He Exists Too Ya Know…

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Why does everyone look at Eric Staal with such respect, and seem to not look at Rod Brind’Amour at all??? Don’t get me wrong, I love Eric Staal, but this is their fourth year together, and Brind’Amour has kicked Staal’s ass all but one year.
I wrote an article last year about why Rod Brind’Amour was my Hart trophy pick. I expected to be bashed for it, but I actually got a fairly good response. He’s probably the most under rated athlete on Earth at the moment. That title used to belong to Ryan Smyth, because everyone loved him for being under rated, so much that he’s because overrated beyond belief.

Brind’Amour is on pace for 39 goals, and 111 points. He probably won’t keep that pace, but he should, again, be over a point per game, at least. He also has won the last two Selke trophies for defensive forward of the year. He’s quite possibly the most complete hockey player of this decade, and he remains so unbelievably under rated.

Last year I asked everyone to vote Ryan Smyth into the all-star game, because he was bound to be overlooked. He didn’t win the starters position, but he still got in, so that’s fine. Rod Brind’Amour is playing as well or better than any Eastern Conference center. Yes, whiny hype loving morons, that includes Sundin and Cindy. Vote him into the all-star game.

You know, this guy has always been second fiddle to someone. He wasn’t an impact player yet in St. Louis, he was behind Lindros in Philadelphia, and then behind Ron Francis, and later Eric Staal in Carolina, despite being far better than Eric Staal, even now.

Here are Staal and Brind’Amours numbers since they’ve both been on the Hurricanes.
Rod Brind’Amour:
Games: 251
Goals: 77
Assists: 136
Points: 213

Eric Staal:
Games: 262
Goals: 98
Assists: 124
Points: 222

That’s right. Only nine more points in 11 more games. Given Brind’Amours point per game pace the years most of those games were missed, he’d have bested Staal. And frankly, outside of 2006, Staal hasn’t really been all-star material.

Brind’Amour has put up all-star numbers, and has been the best defensive forward in the league.

I’m not 100% sure the point I’m trying to make here. I think Brind’Amour is an all-star. I am certainly going to vote for him this year.

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  1. leafy says:

    Who says?  Brind'Amour has been one of the most consistent forwards of the past generation, putting up excellent numbers for something like 18 years now.  Plus he's one of the best defensive forwards of his era.  I'd put him up there with Bob Gainey, Bryan Trottier, Doug Gilmour, etc….as one of the best two-way forwards I've seen in all my years of watching hockey.

  2. senators101 says:

    “Don’t get me wrong, I love Eric Staal, but this is their fourth year together, and Brind’Amour has kicked Staal’s ass all but one year.”

    You really like to exaggerate things. If this is the 4th year, they’ve only had 3 years prior and Staal was better in one of those years, so really, Brind’Amour was only better in 2. 2 to 1. BIG DEAL.

  3. morrissey says:

    Your second consecutive article where you label those who would disagree with you as morons… in the time I have been reading this site, you, Leafy, are by far the biggest moron, showing nothing but consistent Maple Leaf bias and lack of hockey knowledge. Why only one article ago you were vaunting Lindros for great performance on a lousy Flyers team, yet Brind'amour, your new boyfriend, was on that team. I think it's you who've only just discovered how good he is, but thanks so much for enlightening the rest of us with the insanely obvious. Hockey history extends back before you hit puberty kid, and many of us were there at the time.

  4. Archion113 says:

    I still wish the Flyers never would have traded him…

  5. leafy says:

    But who would have known that Primeau would run into concussion problems?  Primeau was a heck of a player when healthy, but of course, Brind'Amour is Mr. consistency.  At the time, I thought it was a pretty even trade.  Hindsight vision is 20-20.

  6. leafy says:

    I'm 'Leafy' too.  Careful not to get the two of us confused.

  7. mojo19 says:

    I don't think he's under rated at all. Everyone knows how amazing Rod Brind'Amour is. I love Brind'Amour, I think he's amazing, I wanted Carolina to beat Edmonton in those cup finals so bad because I wanted to see Rod win the cup more than anyone on Edmonton.

    As for Eric Staal, he's amazing too. I can't say I agree with your comments towards Staal at all, he might not be Brind'Amour yet, but this guy is unreal.

    As for your little shot at Sundin, that was stupid, I hated that LeafyMcLeaf, Mats and Brind'Amour are 2 guys who rarely get hurt, and who have both played at a very high level for a very long time, I can't imagine someone loving one of these guys and not the other. When did you turn on Mats anyway?

  8. turdfergusson says:

       Great player. A silent leader who's always done the dirty work and asked for nothing. Probably likes the fact that he's been under the radar all these years and that's what makes him special. 

      I don't think we need to throw a parade for him because he plays hard and keeps his mouth shut though.

  9. rx79msg says:

    Brind’Amour is the man. I wish he was still a Flyer.

  10. nonhl2005 says:

    How doesn't look at him with respect??????????
    Anyone who knows the sport knows Brindy is the man.
    Seems you missed the boat on this article as well.

  11. THEGREATHAB says:

    I do not think Brinny is overlooked at all, anyone who knows anything about hockey would love to have Brind’amour an thier team, and he has always been on Canada’s teams. If he does not make the allstar team who cares?

    Even when he was “not an impact player” for St. Lois, they had to give up Stevens for sighning him plus 5 first round pick. To me that shows how coveted he was from day one.

    BrindAmour is an iron man, and is probably in the best shape out of anyone in the NHL, he is a real powerforward. I think comparing him to Staal is not fair, they are two different styles of players who just happen to be on the same team. The only thing that I question is with two players of these guys caliper, how did this team ever miss the Playoffs?

  12. habs_punk says:

    You don't even know the point you're trying to make… I'm almost more pissed off at the HTR admins for posting this than at you for writing it. This is really dumb, pointless. Why in the world was this posted?

    Included in your stats is Staal's rookie year in which he only put up 31 points. Brind'amour had an off year that year and only put up 38. So one of those years that Brind'amour kicked Staal's ass in points was Staal's rookie year and an off-year for Brind'amour in which the vet put up 7 more points than Eric. Then there was the year after the strike in which Staal put up 100 points to Brind'amour's 70. This was followed up by 82 – 70 for Brind'amour. And this season Brind'amour currently has 2 more points than Staal. And since you're so high on projected totals, Staal is on pace for 58 goals and 101 points. Not a bad season either.

    So go ahead, vote for Brind'amour, I hope he gets in – IF he deserves it. Brind'amour has not kicked Staal's ass in terms of points in this league. Your argument that if Brind'amour had have played the same number of games he'd have better stats holds no water either. One of those years he had a mere 0.49 ppg and who knows if he would have put up any more points in the four games he missed.

  13. jarcpitre says:

    Agree totally, but another thing is, he is one of the best faceoff men in the league year after year.

  14. leafy says:

    Yes, another added bonus.  The only thing he doesn't do is carry the team's luggage to the hotel or bus.

  15. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

    I cant believe that you are still allowed to make your crap posts. I dont care if you anyone agrees or not but ALL your posts are pathetic.

  16. svenki says:

    yah he is so underrated its not even funny
    i read up sum stats on him and was so surprised
    yah i hope he does well this year

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