Gooden-dough Up to his Old Tricks

You might think that the fact an NHL season has been lost, there’s the very real possibility of replacement players being used, there’s a good chance teams may go under and the union will lose jobs might have some effect on Goodenow – of course you’d be dead wrong.

The league met today and what they talked about has already been released. Read on for more…

…TSN, ESPN and just about everyone else is reporting that the league not only made an offer today to the NHLPA, but in fact made two offers. Let’s examine what we know (so far) about the deals.

Deal One: $37.5 million salary cap independent of revenue numbers

This deal is basically the same one that was offered on deadline day, only five million less. Unlike that offer in February, this deal was open to negotiation.

We heard PA rumblings after the February offer that they were upset there was no revenue sharing (something I agree with them on) and that they were upset there was no room for negotiation. So, with negotiation open and the chance to add revenue sharing, Bob must have been jumping to negotiate, right? Wrong. You would think the union had spent the past month – oh, I don’t know – thinking about what to do when the league made a new proposal. Well, apparently not. Rather than trying to negotiate the number up or offer a counter-proposal at (let’s say) $45 million with revenue sharing, Goodenow and the good-time gang simply took off and said they’ll think about it.

Amazing. Absolutely no sense of urgency or any desire to get a deal done. Anyways, more of my opinion to follow. Let’s look at the second option offered to the PA.

Deal Two: linkage set at 54% of revenues – whatever they might be

This is a basic linkage deal, where the players earn what the owners think (or what the PA can negotiate) is a fair share of the revenue. Basically, if the league makes two billion in revenue, the players will end up taking just over one billion of that home. Of course, I don’t think the league will end up making two billion. So, let’s set the league-wide revenue at 1.5 billion and see what this would mean to the players.

54% of 1.5 billion = $810 million

$810 million divided by 30 teams = $27 million per team

Of course, that’s the first year, let’s say that by year six of the CBA, the revenue (thanks to better marketing of teams, players being more involved, an opening up of the game to allow more scoring, rule changes to entice new fans, marketing of the game by third parties like Reebok, etc) is up to three billion, which I don’t think is too hard to imagine.

54% of 3 billion = $1 billion, 620 million.

$1.62 billion divided by 30 teams = 54 million per team

And these numbers are based on the what is no-doubt a low-ball offer from the league. The PA might be able to bump this up to as high as 60%, which would mean even more money for players.

But, of course, rather than negotiate or show interest in this offer, the PA simply said they’d consider it and “see ya soon!”.

I can’t believe that during the time away from “negotiations”, the PA made no preparations to counter any league proposal. I mean, they must have known the league would re-open negotiations with a 50-55% linkage or a cap around 35-40 million. Well, what do ya know, they offered both.

Now, if I was in the union leadership, I would have said, “hey, let’s prepare a counter-proposal based on what we know the league will offer and be ready to get right into negotiations again.” Rather than do this, they simply left the table without offering or negotiating on either of the offers.

Of course, I realize this might be part of Goodenow’s plan – waiting ‘til the last minute like he always does. Hell, it got him a ridiculous CBA the last two times around – why not try again? Well, how about because you already tried it this time around. It failed. You cost the league the season and your players (who pay you!) a year of their short careers and hundreds of millions of dollars in salary and endorsements.

The time for stall tactics is over, and the time for real negotiation is here. Okay, I accept that the leagues two offers might be a little low, but they’re open for negotiation. For the love of the game, at least negotiate or offer a counter-proposal.

If I was a player, I would be furious about this and would call for the removal of Goodenow. It’s time to get a deal done. Before the league brings in replacement players. Before the WHA opens a league with a 10 million cap. Before the fans lose even more interest in the game and in the players. Before the players have no respect whatsoever. Before many of this era’s greatest players are forced into retirement by age. Before teams like Carolina and Nashville disappear and take union jobs with them – possibly mine.

Mr. Goodenow, get real. The time for serious negotiation is now. You blew your chance at a reasonable cap in February. If I was the league I would be going for the jugular at this time – offering a $35 million cap – take it or leave it, and then bringing in replacement players if you refused. Instead they offered two fair starting points. NEGOTIATE.

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  1. ericthered1961 says:

    “Instead they offered two fair starting points.”

    I beg to differ. This offer only featured 2 changes- they offered:

    1% less in the revenue sharing

    a cap of 37.5 million instead of 42.5 million

    Dump the weasal.

    Bob and the NHLPA- keep it up and stand your ground and don’t blink!


