Holes That Need Filling Pt.3

It’s time yet again, for the seris of “Holes That Need Filling” articles. The atlantic is up. This edition will feature the atlantic teams and the stanley cup champs New Jersey.

New Jersey Devils

There’s nothing stopping this team from winning a cup this upcoming season. They still have the best defense and goaltender. Losing Nieuwendyk shouldn’t hurt them much since they won the cup without him. Lou Lamerilou(sp?) did a great job building this team as it’s won 3 cups in 9 years. He has done a great job at drafts and usually makes the right deals to make his team a contender year after year. He brought in Fresein, Tverdovsky, Nieuwendyk, and Marshall the last 2 seasons. Fresien ended up having an amazing post season and played well with Madden.

I don’t like how some people think that New Jersey had “zero” talent and those cup wins were because of the trap. This team is one of the deepest in the league and the trap is just a style they play. It may not be pretty but it gets the job done. They could easily convert to another style and still have success. They have 4 great lines and the best defense in the league. Better than Detroit, Stlouis and Vancouver. They have a nice mix of defense and offense. Neidemayer/Stevenes, Rafalski/White might be the best 4 in the league. They execute perfectly and that’s the reason they’ve been so successful.

New York Islanders

There isn’t alot of good things to say about the Isles. They are much better than the rangers but they still suck. Their players are alright but Mad Mike has F*cked up too much. So much talent he could’ve had. He dealt away Chara, Bertuzzi, McCabe, Jokinen, Luongo, and that’s only off the top of my head. They sill have talent but i can’t see them making the playoffs. New York is just a bad city to play in. Too much going on in that city to keep you focused.

The Isles have awful goaltending. I don’t have much faith in DiPietro and Snow won’t be able to wear his huge pads. Their Defense is filled with talent. Aucoin, Hamerlik, Jonnson, Niinimia, Martinek, Timander, and Cairns are a very strong top 7. Looked better than i thought. Hamerilk might be on his way out since there’s so little time for so many good dmen. Forwards also look great, but some are overpayed and don’t exactly get the job done(yashin). This team won’t be winning a cup anytime soon.

New York Rangers

This team is filled with a bunch of money crazed snobs. Holik on the top. I still can’t believe he got 9 million. Going to New York ruined his career like it has done to so many others. Darius Kasperaitais is another overpayed snob and so are Lindros, Malakhov. Richter, Poti, Bure and Nedved. I thought they were going to beat out the islanders for the final spot but i guess i was wrong. Nothing looks bright for this team. Their stocked with goaltenders and will have to lose one when September approaches.

Sather was given too much money and really f*cked up becaues of it. The Rangers should make the playoffs this upcoming season. Anything less is unacceptable. I still don’t know why they signed Holik last year.

Philadelphia Flyers

This is the most talented team in the east in my eyes. I reallly don’t know why Cechmanek got traded away, pointless. If Hackett plays sucky Clarke will be blamed i hope. The flyers have very talented right wingers. Williams, Amonte, Recchi, and Somik. That may be a problem as some might not get to play as much as they want. And one or even two might get dealt. I really can’t see anything wrong with this team except for their goaltending. They’ are stacked in every other position and that should translate into success.

They can win the cup. But i would be suprised if in the end they did. Esche just wont’ cut it as a starter. John Leclair has been injured for the last couple of seasons and Clarke is looking to move him and his 10 million dollar contract. Not many teams would take it on though.

Pittsburgh Penguins

This might be the worst team ever assembled. All they really have is Mario and Straka. And Straka might get traded because of his salary. And this might be Mario’s last season. After these two leave. I think the pens will be moved. So i guess Titans calling Calgary the worst team was wrong. Since it’ll be a challange for this group to get over 50 points. Their goaltending is alright with Aubin, Caron and Hedberg. Hedberg also being the the block. Their D is horrible and so are the forwards.

This team doesn’t have a brigth future Might be leaving pittsburgh and that’ sounds very good to me. I don’t exactly know where they’ll move but it probably won’t be to canada. As 5 out of the 6 teams are in money troubles there. I’m sorry for the penguin fans if there are any.

If you disagree with anything please tell me why. And with your response please tell me which division to do next.