Hill a Penguin

Hal Gill has been traded from Toronto to Pittsburgh for a 2nd and a 6th rounders.

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  1. thinice987 says:

    Just what the Dr. ordered for the Penguins. 

    If the Penguins are still in the running for Hossa … look for Malone and Orpik to be traded, not Staal!

  2. BruMagnus says:

    Why is this trade, which happened BEFORE the Hossa one, posted AFTER the Hossa one? the Hossa signing is already off of HTR's front page… GREAT JOB HTR.. you guys really ***** up yet again. simply pathetic.

  3. BruMagnus says:

    NOPE!! Thankfully we get to keep all of Staal, Malone, Orpik and Kennedy and just get rid of superfluous Christensen, Armstrong and potential disaster in Esposito (but oh well) and a heavy steep 1st rounder, though we get Pascal Dupuis back also..

  4. Radio says:

    Wow. Pens Mega-Overpaid for Hal Gill. But w/e, helps the Leafs feel like they did something that will actually help the team, when the inreality accomplished nothing at deadline.

    BTW, why is JFJ on TSN SC right now? He should have more respect for the fans and not show his face publically for a couple of years. Not that Fletcher is doing any better now but…

    Absolutely no shame.

  5. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    It's a 2nd and a 5th, I like this deal.

  6. puffpenguin54 says:

    loosing esposito is not that bad of a deal because he will never be one of the top two centers on the pens so the pens wont have to pay him any big money.  armstrong was a 3rd line player but he was scratched for many games this year and could only score on a consistant basis along side S. Crosby.  Christensen (sp) was sparatic and is only good during the shootouts and in the playoffs there are no shoot outs. 

  7. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Fantastic deal for pens, for the leafs they're just doing what they had to do.

    I liked what Fletcher did, I just wish he did MORE of it.

  8. mojo19 says:

    Yeah, like even if he couldn't move Kubina b/c he wouldn't waive the NTC, I would have liked to see us get a pick back for Devereaux, see what we could have got for maybe Ponikarovski, Ian White. There was other players who had some trade value we could have dumped without messing with the "core" of our team.

    Cliff mentioned in his press conference that there was significant interest in Antropov, but he felt Nik along with Toskala were a big part of the nucleus to build around.

  9. mojo19 says:

    So bru, as a Pens fan what do you think of the Pens chances this year now that Hossa is in, and with big Hal Gill on the back end?

    Personally I think Gill will be a good fit as a 5th-6th d-man for Pittsburgh. He'll be out there to kill off crucial 5 on 3's in the playoffs. He logs big minutes against guys who hate to play against him, namely Jagr. He won't make a huge impact, but a great depth pick-up for the Penguins.

  10. LeafsNation91 says:

    I agree, Nik is a good piece to build around.

    I feel bad for Fletcher, he really tried hard to make deals, in his press conference you can tell he was really stressed and emotional about the whole thing. He tried to make Toronto fans happy, but all those NTC had his hands tied.

    But he did promise a complete overhaul in the summer, and I believe him, he said he was going to try and do the best oday and he did. SO I'M PROUD OF YOU CLIFF FLETCHERR!

  11. leafy says:

    To Pens fans, you're getting a solid defenseman who's excellent on the PK with his 35-foot wing span. He doesn't skate like Paul Coffey but he does strong work in front of the net and simply knows how to play the position.  A solid addition.

    Meanwhile the Leafs trimmed about $2.5 M in salary and have maximized the return on Gill by trading him while he's still an impact defenseman.  This also opens the door for Kronvall to be part of the regular D.  Overall, good deal for both sides, like the Kilger trade.

  12. leafy says:

    This is true, Cliff did all he could.  You can't start trading quality core NHL players like Antropov, Toskala, Kaberle, etc, just for the sake of making trades.  If none of the trades makes sense, you have to stay put.  A wise move by Cliff.

  13. hockey_lover says:

    Who cares?

    Its still on the main page but just in the wrong order.

    Seriously …. this is what you are complaining about? Wow.

  14. AHLoldie says:

    I know this might sound strange but I think getting Gill is more significant for the Pens than Hossa.  This is very similar to the Pens getting Francis and Samuelson in 91.  Francis was great but Samuelson was key for the defense who was mainly offensive minded then as they are now.  That trade led to two cups.  All that is expected of Gill on the Pens is to stay at home and play against the big man on the other team.  He can do that.  Too much was expected of him in Toronto.

  15. mojo19 says:

    Good points guys!

