How To Turn the Leafs Around

In this article I will give a possible solution of how to turn the Leafs around, so that they are not forever a mediocre team.

1st move: Trade Sundin to Minnisota for C.Gilles, J.Sheppard, and 2008 1st rounder.

2nd move: Trade Blake to Detroit for Tomas Kopecky and 2008 5th round pick.

3rd move: Trade Andrew Raycroft to Calgary for 2008 3rd round pick (unless Calgary signs Cujo).

4th move: Trade Kaberle to SJS for T.Wishart, D.Joslin, and a 2008 1st round pick.

5th move: Trade Kubina to Florida Panthers for A.Stewart and 2008 3rd round pick.

6th move:Trade Tucker and Bell to Phoenix for M.Zigomanis, and 2008 1st round pick.

7th move: Trade Gill,Kilger,Devereaux to NYI for 2008 2nd round pick, 5th round pick in 2008

-Brian Rolston for 3 Mill. for 1 year
-Marian Hossa for 5-6 Mill. for 2 years, NTC
-Jose Theodore for 1.5 Mill. for 1 year

-Moore for .500 for 1 year
-Belak for .500 for 1 year, TS
-Wozniewski for .700 for 2 years
-Clemmonson for .500, MLC
-Kyle Wellwood for 1.75 for 4 years
-Alex Steen for 1.50 for 5 years; First year 1.50, 2nd-5th year 2.30
-Mat Stajan for 1.00 for 1 year

Let Go Of:
-John Pohl




“C”: McCabe

Then you have these draft picks as well:


1st rounders:4
2nd rounders:2
3rd rounders:3
4th rounders:1
5th rounders:3

With this set up you have a very bright future, and even a good present team. But for anything like this to happen, JFJ would need to get fired because he obviously doesn’t want to go for a youth move or he risks losing his job (which he will probably lose anyways).

10 Responses to How To Turn the Leafs Around

  1. leafnut28 says:

    Re-sign Wozniewski and Belak, are you on glue?

  2. the_word says:

    So is this the cover letter of your resume that you'll be sending to MLSE?  I've never been one for proposing or picking apart hypothetical trade.  What did interest me was Scotty Bowman's interview before the Ottawa game, he didn't rule out coming to Toronto, so long as he gets the same autonomy as Colangelo does with the Raptorbs. 

  3. ovechkin8 says:

    Rolston will probably re-sighn in minnesota and he wouldnt take 3 million a year? Hossa is already making 6 million a year he wouldnt want his contract to get lower and all of those trades are VERY unlikely!!!

  4. MR40 says:

    Your an idiot. Hossa for 5 million? More like 8.5. Tucker AND Bell for a decent player AND a 1st round pick? Raycrap for a 3rd rounder? Couldn't Calgary just picked up Grahame off waivers? Unlike Raycrap his contract is over at the end of the year and he's cheap, so thats makes way more sense.

    That's very unrealistic, i'm not gonna lie.

  5. curtman96 says:

    The Leafs are completely retarded for not giving the job to Bowman in the summer. If they don't at least offer him the deal now they are completely *****ed. They obviously must care about the success of the team when playoffs equals Big Bucks and Bowman is the definition of building a successful franchise. He clearly wants to come to Toronto, as he said in so many words in his interview, I just don't understand what the problem is.

  6. curtman96 says:

    Ya as for the article…Hossa for 5-6 mill???? Not happening, not even close and Raycroft wouldn't even get picked up off waivers let alone traded for a 3rd rounder. Also you don't spend 1.5m on a backup goalie.

  7. LEAFS877 says:

    haha sign wozniewsky that's definitely how you turn a team around!

    When are they finally going to blow up this pathetic roster!

    I feel sorry for Paul Maurice right now his team is as clumsy as it gets and he has very little talent to work with, yet he's still taking most of the blame somehow.

    It's unbelievable how bad they are now. At least before they could make excuses, but now they've lost to L.A. and we all know there is absolutely no excuse for that. The rest of the NHL is better and the TML are worse: yup "we'll be able to compete for the cup this year"

  8. Kroeter says:

    Wow not only are you the Leaf GM but your also 6 other teams GM. Oh yeah and a player agent too, crazy.

  9. drofnats says:

    I think 4 first rounders this year is a little optimistic… Sundin, Tucker and Kaberle all have no trade clauses.

    I'd trade Toskala for a 1st rounder and start Raycroft for the rest of this year and next… lottery picks could net Stamkos this year and Tavares in 2009.

  10. mitchamac says:

    the leafs should bring back pat quinn

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