How about this Trade?

Vancouver – Edmonton ProposalTo Vancouver – Andrew Cogliano

To Edmonton – Kirill Koltsov, 2nd or 3rd rounder

Why Edmonton would do this:

Edmonton has an abundance of defenceman in their prospect pool, but they’re severely lacking a PP quarterback. He’s been critisized for his defensive play, but puck moving is Kirill’s specialty. Given Edmontons deep list of defensive defenceman, Koltsovs sub-par defensive play shouldnt be huge a concern. Edmonton also needs a PP quarterback badly enough that they would more than likely take a chance on him financially. Theyll have the cap room for him, whether it’s this season, or next. The 2nd rounder may sweeten the pot, given their lack of strong picks due to the Penner deal.

With Edmontons strong depth at center position and their recent acqusition of Sam Gagner, this trade doesnt leave them a gaping hole on the depth chart. Also, Kirill Koltsov is virtually unsignable in Vancouver due to our defensive depth.

Why Vancouver would do this:

We’re looking pretty strong on the blueline, but Vancouver is looking very weak at center position as of now, and Cogliano is almost exactly what Vancouvers system needs right now. A speedy playmaker. One whos speed has been described as “world class” and should be able to match Grabner and Raymonds speed. His flaw? He lacks size, listed at 5’10, 185 lbs. But plays very competitively.

Koltsovs departure wouldnt be missed really. Our blueline wouldnt take a hit at all. As I’ve said earlier, he’s a wasted asset for us. Virtually useless to us, but he could be very useful elsewhere in the NHL. He fits Edmontons billing if you ask me.


3 Responses to How about this Trade?

  1. opiatedsherpa says:

    It's a shame Koltsov isn't NHL-ready… or else he would be great trade bait.  As a Canucks fan, I would love to see a guy like Cogliano join the crew, but if Cogliano was to come to Vancouver, he'd be a lot more expensive than that.

  2. MR40 says:

    I guerentee on most teams Koltsov could be a top 5 defender right now, he just needs to come to Norht America, and he'll have value.

    P.S. I don't think the trade makes any sense, because were divisional rivals and if Koltsov doesn't come to North America, and Andrew Cogliano lights it up that would just kill the Oilers franchise.

  3. Notorious71 says:

    as much as i love the idea,
    i don't think its going to happen

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