Wow what a trade – HOSSA FOR HEATLEY

Its Marian Hossa, and defenseman Greg de Vries for Dany Heatley.

This news comes after the Sens made Hossa the highest paid player in franchise history. Atlanta owes the forward $5 million for 05-06, $6 million for 06-07 and $7 million for 07-08.

let the comments begin!

It should also be noted that Heatley signed a new 3 yea r13.5 million dollar deal with the Sens. This trade works to free up some cap space for the Sens.

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  1. positive_comments says:

    HAHAHA! I bet this guy is a die hard Sens fan trying to get funny comments… it’s funny!

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Excuse me??? Did you watch the 2005 World Championships??? Maybe you’re thinking of 2004.

    Am I not aloud to have an opinion you s***** sucking bisexual hermaphrodite.

  3. muckies says:

    Right, so you say its a good move for Ottawa, because Heatly is younger and cheaper so now they can sign Redden, but you also say theydidn’t win the trade.

    O.K. buddy, have a good night

  4. H_E_DBL_HCKY_STCKS says:

    I’m a Leaf fan and even I am saying Ottawa is going to win the cup. Hossa isnt that good, lets see how he does in Atlanta with out the supporting cast he had in Ottawa…..You’ll see things differently half way through the season, trust me…

  5. d0rd says:

    And this is probably why you’re arguably the most hated member of this site.

    I didn’t slag the content of your posts, just the fact that you’ve turned into a real pr1ck. You show it all the time now too.

    Honestly, can some boot this guy?

  6. Neely4Life says:

    u just contradict yourself, nothing u said made any sense. They free’d up cap room, and de vries was way to exsepnsive for a 4th D. They still have the best in the league, giving up de vries was like donating to charity.

  7. NHLman says:

    Atlanta is definitely the team that got the best of this trade. They gave up Heatley who supposedly requested a trade for a more skilled winger and a defenseman that will greatly help the Thrashers weak D. With the new “wide open” NHL, Hossa is definitely a better talent because of his skating ability. Plus, it’s not like the Hossa is 35 years old, the guy is still young.

    Personally, I think Heatley is never going to be the same player after that car accident.

  8. habsoverserver says:

    Nice to hear from you.

    I agree that the change of scenery is best for the two key players in the trade.

    Atalanta did a much better job trading Heatly than Montreal did trading Patrick Roy.

  9. lukeleim says:

    my point is the reason i feel this trade is as even as it is is because they freed up room.

  10. NHLman says:

    Of course vehicular homicide is a mistake everyone makes once in their life. Come on man, you have to respect anyone’s opinion on Heatley considering what he did. Sure it was a mistake, but it cost someone else’s life. The simple truth is he committed a heinous crime, even if it was unintentional.

  11. lukeleim says:

    i did not contradict myself at all, i never once said it was a terrible trade for ottawa just that atlanta looks better off.

  12. Hoolie says:

    What an eloquent post Shitty McShithead.Thanks for enlightening all of us with your pearls of wisdom.

  13. garyroberts7 says:

    That’s something pretty hard to get over tho. But maybe he’ll use it as motivation. Every goal is for his buddy Dan.

  14. Neely4Life says:

    Everyone thinks Hossa is going to be the same player in Atlata that he was in Ottawa. One, he does not have the supporting cast he did in ottawa. Two, if he plays on a line with kuvulchuk, which he wont, be if he does, they will be playing hog all game long. 3, the fans, there are none in Atlanta, he may not have shown up every night in ottawa, but at least, most times when it counted, he was giving a full effort. It’s all downhill from here for Hossa, he had his best years in ottawa, he may put up another 35-40 goals, but there is no way he will be getting 35-40 assists. And as for de vries, sens cleared cap, thats all they wanted to do. Redden, Chara, Vulchankov, Phillips, Meseros, who the hell needs de vries for 2.5 a year?

    This helped ottawa as a team, a lot more than it helped atlata. Atlanta is already at 30 mil right now without signing Kovulcuck and without signing Lehtonen. Ottawa has their entire team signed with 10 mil to spare. Now, what team won that deal.

  15. koho says:

    To all the people that say Atlanta got robbed you are stupid as hell. First off, Ottawa is not getting the Danny Heatly that scored 4 goals in the All Star game, they are getting the Danny Heatly who could barely hack it this season is a very weak European league, the guy who played like crap for team Canada at the World Cup and World Championships. He has a bum knee, a bad right eye and not to mention his mental anguish for killing his teamate. I do however wish Mr. Heatly all the success in the world but he is not the player (or potential player) that he once was.

