Housley Philadelphia bound?

Tim Panaccio of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports the Flyers may be interested in Chicago Blackhawks defenceman Phil Housley. ‘Hawks GM Mike Smith said he’s spoken to “every GM in the league” regarding the veteran, adding any deal involving Housley will involve draft picks coming to Chicago. The Flyers have 18 picks, including two in the first round, in the 2003 draft.

Is this the “powerplay fix” the Flyers need? With all the defensemen the Flyers have been rumored interested in Mathieu Schnieder, Alexi Zhitnik, Phil Housley in my mind at least would be a let down. This is of course all depends on what the Flyers have to give up. If the Flyers can get Housley and not give up alot in return, my tune would quickly change.

Housley is 39 years old. He’s been in the league since 1982. He has 6 goals and 23 assists in 57 games this year. Last year he scored 15 goals and 24 assists for the Blackhawks.

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  1. Flyers_01 says:

    Hmm.. Housley is 39 years old and may miss the rest of the season with a broken foot. Yea let’s jump on that one right away. We need more injured players on this team who we don’t know when they are returning.

  2. orlandomac says:

    All I have to say is if he plays through the injury, thats more than I can say about most of the players you have on your team.

    He will have heart, a valuable commodity on a team lacking it.

    What your team needs is a Captain a guy that will get the rest of the gang into shape, stop alot of the bickering, and infighting.

    Not a Mark Messier type but a quiet guy that leads by example, the kind of guy when he says something the team stops to listen.

    By the way we won’t trade Sundin so don’t even think about it.

  3. mikster says:

    Why Housley? I like him but he is old. Zhitnik would be a good fit. Flyers do need a playoff performer, so i am not too sure how Zhitnik would fit that role. This team needs a playoff leader and a defenseman that is best in special teams.

  4. Flyers187 says:

    I think the powerplay in Philly is starting to come around. The Flyers have powerplay goals in each of their last 3 or 4 games. If you look at the defenseman we have who would be able to shoot the puck, particularly Seidenberg… The kid can shoot well, but they want to move him to a wing so they can go trade for another veteran on D. The Flyers defense has been the most consistant thing on this team all year. What they need to do on the powerplay is put defensman who can pass with defenseman who can shoot and have the forward crash the net. When John LeCliar comes back, find the hardest shooting person on the team and put him on the Powerplay with LeClair, tell him, GO TO THE NET… Besides how else did he go from a 3-5 goal a year scorer in Montreal to a 3 time 50goal scorer in Philly. Lindros would shoot the puck and LeClair would clean up the garbage, sometimes it’s not pretty hockey but it’s hockey. Bob Clarke in my opinion should not worry about the scoring on the team, we have enough pieces, it’s Hitchcock’s job to make them work, which he has so far this year. Don’t add another Veteran on D, we already have Desjardins, Weinrich and Therien who are getting up in years.

    GO FLYERS!!! Bring home the cup

  5. CrackerZack says:

    Granted you probably only watched the playoffs last year, but Primeau has really shaped up. He’s a leader on the ice, and though he doesn’t produce an inordinate amount of points, i truly think he is invaluable. I would have agreed with you even earlier this year, but unlike you, I actually watch flyers games, so my opinion has changed.

    Gagne has a groin injury, he is a speedster, he depends on it. Having played hockey, I know a groin pull definitely hampers your abilitiy to be an effective skater, and when skating is your bread and butter, a groin pull greatly diminishes your game. He is doing the right thing by sitting out and making sure he comes back healthy. After all, they are winning, there is no rush.

  6. CrackerZack says:

    I agree, with Gagne and Leclair coming back in the near future the powerplay will drastically improve. A space eater like Leclair is invaluable on the PP, and Gagnes trigger can’t hurt either. This years team looks a lot better than last years heading down the stretch. Roenick is healthy, and if he remains healthy (recall that he slightly tore his mcl last year and never recovered until the off season) be certain there will not be a first round exit for the flyers.

  7. Goldenscud says:

    NO THANKS!!!!! The last time we did this, we got Adam Oates and I think everyone remembers how well he did, right???? Gagne and LeClair are not guaranteed to come back healthy any time soon. Let’s part with Gagne and Williams and picks and get Iggy and Bouhgner!!! That is a real deal.

  8. bender says:

    I don’t mind Housley, so if the price is right and were gonna give the Hawks a bag if chipped pucks them they might as well make the deal, unless of course he’s gonna be hurt. They shouldn’t really focus on a great powerplay quarterback type and just try to pick up a great overall d man. The PP is starting to come. Hitchey just needs time.

    Wow, anyone who wants to get rid of Gagne,Williams and a pick for Iggy and Boughner, sure glad you ain’t Bobby Clarke. Who would Iggy carry the team with in a few years, Brashear!?!.

  9. Pock says:

    Interesting you’d say Roenick doesnt play w/ heart. Should make for a great first round this year leafs and the flyers.

  10. flyav says:

    The last thing the flyers need is housley. I think they should go for schnieder because he is not quite as old and should fit in well with the other defensemen on Philly giving them a good mix of veterens and youngsters as well as bruisers and shooters. Plus Johnson and Siedenberg can learn a good deal from schnieder or housley and the real purpose of a guy would be to teach our young guys what to do on the powerplay so we can have a QB for years to come. I think we better go for schnieder because of age and housley’s injury.

  11. Goldenscud says:

    Williams is a overated – he will never be more than a poor mans Roenick. Gagne is soft and is going to struggle with injuries for his entire career. I see your point about youth but I would rather take my chances in the draft and maybe add through trades or FA.

  12. Flyers_UK says:

    D. Yushkevich was traded to the Flyers for a 4th round this year, and 7th round next year in the draft.

    This was announced on WIP flyers radio at the beginning of the 3rd period of the boston game.

    I doubt the Housley trade will to through now, Yushkevich adding to Hichcocks “8 strong defencemen”, and opening the roster up for another trade, maybe for a forward.

  13. McCabe_24 says:

    Housley will most liekly not be coming to Philly now with the acquisition, to be later announced, of Dimitry Yushkevich from L.A. in exchange for a 2003 4th and a 2004 7th round pick.

  14. McCabe_24 says:

    or like the poster above me just said about 30 seconds ago….

  15. amazing_jesse says:

    where are you tians loser? no comment on your favorite team?

  16. titans says:

    I’ve been in Atlantic City all day!!! Christ! Dissapear for a few hours and people start goin bannanas!

  17. amazing_jesse says:

    I was worried man. Your team was falling to shit and you didn’t have a take! And I’m not referring to Boston. I still have no idea of what that was all about.

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