Horton has been traded to the Bruins!

Details have not been released yet but Nathan Horton has been traded to the Boston Bruins. This is not public yet but that will change soon.

**** Update ****

To Boston:

To Florida
Dennis Wideman , 15th overall pick, undisclosed pick.


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  1. nordiques100 says:

    it will come down to whether Horton will be willing to give 110 percent under the very difficult Claude Julien. He isnt any friend to the players. he is a taskmaster and Horton, a said to be lazy player hopefully can clean up his act.

    florida is years away. Tallon will need like 3 years to straighten this out.


    if any team had 12 Crosbys they wouldn't need dman or even a goalie lol…

  3. inurface says:

    y does it seem that the canadiens are going no where but down with these moves…..first gomez gionta

    then no halak
     now plekanec a  big dealll

    so ummm i really think montreal needs a star to built around not b plus players who show up a yr here and there…..

    montreal reminding me of toronto around 3 4 yrs ago…. sign blake , mccabe, kubina and mess ur salary cap …. only guy is sundin(camalleri)….

    then wht bad trades……….

    gd luck montreal

  4. inurface says:

    hahahahahahahaha i thought this was montreal article lmao

  5. Tachmo says:

    That is a good point. If they could get that done that is a lot of money to play with. On the other hand I don't mind going to war with Thomas and Rask. It is a nice cushion if Rask comes out flat next year. I think it takes the pressure off Rask too, knowing that if he starts playing bad he isn't going to get attacked by the fans because Thomas will be there waiting to step in.

  6. Tachmo says:

    Wow. That is a trade from leftfield that will never happen. NEVER happen. I'm not sure if you watched the Philly Bos series, yes I know we choked hard, but Lucic may have been the best player on the ice in games 6 and 7. He was a beast and I felt owned Pronger in game 7. Lucic is adored in Boston and will never be traded. He would never be traded for Kaberle who is a UFA after next year.

  7. Tachmo says:

    Wideman had a good year last year? What are you talking about? He was brutal last year. He was awesome the year before finishing very high in the +- statistics.

  8. duchene_9_avs says:

    Good move by Boston …… they get a great scorer on right end …. and if they're worried about puck moving defense man, there should be some free agents…. or and it's a big OR … they trade Savard to the leafs for Kaberle straight up or Savard and a late round draft pick … no 1st or 2nd rounder, not worth it … I can see it happening because the Bruins will probably draft Segin with the 2nd pick…. we'll see i guess!!

  9. duchene_9_avs says:

    I agree…he's not that good ….. i would rather have 20 goal scorer in Horton.

  10. duchene_9_avs says:


  11. futurebruin says:

    You must not have watched the Dennis Wideman that played in Boston.  That Dennis Wideman was a major contributor to the Bruins giving up lots of goals.  He never shoots, and when he does, he breaks his stick, shoots it into the opposing player, or both.  Otherwise, he just falls down "attempting to get back".  Maybe there's a kid in the CHL named Dennis Wideman.  Because, according to an anonymous teammate, Wideman "has no heartbeat whatsoever".  (Per Fluto Shinzawa earlier in the year)

  12. Dunski23 says:

    Exactly…plus Kulemin is showing signs of Divaitis after one good year…Burkie seems to think he wants way more then he deserves, and on a cap troubled team like the B's it doesn't seem like a good fit. I'm still not sold on Stalberg either. I think that trade would bring Boston even more Cap problems and not really improve the team enough to justify it…it really just doesn't make sense. Kaberle is the only piece of the deal that intrigues me. I'll take Lucic over Kulemin any day of the week and twice on Sunday and the pick has a great chance of being the same caliber player as Stalberg if not better. If Boston really wants Kaberle I'd go about in a different manner. I'd really like to see if Boston could trade Thomas soon…with the cap raise and his salary gone that would give Boston money to find a FA puck moving D without having to give anything back to TO (I believe it would be about 13Mil).

  13. Dunski23 says:

    lol did Fluto really say that….I wrote the same thing almost word for word a couple posts up and i haven't read anything from Fluto all day lol I guess that really sums up the Wideman us Boston fans had to deal with all season long

  14. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Both Kaberle and Savard are 32, I'd say pretty much a wash for the impact at their position.  Boston needs a puck moving defenseman, Leafs need a center, it has the makings of good pure hockey trade.

    Obviously the sticking point is that Savard is locked up for a good price long term and Kaberle only has one year left.  However Kaberle is a character player and quite loyal, he strikes me very much as a Chiarelli type player and there is a good chance that Kaberle could sign a reasonable extension in Boston (it's an East coast market, competitive blah blah blah). 

    The sticking point from Toronto's perspective is that Savard might be damaged goods after last season.  If he suffers another injury prone year he's pretty much washed up.

  15. mojo19 says:

    Leafs could throw in a conditional 2nd round pick if Kaberle does not sign an extension with Boston. But ya I think a move like this would work for both teams.

    Then I would want the Leafs to go hard after Gonchar, 2 years $12 mil, or 3 years $15 mil.


    They have stars like Cammalleri, Subban, Price.. MTL is fine.

  17. futurebruin says:

    Yes, good ole Fluto put that into one of his reports on the Bruins.  I think it was like during the 10-game skid, and the article said "One player, who wishes to remain anonymous, told me 'Wideman literally has no heartbeat at all'."  Funny part is, Wideman is Fluto's mancrush.

  18. arigold says:

    Hey granted I admittedly didn't watch every single Bruins game last season, but when a team as a whole puts up league best numbers defensively, thats a team effort, and everyone gets a little credit.  You guys are talking about him as if he's Ian White, and no matter how bad he played last season, thats not the case.  

    I would think that when you have something going for you like the leagues fewest goals against, you'd do whatever it takes to keep that going and keep those guys together.  Mind you i'll say it again, its a little early to be judging teams as obviously more moves will be made.  But honestly, if you think Nathan Horton is the key to solving your scoring problems, you guys are sadly mistaken.  You're still in the market for a true sniper, and face it if Horton was that great of a player, the Panthers would have won more games.
  19. mojo19 says:

    stars like Subban and Price….. explain that one to me

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