    As far as Hossa is concerned, I agree he may have some “heart” issues but the guy has scored over 30 goals for four straight seasons. He has scored 45 goals once and that was on a striclty defensive oriented Ottawa team. With the new rules, this guy will score 50 goals year in year out. The best thing Ottawa did in this deal was get a less talented CANADIAN player and dumped DeVries ridiculous salary.

  16. koho says:

    You forgot that Healty mangeled his right eye and can barely see the ice out of that eye. Check your injury facts.

  17. koho says:

    I beleive you are mistaken sir. Ottawa still needs to sign spezza, and a couple other key players. Second, how could Hossa not get 35-40 assists playing with Kovulchuk, Heatly did. 3rd, if you think Volchenkov (young and oft injured) and Meseros (who?) are as good as Gred DeVries you are kidding yourself.

  18. Neely4Life says:

    one, everyone is signed, spezza, fisher, everyone, so ur wrong there. Heatly passes, and sets up plays, which is a totally different style than hossa plays. Hossa will more than likely get more goals than heatly, not more assists. And, Kovulchuk and Hossa will not be on the same line! They have a similar style of game, so why would they put all the scoring on one line. Hartly is a lot smarter than that. They are going to spread their scroing out, one will be playin with savard, and the other will be playing with holik, who will be with who, im not sure.

  19. Neely4Life says:

    your retarded if u think the russian league is for hacks.

  20. cecilturtle says:

    As much as I dislike the Icelanders!!! Tuckers hit on Peca was not only bush league and cheep! It made me sick to my stomach to see a professional hockey player play that immorally! Lets not even go there with jokes. Please dont do it again. You really should respect your competition. Except for when playing Long Island… Just kidding calm down!

    Cecil Turtle

  21. Neely4Life says:

    Would everyone stop with the “NEW RULES” All that is going to happen, there will be mor epower plays, and a lot more trapping. If people think the red linebeing out is a good thing, wow, u shoudl watch european hockey. They have good players over there, but all it is, is the trapped moved back from center, to their own blue line. The “new rules” will not bring back the high scroing of the 80’s. The league will be lucky to see the scoring go up 1/2 a goal a game. The goalies are good enough that the new equipment should not be an isse.

  22. Neely4Life says:

    and i guess u can say lecailver and kovulchuk suck too buddy, because they did no better than heatly over in europe. Heatly got a shot in the eye, and it messed u[ his season. His knee is just fine, he proved that at the 2004 worlds, but people are so quick to jump on heatly having a bad year. He has had one bad year! After his accident, he was just fine. But since the world cup, he hasnt played well, it doesnt mean he doesnt have it n e more.

  23. The_Cramp says:

    Totally agree , the reason for the low scores aint the red line, it is goalies,technical play and defensive systems. Now you kinda have special units and special plays like in football. You see more coaches with little drawings on boards with penalty killing specialists, face-off specialist, defensive tactics. There is also a lot of video done by players, like in football. The only problem is that every nhl team seems to have a defensive coordinator and no offensive one!!

  24. The_Cramp says:

    Why is there some leafs bashing? Because you always bring everything back to da leafs (pronounce like chris farley in snl did with da bears) .C’mon Ottawa and Atlanta just concluded the biggest(or almost) trade of the off season and leafs fans find a way to talk about the leafs instead. Thats why.

  25. The_Cramp says:

    Until further notice…Montreal is still the hockey Mecca(and I am not a habs fanboy but I saw the banners in the Bell centre and also visited ACC and had a tough time finding banners). And Toronto are in the worst situation like the Avs Wings and dallas it will take a couple of years to clear some cap room and make the transition so dont be too pissed off, they’ll get good again but they got caught by the new cba.

  26. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Yes yes, I know, thinking Hossa is better than Heatley= moron.

  27. CBA says:

    Do you even know what those words mean?

  28. cwthrash says:

    Lehtonen is still on his rookie deal, with the rollback he’s making about 900k this year.

    Nurminen more than likely will have to retire because of his knee, and I seriously doubt his $1M will count towards the cap. Hurme is also make close to $1M but his status is still very much up in the air, and that money won’t count towards the cap if he’s deemed unable to play.

    I’m not sure about Coburn’s deal, not sure if it’s a two way or his $1M will count towards the cap regardless of where he plays this year. Still, with the goaltending situation and a backup netminder who will come at a cheaper price than the two mentioned above, it’s pretty much a wash in salary terms.

