Hossa getting closer to Montreal?!?

According to Mathias Brunet of Montreal newspaper La Presse (who is usually VERY reliable), the Habs organization have ordered red & white Canadiens equipment for star player Marian Hossa.


Detailed article (in french)

Now, as explained in the article, this doesen’t necessarily mean a trade is imminent but it obviously mean that the trade talks are getting VERY serious.

Brunet also stated as an example a trade that fell through 2 years ago when the Habs ordered equipment for Nikolai Khabibulin and Adrian Aucoin (formerly of the Chicago BlackHawks) who were supposed to get dealt for José Théodore, Mike Ribeiro & Pierre Dagenais

No words on who exactly would be dealt for Hossa, but the names of forward Michael Ryder and defensemen Mark Streit along with a draft pick and/or a prospect were floating around apparently.

Marco Normandin
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  1. habsoverserver says:

    2 pending free agents for hossa?  how does that help atlanta?  i think they need an actual 08-09 roster player for him. 

  2. careyprice31 says:

    cristobal huet is pathetic he always has to allow a shitty goal every *****ing game or sometimes maybe 3 or 4 or 5 like he did tonight this guy is a jerk off. Next laten *****ing dresse should go to the minors where he belongs or trade him for a powerade machine im sure it will be much more beneficial than him

  3. A_Benson says:

    Hossa is a great hockey player… Lets just hope we don't get his bad atitude. Because we all know he does… Its one of the reasons why he left the Sens. The last thing we need is so negative fibes in the locker room. The Habs are playing amzing right now even though we lost to the penguins tonight, it was still a close game.

    I think Gainey should try to give up Ryder and a good draft pick. adding Striet to the mix is to much. And I agree with everyone that says that he's an under-rated player that is very faluable to the organization.

    Go Habs Go!

  4. darcysucker says:

    that's pretty dumb, giving up the captain of the team for a UFA, and why would we need Hedberg? Huet Hedberg in the playoffs? might as well go with Price, it's funny that you're bragging about a pretty dumb move, you're not tooting your horn man, you're making yourself look like a dumbass

  5. Lint07 says:

    Matthias Brunet sticks to his story.
    Habs colours equipment have indeed been ordered for MARIAN Hossa.

    personnally, the Marcel gloves sound WAY too much like a bad spinoff story to get fans attention elsewhere and I'm not sure I'm buying it.

  6. habsoverserver says:

    it's not like they can't repaint hossa's old gloves or order him new ones.  plenty of times when a goalie is traded, he uses his old team pads until new ones are made for him.  i think this news is meaningless. 

  7. BruMagnus says:

    What a GREAT game between the Habs and Penguins last night!

    Who was it that said they'd rather watch a 1-0 game than a 6-5 game?
    Well, I'm almost certain most sane people would disagree and say that the Habs 6-5 win over the Rangers, and the Pens 5-4 win over the Habs, were fantastic games to watch.

  8. BruMagnus says:

    I still stick by my previous claim that if (as it again still holds true) the 4th place Pens/Habs were to play the 5th place Habs/Pens that it would be a classic playoff matchup, easily the best in the NHL for the first round, with the victor likely going to whoever has home ice.

  9. Habfan17 says:

    Let's say, for arguments sake, that Gainey really is contemplating sending Ryder, Higgins and a 1st rounder to Atlanta for Hossa! Given that, then here are a couple of suggestions for you to ponder!

    Ryder, Higgins, Fischer, and a first round to Minnesota for Gaborik and Koivu. Gaborik would look great with Saku and S. Kostitsyn and Mikka probably wouldn't mind playing on the third line for this year since he would be playing with his brother and they would have a chance at winning the cup together. Mikka could eventually take Saku's place. From what I have read, he is future captain material.

    With a look to the future, Mtl could offer Ryder, Higgins, Fischer, and a first round to Pittsburgh for Staal and Esposito. The risk is big for Mtl if Staal doesn't match his brother's skill level, and that Esposito could prove to be another Daigle. On the other hand, If Staal develops like Eric, and Esposito ends up more like Denis Savard, then Mtl would be strong up the middle for the next 10 years! Staal can also play left wing, so there is some flexibility! It would avoid Mtl looking bad if McDonough doesn't pan out and Esposito does! With all the d-men in the system, Fischer is a good trade chip!

    There is always the Lecavalier move, offer Ryder, Higgins, Fischer, Halak, and a first round. That would certainly have the impact that the fans and media are looking for. It is a lot to give up for one guy, but it is Lecavalier. Since he didn't have to start his career in the Mtl pressure cooker, he is probably capable of handling it now!

    Unfortunately, I couldn't really find a gritty offensive minded winger who would be available. The only one I could think of is Torres in Edm. He probably would be a solid 2nd line winger, but he is out for this season. Since it has been said that Edm has an interest in Halak, maybe they would accept Ryder, Halak and Fischer for Stoll, Torres, and  Jacques!

  10. percussio says:

    1. Its Price Hedberg in the playoffs, take the time to read the post
    2. There would have to be an extension signing for Hossa, once again, read the post, thats mentioned too

    The only problem I had overlooked was Koivus NTC, I had completely forgotten that.

    3. You really think this team doesnt have more than enough leadership. The minute Koivu leaves, Komisarek can take the reigns. Not Higgins, Komisarek.

    Wow, what a bad move. Putting Higgins at center, his natural position insteading of accomodating Koivu and leaving him at left wing.

    Having a very skilled player in Hossa WITH a contract extension.

    Putting S.Kostitsyn on left wing to thrive with Hossa.

    You're right … im very dumb. 

  11. percussio says:

    i know they're marcels gloves .. thats why i said Rangers.

    No problem about being rude, its deadline time baby, we're all off our rocker lol

  12. percussio says:

    Not to take anything away from the Pens but they got/Huet let in 3 lucky goals.

    Our defense totally collapsed and although I know the Habs didnt deserve to win that game, Im not sure how much more the Pens should have won it either.

    Lucky bounces, some lack lustre refereeing at times (why didnt Malone get an obstruction call for crashing into Huet when he was away from the play ?)

    I agree that it would make for a great playoff series though but last night was kind of wishy washy in my opinion.

    Terrible goaltending, bad penalties, less than stellar officials and a defensive collapse all lead to lots of scoring. I dont feel like it was well deserved.

  13. percussio says:

    Well I hope Brunets theory is right because this is a name I will remember when it comes to journalistic credibility in the future.

    Im not sure then if Gainey was being hush hush not to disrupt team chemistry when he mentioned that no offer was on the table right now though.
    If  Hossas arrival is imminent then thats the only reason why Gainey would say something like that, other than the fact that he's trying to bring down Waddells asking price OR he is considering keeping Ryder who has been scoring again.

  14. Canadiens81 says:

    What about Erik Cole for your gritty offensive winger?

  15. housenuts says:

    I have some speculation that I haven't seen elsewhere. I think Montreal/Atlanta already have a deal in place for Hossa. They reason the trigger hasn't been pulled yet is because they play each other on Feb. 26 in Montreal.  If they made the move today, Hossa would be in Montreal's lineup for that game. If they wait until the deadline, Hossa will not be ready and won't be going up against Atlanta again.

    Makes sense.

  16. BruMagnus says:

    Are you refering to the game winning goal?
    Because that was a great goal. Your own goon defenseman hit him into Huet, and that is NOT a penalty, and you know it!

  17. Habfan17 says:

    He would be terrific, but I doubt that they would let him go!

  18. HABS4REAL says:

    Here is the latest rumor although not the greateast source, sportsnet.

    Hossa to MTL for Chipchura and Gabrovski

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