Hey Vinny…Uncle Louie and His Buddies Want Ya; Lecavalier Rumors

It’s all about Vinny this month. GM Dudley finally admitted that Vinny wants out. Is it the best thing to do? How many teams are involved? Since so many articles were submitted on Vinny, I posted all of them on here. Also, Selanne rumor, Guerin rumor, and Bertuzzi rumor included!Vinny a Sabre ?

This is more then likely just a rumor but I quess the sabres are intrested in the 21 year old star. The rumor is that the sabres are willing to part with Slava Kozlov, Curtis Brown and the first round pick they got from the wings For Vinny Lecavalier and Freddy Modin . This is just somthing i heard around so don’t be pissed with me if this is just another Rumor

This Trade would work well for both teams . First off The Sabres would be adding a lot of scoring but still keep there coar of players Even though Brown is one of the better two way players in the league .Also Vinny ‘s salery is perfect for the sabres budget. It would help the Lighting giving them a player high in talent but low in effort in Kozlov .Also they would be geting a good two way player in Brown and you could never go bad with another 1st round draft pick. Overall I think this Trade would be pretty even . tell me what you think abought this rumor.

written by:Tradestopa

Lecalvier’s Trade Value

I understand that Lecalvier has more Potential then anybody else in the league , or even possibly in the world. And yes that is an amazing feat and comands respect. BUT maybe you’ll recall another player that had the potential to be the “next one” who is eerily alike Lecalvier. One Alexandre daigle. COming out of the juniors he was harraled as a superstar in the making, much like Lecalvier. HE was a SuperStar in the Q’ where bloated statistics are the norm and a good team can produce 4 100 point players. Both had below averagre rookie campains, showed signs of improvment over the next couple yrs then buckled. Lecalviers numbers are almost identical to Daigle who is nowhere to be found these days , because he never “reached his potential”. Why anybody would want a player like this is beyond me. Sure he has alot of potential and possibilities , but he’s nowhere near what the lightning want for him. I hope that ottawa has learned from it’s mistakes( DAIGLE!!!) and doesn;t give up wat they reportedly offered(All-Star center Bonk , who struggled this yr but still plays excellent 2 way hockey, Chris Phillips another #1 pick who’s finally coming into his own playing on a line with Chara and a first round pick or Jason Spezza) That’s far too much for wat i consider a disaster waiting to happen.

written by: tommyP

Where Will Lecavalier Fit Best?

The last week, I can’t help but notice how dumb Rick Dudley looks.

“Vince is staying put.” he said.

“Okay, he did ask for a trade.” he said the next day.

“Anybody want Vince?” Dudley asks.

After a week of all that, I can’t help but realize one constant… when Lecavalier is gone, the team they trade him to will get significantly better and the Lightning will get significantly worse, no matter who they get in return.

But really, that isn’t the question, is it? No, it’s all about where Lecavalier will fit best. Well, the obvious teams are Colorado & New Jersey.

Colorado is in dire need of a second centre with the big hole left by Peter Forsberg, although they aren’t really showing many signs of that now. But with lines like Sakic, Hejduk & Vrbata and then Lecavalier, Drury & Tanguay, it’s pretty inviting to buy season tickets to the Pepsi Center. The Avalanche are the best fit and a pretty darn good bet to pick him up because of lots of talent in the lower ranks.

New Jersey though is a close second. Jersey also has a lot of talent lurking in the wings that could be very expendable come time to make a pitch for Lecavalier. Lecavalier may be a good fit for Scott Gomez who needs to pick his game up (if he actually isn’t part of the deal to get Lecavalier). They could be a pretty hot pair when you combine the talents of both players and throw in Brylin into the mix, it’s like a Flaming Homer, odd ingredients, wonderful drink.

Fifteen teams are vying or just inquiring about the services of Mr. Lecavalier… and being a Canucks fan, I’m hopin’ Brian Burke knows whats good for him… and that’s a phone call to Mr. Dudley. But we all know that any of the Canadian teams really don’t have much of a chance of landing him except maybe the Canadiens.