    Of the players on TSN’s board for Atlanta, a few of them will be heading to the minors making AHL money. That’s easily another $1M taken off.

    Yes, Kovalchuk’s salary will push Atlanta towards the cap. But probably at the $35M range. And I wouldn’t be surprised if one the Dmen gets traded for RW help (if Bondra isn’t willing to sign here for cheap that is).

    And remember, even with this Ottawa is going to be in a pinch next year. They’ll have a couple big contracts to sign, and they may have trouble getting under what is likely to be a smaller cap.

    Bitterness becomes no one. Ottawa has great offensive talent, Heatley just adds to that. And Atlanta isn’t the Little Sisters of the Poor; they may not have exactly what the Sens do, but they’re sure as hell not that bad and Hossa can only help.

    How hard is it to admit that both teams got the goods in this trade? Or is this gonna fall on deaf ears?

  29. Leafnation9 says:

    St Louis Resigned

    6 year 31.5 mil


  30. Leafnation9 says:

    St Louis Resigned

    6 year 31.5 mil


  31. Leafnation9 says:

    Resigned in TBAy

    6 year 31.5 mil


  32. LeafBasher_BEATER says:

    There is no question that Sens lost a lot in this deal. Think about, they lose a proven star and strong defenceman for someone with a question mark beside their name. The Leafs got someone like that for a way better price!

    I’m glad the sens went through with the deal! Hossa was one of their best players and a real thorn in the side of their opponents.

    Leafs are going to whoop their behinds in the playoffs!

    GO LEAFS GO!!!

  33. SabresFan220 says:

    You’re all missing the big picture. Right now I’m thinking of how much fun an Atlanta vs Ottawa playoff series would be. Exciting isn’t it?

    But yeah, it appears to be a relatively even trade. Like others have said, Atlanta gets a talented offensive threat that may fit very well with the right linemates. They also add a solid top 4 d-man which they needed. This trade actually appears to solidify Atlanta to compete for the division.

    Ottawa gets several things in this deal. They get much needed salary cap room to keep other stars on the team in the years to come. Dany Heatley is not the goal scorer that Hossa was, and there is a little bit of a drop off in pure speed between the two. However, Dany is definitely a character guy that brings a physical presense that Hossa doesn’t have. Dany is also a fine playmaker who can pass as well as anyone. Heatley can also score 25-30 goals a year when he’s healthy, I’ve been looking forward to seeing what kind of player he is in the playoffs too.

    Dany’s question marks are obvious. His recent health issues could be a concern. He hasn’t played like he did before the accident, but I don’t think he was fully healed either physically or mentally. But if he does return to his old form with Ottawa they will be the undisputed winners of this trade.

    If you want to question the heart of any players due to tragedy, why not ask about Darby Hendrickson? Sure he’s nowhere near the star player that Dany Heatley is, but what happened with him was pretty tragic I’d say. If you recall it was no injury to him, but what happened to a friend and teammate last year during the lockout. Remember when Sergei Zholtok died of a heart attack after a hockey game in Belerus? Darby Hendrickson was playing on that team with him, and they’re close friends from playing with the Wild together. If I recall the old news story, Zholtok asked Darby to stay with him after being helped off the ice. He died in the locker room after the game in Darby Hendrickson’s arms. Watching one of your teammates and best friends die in your arms like that can’t be easy. In that way it’s very similar to Heatley’s situation. Personallly, I think Hendrickson will be inspired to play the season of his life in Zholtok’s memory.

  34. Deke says:

    I live in Van as well….stupid dipshit ??

    What does where you live have anything to do with when he posted the rumor ?

  35. Kashin says:

    This comment as of now is at 285 which is 7th on the HTR comment list. Not Bad for 1 trade (even though its a big one). Any comment on my comment not about the trade will help move it up.

