Home Improvements Part III

Yeah I can still see you all out there, salivating like a bunch of hungry wolves waiting to pounce on the one guy brave enough to speak his mind.

oh well, i guess i’ve got it coming…i am going to apologize for one rumor, that Hackett/Audette for Cleary/1stround pick just didn’t make sense. I shoulda paid more attention.

but here goes with No.3, starting with the Broadway blueshirts.

NYR: They’ve done everything they had to do except improve their PK. Holik will help with that, but more is needed. Everything else is fairly solid, though, depending on Richters knees, i guess.

Possible trade: Petr Nedved and Sylvain Leferbve to St.Louis for Shjon Podein and Alex Khavanov. (NYR win that one.)

OTTAWA: well, for one, stop trading guys like Andre Roy before the playoffs come. some toughness would be great, as well as someone to add some depth at left wing.

Possible trade: Curtis Leschyshyn, 3rd-round pick to Vancouver for Matt Cooke.

PHILIDELPHIA: They addressed most concerns this summer, getting Hitch***** and Handzus. They are thick in the scoring area, and Brendl should turn into a scorer as well, but some more scoring from the checking lines can’t hurt.

Possible trade: Mark Recchi to Vancouver for Trevor Linden and Justin Kurtz.

PHOENIX: Lookin good, especially after adding Amonte. These guys should keep chugging, but they could use a defenseman with lots of playoff experience. That’ll help take the pressure of Vaananen, Markov, Mara, etc.

Possible trade: Drake Berehowsky, Branko Radivojevic and a 4th-round pick to Chicago for Boris Mironov.

PITTSBURGH: They need someone to be their true No.1 defenseman, and though it might sting, they’ll have to give up some scoring to get one.

Possible trade: Jan Hrdina to Calgary for Derek Morris, or to Boston for Kyle McLaren and a low pick.

ST.LOUIS: They need Dougy Weight to play like Dougy Weight. But Dougy Weight needs someone to pass to (where’s Scott Young?), so a consistent scoring winger would be a great addition.

Possible trade: Tyson Nash, Steve Dubinsky and Rich Pilon to Columbus for Geoff Sanderson and Jamie Allison.

SAN JOSE: A solid offensive defenseman. Jillson might turn into one this season, but the Sharks might not be able to wait. This is a very good team, so tampering isn’t likely to happen, but their defensive depth could use some work, too.

Possible trade: Todd Harvey, Shawn Heins and a 4th-round pick to Philidelphia for Eric Desjardins and a 6th-round pick.

TAMPA BAY: They could also use an offensive defenseman. Desjardins could fill the hole in Tampa, where it is more glaring than it is in San Jose.

Possible trade: Dave Andreychuk and Stan Neckar to Philidelphia for Eric Desjardins.

TORONTO: Whatever i say here will come back to haunt me, i know it. For one, get Tucker and/or Quinn to shut up when they really have to. Their main priority should be replacing Yushkevich.

Possible trade: Karel Pilar to Dallas for Richard Matvichuk and a low pick.

VANCOUVER: Another proven scorer to help out the 1st line.

Possible trade: Peter Schaefer, 2nd-round pick to Phoenix for Shane Doan.

WASHINGTON: Well, they could use a 5th or 6th defenseman that is heard of outside Washington. Who are Yonkman and Fortin???

Possible trade: Kip Miller (love that guy) to Ottawa for Sami Salo.

Enjoy, hopefully these were a little more polished than the last editions.


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  1. TML_4EVER says:

    toronto needs more than just someone to replace yuski, they need at the least 1 more good forward since roberts is getting older and with his injury, he wont be around to much longer. id like to see toronto get brewer for defence and, well im not sure what forewards left are good

  2. rrudd says:

    all right, i’ve defended your opinions on the previous two posts, but…

    “Karel Pilar to Dallas for Richard Matvichuk and a low pick. “

    pilar may, in due time, become a top three defenseman in this league if the planets align correctly.

    but matvichuk is a top two RIGHT NOW, and RIGHT NOW, dallas cares about nothing but RIGHT NOW. “two cups before the lockout” is the mantra. not to mention matvichuk was the team’s best defenseman last season, and is perenially one of the most consistent players on the team.

    dallas would not sacrifice their RIGHT NOW for a potential spare and a LOW PICK. you’re saying a LOW PICK? pilar, colaiacovo and a top-five first rounder doesn’t get matty out of dallas right now. maybe if they get halfway through the season and are in last in the pacific, but don’t count on it.

