Hatcher Grows a Pair of Wings

The Detroit Red Wings have signed physical stay at home defenseman Derian Hatcher to a 5 year deal contract worth $30M.

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  1. starsgirl25 says:


    i’m not a stars fan today, unless they do something that makes up for this.


  2. n00dles says:

    nice counter-move by the wings and hatcher also comes kinda cheap.

    4 million left to spend, i guess for eating a chunk of either cujos or haseks salary depending on who is traded.

    only thing is a decent #1 center is still missing. yzerman is not finished but he also is no longer capable to lead the first line.

    next season should end the discussion if defense or offense wins championships

  3. B-man says:

    Damnit! The rangers should have gone after him!

    They need a derain hatcher type player!


  4. UltimateB says:

    In the immortal words of captain murphy, from sealab 2021…


    This is beautiful! Wings retain wooley, their style d-man, and sign hatcher, who brings what the d has missed since we lost Konstantinov.

    Wow. And we thought Jiri Fischer was mean and tough when CHELIOS was his mentor. I’d like to see Todd Bertuzzi try to have his way with the Wings now…

    Excellent move. It’s tough to lose Sergei and watch Colorado, of all teams, sign 2 HUGE free agents. But then again…







    Well, I can’t complain. This is HUGE for the wings.

    So what about forwards? How about…





    oooh, I can’t wait!

  5. LetsGoPanthers says:

    Now this move makes me happy for a number of reasons.

    1-Now the Wings have a physical/stay-at-home defenseman thats NOT 40 something.

    2-Mike Modano will be the new captain of the Dallas Stars (WHICH HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN FOR ALL THESE YEARS)

    3-The Wings now have 3 of the top 5 defenseman in the NHL

    4-Dallas may have lost their best defenseman but at least they wont have to get rid of 3 or 4 players to keep him like they probably were going to do.

  6. KaPluie says:

    How many former captains does detroit have on their team?

  7. Flyers_01 says:

    What would be funny is if the Wings are waiting to see where Federov lands and then trade CuJo for Federov.

  8. LetsGoPanthers says:

    hmmm…. There’s Hull, Hatcher, Chelios, I’m not sure about Shanahan, Robitaille now is both an ex-wing and ex-captain, anyone one else know of any others?

  9. mikster says:

    For 5 years? Screw it….we don’t need that.

  10. mikster says:

    Chelios is almost done, the Wings found themselves an expensive, but very solid, defenseman to play on the 1st pair. Plus, Hasek needs a better defense.

    As much as i wanted Hatcher, i would not want the length of his contract.

    Stars have now money to add defensemen and depth players, they’ll be fine.

  11. Rushing says:

    I totally agree except for the very solid defenseman part. Far too slow and turns it over too much.

  12. Sands says:

    Sucks Really wanted the Rangers to get this guy…. The D would’ve been nice… leetch and Hatcher is all I wanted to see next year…. Guess us ranger fans can’t be mad at Sather… he’s not throwing money around so ya gotta give it to him a little….. I hope we See Lindros go for something … anything…. Bure … please retire….. and Sather just get Fedorov….. make some kind of splash in the Market… I know I know…. We might look bad if we offer too much … but can’t we get something here…..

  13. Wings4life says:

    Yeah, Shanny was captain of the Hartford Whalers, before he got traded to HOCKEYTOWN…. I do think thats all by the way.

  14. mikster says:

    Hmm, na…..

    He is slow, ok….so is Scott Stevens who is older and slower actually, but Hatcher is a very good stay at home d-man.

  15. JeffBurnz09 says:

    So Modano finally gets to wear the C. Its about time!

    Hatcher leaving is a loss, but its not a huge loss. He’ll be missed, but the team is strong enough to move on without him. Detroit’s biggest move this off season was Hasek, not Hatcher.

  16. Kraftster says:

    Give me a break…who on that team other than lidstrom is top 5?!?! I am assuming you are talking about chelios and hatcher…well there is no way!!

  17. Kraftster says:

    Kinda cheap?!?! Are you nuts!! This was a panic move. I realize they intended to get him all along, but geeze, this is way over paying!! And 5 years?! Big mistake! Just further cements my comments about detroit in an article earlier this year.

  18. n00dles says:

    he gets less salary than stevens (7 mil) and the same as chelios. chelios will retire after this season and the red wings will not have to pay for hatcher when a lockout season comes next year.

    as defensive d-men are very important for any teams success i think it was a smart move by holland.

    they weaken a western conference rival and counter colorados offensive approach with a great denfense.

    also, only a maximum of 9 players is under contract after 2004.

    these include:

    Hatcher 2008 6.000.000

    Wooley 2005 900.000

    Maltby 2007 1.250.000

    McCarty 2007 2.250.000

    Joseph 2005 8.000.000

    Legace 2006 900.000

    Zetterberg 2005 875.000

    Datsyuk 2004 1.500.000 (Team/player option)

    Shanahan 2004 7.000.000 (Team option)

    This means that they will have a base salary of approximately 30 mil (unlikely, because cujo will be gone and legace will be no. 1). enough money, even with a salary-cap to get a competitive team together

  19. TC_4 says:

    This is why a cap is needed. A team that CLEARLY doesn’t need another d-man, gets a Norris finalist, to go with the Norris winner, a 3 time(I think)former Norris winner, a regular 40 point d-man, and an up and comming top rearguard. This league is a joke. Colorado and Detroit, West final, hell, just throw them in the final now lets get it done with already.

  20. kremlin says:

    Defence is superb, now we just need some young guns to step in on 1st and 2nd line. We need some forwards like Lindros to take over from Fedorov and Yzerman (next year).

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