Heatley Loses an Eye?

According to TSN.ca, Dany Heatley has been struck in the eye with a puck.Dany Heatley took a puck in the eye after a shot by fellow teamate Daniel Briere went astray and pegged Heatley in the eye. Heatley is currently in hospital and will be sidlelined for approximately 6 weeks. Even though this is an extremely serious injury, team doctors are 100% confident that Dany will regain full sight in the hurt eye. Like many other NHL players, Dany Heatley was playing in Europe ( with SC BERN) in order to get some action during the NHL lockout. Aside from all of this, Heatley is still facing charges related to the events that occured last September which took his fellow teamates life and left Dany seriously injured.

Source: Tsn.ca