  16. battpimp says:

    hall gill – i used to like him -size being the main factor- i haven't paid much attention latley – but with his reach on pk, watch out for stahl and the return of his "shorties", – the picks don't concern me much. fair deal
    hossa – now thats a different story – it is nice to see the pens go after a big name. yeah he may not shine in the playoffs, but he has won and lost in the finals, so experience is a huge helper for us- anybody remember where shero came from? atl correct? noone has yet to convince me why we can't sign him.-  shero knows enough i'll trust his judgment until i see otherwise, sorry guys im happy with what he has done to this point(although craig patrick still has his finger prints all over this team. i keep hearing that the pens overpaid – i can't see this, colby was a cool cat – he's like the little brotyher everyone wanted – but he's not much of a loss when we have guys like kennedy and taffe stepping up as of late. eric christensen -eric eric eric – pittsburghers loved this guy for his flair – when he scored you talked about the shot (he has a great one- however he just can never seem to catch up to the speed of the game- i personally rooted for him to make it, he always showed glimpses of what can be, but way to inconsistant to really be worked up over. the first rounder? again we have young depth for the time being , like someone said it will be a low pick anyway. espisito is the interesting factor to me – this i can't understand – but im glad it wasn't anyone else- stahl, malone, orpik whoever – the guys we gave up can be replaced , hossa and gill along with dupius is not a bad day at the office –  good job ray – go pens

    i do not allow that this makes the pens instant cup finalists – but i sure am alot more confident today than i was after this past weekend. last year ottowa showed us how far away we were from true passionate, playoff contenders. if nothing else the experience we gained for this year will pay huge divedends to malkin, stahl, malone, and crosby.

  17. BruMagnus says:

    blech… I dunno…

    Gill fits a hole we desperately needed to fill. Hopefully he doesn't take dumb penalties. But we definitely lacked big strong physical defensemen. Now with him, Orpik and Laraque I feel we can at least hold our own.

    Hossa will be a gamebreaker for sure.

    Here's a very VERY realistic hypothetical:
    NJ wins the Atlantic. Pens, who may even be 2nd in points, get seeded 4th.
    They end up playing either the Habs or the Sens, the two teams who were said to be the frontrunners for Hossa.

    Now let me ask you, without Marian Hossa, who do you think wins each series?

    Ok. Now, with Hossa on the Habs/Sens, who wins the series?

    Ok. Now, not only take away Hossa from the Habs/Sens, but ADD him to the Pens, and who wins the series?

    As long as the Pens dont have to face NJ, or if we actually come 1st, the Pens have a very legit chance at the Finals, and then, hey, who knows, anything can happen.

  18. BruMagnus says:

    They re-sorted it after the trade deadline expired.

    It was off the main page.

  19. BruMagnus says:

    hmmm. great point about the playoffs. I hadn't thought about how there's no shootouts there. we will miss his 4th best faceoff % in the NHL though.

  20. BruMagnus says:

    honestly, with the "Is the new dynasty starting" article and the recent trades, I was totally thinking that this could INDEED actually, no joke, be the start of something great, just like 1991.

  21. hockey_lover says:

    noone has yet to convince me why we can't sign him.-  shero knows enough i'll trust his judgment until i see otherwise

        The reason why Shero wont be able to sign him is cap space. Yes, next year Malkin (I believe) is still on his entry level contract so they will have the space. But the year after, Malkin will get a huge raise. Staal will get a pretty good raise. Sykora and Malone, who are playing MUCH better lately, will want raises in the next two years. Hossa will want at least 7M a year and I dont think that with Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Fleury, Conklin (he will want a raise for saving the Pens during Sid's injury run), that they can afford Hossa. For one year they can, sure, but Hossa wont sign for 1 year.

    The only way they can sign Hossa is to "lie" to him. Sign him for whatever .. say 5 years/$40mil (Im just picking a random number). Then keep him for next year when your cap is low and then just trade him away in year two. Thats the only way I can see it happening.

    This deal is good for the immediate future. If Hossa and Crosby can "click," they might make a good run. I dont think the goaltending is enough to win the cup but they will make some noise. The downside of the deal is the future. They gave away quite a bit. I'm going to echo Sundin in that I dont really believe in the idea of a rental player. Not cause of all that "journey to the cup" thing. Just the whole "risk vs. reward" thing never pans out. Its VERY rare that a rental player puts a team over the hump (it does happen, but not often enough). But, I guess its all about winning the cup so hopefully this pans out.

  22. BruMagnus says:

    You know what, my total biasness against all that is Leafs (Sundin, Wellwood and Stajan aside), I think I may have undervalued Gill.

    I do recall people saying a few months ago when Gill was leading the Leafs with a +11 (or was it +13) that he is underrated and a solid defenseman.

    Now, I just checked his stats. He was a +11 last year on a Leafs team that failed to make the playoffs. He is even right now, which has to be considered an accomplishment given his team, especially when compared to someone like Brad Richards on TB.

    He is also a +52 on his career and has played 36 playoff games, some much needed experience.

    Maybe you are right leafy that we got a good defenseman out of this…

  23. BruMagnus says:

    I like the idea to lie to him. 😉

    Sykora led the Oilers last year in points. On the first day of free agency HE called the Pens to play with them. He signed for what I thought then (and still do) was relatively cheap, for 2 years. This year, he will produce about the same as last year on Edmonton. Next year, possibly the same. Remember too that Hossa will take his spot on the first PP, thus stealing some of Sykora's points.
    I don't see Sykora making over $3 million anytime in his future. In fact, I can see $2.5 or even $2 million in 2 years' time.

