Home Improvements Part III

Yeah I can still see you all out there, salivating like a bunch of hungry wolves waiting to pounce on the one guy brave enough to speak his mind.

oh well, i guess i’ve got it coming…i am going to apologize for one rumor, that Hackett/Audette for Cleary/1stround pick just didn’t make sense. I shoulda paid more attention.

but here goes with No.3, starting with the Broadway blueshirts.

NYR: They’ve done everything they had to do except improve their PK. Holik will help with that, but more is needed. Everything else is fairly solid, though, depending on Richters knees, i guess.

Possible trade: Petr Nedved and Sylvain Leferbve to St.Louis for Shjon Podein and Alex Khavanov. (NYR win that one.)

OTTAWA: well, for one, stop trading guys like Andre Roy before the playoffs come. some toughness would be great, as well as someone to add some depth at left wing.

Possible trade: Curtis Leschyshyn, 3rd-round pick to Vancouver for Matt Cooke.

PHILIDELPHIA: They addressed most concerns this summer, getting Hitch***** and Handzus. They are thick in the scoring area, and Brendl should turn into a scorer as well, but some more scoring from the checking lines can’t hurt.

Possible trade: Mark Recchi to Vancouver for Trevor Linden and Justin Kurtz.

PHOENIX: Lookin good, especially after adding Amonte. These guys should keep chugging, but they could use a defenseman with lots of playoff experience. That’ll help take the pressure of Vaananen, Markov, Mara, etc.

Possible trade: Drake Berehowsky, Branko Radivojevic and a 4th-round pick to Chicago for Boris Mironov.

PITTSBURGH: They need someone to be their true No.1 defenseman, and though it might sting, they’ll have to give up some scoring to get one.

Possible trade: Jan Hrdina to Calgary for Derek Morris, or to Boston for Kyle McLaren and a low pick.

ST.LOUIS: They need Dougy Weight to play like Dougy Weight. But Dougy Weight needs someone to pass to (where’s Scott Young?), so a consistent scoring winger would be a great addition.

Possible trade: Tyson Nash, Steve Dubinsky and Rich Pilon to Columbus for Geoff Sanderson and Jamie Allison.

SAN JOSE: A solid offensive defenseman. Jillson might turn into one this season, but the Sharks might not be able to wait. This is a very good team, so tampering isn’t likely to happen, but their defensive depth could use some work, too.

Possible trade: Todd Harvey, Shawn Heins and a 4th-round pick to Philidelphia for Eric Desjardins and a 6th-round pick.

TAMPA BAY: They could also use an offensive defenseman. Desjardins could fill the hole in Tampa, where it is more glaring than it is in San Jose.

Possible trade: Dave Andreychuk and Stan Neckar to Philidelphia for Eric Desjardins.

TORONTO: Whatever i say here will come back to haunt me, i know it. For one, get Tucker and/or Quinn to shut up when they really have to. Their main priority should be replacing Yushkevich.

Possible trade: Karel Pilar to Dallas for Richard Matvichuk and a low pick.

VANCOUVER: Another proven scorer to help out the 1st line.

Possible trade: Peter Schaefer, 2nd-round pick to Phoenix for Shane Doan.

WASHINGTON: Well, they could use a 5th or 6th defenseman that is heard of outside Washington. Who are Yonkman and Fortin???

Possible trade: Kip Miller (love that guy) to Ottawa for Sami Salo.

Enjoy, hopefully these were a little more polished than the last editions.