  3. Token says:

    “VANCOUVER: Another proven scorer to help out the 1st line.

    Possible trade: Peter Schaefer, 2nd-round pick to Phoenix for Shane Doan. “

    The last thing Vancouver needs is another scorer, as they led the league in goals scored last year.

    Now another top 4 Dman is another thing…

  4. Forsberg21 says:

    You really think highly of Jan Hrdina huh? First you had him going to LA for Smolinsky and Modry now you have him going to Clagary for Morris, or to Boston for McLaren, but only if the B’s throw in a draft pick too.

    The Nedved trade makes sense because the Blues desperetly need some scoring help, but it won’t happen because Nedved’s salary is way to high for the Blues who are strapped for cash as it is.

    I doubt Philly will give up Recchi, and not for checking line help because Handzus, Brendl and LeClair are supposed to play there, although I don’t see why Leclair would be there.

    Phoenix won’t trade that Branco kid, because he looked damm physical last season, and they are supposed to be high on the guy. Dallas is definitly not giving up Matvchuk, especially for Pilar. Trade Doan AND a second round pick for proven 1st line scorer Peter Schefer, who’s highest goal total is 16 and can’t get his ass out of the minors and played in Finland last year?

    Well thanks for the ideas anyway.

  5. BWbullies says:

    There is no way LeClair will play on a checking line.

  6. Forsberg21 says:

    My bad I can’t read, I got the Vancouver trade backwards. Now it looks like it makes more sense, but I still don’t see why Phoenix would give up Doan for Schaefer and a pick, they need the scoring now.

  7. Forsberg21 says:

    Yea that doesn’t make sense to me either, but I have heard that from a few sites.

  8. BWbullies says:

    I believe that they meant that Brendl and Handzus could possibly play on the second line. That would be if prems is pushed back to a checking line like last year.

  9. BWbullies says:

    With the money the Rangers have invested into this team, how can you suggest that they need more. I think they are done except possible salary dumping. I don’t think to many teams want to help them out to much after what they did to salaries.

  10. Forsberg21 says:

    Maybe, but I have also heard that Handzus has been “penceled in” as their 3rd line checking centre.

  11. BWbullies says:

    It’s between handzus and primeau. Thats why we keep hearing both. They don’t know who will play on the second or third. Then if they put Gagne at center like some of the rumors, then one would go to the wing.

  12. vanfan says:

    scoring help for vancouver’s first line? how is shane doan an improvement over naslund , or bertuzzi ? vancouver could use a second line center and a defence partner for jovo . who those players are , i don’t know , but there is no way that doan would be an improvement scoring wise on a team that finished first in scoring. i don’t think that the canucks would trade linden again , i think that he will retire as a canuck. we need his leadership in the room and he makes a good second line line right winger who can also win some key faceoffs from time to time .

  13. r_milley says:

    Why would Phoenix want a guy playing in Europe, and a 2nd, for Doan? And why would Vancouver trade a 2nd for another 2nd liner when there needs are goaltending and defence?

    Why is Columbus trading the player who lit up the league last time Cassels was his center when they just reunited them and added a couple veteran defencemen?

    Why is Vancouver adding the salary of an underachieving Mark Recchi when they gave up a top pick last year for Linden who is a huge fan favorite in Vancouver?

    Why is Hrdina worth so much? Maybe its just me but no way do I trade him straight up for Morris or MacLaren unless a high pick or 2 is in there.

    Why is either Toronto or Dallas going to do that trade?Leafs see Pilar as a top 4 with potential to be a top 2 possibly. Matvichuk is good now and the Stars just added more free agents obviously showing they want to win so why do they move him?

  14. thuresong says:

    If the Leafs wanted Brewer, they’d have to send a young defenceman back the other way.

    Of which, the Leafs don’t have any they’d either be willing to deal, or would be enough to make the deal.

    Pilar for Brewer? Not likely. Pilar doesn’t replace what Brewer brings to the ice. He might have better offensive skills, but the Oilers need Brewer’s size and physical play.

