Got Beer?

The Tampa Bay Lightning have offered a new promotion- anyone who buys season tickets for 2004-2005 will be allowed unlimited consumption of beer, at all home games. As a matter of fact, they unveiled this promotion at Saturday’s game 2 loss to Philly, further offering anyone who was willing to drop a $100 deposit (for the upcoming season) free beer for the day (25 took them up on the offer, and I guess it started to pay off that day, during a 6-2 defeat)…..

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This is another unfortunate black eye on the league, and small market teams. Local police in Tampa/St. Pete are outraged, and members of M.A.D.D. have already been quite outspoken on the offer. They are citing this act as irresponsible.

This kind of drives home my point, previously made, with regard to lack of interest in a small market. It is painfully obvious that you do not live in a hockey town when this type of promotion has to surface.

Nothing overly positive can actually come from this type of publicity. The league has difficulty gaining interest from the outside world on it’s own. In a year where we keep hearing the word “lockout” and the highly publicized Todd Bertuzzi incident, I am not sure this is such a wise promotion…..

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