Has Anyone Seen 'The Cat'?

Chicoutimi, St. John’s, Toronto, New York, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Boston, I lost Felix Potvin somewhere between these places on my radar screen. Someone tell me where The Cat is? How is it possible that Potvin is out of work in this new NHL?

Goaltending holes all over the league, yet no one has a spot for The Cat. Granted Felix struggled between 1998 and 2001 but when he joined the LA Kings late in the 2001 season he appeared to have found his game once again, and yet again in 2003-2004 with the Boston Bruins.

You can’t tell me teams like Edmonton, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Columbus, or Colorado can’t afford to take a chance with a 34 year old veteran goalie who still has alot to give a team. The old style game is back, The Cat’s reflexes were made for this type of game, just look back to 92-93 and 93-94 seasons with the Leafs.

As long as a team has a solid defensive presence in front of him he will be able to help a team. He would provide a veteran calm for all the players in the lineup, not having to worry about a young goalie night in, night out. The Cat is what he is, a solid, capable NHL veteran goaltender with quick reflexes and a wealth of experience.

If a Chris Osgood can last this long in the league, surely there must be a spot for Felix ‘The Cat’ Potvin. Mike Vernon lasted a long time in the NHL on marginal talent as did a plethora of other goalies ranging from Kirk Maclean to Darren Puppa and Jon Casey. I’m thinking Felix Potvin would look great in an Edmonton Oiler jersey, what do you think?

All I know is, if Ed Belfour goes down to injury for some reason, I hope JFJ will put the call out to Felix ‘The Cat’ Potvin and bring him in whether it be as back up or a starter. Theres alot of scratch left in that Cat.

Craig MacTavish make it happen! Potvin to the Oilers would be the best move in net for you to make at the moment in the short term and possibly a little beyond. The Cat is only a league minimum contract away, snag him.

Kick Save And A Beauty!

What A Snare By Potvin!