    Kaberle? Leafs wouldn’t trade him up straight up. And again, he’s not the kind of d-man the Oil needs to improve.

    And the Leafs don’t have any young forwards who could play right now to sweeten the deal with.

    It ain’t gonna happen.

  15. thuresong says:

    Why trade for Kip Miller when you can pick him up off waivers for nothing like everybody else does?

  16. GloveSide says:

    can’t see doan going anywhere….has one more year to prove his worth

  17. TieDomi511 says:

    Possible trade: Dave Andreychuk and Stan Neckar to Philidelphia for Eric Desjardins.

    And Philly would trade their top d-man for a guy who has 1 more year left in him and neckar who is a 5-6 defenseman?

    Possible trade: Curtis Leschyshyn, 3rd-round pick to Vancouver for Matt Cooke.

    What a Joke! Leschyshyn is not worth

    a 3rd rounder….

  18. garry1221 says:

    u mean cooke’s not worth a 3rd rounder?… it’s leschyshyn and the pick for cooke…. and frankly as bad as the trade sounds, it don’t sound horrible, …….then again it could be the beer talkin right now

  19. Ari says:

    Your posts/articles are great. Don’t be discouraged by those nevative comments! I am sure none of those which criticise your article can do it better.

  20. Tradedude says:

    ya, he did a great job except for that toronto trade, no offense or any thing, but pilar for matvichuk and low pick, like seriously, pilar has yet to prove the skills he has, this season is his chance to prove he’s great, maybe in 2 or 3 years when he is maybe a match for matvichuk, but at the current time, just “NO”

  21. Bishop7979 says:

    Think highly of Hrdina? Of course. given more responsibility last season he put up good numbers 57 points in 79 games with one of the highest shooting % (20%) in the league and one of the better face or % in the league. He plays both ends of the ice well, has speed, good hands, can pass, and isnt afraid to get a little dirty infront of the net or in the corners. and he’s young 26 and still getting better every season he plays without jagr. He’ll get 30 goals this season playing on the second or third line.

    As for Philly’s line combos it should be

    Jr with Gagne and Williams

    Hanzus with Brendel and Leclair

    Premeau with Brashear and fedoruk

    Murray Ranheim and god knows who on the 4th

    so yeah Premeau is a “checking” line center now. Hanzus is a better skater and skill player (passing shoting stickhandeler) then Premeau anyways


  22. aaron says:

    You forgot Recchi. Bump Brendel down to the 4th line.

  23. Bishop7979 says:

    many apologies, being a pens fan its easy to try to forget recchi moved to the flyers. actually it would be

    jr with recchi and gagne

    handzus with leclair and brendle

    premeau with williams and brashear

    murry with fedontek and ranheim

    again many apolgies, selective memory being what it is

  24. Leaf_Expert says:

    This is a trade:

    To Toronto:Kyle McLaren, and a 5th-round draft pick.

    To Dallas:Robert Reichel, Jonas Hoglund, Karl Pilar, and a 2nd-round draft choice.

    Reichel can score during the season which Boston will need for this year,Boston for some weird reason have been interested in Hoglund for the past 2-years and Pilar has the potential of becoming a solid scoring defense man.

    McLaren is a feared an effective hitter, a stellar shot blocker, and posses a great shot from the point.

    This deal is very fair for both sides.

  25. Forsberg21 says:

    He’s good, but he’s not worth Morris, or McLaren AND a draft pick. Or Smolinsky AND Modry like he said earlier. Right now, the guy is a decent second line player at best.

  26. AvsMan says:

    Shane Doan would play on the second line, helping out the first line as i said. I’m not that stupid, i know bertuzzi and naslund rock, buddy

  27. Glen says:

    You are way overrating Hrdina. Kevin Stevens even put up points beside Mario Lemieux. Hrdina has some talent but he isn’t worth, Modry, McClaren, or Morris. Teams don’t just trade second line centers for legitimate #1 defensemen. Cup contenders like the Flyers aren’t able to deal for a true #1 defenseman.

  28. Tradedude says:

    crap + crap + unproven player does not equal mclaren, o,k

  29. Tradedude says:

    ARNOTT FOR KOVALEV? who wouldda thought?

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