He Exists Too Ya Know…

Andy Mead/Icon SMI

Why does everyone look at Eric Staal with such respect, and seem to not look at Rod Brind’Amour at all??? Don’t get me wrong, I love Eric Staal, but this is their fourth year together, and Brind’Amour has kicked Staal’s ass all but one year.
I wrote an article last year about why Rod Brind’Amour was my Hart trophy pick. I expected to be bashed for it, but I actually got a fairly good response. He’s probably the most under rated athlete on Earth at the moment. That title used to belong to Ryan Smyth, because everyone loved him for being under rated, so much that he’s because overrated beyond belief.

Brind’Amour is on pace for 39 goals, and 111 points. He probably won’t keep that pace, but he should, again, be over a point per game, at least. He also has won the last two Selke trophies for defensive forward of the year. He’s quite possibly the most complete hockey player of this decade, and he remains so unbelievably under rated.

Last year I asked everyone to vote Ryan Smyth into the all-star game, because he was bound to be overlooked. He didn’t win the starters position, but he still got in, so that’s fine. Rod Brind’Amour is playing as well or better than any Eastern Conference center. Yes, whiny hype loving morons, that includes Sundin and Cindy. Vote him into the all-star game.

You know, this guy has always been second fiddle to someone. He wasn’t an impact player yet in St. Louis, he was behind Lindros in Philadelphia, and then behind Ron Francis, and later Eric Staal in Carolina, despite being far better than Eric Staal, even now.

Here are Staal and Brind’Amours numbers since they’ve both been on the Hurricanes.
Rod Brind’Amour:
Games: 251
Goals: 77
Assists: 136
Points: 213

Eric Staal:
Games: 262
Goals: 98
Assists: 124
Points: 222

That’s right. Only nine more points in 11 more games. Given Brind’Amours point per game pace the years most of those games were missed, he’d have bested Staal. And frankly, outside of 2006, Staal hasn’t really been all-star material.

Brind’Amour has put up all-star numbers, and has been the best defensive forward in the league.

I’m not 100% sure the point I’m trying to make here. I think Brind’Amour is an all-star. I am certainly going to vote for him this year.