How about that call last night?

That Stars and Oilers game last night was a classic. The crowd was into it, the Oilers fed off it, the Stars played good, not great, and with a very depleated line up, and it was just a great game. Why the refs tried to ruin it boggles my mind!
You all know what I’m going to start with (if you saw the game). Who dives on a breakaway? That was an embarssing call for the LEAGUE, not just in the game, the entire NHL suffered because Steven Walkom thought he would get fancy and call a dive on a breakaway. First of all, nobody is going to dive on a breakaway. And by the time Reasoner got control of the puck, he was well passed Zubov and I think Sydor. He had a clear path to the net, and Zubov started hooking him out of desperation. Reasoner goes down and the ref points to centre ice. Everybody in the rink thinks he’s calling a penalty shot, I’m the only guy in the arena that noticed that Marty Reasoner was standing around centre ice, and there for realized, for some dumb ass reason, he was calling Marty Reasoner for a dive. Add that to the fact that Zubov never even got a penalty. Every time I’ve seen a dive called this season, it’s usually a coincidental, and this time he just takes Reasoner. It was disgusting officiating.

I’ll even let it go that the Stars I believe had 6 power plays to our 1 or 2, because my Oil won. The linesmen in this game also broke up a what would have been Georges Laraque pummuling vs Aaron Downey before it started. However, something needs to be done about this officiating. Because the league cannot be embarrased like this anymore. It wasn’t just last night, it’s every night. These guys don’t know when to call a dive, don’t know if there patner is calling what, it’s ridiculous.

If I’m Gary Bettman, I can do one of two things. The first one is go back to the one man, system like most of the players seem to want. The second is to get more of an understanding going in the two man system. The lead offical should call all the things deep in there zone, and the back one should call the stuff behind the plays (like in basketball). Too many times you’ll get the back offical calling a penatly, when his partner was right in front of what happend, and had deemed it wasn’t a penalty. Another thing they have to do (but correct me if they have done it this season, I haven’t noticed) is have officiating crews (like in the NFL). Let these refs get a feel for one and other and then will get to know what their partner is thinking(and that goes for linesmen being in that crew too).

Hey, in some ways, I don’t blame the ref’s on that call last night. Everyone is too busy looking for dives now, that there looking to hard in that case. I almost think that with the fine system now in place, that they can settle down on looking for dives, and just call the ones that are clear cut, and let the head office take care of the rest. And it wouldn’t hurt to ask the linesmen what they saw every once in a while. Let them have some say. Let me know what you think.