    As for Staal, he is worth about $2 million right now, but if they sign him long term after next season, he might get $3.5-4.5 million over 5-8 years. Even so, that's not that much. Whitney is cheap as shit at only $4 million a year. Gonchar, if he re-signs, which I hope he does, will be a bit cheaper too.

    Malone… I don't see him making more than Antropov money. Maybe $2.5 like Sykora, but certainly not $4million+ … remember he is a Pittsburgh native and doesn't want to ever leave and may take a discount.

    Fleury, he will get Cam Ward/Ryan Miller money. If he wants more, he'll be traded, and we'll pick up someone like Luongo ;0

  24. hockey_lover says:

    I dont really like the idea of lying to him but thats the only way I can see them being able to resign him. Hossa will NOT sign for 1 or 2 years. I guarantee that. He will want at least 5 years, if not more.

    I mostly agree with most of your numbers. I think that you are lowballing a bit though. Just because Sykora called the Pens to play with them doesnt mean he doesnt want fair market value. In todays NHL, a 30 goal scorer/60 point producer IS worth 3 – 4mil a year and he will probably get it on the open market. Same thing with Malone. He probably could fetch 3mil on the market .. he probably doesnt want to leave Pittsburgh but that also doesnt mean he will take a discount. SOME players may follow Crosby's lead but some wont. Gonchar could easily make 5Mil on the market.   Again, Im not saying all these players WILL leave but Im saying its possible if the Pens dont pony up some dough.

    One final thought .. im going to assume your comment about getting Luongo was a joke. If not, you are crazy 🙂  And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

  25. kamullia says:

    I have no qualms with him being able to do just what you say. My problem is in which century will he get there in order to make a difference. If he goes forward any further than his own blue line, I am not sure he can make it back even if it was my DEAD grandma in a walker.

  26. kamullia says:

    He was thrown under the train by the Leafs brass (not the fans), so why should he care?

  27. battpimp says:

    you have also got to adjust for the increase in salary cap.  – in this salary cap era rememebr its the average pay – so numbers can be worked to make things pan out – you also have to rememeber paul kayria and teemu salena also went for less money to get a chance to make their move together. 
    the main thing to remeber is hossa has a 20 game +playoff tryout to get a contract – we are all couinting on him being a good fit for us.(for obvious reasons – however there have been situations where things didn't pan out… you think hossa hasn't heard the playoff talk – maybe he has something to prove
    again we didn't really lose anything irreplaceable this deal –  

  28. BruMagnus says:

    It was indeed a joke. What I meant to say is that if Fleury wants too much money, he is not irreplaceable.

    I may have lowballed a bit, but I think most people highball too much.

    Remember that Ray Shero is a smart GM that won't overpay.
    We lost Andy Hilbert and even Michel Ouellet, a 48 point scorer, who signed for a mere $1.2 million… because they were too expensive. Has it affected us? Not in the slightest!

  29. mojo19 says:

    Ya, Gill will be good for Pittsburgh, as someone else pointed out Gill is a good role player for a playoff team.

    As for Pitty vs. MTL with Hossa I'd take Pitty

    Pitty vs. Ott with Hossa, I'd take Ottawa

    And Pitty with Hossa vs. MTL, I'd take Ottawa

    And Pitt with Hossa vs. Ottawa, I'd take……..Pitty. But I think it'll be close. I like Ottawa's decision to put Murray back behind the bench he did great obviously last year and I think he'll be more likely to get the most out of that talented team.

    The Pens could win it all, but I'm a firm believer in a team needing great goaltending to make the finals, so that's my problem with Pitty, MTL, and Ottawa. All three need to get hot goaltending in the playoffs to go far, where as Jersey I'm confident in Brodeur obviously, but other than him in the East, its really just Lunqvist, and Miller the way he's picked it up. (as far as playoff teams are concerned that is, since as we all know Toskala rocks)

  30. mojo19 says:

    Obviously Gill got a bad rep because he's a Leaf and all those leaf haters hate him. He's a rock in his own end, and he's put up, what 20+ points this year? He gets a lot of assists (at least this season) because he is a veteran who makes the SMART first pass and starts breakout plays well. He keeps it in at the blueline, he throws big hits in the corners and along the boards. He's not spectacular, but solid, no question about. He'll be very solid for Pittsburgh.

  31. BruMagnus says:

    And Pitty with Hossa vs. MTL, I'd take Ottawa

    how Ottawa manages to win that is beyond me!  😉
    I'm guessing you meant Pittsburgh… 🙂

    One of those three teams mentioned WILL get a hot goaltender, if not all three even. Thomas Jr. could be pimp too for Boston…

  32. BruMagnus says:

    You know what, I'm not entirely sold on goaltending given the past few years how great goalies (Turco, Luongo) haven't taken their defensively-studded teams far, and teams with only subpar goaltending (Emery, Ward) have made it to the Finals and won…

  33. 08-09 says:

    i (92-93/08-09) am a happy, happy man.

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