  36. dcz28 says:

    Strong defencemen? look at his stats with the sens he was a 5th or 6th dman at best for the sens making 2.8 million a year wich is too much as for Hossa he is a great player but didnt fit into the sens salary structure and they got a talented, young, cheaper player wich will give them the room to sign Chara and Redden long term…so how can Ottawa lose?…they would have lost alot more if Chara and Redden would leave as UFA’s (Hossa cant replace Chara or Redden or both)

    As for your remark about the leafs getting someone like that…i would take Heatley any day over Lindros and Allison…your assuming the leafs will make the playoffs and if they do they will probably meet the Flyers and get blown away…the goal is to win the cup for Ottawa not beat Toronto and it sounds like most leaf fans are happy to beat the Sens and lose to everybody else…for the Sens its not a good season unless they win the cup even if they beat the Leafs 10 to 0 for 4 straight games to eliminate them

    It doesnt matter how far you get in the playoffs unless you win the cup unless like you, you are happy to win one round

  37. dcz28 says:

    I agree with everything you said but the solid top 4 he is good and a top 4 on most teams but i wouldnt really say solid but thats my opinion and if you look at his stats with the sens (didnt play many games i know) his ice time can be given to a good young cheaper prospect instead but overall i totally agree with your post

  38. Hollywood666 says:

    You’re not ACTUALLY comparing Heatley to Allison or Lindros, are you?

    Remove your blue & white blindfold for just a moment.

  39. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Why is everyone so touchy when it comes to Heatley? I like Ottawa, and I’m not trying to trash them at all…but I don’t think Heatley is as good as Hossa is. Yes, they have enough offence, so turning Hossa into Heatley might not hurt the team over all, but player for player, Hossa is better…

    And yes, there is the fact that Heatley is a bit damanged, emotionally at least. He did win MVP of the Worlds in 2004, but he’s played poorly in everything else he’s been involved with. I just don’t think he’s better than Hossa, at all. Is it the Canadian playing on a Canadian team thing? They were a better team with Hossa on it.

  40. Neely4Life says:

    I think hossa has more talent, but hes not a better player.

  41. G_Money says:

    Hossa thinks only about himself, he under performs in the playoffs, he has been accused of lacking heart also.

  42. Team1053 says:

    Maybe you should start cheering for Roberts, cause whats going to happen is Allison and Lindros are going to knock into each other in practice, and then Belfore is going to strain his back trying to help them off the ice.. Face it, Toronto has only one way to go, and thats down.

  43. Team1053 says:

    I’m glad you finally have seen the light, plenty of room in the nations capital for more sens fans.

  44. Team1053 says:

    hahaha Hoolie, I couldnt have said it better myself.. Keep the good comments comming.

  45. cwthrash says:

    May only be a short-term engagement for me but I thought what the hell. Happy to see someone here that still remembers me, and it’s for good reasons (lint did as well).

    Rare that such a big trade is beneficial to both sides. It would have been far worse for both teams had this trade not happened. Regardless of future outcomes, they both did very well here. Gotta say that I’m surprised it happened, but still quite pleased at the outcome.

  46. cwthrash says:

    May only be a short-term engagement for me but I thought what the hell. Happy to see someone here that still remembers me, and it’s for good reasons (lint did as well).

    Rare that such a big trade is beneficial to both sides. It would have been far worse for both teams had this trade not happened. Regardless of future outcomes, they both did very well here. Gotta say that I’m surprised it happened, but still quite pleased at the outcome.

  47. Miser says:

    The leafs can make the playoffs ?

  48. Freeze says:

    Hossa took out Bryan Berard’s eye. Dany Heatley killed Dan Snyder in a car accident with Heatley driving.

    I think maybe Ottawa got the better end of this deal.

  49. thekeyholespy says:

    Alright I’ve got to get my 2 cents in…. as a huge sens fan. I watch or listen to every sens game. I do think that Atlanta got the better of this deal …In heatley Ottawa got a player that shined when he entered the league. Since then he had a serious knee injury and eye injury. Which he says he’s recovered from, but the emotional injuries of the accident are still haunting him. I.E. the trade request. As a result there is a huge question make hanging over his head as to whether he’ll be able to return to form. Then you also have the eye injury which he’s been cleared to play but if you look at him you can see that his left eye is still much more dilated that his right … so he hasn’t completely come back from that injury…. now if you look at Atlanta they got Hossa NO injuries no question marks and deVries again NO injuries no question marks ….Now in reading some of the other comments posted people talk about heatley as a member of team canada …admittedly he at one point could be penciled in …however sorry to burst your bubble but heatley spot as recently as the orientation camp is one of the spot that is up for grabs …. he simply didn’t play well in the world cup or the world championship … and struggled playing in Europe last year…so there is a huge question mark with regards to heatley …can he return to the player of old …considering he ‘s only 24 … and it’s very possible that his best years are already behind him

  50. thekeyholespy says:

    i couldn’t have said it better myself

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