Hometown Team

Back in the day, say 50 years ago… NHL teams where built on local products. All the French players played for Montreal and all the GTA boys played for Toronto. Me and my Montreal friend are bored at work and decided to built a homegrown only team to play heads up against each other. The criterias are the player has to be HOMEGROWN or live less then a hour’s worth from downtown.

So Toronto had the GTA (excluding KW, London, Barrie, Peterborough, Hamilton to make it fair). And Montreal has the island and both north and south shores. Here are our rosters:

Nash, Spezza, Cammalleri
Boyes, Tavares, Stamkos
Cogliano, Bailey, Neal
Carcillo, Clarkson, Avery
extras: Hodgson, Downie, Stajan

Daley, Burns
Campoli, Pietrangelo
Ranger, Giordano
extras:Foote, Eminger

Steve Mason
Manny Fernandez

I went with a very young team full of star power. They have 3 scoring lines and a 4th line that nobody would want to play against. Their strength is clearly the offence since the defence looks average. Up and coming Steve Mason is my goaltender of choice.

Now his picks…

St. Louis, Lecavalier, Ribeiro
Pominville, Dumont, Latendresse
Lapierre, Burrows, Talbot
Laraques, Lombardi, Dupuis
extras: Perrin, Laperriere, Guite

Vlasic, Gervais
Brisebois, Letang
Gauthier, Jacques
extras: Gragnani


The Montreal team has an amasing first line that most teams would envy. Now threwout the NHL french canadians are known as players who arent as tough as the rest. I myself being a french canadian know that not to be true but just look at the rest of the forward corps. They arent nessesarily super skilled but would make for one heck of a checking and cycling team with PLENTY of sandpaper. Their defence is about the same as the Toronto team but what they really dominate in is of course goaltending with the 2 best goalies in the league.

In the end I believe that Toronto has the slight edge with all that star power playing offence for the Leafs. Although I think it would be a close match. The Leafs would end up finding holes in the goaltending and skate circles around the Montreal defence IMO.

Upon hearing what we were doing my Ottawa friend wanted in…I gave him the Quebec side of the river as well to be fair…needless to say most of the players are french lol.

Briere, Roy, Giroux
Brassard, Brind’Amour, T.White
D. Armstrong, Yelle, B.Pouliot
Eager, T.Smith, M. St.Pierre

Boyle, Picard
Murphy, O’Donnell
Richardson, B.Bell
extra: Methot

Goalie…couldnt find any.

Needless to say this team is NOT deep at all but they still can muster a very decent first 2 lines and top defence pairing. Safe to say Toronto and Montreal would dominate this team since they are shooting at an open net hahaha.

So that was fun…What I would like of YOU guys is give me YOUR hometown team. I wanna hear from you boys out west and even you American fans. Now I know the American teams wont be as deep but I would be curious to see what a NY team would look like or a Minnesota state team.

Under this system the landscape of the NHL changes drastically. Id say the hometown teams wouldnt dominate because the southern teams like Florida would have access to drafting all European teams and rural Canadian players because lets face it.. whens the last time Florida or Texas (exception Bryan Leetch) came out with a decent NHLer.

Wouldnt it be cool to have a summer tournament under these rules instead of the World Championship?? I think so.. 😛