Hopefully once Lecavalier moves, he can live up to his potential on a team that can use it.

written by: opiatedsherpa

Leaf In for Lecavalier Trade

From south radio station rumors are swirlling that the leafs are in the running for Lecavalier.Going to Tampa would be Hoglund and Kaberle and a 1st round pick in 2003.

written by: postballard

Selanne To be a Hab?!

There have many rumors circulating around the net, that The Habs are interested in acquiring the services of Teemu Selanne. They probably won’t be able to attain him from San Jose in a trade. But in the off season, I heard from sources that Les Canadiens will be very busy in the off season. By first re-signing Brian Savage and then trying to land a free agent like Teemu.

Owner George Gillett Jr. is not afraid of spending a little to create a successful team, so money ain’t a problem with the Canadiens. As they got very close into signing Martin Lapointe and Brett Hull. Teemu would also like to play with Good Friend and fellow finn Saku Koivu, who after hearing of Saku’s serious ailment and the incidents on Sept 11th, he has taken a change on his perspective of life. Playing with Saku, would make Selanne feel comfortable again, and probably rekindle the magic they had when the ousted Team Canada in Nagano. As many believe that Top line alone of Koivu, Selanne and Lehtinen won the bronze for them.

Don’t look for the Habs to stop their as they might try to land another free agent, someone like Tony Amonte?! I highly doubt it though, but who knows. Gillette is a very rich man.

If any of you find any related news to Selanne, please post. Any thoughts? Please do!

written by: wholefnshow

Beruzzi to Dallas?

I heard a sportstalk guy in Dallas say that Vancouver might be shopping Bertuzzi, and might be interested in some of Dallas’ vast depth at the blueline.

Dallas has needed a power forward for a long time, and Morrow’s injury presses the point even further.

Anyone up there in the great city of Vancouver heard anything here?

written by: rrudd

Czerkawski and Isbister for Bill Guerin?

An unidentified yet realible source has been saying a trade is in works that the New York Islanders have put on the table. The Isles need a player to fit in with Alexei Yashin. Bill Gurin would be a good fit. The Bruins have been reported as asking for wingers Marius Czerkawski and Brad Isbister. These two players have so far been underacheving. This would be a good trade for the Islanders, who have also been after Blackhawks winger Tony Amonte. Sources say the hawks have been asking to much from the Isles.

written by: Anonymous

Mikster’s Point of View

This is going to be an interesting month. It is Lecavalier’s month. I don’t see why it is so hard to trade Lecavalier, especially when you have about half the teams in the league making offers. Dudley should actually take this as an advantage. Lecavalier is not the big “dude” in TB anymore, he is not the reason why the team is better. I wouldn’t listen to any predictions of where Lecavalier is going. Did anyone guess where Jagr would go? Obviously, the teams that need the offese will try and grab Lecavalier, so my first pick would be the “We can’t score” Devils. The “What is defense?” Rangers don’t seem to be that active in landing Lecavalier, too weird. The “Someone put a curse on us” Habs don’t have all that much to offer for Lecavalier. The “Why are we not in first?” Flyers don’t have all that much to offer too.

Concentrating on the Flyers. If they give up Hlavac, then Flyers might not win the Lindros trade, in a way. They would not win it because the trade would be Brendl and Johnsson for Lindros. They might win the trade because thanks to the Rangers for giving them Hlavac, they can trade Hlavac to get a better player. Now, if they trade Hlavac though, Sather will try to get Hlavac back. How scary would that be? The FLY line and the Czech Line.

Selanne is not going anywhere, he is starting to score the goals, but at a very slow pace. The Sharks will not let him go too easily. As for Bertuzzi, no way Jose`. The Nucks want Bertuzzi to do the samething that he did last season, and he is the type of player who can do it again.

Happy Holidays,

Micki Peroni


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