits from his rookie season. He also cannot make as many mistakes as he has made this season. As captain, you do not have to be the best player(which is what phaneuf is trying to do) who have to make the least amount of mistakes to set an example, and to show your team mates that they can count on you.

    As for Schenn, I have never seen a defensmen screen his own goaltender as much as his has.

    I still think Wilson is to blame, we still have yet to win a game under his extension. and still have yet to scare the opposition at the ACC.

    Opposing players and teams love playing at the ACC but Burke wants to take that away and make the opposition scared to play here, which is what Phaneuf and Schenn have failed to do, but also Wilson has failed to do. I think only the young leaf players are scaring themselves with the pressure to play here.

  20. senators_choke says:

    This is simply not a playoff team. Even when we got off to a flying start, we were outplayed most games. From the get-go, I've never been happy with how we've played this year.

    And we also only beat crappy teams. Except for that Pittsburgh game back in October, I can't recall beating any contender. That right there says it all.

  21. mojo19 says:

    Ya sorry buddy, I gotta agree with everyone else, except in the Tampa trade.

    That Tampa one is actually pretty fair, but there's no way I would wanna take on that Ryan Malone contract, I would hate it. So I'd say no to that one if I were the Leafs.

  22. toronto77 says:

    So Florida will make the playoffs this year, which will make the leafs the one and only team in the NHL to not make the playoffs since the lockout.

  23. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Embarassing. I said this back in November that the team did not look good when they were winning games. I said a downfall whill happen…And it looks like it is now.

  24. senators_choke says:

    I remember that LeafsNation91, you and I were the only ones!!

    In October, some Leaf fans were knocking us, saying the sign of a good team is when it wins even when playing poorly. True, but that only applies to teams that usually play well but have the occasional bad game.

    Anyway, the good news is we're generally headed in the right direction. A very young team and stock piling young talent. We're in the right direction, that's the important thing.

  25. lafleur10 says:

    yeah and parise is a superstar franchise forward i doubt reimer will be a franchise goaltender,however he will be a very good goaltender and it would take him and schenn to land parise!

  26. reinjosh says:

    Yeah I have no interest in Malone even by himself. He's injury prone. But we don't have a need for another 4 million plus winger. I'd rather spend that on a top line center. 

  27. MystifoLeafs says:

    I never really noticed this before but damn HTR has a much better community than most other sites. 

    I mean I went on Bleacher Report because some times they have a good read. (It is rare but there are a few gems.) Anyways they had a article titled "Why The Leafs Should Not Trade For Eric Staal." I figured he may have some good points…. Bad Mistake…
    1. They critique his point production for the year which I will admit is low for his high cap hit but you got to remember he has nothing really playing around him. I mean outside of Jeff Skinner there is a real lack of firepower. Reminds me of what Phil Kessel was like. Only difference is Phil does not have a set up man and Staal does not have a finisher. You think we would be pumped to have Staal setting up Kessel but according to these guys it's a "bad move."
    2. This has to be my favorite point in this article. "Toronto would likely have to give up a package of prospects that could include Joe Colborne, Jake Gardiner, Nazem Kadri and Matt Frattin" I would like to know where this magical cap space is coming from maybe he suspects us to put both Komi and Lombardi on LTIR (Which we can't.)
    3. Now this is what made me giggle a bit "shaving cap room this season and getting big players in free agency after this season, when star players such as Zach Parise, Shea Weber, James Neal and Alexander Semin are all restricted or unrestricted free agents." Now I agree these players would be nice but as of right now we have a lot of money tied up in our back end to make Weber a bit moot. James Neal is going to be locked up bit Pittsburgh he is meshing with Malkin. Semin will want hefty money and lets face it will be eaten alive in Toronto. Parise I really like and would be a upgrade over Lupul but the fact is he might be re upped by New Jersey and a Zach Parise is a lot easier to find than a Eric Staal. Big Centers are not growing on trees and because of this If we can grab a Eric Staal we should be jumping for joy. 
    End Rant.
  28. KingCanada says:

    Their goalie Mrazek looks like the real deal!  Another late round steal by Detroit…

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