Hockey notes: Bruins about to acquire defenseman?

Joe Haggerty –

Here are a few random thoughts from the first few days of Olympic hockey competition while marveling that Vladimir “Rosie” Ruzicka has graduated from Sega 94 hockey to coaching the Czech Republic National team . .

(Also noteworthy that Russian Man of Mystery Sergei Zinovjev is skating as a bottom six forward with the high-octane Best of the Best squad from Russia. That means the former Bruins prospect – who beat feet back to Russia when the B’s wanted to send him back to the AHL for seasoning back in the pre-lockout 2003-04 season — beat out Alex Kovalev for a spot on Mother Russia’s elite hockey team after playing in the KHL the last two seasons.)

1) Reports from TSN hockey guru Darren Dreger out there that the Bruins have something cooking with a defenseman that should be announced after the Olympics are completed.

Two different NHL sources have confirmed that the B’s are indeed zeroing in on a defenseman, and one source further indicated that 27-year-old Nashville Predators defenseman Dan Hamhuis could be Boston GM Peter Chiarelli’s main target.

Aaron Ward hadn’t heard anything about a potential trade when contacted the Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Wednesday night, but that “there’s a list of places” he may be headed before the March 3 NHL trade deadline.

Hamhuis is headed for unrestricted free agency and would be looking at a pretty healthy payday after finishing with 23 assists in each of the last seasons. The solid defenseman has averaged 22 minutes per game over the course of his six seasons in the NHL, and would immediately help Boston’s D-man crew. The blueliner currently holds a $2 million cap hit for this season, and a pro-rated portion of that deal wouldn’t be a difficult fit under Boston’s crowded cap situation.

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  1. bbruins37 says:

    i never thought we needed another d-man, but if it is hamhuis, i'll be thrilled. i've been a big fan of this guy for a long time.

  2. dumbassdoorman says:

    From what reports say if nashville was going to trade hamhuis, you guys don't have what they want. Also Is Chia the type of GM you see dishing out big for a UFA he can't afford to resign? The B's have just over 40 mil committed to 11 players i believe?

  3. bbruins37 says:

    why what are theyreported to be looking for? and i'm fine with a rental, and i'm sure chia will only be trading for expiring contracts this season, as the bruins already have alot committed to the cap next season 

  4. hockey_lover says:

    While I would agree that you would be thrilled to have him and while he is an awesome dman, its a bit silly. Defense isnt their problem. They have one of the top 7 dman cores in the league. They need help on the offense.

    It would be like Pittsburgh signing another top end centre. Its just silly.

    But hey, if they can get him, all the power. He's awesome.

  5. dumbassdoorman says:

    They are said to be asking for a scoring forward if they were to trade him. I am not sure they will trade him though.

  6. bbruins37 says:

    i wonder if any GM's will look into signing any players from teams like switzerland and norway after seeing them in the olympics. alot of these guys look really good. i like roman wick in particular. he was drafted by ottawa but never got a contract

  7. bbruins37 says:

    i agree but i wouldnt be opposed to them getting a guy like hamhuis.

  8. dumbassdoorman says:

    I think you are right, guys are scoping like crazy. Trying to find and get a good unknown to fill out rosters cheaper, I think. With the salary cap in place I think you will see more and more of this.

  9. Do_U_BeLeaf says:

    If Boston is going to upgrade their defence it will be to add an offance defence man, Wideman hasn't been good enough and Hamhuis won't help that. Kaberle is the best offencive defenceman available…

  10. leafmeister says:

    Except for that he does not appear to be available.

  11. dumbassdoorman says:

    I still think he will quietly submit a list of teams to Burke. He has to know offers will be made anyway. If burke hears something he likes it can be revisted in the summer. Plus it may not be on a prefered team for him. It is a role of the dice for both teams.

  12. futurebruin says:

    I just saw the Swiss-Norway game.  One hell of a gme for one.  And two, i really liked Roman Wick and Raffaele Sannitz.  Wick is a very good player, what seems to me like a playmaker, and he seems to be a leader on the team.  Sannitz is also a good player and I think can be a pretty good sniper.  He's got amazing hand-eye coordination, good for re-directs.

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