  2. markjohnston says:

    that’s why I said “starting points”. it’s where you start.

    if the PA wanted something else…they should have…oh, I don’t know…ASKED FOR IT

    why would the league “dump the weasal” (weasel by the way) when he’s getting them exactly what they want and are losing less money this way than the old way?

  3. N25philly says:

    The PA has got to be the biggest collection of idiots ever. In what business does the owners garauntee that the workers will get 54% of all the money made no matter what? I’m biggining to hope they use replacement players and never let these overpayed babies back. Maybe then we will have players that actually want to play.

  4. big_booty says:

    Goodenow and Saskin have been preaching that the last CBA and the deal that they have been trying to get for this one should be based on what they call a “free-market system.”

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t a “linkage” deal, or “percentage of the gross,” or whatever else you want to call it, a “free-market system?”

    If the “market” goes up (i.e. meaning that there is increased gross revenue), then the players make more money. If the “market” goes down, then they don’t make as much.

    Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? What is so difficult about that?

    While Gary Bettman and the owners are trying to do what’s best for the collective health of all the League’s franchises, Goodenow seems to only want to protect the interests of the chosen few who make tons of money already.

    I guess it’s easier to throw a Mike Commodore under the bus than it is a Craig Leopold.

  5. markjohnston says:

    no, free market means that if the team wants to get a player, they should be able to offer an unlimited amount of money without punishment.

    but I agree that linkage is the way to go. the players seem to think that they ARE the game. well, then how much you make is up to you.

    if they work hard on promoting the game, they could double or triple their share of the revenue.

  6. Flyers_01 says:

    Sorry, you are wrong. They offered a minimum salary floor in the 20 millions which is something the union was asking for. They did not reduce the revenue sharing, they reduced the maximum linked cap by 1 percent.

    Frankly, unless you have some facts to back up your empty rhetoric, those are 2 starting points for negotiation. If Bob says no to both of them, it’s time to start the paperwork on the impasse, and with very good reason.

  7. Flyers_01 says:

    There are 3 ways the league can win this.

    1) Linked Salary cap

    2) Unlinked Salary cap

    3) Replacement players that the fans go to see which is the worst option of the 3 ie.. phyrric victory.

    In that order.

    There’s 3 ways the players will not lose any more money in this :

    1) Unlinked Salary cap

    2) Linked Salary cap

    3) Replacement players that the fans DO NOT go to see which likely places the league in worse financial situation.

    There’s only 1 way Bob Goodenow can save any face :

    3) Replacement players that fans don’t go to see which likely places the league in it’s worse financial and fan situation.

    Guess which way this is headed? I know some people are saying the owners only want to break the union but the union is only doing it to themselves. Sticking their heads in the sand and holding their employers hostage has always worked before which is why they are going to die with that mentality now. The only positive is that maybe other sports unions may take notice that if you go to far, you can get squashed.

    Notice the steroid hearings in baseball. Guess which party is the only one who doesn’t want tougher drug laws and independent drug testing? The union. Not that this is a baseball forum but steroids have had a profound effect on that game mainly because drugs have unable to be regulated because of the union. I hope the league crashes and burns.

  8. Serdy says:

    Has anyone seen those new New Balance commercials? For love or Money is the message. I think they may be talking about hockey…

  9. Flyer_Fan says:

    It boggles the mind how stupid these players are.

    (You can’t totally blame the union leaders for this lockout)

    It’s time for the masses to stand up and be heard!

    I think most of the players know how lucky they are to be getting paid to play a game.

    More teams, means more “hockey jobs”.

    Without a cap, those extra “jobs” will not be there!

  10. Aetherial says:

    The union probably believes they will *win* this thing if an impasse is declared.

    I think they are wrong.

    I believe if they block replacement players in the courts, the owners will NOT offer a better deal to the NHLPA.

    In fact, I think this may galvanize the owners further against the NHLPA. The ones on the fence may also say “screw you”.

    We get an impasse and replacements…

    OR we get the replacements blocked…

    and the players *victory* backfires as the owners start with REAL hardball.

    I do not see a scenario where the players *win*. I don’t see a scenario where they even get a deal as good as the last one offered.

  11. oglethorpe says:

    Cap schmap-without meaningful revenue sharing(look to the NFL )small market teams are still going nowhere. How will a 37.5 million cap help Pittsburgh? Edmonton? Calgary? All it will do is help the big money teams make more money. It may do something to help parity(however the parity afforded by trap systems hasn’t been too good for the game), but in the long run a cap without meaningful(re: not only playoff based) revenue sharing is a band aid at best.

