Hatcher injures knee!

According to www.sportsnet.ca

Derian Hatcher’s debut with the Philadelphia Flyers may be delayed. The monstrous defenceman injured his knee during action at Team USA’s Olympic orientation camp in Colorado Springs and has returned to Philadelphia for further evaluation.

Sources tell Sportsnet the Flyers expect to know the extent of the injury and Hatcher’s prognosis either late Thursday night or early Friday morning.

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  1. OldGoalie says:

    I don’t see how…there are pieces of furniture in my office that are faster than Hatcher. Dude is a 200+ pound paper weight by NHL skating standards.

  2. OldGoalie says:

    You can’t even play in front of the net on crutches.

  3. pens_fan says:

    so you expect him to be clearing the net and hitting people when he gets better when he gets injured from a simple fall? LMAO

  4. pens_fan says:




    P.S Phily Sucks

  5. pens_fan says:


    Forsberg is injured too hes having surgery your team is getting worse and the season hasnt even started

  6. italmike2k2 says:

    its true philly does suck and will always suck


  7. akib99 says:

    wow… they already lost 2 ppl before the Leafs, the supposed team who got the most injury prone players have lost any (i wont count Pilar here or was it belak who got the heart condition…).

    anyways all I will say is.


  8. pens_fan says:


  9. N25philly says:

    both should be ready for the start of the season…

    Forsberg and Hatcher Injured

    Flyers forward Peter Forsberg and defenseman Derian Hatcher are both injured and will miss the beginning of training camp, according to Flyers General Manager Bob Clarke. Forsberg has an infected bursa in his right ankle and will have surgery on Monday, September 12, and will miss at least two weeks, while Hatcher has a sprain in his left knee and will miss at least three weeks.

    Bob Clarke comments on the injuries to Derian Hatcher and Peter Forsberg:

    “Hatcher got hurt at the U.S. Olympic Team’s training camp and there is not a whole lot anybody could do about that. He is suspended for the first three games of the NHL regular season. In all likelihood he won’t miss too many regular season games although he will miss all of training camp.

    “If everything goes well with Forsberg the way the doctors have told us, he will get back in before training is over and be ready by the start of the season. Even though it is a little bit disappointing, it is something we can live with.”

    Flyers Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim McCrossin comments on the injuries to Derian Hatcher and Peter Forsberg:

    “Derian has a grade 2 posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) sprain of his left knee. He was examined by our team physicians and it was determined that he will be out a minimum of three weeks. In lieu of that time, he started rehab today with me and he is doing fine. He will be fitted for a brace and as soon as we get him back on the ice-skating, condition-wise, we will do so.

    “Peter has an infected bursa in his right ankle. We attempted to treat him with a course of antibiotics but that did not work. The medical staff has come to the conclusion that we are going to remove it. Peter will have surgery on Monday, September 12 to remove the bursa. He should be off the ice for a minimum of two weeks.”

  10. another_leaf_fan says:

    no i dont think so…but i would have said that he will be missed in new jersey..he is like a god there..i dont see how hatcher can be compaired to stevens..but thats just my opinion..

  11. N25philly says:

    I posted a direct statement from Philadelphiaflyers.com now. When I posted what I wrote earlier it was from TV, so I didn’t bother since it was hard to look up if anyone wanted to verify.

  12. fanboi says:

    will have ankle surgery and miss training camp!!!

  13. another_leaf_fan says:

    sorry didnt know it was sunday..

  14. pens_fan says:

    Hey forsberg got injured already like i predicted lmao

  15. pens_fan says:

    Ok who else will get points for your team? Primeau???? lmao, Gagne the overrated player who is yet to break out at? Kapanen who is washed up? Carter/richards who are rookies and will stay just that? tell me who will get points other then forsberg on you team? wait i know the answer no1

  16. marcs797 says:

    kind of pathetic, that you cheer when players get injured.

  17. TMLsundin says:

    Everyone else wishes for the Leafs to get injured and miserably fail. Taste of their own medicine. I do not like either, but when one side does it, and can’t handle it coming back.. THAT is comedy.

  18. pens_fan says:

    What goes around comes around everyone wants

    Lindros, allison, O’neil, Lemieux, Palffy, LeClair to get injured but when people are glad your team gets injured you whine about it? pathetic

  19. CechmanekForVezina says:

    He’s having surgery, that’s not an injury. He’s taking care of something now so it’s not a problem later. God you’re ignorant. You’re telling us we’re relying on rookies when you have freaking Crosby? You’re unbelieveable.

  20. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Cheering when people get injured makes you just plain s*****. I hated Stevens but didn’t cheer when he got a concussion, it was scary. You people aren’t even people. I’m looking at pens_fan. Did you laugh at Lemieux after his countless injuries? I doubt it.

  21. TheHead says:

    Leafs are interested in Shane Doan and Marian Gaborik now that Zetterberg is out of the picture according to rumours both teams want Aki Berg, Alex Steen, Kyle Wellwood, Nik Antropov and Alexei Ponikarovsky in return.

  22. skidragoon says:

    hey this is to the guy who flames people laughing about injuries, i believe once Big E was traded to NYR you all were booing him cheering for more injuries to occur, its also funny to see how all flyers fans come together to defend hatcher w/o and officialy backing on his injury.

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