  12. markjohnston says:

    as I said in the article, the PA should negotiate that in.

    also, a 37.5 cap will help all those teams…since 37.5 is a lot less than 80, 70, 60, 50 or 40 million – which teams have spent in the past.

  13. 19Yzerman says:

    Those replacement players you speak of will eventualy become overpayed babies who will do the same thing as the current players. If they feel they can go on strike and get more they will. What makes you think that the NHL will be able to find 700 hockey players that posess a quality of talent worthy of what would be considered entertainment and will not ever become greedy and demand more money???

  14. oglethorpe says:

    Uhhm, the National Basketball Association?

  15. oglethorpe says:

    Right you are. I do think the PA is letting the league sweat a bit here. This whole negotiation has been about both sides posturing instead of bargaining and as different milestones pass the pressure changes from side to side. With the season already lost the players can now afford to sit back for a week and see what happens. Lame yes, but when in Rome…

  16. 19Yzerman says:

    Tv ratings are down and the TV net works actions of not showing any AHL or NCAA suggests that only NHL skill level players are worthy of TV slot times. Which brings me back to my question What makes you think that the NHL will be able to find 700 hockey players that posses a quality of talent worthy of what would be considered entertainment and will not ever become greedy and demand more money??? The only players who are even close to being of NHL skill level know they stand to earn a lot of money just as those who proceeded them did and will play hard ball as the NHL attempts to play hard ball with any and all players who intend to play in the NHL.

    Also fans who would be going to see games will not want to pay the same amount of money to see inferior skill displayed without paying less for doing so. Hence the idea of replacements is only a way the threaten the NHLPA and both sides know it. Soon owners will have to sell those season tickets and buyers will want to know who they will be paying to see not only as the home team but, also who is on the visiting teams roster also.

    I am sure a lot of players would play for less money and some might be willing to play for almost nothing. However not when owners are charging fans 80.00 for a game ticket with parking, game programs ,concessions and souvenirs driving expenditures over 150.00 per person.

  17. wingedim says:

    Yes the deals were less than the last go around…how can you offer more, when your revenue is decreasing daily because of the lock out and the inablilty to come to a new agreement.

    The weasel said after the season was cancelled that any offer put forward now was going to be less than the one previous, he’s just being true to his word…

  18. wingedim says:

    You are correct about the quality of talent will be less, however, I do believe that you will get some of the displaced Euros playing, hence taking the job (how ever temporarily) from a PA member. I also think that some of the low to mid range guys are going to cross the line and play so that they can get a steady income to support their families. The PA is going to run out of money to pay the players before the league runs out of their money.

  19. aafiv says:

    First of all you’re a complete tool if you believe that the owners hadn’t cancelled the season years ago when they announced their $300-million war chest. That was clearly not the players’ fault. The owners have had “cancelled” on their calendars for a long, long time.

    Secondly, how dare you point to the PA and demand that they negotiate. They are and have been the ONLY side that has made innovative offers in this dispute. The owners keep coming back with the same old proposals that fail and have demonstrated a total lack of willingness to negotiate.

    This whole problem has been caused by bad management on the owners’ part. If the NHL goes under, if teams fail, it’s not the players’ fault.

    If the owners bring in ringers the league is dead. No one will pay top dollar or watch a single game on TV if they do that. Will you? I won’t.

    I can go watch ECHL or AHL games anytime I want to now for less than the price of an NHL ticket – why-the-hell would I pay NHL money to see the same guys? The owners are fools!

  20. Flyers_01 says:

    Good troll post but what the hey, news is really slow with the lockout.

    Just because the owners were prepared for the lockout doesn’t mean they were gunning for it. It was the players who decided to play chicken with the owners, not negotiating until this season was about to be cancelled. The owners had tried to get the players to the table for years.

    The players have made offers designed to make alot of noise without meaning anything. If the players had made revenue sharing among the owners instead of the cap their main sticking point, they might have a little support. As it is we have $10 million dollar men claiming they can’t feed their dogs on less than that. Sorry, the players have done not one positive thing during this lockout. The Wayne and Mario fiasco? Ouch. If the players were led by the 3 stooges, it would be an upgrade.

    I don’t really care if you’ll not watch the NHL. It’ll still be the best hockey around. If they use replacement players you’ll either watch the AHL players playing under NHL logos you will watch ECHL players play in the AHL. I think i’ll watch Jeff Carter and Mike Richards and you can watch lower quality hockey.

    Every analyst has said that the players are fools and Goodenow especially after miscalculating the owners resolve. I don’t think you’ll find much basis for support other than random trolling.

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